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Winchester Alexander, dairyman (Tough & Winchester), 11
Baker street
Winkley Henry Rose, grocer, 182 Crown st. ; res. 16 Fonthill rd
Wisely William, carting contractor, 31 & 33 Virginia street; T N
481; re3. Braeside, Mannofieid; T X 1694
Wiseman Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 625 Great Northern road
Wiseman Robert, tailor, 50 Chapel street
Wishart David B. engineer, Willowdale place
Wishart F. W. F. butcher, 493 Union street
Wishart Robert W. cabinet maker, 19 & 21 Rose street & 52
Leadside road; res. 30 Victoria street; T N 617
Wishart Walter, spirit dealer, 121 Gallowgate; res. 372 King st
Wohler Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 31 Rose street
Wood George & James, fish curers, Point law
Wood Alexander, manager, 59 Albury road
Wood Alexander, shipmaster, 24 Bonnymuir place
Wood Alfred John, inspector of branches North of Scotland
Bank Limited; res. 22 Braemar place
Wood Annie (Mrs.), grocer, 129 Abbey road, Torry
Wood Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 700 Great Northern road
Wood Forbes (Mrs.), fish curer, Market basement & 16 Mansfield
road, Torry
Wood George, fish curer, Albert quay
Wood George, grocer & spirit dealer, 120 Victoria road, Torry
Wood Henry B. butcher, 35 Justice street & 75 Huntly street;
res. 73 Summer street
Wood James, baker, 55 Constitution street & 446 George street
Wood James, baker, 17G Market street & 46 & 48 Park street
Wood James, bandmaster, 95 King street
Wood James, fish curer, Clyde street, Point law
Wood James, fish curer, 7G Sinclair road, Torry
Wood James Stewart, hair dresser, 10 & 12 Rose street
Wood Jane (Miss), fishmonger. Market basement
Wood Jane M. (Miss), householder, 36 Union terrace
Wood John (Mrs.), apartments, 104 King street
Wood John, granite worker, 367 King street
Wood John, traveller, 22 Braemar place
Wood Peter, news agent, 1 Black friars street
Wood Thomas R. wood carver, 97b, Chapel street
Woodman Alexander, traveller, 93 Argyll place
Woodman Alfred, grocer, 404-408 George street
Woodman Smith Wm.J. solicitor (Burnett & Reid),l Queen's gdns
Woodrow Charles Sydney (Cowie & Bell), solicitor, 115 Union st
Wordie & Co. (James Alexander, agent), carting agents to the
Caledonian & the Great North of Scotland Railway Companies,
16 Schoolhill; T N 43; Guild street; T N 47; & Waterloo quay
Worling James.plumber, 10 Schoolhill; T N 752; res. lOErskine st
Worling John, plumber &c. 192 Gallowgate ; res. 2 Jamaica st. ;
T N 561
Wright James & Sons, granite merchants, 144 John street;
T A " Right, Aberdeen;" x N S89
Wright A. H. stone cutter, 90 Crown Btreet & refreshment room,
53 Holburn street
Wright Fdk. granite worker (J as. Wright & Sons), 80 Queen's rd
Wright James, furniture dealer, 2 Barnett's close
Wright James, slater, 5£ Belgrave terrace; res. 200 Rosemount pi
Wright Margaret (Mrs.), clothes broker, 19 Wales street
Wright Margaret S. (Mrs.), draper & news agent, 664 George st
Wright Robert W. grocer, 22 Netherkirkgate; res. 29 Belvidere st
Wyllie D. & Son, booksellers, stationers & circulating library,
247 Union street; T N 402
Wyllie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 29 Nortbfield place; res.
131 Blenheim place
Wyllie William, confectioner, 36 Skene square
Wyllie William, seedsman (W. Smith & Son), 212 Westburn road
Wyness Alexander, butcher, 62 Market street; T N 506; res. 15
Dee place
Wyness Barbara (Miss), dress maker, 11 Rosemount viaduct
Wyness Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 68 Rose street
Wyness James, grocer, 36 Broomhill road
Wyness James D., M.D., CM. surgeon, 1 West Craibstone st
Wyness James Foofce, manager Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Co. â– 
Limited ; rea. Louisville, Milltimber
Wyness Peter, butcher, 47 Holburn road
Wyness Thomas A. assistant captain pilot, Pocra pier
Yarmouth Stores Limited (The), seamen's outfitters, 214 Market st
Yates Jame3, assistant police clerk, 30 Gladstone place
Yeats Charles, upholsterer, la, Chapel street; T N 532; res. 67
Abergeldie road
Yeats Jennie (Miss), apartments, 114 Crown street
Yeoman John, cartiwright, 604 King street, Old Aberdeen
Yeuel William, manager, 45 Duthie terrace
Yost Typewriter Co. Limited, 157 Union street
Young James & Sons, ale & porter bottlera & aerated water manu-
facturers, 27 Harriet street; T N 339
Young Men's Christian Association (John Montgomery, sec),
198 Union street
Young Women' b Christian Institute (Miss M. J. Turner, lady
superintendent; Mrs. Gray Fraser, sec.), 57 Dee street
Young Alexander, builder, 62 Whitehall road
Young Alexander B. plumber &c. 31 St. Andrew street; T N
504; res. 47 Argyll place
Young Alexander E. teacher of music, 60 Rose street
Young Christina (Miss), furniture broker, 163 Gallowgate
Young Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 37 Market street
Young Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 8 Thistle place
Young J. McLauchlan F.R.C.V.S., F.R.S.E. lecturer veterinary
hygiene University of Aberdeen; res. 43 Gladstone place
Young Mary (Miss), midwife, 46 Chapel street
Youug Peber M. goods agent for the G. N. of Scotland Railway
Co. Waterloo quay & 51 Gray street
Young William, ale & porter bottler (J. Young & Sons). 635
Holburn street
Young William, antique furniture dealer, 1 Belmont street; res.
22 Bon- Accord terrace ; T N 739
Young William, baker, 64 Skene square
Young William, furniture dealer, 35 & 37 Marischal etreet
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co. Limited. 28 Guild street
Youngson & Bain, advocates & notaries public, 375 Union street ;
T hi. 316
Youngson Alexander, coal merchant, 42 Marischal street & Raik
road ; T N 657
Youngson Alexander, commercial traveller, 66 Cairnfield place
Youngson Alexander Christie, householder, 414 King street
Youngson Thomas A. W. A. advocate (Youngson & Bain), South-
field house, Cults ; T N. 809
Youngson William, saddlers' ironmonger (G. Littlejobn & Co.),
Arrdier house, Mannofieid
Ythan District Fishery Board (D. M. A. Chalmers, clerk &
treasurer), 18 Golden square
Yule James & Son, tobacconists, 17 Union buildings
Yule Cumine, spirit dealer, 17 Causewayend. ; res. 40 Bedford place
Yule George, manufacturers' agent, 137 Union, street
Yule John, jobbing gardener, 81 Western road, Woodside
Yule Jn. E. working jewllr. 7 Correction wynd; res. 9 Albert ter
Yule John Smith, solicitor, 48a, Union street
Yule Mary (Mrs.), dining rooms, 44 Netherkirkgate
Yule William, produce merchant, 27-29 Virginia
street ; T N 471 ; res, 33 Albert terrace
Anderson James, Seafield, Burnside of
Balgownie, Bridge of Don.
Allan Alex. Up. Bodachra, Bridge of Don
Allan George, Brae of Cairnfield, Woodside
Barclay Charles, Raeden, Aberdeen
Bothwell William, Berryhill, Bridge of Don
Davidson Alex. Shiellhill, Bridge of Don
Davidson Alexander, Westfield, Balgownie
Davidson Jsph. Sth. Murcar, Bridge of Don
Duguid Jas. South Denmore,Bridge of Don
Duguid Wm. Nth. Denmore, Bridge of Don
Dunbar James, Upper Buckie, Balgownie
Duncan James, Newtown Murcar, Bridge
of Don
Duncan John, Whitestripes, Bridge of Don
Ferrier William, Lower Persley, Woodside
Forrest George, Cranbog, Bridge of Don
Fraser Alex. Mundurno, Bridge of Don
Hanton William, Gateside, Bridge of Don
Hardie James, Harehill, Bridge of Don
Knox John, Ironfield, Bridge of Don
Low Alexander, Cothill, Bridge of Don
Low James, Foulcassie, Aberdeen
Low Thomas, Middleton, Bridge of Don
Mackie Wm. Tarbothill, Bridge of Don
Main Frank, Mains of Ruthrieston
Marr Mrs. Mary, Rosehill, Aberdeen
Marshall Findlay, Quarry farm, Woodside
Milne Misses Agnes & Mary, Stocket bill
Milne Alexander, Rubislaw, Aberdeen
Milne George, Upper Westfield
Milne William, Summerfield, Stocket
Moir Alexander, Granite hill, Aberdeen
Moir John R. Cummings park, Wood-
side R.S.0
Mutch James G. Ruthrieston
Nicol John Findlay, Murcar, Bridge of Don
Porter William, Upper Persley, Woodside
Reid Alexander, Scotstown, Bridge of Don
Reid Alfred, Danestone, Bridge of Don
Reith William, Middlefield, Woodside
Rennie Chas.F.Laverock braes, Brdg. ofDon
Robbie James, Greenhole
Robertson George, Cloverhill
Shepherd Mrs. Elizh. Seaton farm, Abrdn
Shepherd John, Link3 of Balgownie
Simpson John, Cranbog, Bridge of Don
Singer Mrs.Helen,Broadfold, Bridge of Don
Smith George, Leuchlands, Bridge of Don
Smith James, Annfieid, Bridge of Don
Smith William, Howe of Murcar, Bridge
of Don
Spottiswood Mrs. Balgownie, Brdg. of Don
Stoddart George, Aryburn, Bridge of Don
Strachan George, Newton of Pitfodels
Thow Jn. Mains of Denmore, Brdg. of Don,
Troup William G. Stocket hill, Aberdeen
Warrander Alexander, Intown, Murcar
White James, Mains of Grandhome
Whyte George, Seaton mains, Aberdeen
Williamson James, Castleton, Stocket hill
Williamson William, Cairnfield, Aberdeen
Williamson William, Stocket hill
Wilson William S. Mains of Scotstown,
Bridge of Don
Wisley William, East Seaton
Wright William, Hillhead, Westfield, Bridge
of Don
Abercrombie Douglas O
Allan Alexander, West Cults lodge
Allan David J.P. West Cults lodge
Alloway John, Westerton house
Anderson Miss, Glengaim cot. West Cults
.Anderson William, Bloomfield, West Cults
Angus Mrs. Inchgower
Arthur Alexander Thomson M.D. Blair
Arthur David Mitchell M.D., J.P. St.
Devenick's terrace
Auchterlonie David. Woodhouse lea
Baird Thomas P. Moorland house
Baird William, Enfield
Barclay Miss, Ardgowan
Begg Albert, Kinreen
Black James, Oak bank
Brown Charles, Earlswood ho, Bieldside
Brown Mrs. Homesdale cottage
Bruce John, West Cults house
Bruce Robert M.B., Ch.B
Byres Mrs. Hay lodge, West Cults
Cameron Miss, Petrie villa
Cameron Mrs. Heathville
Catto James, Cliff house
Chalmers Mrs. Middleton house
Chivas William, Bieldside
Christie Rev. Chas. Sinclair M.A. (Estab)
Cochran Francis James M.A. Millo
Ooleman Richard Hy. West Fuchsia bank
Collie James, View bank
Collie The Misses, Middleton cottage
Collie Mrs. Balnagarth
Collie Robert, Woodlands
Cook Alexander. Gowanlea
Cook William, Henry villa
Cooper Mrs. Bellair cottage, West Cults
Cooper Mrs. Balvenie
Coutts Mrs. St. Clair cottage
Coutts William, Lea bank
Craig John, Marydale
Craig William G. Parkhill
Ornden Joseph, Blythe bank
Cruickshank Alexander, Kimberley villa,

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