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The town is situated on the bunks of tin
Garnoek, in the heart of a fine country
and within a mil a nt the loch of Kilbirnie.
which extendi) two miles in length by half
a mile in brpndth. Tim principal manufac-
tories are the has spinning, linen thread,
and fishing-net works of Messrs. W. and J.
Knox Limited; Glengarnock Iron and Steel
works, about a mile and a quarter south-
east, employing about 2,000 persons ;
and the rope works of Messrs. Robertson
and Riddet, and J. Watt and Co. There is
a branch here of the Clydesdale Banking
Co. Limited. The parish church is a plain
edifice, but contains some fine examples of
elaborate carving in wood. The gallery in
the Crawfurd aisle, a perfect mass of
beautiful carved work, is supposed to have
been executed by the order* of John (Lind-
sny-Crawford), 1st Viscount Gar nock (d.
1709), the quartered escutcheon of whose
aims, impaled with those of his wife Mar-
garet '(only daughter of John, first Earl of
Bute), appear along its front; this gallery,
for some time in a state of decay, has been
restored by Mr. James Knox, of Kilbirnie
Castle. In the churchyard is the stately
tomb of Captain Thomas Crawfurd, of Jor-
danhill, whose capture of Dumbarton Castle,
in 1571, is one of the most daring feats
recorded in history. There are also two
United Free churches here and one at Glen-
garnock, and a Roman Catholic Church.
The Cemetery, covering two acres, was laid
out at a cost of £000. The old castle of
Glengarnock, one of the most ancient and
stately ruins in Ayrshire, is supposed to
have been the residence of the family of De
Morville, which flourished in great splen-
dour during the reigns of Alexander I.,
David I., Malcolm IV., and William the
Lion. They held the high office of constable
of Scotland, and were lords of Galloway
and Cunninghame. There likewise exist
the extensive ruins of the old house of
Kilbirnie, lo:i£ the residence of the ancient
family of Crawfurd, of Kilbirnie; the Kil-
birnie estates are now chiefly held by the
Knox family. The parish of Kilbirnie
comprises 10,370 acres; rateable value,
£23,324, and had in 1901 a population of
7,207; of this number the town ward con-
tained 4,571 and Glengarnock 1,613.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
Office, S. B. & A. & I. Office, Main st.
Kilbirnie; Mrs. Annie Richardson, post-
mistress (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have R.S.O. Ayrshire added).
Deliveries, 7.30 a.m. &2.15 (summer),
2.55 (winter) & G.20 p.m. ; Sundays (to
callers), 11 to 11.30 a.m. ; dispatches,
8.30 a.m. & 12.10, 3.30, 4.50 & 6.5 p.m.;
sunday, 12.50 p.m. ; Sundays, telegraph
office open 9 to 10 a.m
Post, T., M. O., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.
Office, S. B. & A. & I. Office, Glengar-
nock ; Mrs. Marv Gibson, sub-post-
mistress (Railway " Sub-Office. Letters
should have R.S.O. Avrshire added).
Deliveries, 7.10 a.m. & 5.20 p.m.; sun-
day (to callers, 10.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. ;
dispatches, 9.25 a.m. & 12 noon & 2.55,
5.45 & 7 p.m.; sunday, dispatch at
1.10 p.m
Office, Main street.
Inspector of Poor & Clerk to Council,
David Whiteford
Collector of Rates & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages, Thomas Macmillan,
Main street
Cemetery, Kilbirnie, Thomas Macmillan,
registrar; William Todd, keeper
Constabulary Station, Bridgend, John Simp-
son, sergeant
Good Templars' Hail, Bridgend, John
Hood, Eec
Established Church, Rev. Henry Ritchie
United Free Churches: —
East Kilbirnie, Rev. John Weipers B.D
West Kilbirnie. Rev. Henry T.Gillison B.D
Glengarnock. Rev. Robt.Beith Andrew B.D
Roman Catholic (St. Bridget's), Rev. Thos.
Hopwell, priest
Office, Bridge street.
Chairman, Jamea Allan
Clerk, John Lusk
•Schools : —
Bridgend, for 320 children ; average at-
tendance, 252; Daniel Ballantyne, master
Glengarnock, for 500 children; average
attendance, 440; Robert Grav. master
Ladvland Public School, for 312 children;
average attendance, 283; John Fulton,
Female Industrial School, Newton street,
for 120 children; average attendance, 93;
Miss Maggie Turnbull, mistress
Roman Catholic (St. Bridget's"), for 272
children; average attendance, 211; Hugh
McGrath, master
On the Glasgow & South-Western line.
Station, Glengarnock & Kilbirnie, about a
mile and a quarter south-west of the
village, James McGill, station master
On the Caledonian line.
Station, Bridgend, Kilbirnie, Alexander
Pearman, station master
Station, Glengarnock, John Houston, sta-
tion master
Alexander Mrs. Woodlea
Allan James J.P. Hawthorn house
Allan James, jun. Park cottage
Allison William, Avilhill
Brown Mrs. Milton cottage
Buchan Rev. Hy. Ritchie, Estab. manse
Cochran-Patrick Misses, Ladyland (postal
address, Beith)
Darroeh Mrs. James, Ellangowan
Davidson Robert Skinner, Riverside
Dunlop James Walker, Wingdale
Dunlop William, West End cottage
Fvfe William, Lochall
Gillison Rev. Henry Tod, West TJ. F. manse
Guy Hugh, Hazelwood cottage
Hood William, Cairnview cottage
Hopwell Rev. Thomas (Roman Cotholic),
Newton street
Howie Mrs. Roselea
Knox Bryce M., J.P. Redheugh
Knox James J.P. Place
Knox Robert William J.P. Moor park
Laird Miss, Minerva cottage
Law John, Auchenbarroch
Law John, jun. Chapelhill
Law William, Barrholm villa
Logan Mrs. Glenside
Logan Robert. Knoeknair
Low Arthur, Bridgend
Low John, Bridgend
Low Robert, Barrholm villa
Luke George B. Hillhead
McDougall Allaister, Helena cottage
Mackay Mrs. Charles, West U. F. manse
Mackie William, Beech hill
McLelland John, Ladeside
Macmillan Thomas, Bank house, Main st
Milroy James, Main street
Riddet John, Bank street
Riddet Robert, Caernoc
Shaw William, Caernoc
Smith James, Rose cottage, Cochrane street
Spears Mrs. Glencairn
Speirs Robert, Parkhill
Stirrat Alexander, Craiglea
Taylor William, Greenhill
Turnbull Miss, Claremont cottage
Walker Andrew, Garnockside
Walker James, Fern bank
Walker Misses, Walkerstone house
Walker William, Knoxville
Watson David, Ashvale cottage, Bridgend
Watson Miss, Lochall
Watt David, Viewfield
Watt Frank, Firhank
Watt John, Avonhough
Watt John, jun. Waterside
Watt Robert, Braehead cottage
Weipers Rev. John B.D. East U. F. manse
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Alexander Wm. grocer & spirit dlr. Main Bt
Anderson Janet (Miss), spirit dealer, Coclv
rane street
Armour Wm. jeweller & watch ma. Main st
Ballantyne Daniel, schoolmaster, Bridgend
Barclay James, joiner, Craighouse 6quare
Barclay John, grocer, spirit dealer & joiner
Bridge street
Bartley George, engineer, Clan buildings
Bell William, baker, Cochrane street
Benardo Carmino, confectioner, Bridge st
Bow Robert, tinsmith, Cochrane street
Boyd Andrew, hair dresser, Bank street
Bowling Club (John Thomson, eec)
Brown Agnes (Mrs.), spirit dlr. Newton st
Brown Janet (Miss), dress Hid. Bridgend
Brown John, printer & lithographer,
Dennyholm street
Bruce Alex, bank accountant, Main street
Calabrese Alesandro, refreshment rooms,
Main street
Calabrese Joseph, confectr. Craighouse sq
Cemetery (Thomas Macmillan, registrar;
William Todd, keeper)
ChalmrTs James, grocer. Main street
Chapel Alexander M. upholsterer &
cabinet maker; removals contracted for,
Bridge street
Chapman John, butcher. Bridge street
Chapman John, grocer & spirit dealer,
School wynd
Clark James, blacksmith, Holmhead
Clydesdale Bank Limited ( branch) (Thos.
Macmillan, agent; Alexander Bruce, ac-
countant), Main street; draw on London
office, 30 Lombard street E C
Cochrane Catherine (Miss), refreshment
rooms, Main street
Cockburn Agnes (Miss), ladies' outfitter,
Main street
Commercial Hotel (James Walker, proprie-
tor), Main street
Cook William, tailor & teacher of music.
Main street
Co-operative Society Lim. grocers, bakers,
drapers & coal merchants (David White,
sec), Main street; & at Glengarnock
Crawford Archibald, mason, Cochrane st
Crawford Elizabeth (Miss), draper, New-
ton street
Crawford James, baker, Townhead
Crawford James, stone mason & builder,
Cochrane street
Darroeh Alexander, spirit dlr., Bridgend
Davies Hugh, tailor. Cochrane street
Dick Elizh. (Miss), spirit deater,Newton st
Dick William, baker. Main street
Donaldson Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. Bank st
Douglas & Co. ironmongers & seedsmen,
Main street
Dunbar Allan R. stone mason & builder,
Cochrane street
Duncan Marion(Miss),rlress ma. School wynd.
Dunlop William, draper, Main street
Edington James, dairyman, Newton street
Free Gardeners' Friendly Society (Thistle
lodge) (James Finlay, sec), Main street
Fulton Jn. schoolmaster, Beech Grove cot
Fyfe Andrew, corn &c. merchant, see
Walker & Fyfe w .
Fyffe James Malcolm, draper, Main street
Gait James, miller, Milton road
Good Templars' Hell (John Hood, sec)
Guy & Co. cabinet mas. Alpha cabinet wka-
Harper John, boot maker, Dennyholm st
Hasting* William, solicitor, Main street
H^g" Ebenezer, jobmaster, Main street
Hogg Marion (Miss), grocer, spirit dealer
& "confectioner, Main street
Hood John & Agnes, drapers, Newton st
Hood William, butcher, Main street
Houston John, gas manager, Milton road
Houston Maggie (Miss), draper & dresa
maker. Bridge street
Houston Robert, engineer, Milton road
Houston Robert, net works manager,
Ho^MarV (Mrs.), milliner, Main street
Hunter Robert, boot & shoe ma. Mam st
Hvnda John, confectioner, Bridge street
Imperial Hotel (Ebenezer Hogg, proprie-
tor), Main street
Ireland Jane (Mies),shopkeeper,Cochrane s*
Irvine Robt. slater & plasterer School wynd
Jackson William, bricklayer Kirkland
Jamieson Wm. painter Ac. School wynd
Johnston Agnes (Mrs.), coniectr.Newton ,t
Knox W. & J- Limited, linen thread, tun-
ing net & flax spinners & manufacturers,
Dennvholm, Garnock & Stonyholm mills
Knox W. & J. miller*. Nether mill
Knox (William) Publife institute & Library
(Jus. Smith, sec; Hugo Boyd, keeper),
Kn M o"h e W.). ^ocer, Newton street
Sw James fishmonger, Craighouse square
Law John (Mrs.), ironmonger & grocer,
Main street .
Law John, cashier, Auchenbarroch
Law William, tailor. Mam street
Low Sons & Co. Lim. fishing net manufrs
Low John, fishing net manufacturer, see
Low Sons & Co „*.„- 1
Lusk John, clerk & treasurer to school
board & solicitor, Bridge street
McAlpine Thomas, spirit dealer, Main st
ScBride Robert, manager of girder dept,
MKVeaTco. fishing net manufao-
turers ; T A " Mackay, Kilbirnie

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