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Ogilvie James, insurance agent, Ayr road
Old Cumnock Co-operative Society Lim.
(John Hughes, sec), Barrhill road
Paris Sergt. Thomas C. drill instructor, E
company, 2nd Vol. Batt. Royal Scots
Fusiliers, Armoury, Glaisnock street
Parker James, cycle agent, builder & re-
pairer & motor maker, Ayr road
Paterson Mary (Miss), milliner, Ayr road
Pearson John, tailor, Tanyard lane
Pollock Thomas, Buck's Head inn, Grlais-
nock street
Purdie James, saddler, Square
Purdie James (Mrs.), tobacconist & fancy
goods dealer, Square
Read John, Craighead inn, Glaisnock street
Richmond Jas. carriage hirer, Townhead Bt
Bichmond James, stone mason & builder,
Barrhill road
Richmond Win. badge porter, Townhead st
Riggins Matthew, butcher, Bank lane
Ross Janet (.Miss), shopkeeper, Lugar et
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (Archi-
bald Brakenridge, agent), G-laisnock st. ;
draw on London office, 123 Bishopsgate
street within E C; Bank of England E C
& Coutts & Co. W C, London
Samson Grace (Miss), draper, Square
Scott David, overseer (to the Marquess of
Bute, Dumfries house), Mains
Scott George, butcher, Glaisnock street
Shaw David W. factor (for the Marquess
of Bute, Dumfries house). The Cottage
Shedden Thomas, baker, Townhead street
Sim Robert, hosiery manufactr. Greenholm
Skilling William, tailor, Craighead court
Smith David, clerk to parish council, col-
lector of poor rates, inspector of poor for
Cumnock & Auchinleck, Greenbank cot-
tage, Ayr road
Smith David C. draper, Square
Smith Matthew, tinsmith, Glaisnock street
Smith Robert, shopkeeper, Ayr road
Smith William R. assistant supt. Pruden
tial Assurance Co. Lim. Barrhill road
Stamp & Tax Office (Archibald Braken-
ridge, sub-distributor), Glaisnock street
Pteel Matthew, clothiers' agt. Barrhill rd
Stoddard George, postmaster, Ayr road
Stoddart Robert, baker, Glaisnock street
Telephone Call Office, Ballantine's, Glais-
nock street
Taylor Mitchell, plasterer, Ayr road
Tear Agnes Weir (Mrs.), Tup inn, Lugar st
Thompson David, cab propr. Glaisnock st
Thomson David, grocer & spirit dlr.Square
Timms Thomas, chimney sweeper, Tan-
vard lane
Todd Adam B. auctioneer & snentt
officer, Breezyhill cottage, Glaisnock st
Town Hall (Thomas Goldie, keeper),
Glaisnock street
TJrquhart Adam, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, Ayr road
Vallance John, grocer, Glaisnock street
Walker James, china &c. dealer, Tower st
Walker Kate (.Miss), milliner, Tower street
Wallace James M.R.C.V.S. veterinary sur-
geon, Ayr road
Watson Catherine (Mrs.). Sun inn, Square
Welsh James, cattle dealer, Woodend
White Alexander, draper, Glaisnock st
White David.joiner' & painter, Townhead st
Wilkie Peter, draper, Lugar street
Wilson James, auctioneer, Barrhill rood
Arthur Hugh, Borlands smithy
Auld David, High Garlaffan
Brown John, Garlaffan
Bryan Robert, Orchardton
Campbell Miss, Thomerstone
Campbell Thomas, Hollowsholm
Craig John, Guelt-nether
Craig William, Craigends
Fleming John, Dykes
Gibson Andrew, Newfield
Gibson William, Barshare & Holme
Gibson Hugh, Longhouse
Haddow William, Cairn Meikle
Henderson John, Borland mill
Howat Alexander & James, Whitehills
Kay David, Ward
Kay John, Crofthead
Kennedy John, Broomfield & Holmhead
Kirkland John, Penny Fadzeoch
Lamont John, Holmhead
Lymburn James, Burnside
M'Oririck James, Muirdyke
M'GUl John, Jjongmore
Mackie John, Bowton
M'Lanachan W. & A. Borland
MXanachan William, Logan hill
Mitchell Andrew, Meikle Auchingibbert
Murray Gilbert & James, Skerrington
Murray James, Muir
Nairn William, Avizyard
Reid David, Little Auchingibbert
Reid David, Milzeock
Robb James, Hindsward
Robertson Andrew, Crossbill
Robertson Andrew, Taiglum
Salomans Joseph, Bowes
Shankland James, CrosBlar & Dalmalloch
Smith James, Watson
Stevenson David, Changue
Tannock John & William, Knocknaib
Vass David & James, Giengyron
Wardrop David, Knockterra
Wardrop George, Hill farm
Wardrop Margaret (Mrs.), Bankend
Wardrop Patrick, Garlaff
Watson James, Greenside & Meadow &
Welsh James, Ho'.mhead
Wilson Andrew, Meikle Auchingilsie
Wilson David, Overglaisnock
DAILLY Is a parish in the southern por-
tion of the county and a village, 93 mile-s
south-west of Edinburgh (through Maybole
and Ayr), 47 south by west of Glasgow, 46
north-north-east of Porrpatrick, by the new
road (which is longer by 3 miles than along
the coast). 15 south by east of Ayr, 7 south
from Maybole and 6 north-north-east from
Glrvan. There is a railway station at
Da ; lly on the South Western line. The
parish, which extends about 8 nrles from
north to south by from 2 to 6 broad, is
bounded west by the parish of Kirkoswald,
south by Glrvan and Barr, east by Barr and
Straiton. and north by Kirkmichael; it is
in the small debt court district of Ayr and
poor combination of Maybole. The uplands
are bleak and pastoral, but the more level
parts are well cultivated, enclosed and
planted. Coal and limestone abound in
several parts of the parish. The celebrated
island called " Ailsa Craig " is in this
parish. The old parish church is in ruins ;
the existing church was built in 1766. The
United Free church was built in 1901 at a
cost of £2,550, including a new organ, and
has sittings for 360 persons. The old church
is now used as a Public Hall and will hold
100 persons ; there are also chapels for
Plymouth Brethren and Evangelists and
three Board schools. Bargany House, the
seat of Col. the Hon. North De Ooigny
Dalrymple-Hamilton M.V.O. ; Kilkerran, of
Edward Wormald esq. ; Penkill Castle, the
residence of Miss Courtney Boyd, and Kil-
lochan Castle, of Col. Alexander Brown
Grant, are in this parish. Dalquharran
Castle, the property of John Campbell Ken-
nedy esq. is at present (1903) unoccupied.
Col. the Hon. North De Coigny Dalrymple-
Hamilton M.Y.O. the Rt. Hon. Sir James
Fergusson bart. P.C., G.C.S.I., M.P. and
John Campbell Kennedy esq. are the prin-
cipal landowners. The area comprises
17,964 acres; rateable value, £14,922; popu-
lation in 1901, 1,673, including Ailsa Craig
Island Lighthouse, and in 1891, 1,830.
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. ; James Alex-
ander Wilson, sub -postmaster (Sub-Office.
Letters should have S.O. Ayrshire,
added). Deliveries, 8.5 a.m. & 6.35 p.m.;
dispatches, 7.10 a.m. & 12.35 & 5.35 p.m
Wall Letter Box, Killochan, cleared at 5.45
RoDert Ingles, chairman
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
Alexander N. Russell
Medical Officer of Health, Archibald Camp-
bell Barron M.D
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Robert Meikle
Cemetery, Alexander N. Russell, clerk
Reading Room, David Scobie, sec
Established Church, Rev. Geo.Turnbull D.D
United Free Church, Rev.Jn. Torrance B.D
Plymouth Brethren
Evangelical Mission Room
Robert Ingles, chairman
Clerk, William G. Wilson
Board Schools : —
Dailly, Robert Meikle, master
Kilgrammie, David Taylor, master
Wallacetown Works, maintained by Camp-
bell Kennedy esq. David Guthrie, master
Old Dailly, Miss M. H. Murray, mistress
On the Ayr, Maybole & Girvan branch of
the Glasgow & South Western line.
Station, Dailly, James Caldwell, collector
Station, Killochan, William Inglis, collector
Marked thus | receive letters from Girvan.
Barron Archibald Campbell M.D. Woodbank
fBoyd Miss Courtney, Penkill castle
Cox Mrs. Linslade
Dalrymple-Hamilton Col. the Hon. North
De Coigny M.V.O. Bargany house
|Grant Col. Alexander Brown V.D. Kil-
lochan castle
tingles Robert J.P. Lovestone
M'Harrie John, Kilgrammie house
fMackie William J.P. Knockgarran
Meikle David, Rhone cottage
fRigg Alexander, Burnhead
Ross John, Slatehouse
tRowan James. Lane
Ru.sell Alexander N
Torrance Rev. John B.D. (United Free Gil)
Turnbull Rev. George D.D. (Established),.
The Manse
Wason Eugene M.A., M.P., J.P. Blair; 8
Sussex gardens, Hyde park, London W &
Reform, Union & Liberal (Edinburgh &.
Glasgow) clubs
Wilson Gilbert, West end
Wilson William Goodall, Dalquharran
Wormald Edward, Kilkerran (letters should
be addressed Kilkerran, Maybole)
Adamson William, shopkeeper
Bargany (The) Coal Co. Limited (Alexander
Rigg, manager)
Barron Archibald Campbell M.D., CM. sur-
geon, & medical officer of health, paro-
chial medical officer & public vaccinator
for Dailly & Barr, Woodbank
Bowling Club (Alexander N. Russell, sec)
Bryden Neil (Mrs.), grocer, Dalquharran
(letters through Maybole)
Buchanan Daniel, head gardener to Colonel
the Hon North De Coigny Dalrymple-
Hamilton, Bargany
Burton Thomas, blacksmith
Campbell Samuel, boot maker
Cemetery (Alexander N. Russell, clerk)
Conservative Association (Jn. Cameron, sec)
â– {â– Crawford Wm. blacksmith, Drummullen
Dykes Thomas, King's Arms P.H
tFoster James, blacksmith, Old Dailly
Guthrie Alexander, baker
Happle Alexander, boot maker
Johnston Edward, forester, Dalquharran
Johnston Thomas (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Kennedy John Campbell, coal proprietor, &
brick & tile works, Dalquharran pit
Kennedy Mary (Mrs.), grocer
Laird John, Greenhead inn
Liberal Association (Wm. McMurray, sec)
McBirnie, David, teacher of dancing
McBlain Samuel, tailor & draper
McCulloch Hugh, tailor
M'Kee Samuel, butcher
McLanachan Jane (Mrs.), dress maker
M'Minn William, draper
tM'Moreland Jas. cattle dealer, Maxwelston
M'Murray John & William, grocers
McQueen Charles, butcher
M'Whirter James, joiner
Meikle Robert, registrar of births, deaths cV
marriages & sessions & heritors' clerk
Reading Room (David Scobie, sec)
Reid William, boot maker
Reucassel David, innkeeper
Robertson David, coal propr.Kilgrammie pit
Ross John, colliery manager, Slatehouse
Russell Alexander N. inspector of poor &
collector of rates & clerk of cemetery
Scobie David, butcher
Scobie Robert, innkeeper
Scobie William, jun. shopkeeper
Sheppard Robert, head gamekeeper to Col,
the Hon. North De Coigny Dalrymple-
Hamilton, Bargany
Shields Thomas, head gamekeeper to Edwd.
Wormald esq. (letters should be addressed
Kilkerran, Maybole)
Sloss Sarah (Miss), dress maker
Smith John, grocer
Summers William, head gamekeeper to Sir
Reginald Cathcart bart
Telfer John, grocer & draper
Wallace & Drennan, lime merchants, Craig-
Wason Alexander, grocer
White Alexander, fly proprietor
White David, fly proprietor
Wilson Adam & Sons, joiners, saw mill'
owners, grain millers & timber mer-
chants, Daillv ; & at Auchinleck, near
Cumnock & Troon ;TA " Wilsons, Dailly "
Wilson James Alexander, sub-postmaster
Wilson William G. clerk to school board,
& overseer to the Dalquharran colliery
Wyllie James, head gamekeeper to John
Campbell Kennedy esq. Dalquharran

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