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Todd Gavin T., J.P. manufacturer (A. Hadden & Sons),
B anchor y-Ternau
Todd Thomas, manufacturer (Alexander Hadden & Sons), The
Gables, Cults
Todd William, manager, 466 King street
Todd William, manager, 20 Westburn road
Todd William, manure manufacturer (Napier & Co.), 466 King st
Toman John, grocer & spirit dealer, 30 Northneld place; T N
415; res. 72 Mile End avenue
Topp Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 18 Craigle street
Topping Rt. H.M. sub-inspector of schools, 36 Beaconsfield pi
Torbet Mary (Mrs.), midwife, 6 South Constitution street
Toronto Mortgage Co. (Allan, Buckley, Allan & Milne, agents),
21 Bridge street
Tosh Agnes (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 37 Spiral
Tosh Alexander, builder (Tosh & Wallace), 57 Devonshire road
Tosh Alexander, clerk, 44 Blmfield avenue
Tough W. & A. J. tailors, 33 Holburn street
Tough & Winchester, dairymen, 9 Baker street
Tough Alexander, clerk, 465 King street
Tough Alexander, grocer, 39 St. Andrew street
Tough Alexander, shoe maker, 5 Westfield road
Tough George, dairyman (Tough & "Winchester), Gourdy burn,
Tough George, spirit dealer, 32 Castle street & cab proprietor,
70 John street ; res. 40 Charlotte street
Tough James, draper, 416 George street
Tough James, grocer & spirit dealer, 122 King street
Tough James, plumber, 30 High street, Old Aberdeen
Tough James Taylor, wholesale grocer & confectioner, 51
Catherine street; T N K 86 ; res. 554 Great Northern road
Tough John, shopkeeper, 44 Frederick street
Tough Robert, commercial traveller, 31 St. Swithin street
Tough Robert, seed merchant (Barclay, Ross & Tough), St.
Swithin street
Tough William, blacksmith, Wellington road
Towler John & Son, blacksmiths, 128 Loch street
To>vn & County Bank Limited (head office), 62 Union street
(Thomas Cochrane J.P. manager & cashier; T N 1; William
Anderson J.P. sec; John A. Adamson, accountant; William
M'Combie Gordon, inspector of branches) ; Harbour branch,
33 Regent quay (William Leslie & William D. Adam, agents) ;
King Street branch, 133 King street (James B. Keith, agent);
Market Street branch, 182 Market street (George Anderson,
agent); Mile End branch, 276 Rosemount place (Robert Murray,
agent); Northern branch, 322 George street (James B. Keith,
agent); Western branch, 262 Union street (Alexander Morrice,
agent) ; & Woodside branch, 433 Great Northern road (James
Henderson, agent)
Town & County Property Agency {James Alexander Beattie,
proprietor), 21 Bridge street
Town Hall (Old) (William Lonie, caretaker), High street, Old
Trades Hall (William Johnston, sec), 49 Belmont st. ; T N 1664
Trades Hall Cafe (Wm. Johnston, manager), 53 Belmont street
Trail & Freeland, fishmongers, 106 Bon-Accord street
Trail Annie (Miss), shopkeeper, 119 Spital
Trail Charles, boot maker, 91 Rosemount place ; res. 17 Eden pi
Trail George, blacksmith, 29 Thistle lane ; res. 29 Victoria street
Trail James W. H., M.A., M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S. professor of
botany, University of Aberdeen; res. 71 High st. Old Aberdeen
Trail William, jobmaster, 138, 140 & 142 Great Western road
Trendall Annie (Miss), dress maker, 56 Menzies road, Torry
Trinity Hall (Thomas Skea, convener), 153 Union street
Troup M. & L. (Misses), tobacconists, 74 Guild street
Troup Alexander, wholesale stationer, 101 King street ; T N
201; res. 191 King street
Troup Harriet (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 73 Green.
Troup Jane (Miss), apartments, 5 Crimon place
Troup William George, farmer, Castleton, Stocket hill.Cornhill rd
Trlie Eniil H. teacher of French & German, Gordon's college;
res. 37 Gray street
Tucker George, butcher, 162 Gallowgate
Tulloch James & Co. cement &c. merchants, 77 & 78 Waterloo
quay; T N 4; X A " Tullochco, Aberdeen "
Tulloch Alexander J., J.P. auctioneer & fish salesman, Com-
mercial road ; T N 411
Tulloch James, cement merchant (J. Tulloch & Co.), 5 Devon-
shire road & 77 &. 78 Waterloo quay
Tulloch Wm. Gregory, solicitor, 123J Union st. ; res. 50 Albury rd
Tully Jane G. (Miss), confectioner, 57 St. Andrew street
Tully Robert, tailor & clothier, 3 Blackfriars street
Tuliy William, clothes (broker, 32 Uppex Denburn
Turnbull Brothers & Co. lead pipe manufacturers, Crimon place ;
TN 1203; T A " Metals"
Turnbull Lawson, lead pipe maker (Turnbull Brothers & Co.),
10 Albyn place
Turner William, householder, 43 Great Northern road
Turner William, shopkeeper, 649 Great Northern road
Turner William, station master, Woodside
Turpin James O. Lloyd's surveyor, 29 Regent quay; res. 1
Gladstone place
TurrefE Alexander, shipmaster, 10 Gray street
Turretf James, teller North of Scotland Bank Limited, King st
Turriff George M.A. teacher of mathematics, 3 Belmont street
Turriff James Cassie, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 St. Andrew st. ;
res. 34 Wallfield crescent
Tyler H. P. boot maker, 37 Union street & 2, 4 & 6 George st
Union Bank of Scotland Limited (Aberdeen office), 53 Castle 8t.
(William Yeats McDonald, cashier; John Wilson, assistant
cashier ; James Brown, accountant) ; George Street (171)
branch' (John Sharp, agent) ; Holburn branch, 15 Holburn st.
(William S. Cran, agent); Torry branch, 34 Victoria road
(David Thomson, agent) ; West End branch, 203 Union street
(James Davidson, agent). See advertisement
Union Club (A. Baxter, sec. ; James Mitchell, steward), 42
Union terrace
Union Club of Aberdeen Limited (A. Neil Macdonald, sec);
registered office, 42 Union terrace
Union Hall (James Mitchell, Bteward), 3 Skene terrace
United Free Church College (Rev. Stewart Dingwall Fordyce
Salmond D.D., F.E.L.S. principal; Peter Cruickshank, janitor
& curator of museum), 2 Aliord place
United Free Church Women's Foreign Missionary Society (Mrs.
Salmond, hon. sec), 6 Queen's road
United Kingdom Granite & Whinstone Quarry
Masters' Association (James A. Hadden, sec), 11 St.
Nicholas street
United Kingdom Temperance & General Provident Institution
(George Kemp, district manager), 13 Bridge street
United Society of Boiler Makers & Iron Ship Builders (John
McKenna, sec), 31 Park road
United StateB Consular Agency (Andrew Murray, consular agent),
214 Union street; T N 434
University of Aberdeen (Very Rev. John Marshall Lang D.D.
principal ; Robert Walker M.A. sec. ; Peter John Anderson
M.A. librarian), King's college, Old Aberdeen & MarischaL
college, Broad street. For list of professors &c Bee p. 11
University Club (William Kendall Burnett M.A. sec. & treasurer ;
John Beattie, steward), 23 Union terrace ; T N 601
University Mission Association i^G. B. Thomson Michie, sec),
King's college, Old Aberdeen
Urquhart J. & J. chemists & drus^ists, 52 St. Nicholas street;
T N 568
Urquhart William & Son, carting contractors, Baltio street
Urquhart Alexander, shopkeeper, 30 Woolmanhill
Urquhart Frederick, hair dresser, 39 Rosemount viaduct; res.
17 Menzies road
Urquhart Isabella Jane (Miss), dress maker, 6 West Mount st
Urquhart James, restaurant, 52 Regent quay
Urquhart John H. plumber & sanitary engineer, 12 Albyn grove;
res. 256 Union grove
Urquhart Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 14 James street
Urquhart Robert, chemist (J. & J. Urquhart); res. 68 Devon-
shire road
Urquhart Robert, jun. dairyman, 40 Ashvale place
Urquhart Robert Harvey S.S.C. solicitor (Croll & Urquhart),
Hawthornbank, Cults
Usher Charles H., B.A.Camb., M.B. & C.M.Edin., F.R.CS.Edm,
physician & surgeon, 3 Bon-Accord square
Vacuum Oil Co. Limited (The) (John McArthur Johnston, repre-
sentative), 208 Market street
Valentine Francis, spirit dealer, 690 King street
Valentine Helen (Miss), draper, 28 Leadside road
Valentine Jessie (Miss), dairy, 21 Chattan place
Valentine John, confectioner, 206 Market street
Valentine Robert, school teacher. 67 Desswood place
Valentine William, tailor, 9 Bon-Acccrd ter. ; res. 128 Huntly st
Vessie Ann (Miss), news agent, 32U King streeb
Vessie James, Gutler & surgical instrument maker, 9 Schoolhiil
Victoria Golf Club (William McQueen Smith, sec), The Links
Victoria Hall (J. F. Donald, manager), Skene terrace
Vigg Peter, boot maker, 70£ Regent quay
Vinton Mary (Mrs.), eating house 36, & res. 1, Castle terrace
Virtue & Co. publishers (London), 30 Queen street
Vornberger & Co. Limited, gut manufacturers, Wellington road
Wadsworth Brothers, organ builders, 12 Hardgate
Wagrell Simpson (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 68 Frederick street
Wagstaff William, manager, 11 Burns road
Walker & Duncan, civil engineers, land valuators, estate agents &
surveyors for City of Aberdeen Land Association Limited, 3.
Golden square ; T N 298
Walker & King, fish merchants, Raik ruad
Walker R. & W. fish curers, Co mm ercial road; T A " Twlxs,
Aberdeen "
Walker William & James, umbrella makers, 59 Schoolhiil
Walker William & Son, tinplate workers, ironmongers &
oil merchants, 26 ot 28 Netherkirkgate ; T N 269; T A
" Walker "
Walker William & Sons, family grocers, 52 Union street
Walker & Co. booksellers & stationers, 19 Bridge street
Walker Adam, carting contractor, 346 King street
Walker Agnes (Miss) L.L.A. lady superintendent, Free Churcb
Training College, 17 Charlotte street; res. 269 Rosemount pi
Walker Alexander, commission agent, 15 Adelphi
Walker Alexander M.D., CM. physician & 6urgeon, 48 Foun-
tainhall road
Walker Alexander, shipmaster, 6 Gladstone place
Walker Alex, jun.grocer (Wm. Walker & Son), 180 Mid Stocket t&
Walker Alex. C. dairy & grocer, 14 Exchange st ; res. 62 Dee st
Walker Alexander Cowie, jobmaster, 7 Denburn road
Walker Andrew, foreman, 11 Bedford place
Walker Andrew, pilot, 1 New Pier road
Walker Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 16 East North street
Walker Ann Caie (Mrs.), mussel mer. East End vil. Pocra pier
Walker Annie (Miss), shopkeeper, 255 Holburn street
Walker Annie (Mrs.), smallware dealer, 137 Sinclair rd. Torry
Walker Barbara (Mrs.), fish curer, 2, 3 & 4 Market basement *s
161 Point law
Walker Clementina (Mrs.), confectioner, 29 Dee Village road
Walker David, bookseller (Robert Walker), 14 Beaconsfield place
Walker David, painter & paperhanger, 8 Causewayend; res. 1$
Stafford street
Walker David B. fish curer, Raik road; T A "Guide, Aber-
deen;" res. 487 King street
Walker David M. solicitor, 208 Market street
Walker Elizabeth (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 31 Rosemount viaduct;
res. 31 Grosvenor place
Walker George, assistant pilot, 4 South square
Walker George, grocer & spirit dealer, 43 Skene square
Walker George, pilot, 20 North square
Walker George G. commission agent, 9a, Correction wynd ;.
res. Insch
Walker George J., J.P. surveyor & estate agent (Walker &
Duncan), Hillside house, Portlethen
Walker George W.S. solicitor (Adam, Thomson & Ross); res. 62
Devonshire road
Walker Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 420 King 6treet
Walker Isabella (Mrs.), fruiterer, 265 Holburn street
Walker Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 21 Urquhart road

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