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Muir for the town of Dairy ; the total cost
of carrying out the scheme amounted to
£10,500. The sanitary arrangements are
under the control of the County Council
Dairy bestows the title of baron upon the
Soyle family. Earls of Glasgow. The local
industries comprise worsted spinning, which
is extensively carried on by Messrs. Big-
gart and Co. Limited, blanket- and tweed
inaunfacmring by Messrs. Kyle, Aitken and
Gardiner, and the manufacture of hosiery ;
lime, coal and ironstone abound in the
neighbourhood, and there are extensive iron
f>re and coal mines belonging to Messrs.
Baird and Co. Limited and to the Glen-
garnnck Iron and Steel Co. Limited; whole-
sale cabinet making and brick making are
rising industries. There are branches here
of the Clydesdale Banking Co. Limited, the
British Linen Company's Bank and the
National Bank of Scotland. The Public
Hall, in Aitken street, belongs to a limited
company; there is also a Good Templars'
Hall, and in Garnock 6treet the Re-
formed Templars' Hall and the local
library. In the centre of the town is a
handsome granite fountain, presented by
the late Thomas Biggart esq. of Baidland
Hill. The Established church, rebuilt and
considerably enlarged at a cost of nearly
£6.000, is an edifice in the Gothic style,
with a tower and spire, and was designed
bv Mr. David Thomson, architect, of
Glasgow; four of the windows are filled
with Munich stained glass and there is
a marble monument in the vestibule to
General Weill, who fell at the relief of
Lucknow (Sep. 25-6. 1857). There are
other churches, including West Parish
church, two United Free Presbyterian,
Episcopalian and Soman Catholic churches,
and a Mission Hall, opened in 1889, at
a- cost of about £4,000, defrayed by the
late Bev. Hobert Stevenson D.D. of
this town. The Biggart Memorial Hall in
Oourthill street, erected by the late Thos.
Biggart esq. in memory of his- son, is also
used for mission purposes. The cemetery
at Kirkland was extended in 180H by
the addition of four acres. A public park
of about 20 acres, presented to the town
Ibv Mr. John Blair W.S. Edinburgh, a native
of Dairy, was laid out in 1892, at consider-
able expense, nnd includes skating and
curling ponds ; it is managed by a body of
trustees.' The weekly markeb is held on
Thursday, and the annual fair on the last
day in July. The F company, 1st Vol.
Ba'tt Roval Scots Fusiliers, has its head
quarters here. Blair House, 2 miles from
Dairy, is an ancient mansion, a portion of
which retains the date of 1203, but the
original and still existing tower is said to
date from 1130; the fabric is in good
preservation, and its walls are of extra-
ordinary thickness; one of the passages,
a modern alteration, passing through a wall
14 feet thick; the mansion is at present
occupied by Col. F. G. Blair C.B., D.L.,
J. P. Visitors are permitted to inspect the
beautifully laid out grounds and the fine
museum of British and Foreign curiosities
contained in the house. In the parish is a
natural cave, about 103 feet in length and
from 5 to 12 feet in height; the roof is
encrusted with petrifactions, and over the
entrance projects a vast rock, 30 feet by 27.
The interior is arched, and expands near the
middle into a spacious chamber, 35 feet
long by 12 broad and 13 feet in height.
In the reign of Charles II. this cavern
afforded a refuge to the Covenanters of the
parish, and it is also supposed to have
-given refuge to Wallace and his co-patriot
Sir Bryce Blair, who was executed at Ayr
bv the English for the part he took with
Wallace in the war of independence; ad-
joining is a farm known as " Wallace
TauJd." To the west of the town is a
beautiful natural cascade, which has n
â– singular appearance during the continuance
of frost. At Camphill and Boutingburn in
Dairy parish the Scottish army is said to
'hOTe encamped previous to tlie battle of
Largs, 3 Oct. 1263, in which Alexander III.
•defeated the Norwegians under Haco.
Acreage of parish. 19,284: population in
1901, 8.212, of which 5.316 were returned
as belonging to the town and 474 in Glen-
garnock; rateable value, /'44,746 18s.
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
Office, S. B. & A. & I. Office, New st. :
Miss A. Alexander, postmistress. De-
liveries, 7.30 a-m. & 2. 50 & 6.10 p.m. ;
Sunday (to callers'), 10.15 to 10.45 a.m. ;
dispatches, 6.50 & 11.45 a.m. & 1.50, 4.15.
4.50, 5.7, 7.15 & 8.15 p.m. ; Sunday, 2.15
p.m. Telegraph business, Sunday, 9 to
10 a.m
Chairman, Andrew Aitken J.P
Registrar of Births &c. & Collector of
Rates, William Carrick
Clerk to the Heritors, Alexander Comrie
Sessions Clerks, William Logan & Andrew
Aitken J.P. fad interim)
Treasurer, Andrew Aitken J.P
Local Committees of County Council on
Water, Drainage, Lighting & Cleansing
(composed of the town members of the
Parish Council, with the addition of the
district members of the County Council) ;
Andrew Aitken J.P. chairman; William
Carrick, clerk; Andrew Keel, inspector
of works
Cemetery, Kirkland, William Carrick, clerk
& treasurer
Good Templars' Hall, Aitken street, Hugh
Boyd, sec
Infirmary, Mrs. Mary Menzies, matron
Library, Garnock street, Thomas Fisher,
Police Station, New st. John McCreath,
superintendent; 1 sergeant & 2 con-
stables; T N 9
Public Hall Limited, Aitken street, James
Parr, sec
Public Park, CourthiU street
Reformed Templars' Hall, Garnock street,
Peter Muir, sec
1st Vol. Battn. The Rnyal Scots Fusiliers
(F Company^. Capt. James McCosh. com-
manding; M. Campbell, sergeant-in-
PLACES OP WORSHIP & their Clergy.
Established Churches: —
Parish, Rev. James Lamont Fyfe
West Parish, Sharon street, Rev. John
Da 11 Glass
Barkip (mission), Riev. Ales. Leslie
Episcopalian Church (St. Peter's), Tofts
road. Rev. William J. Wilson B.A. of
Wadham college, Oxon
St. Andrew's United Free Church, New
street. Rev. George McMnrrav Ross M.A
Court Hill United Free, Cross," Rev. John
Thomson M.A.
Roman Catholic (St. Pallndius"), Aitken
street. Rev. Michael MeCabe
Established Church Mission Hall, Main st.
John Jenkins, caretaker
Biggart Mission Hall, CourthiU street
School Board Offices, New street. Hugh
Boyd, chairman ; Alex. Comrie, clerk;
John Gibson, school attendance officer
Dairy Public School, for 1,250 children;
average attendance, 1,026; Donald Camp-
bell M.A. head master; Miss Elizabeth
McCune, infants' mistress
Blair Mains, for 80 children ; average
attendance, 22 ; Miss Murray, school-
Kersland Barony, for 271 children ; average
attendance, 144; James Deans, master
On the Glasgow & South Western line.
Station, about a quarter of a mile east of
the town, John McLeod, station master
Aitken Andrew J. P., C.C.One Ash.James st
Ail ken Mrs. Hollybank, James street
Alexander Mrs. Townend
Allan Crawford Stirrat, Mount Pleasant,
Allan James, Cunningham-Baidland
Andrews John, Glencairn, Queen street
Archibald Mrs. New street
Barclay John. Maryville, North street
Begg John, Burnbrae, Sharon street
Blair Col. Fredk. Gordon O.B., J.P. Blair
Blair Mrs. Coilaville, James street
Btair Mrs. 31 Sharon street
Bone Thomas, Russell drive
Brown John, Craiglands
Brown Miss M. James street
Brown Wm. Mackenzie M.B. Townend ho
Carrick Mrs. Sharon street
Carrick William, Russell drive
Cochrane Thomas J.P. Main street
Comrie Alexander. Waterside lodge
Comrie Patrick, Wellington villa. Queen st
Cosh Mrs. Garnock house
Couper David, Kirklea
Craig Andrew J.P. Kirkland
Craig Mrs. Holmcroft
Crawford Mrs. Wellington vil. Queen st
Cunningham Hugh, 17 Oourthill street
Dorman Miss, Templand cottage
Dunlop George, Georgeville, Russell drive
Dunsmuir Mrs. Greenbank cottage
Fulton John J.P. Broadlie house
Fulton Robert, Pitcon
Fyfe Rev. James Lamont (Estah.), Manee
Gardiner William J.P. Ryefield
Gibson James, Laurelbank, James street
Glass Rev. John Dall (Established), Burn-
bank, James street
Gordon James Douglass, Sharon street
Gow John, Chapel Hill house
Graham James, West point, Sharon street
Gray Archibald, Middleton
Gray Mrs. Braehead house
Hamilton Jn. Hunter, Burnbank, James st
Hamilton Mrs. Garnock street
Hastings William, James street
Higpins Hugh, Allandale, Braehead
Holburn Robert, Eastfield
Houston George, West Lynn
Houston Mrs. Doggartland cottage
Howie David, Burn house, Sharon street
Howie Robert J.P. Main street
Howie Rohert, inn. North Kirkland
Johnston Miss Jessie, Tintagel
Kerr The Misses, Braehead
Kerr Mrs. Alexander, 33 Sharon street
Kerr William, Sharon street
Kirkhope George, Braehead
Kyle John, Hillend
Leslie R«v. Alex. (Established), Cross rds
Logan Miss, Strands
Logan William, Strands
Lomer Capt. Robert E. Mel. (adjt. Queen's
Own Royal Glasgow & Lower Ward of
Lanarkshire Imperial Yeomanry), Kirk-
land house
Lorraine Miss, Lorn villa, James street
Lusk John, Stanley bank
MeCabe Rev. Michael tit.C.\ Aitken street
McCallum James A. Lynn house
Macaulav Miss, 8 Queen street
M'Cosh Dunlop, Park hill
McCosh James, Bank house
McCosh James Manson, Netherlynn
Macintyre Mrs. John, 11 Aitken street
Maclure Robert, Stanley
Macnicol Mrs. 57 Sharon street
Malcolm Robert, Gowanbank cot. Braehead
Miller Miss. Kalodoma, James street
Miller Robert, Janefield
Mills William, Swinlees house
Murdoch George. Braehead
Muir Mrs. Templand road
Munro Mrs. Greenbank cottage
Paterson Andrew, Bank house. New street
Patrick Andrew, Greenbank
Patrick Henrv G., J.P. of Giffen
Patrick James, Toftshill villa
i'atrtck W. S. N. Toftshill villa
Picken Mrs. Fernbank cottage, Braehead
Pringle Miss Jane, Kirkland
Ramage Mrs. Park view, Braehead
Richardson Capt. Francis James D.S.O.
Swinridgemuir house
Rodger Hugh, Mains of Pitcon
Ross Rev. George McMurray M.A. St.
Andrew's V. F. manse
Russell William D., C.C. Maulside house
(postal address, Glengarnock)
Scott John, Primrose bank, .lames street
Scouller Mrs. Kalodoma, James street
Scruton Arthur, 10 CourthiU street
Shanks Archibald, Mount Pleasant
Sneddon Miss, 16 Garnock street
Sloan William M.D. Aitken street
Stirrat Mrs. Braehead
Taylor David, Kalodoma, James street
Taylor Mrs. Eastfield
Thomson Rev. John M.A. Courthdl U. i.
Walker James, New street
Whvte Robert Orr, Garnock street
Willison Alexander J.P. Easterhill
Willison George. Carsehead
Wileon Mrs. Sharon street
Wilson Rev.Wm.J., B.A. (Epis.), Brownhill
Wilson Mrs. 57 New street
Woodside Robert, Artnox, Braehead
Wyllie Joseph A. Doggartland
Wyllie Mrs. Doggartland
Adams Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Kers-
land baronv
Mtken Allan, slater. Redhurst. James st
Alexander Agnes & Maggie Jane (Misses),
milliners & dress makers, 6o New street
Alexander A. (Miss), postmistress, Post
office, New street
Alexander Mary (Mrs.), coal dealer, Temp-
land road „ „ . „
Alexander William, jomer & under-
taker. A'ennel street
Allan Hugh, blacksmith, Yennei street
Ulan James, grocer, Barkip
Allan James, joiner, Vennel street
Anderson Bros, photographers, Aitken st

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