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Taylor Cornelius Brown, hair dresser & perfumer, 5 Dee street
Taylor Donald McTaggart, sheriff's officer, 49 Spital
Taylor Eliza (Mrs.), clothes broker, 43 Causewayend
Taylor Eliza (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 41 Lodge walk
Taylor Fred, pianoforte tuner, 13 Belmont street
Taylor Henry, butcher, Bridge of Don, Old Aberdeen
Taylor Henry, porter, 56 Regent quay
Taylor James, apartments, 53 Baker street
Taylor Jas. boot ma. 43 St. Nicholas st, ; res. 16 Fountainhall rd
Taylor James, grocer & spirit dealer, 57 Guestrow
Taylor James, manager, 25 Beacon-sfield place
Taylor James B. accountant (Taylor & Anderson), 77 Crown st
Taylor John, apartments, 22 Bridge street
Taylor John, granite worker, Whinhill road
Taylor John, grocer, 741 Great Northern road
Taylor John, manager, 14 West Mount street
Taylor John, tailor (Taylor W. & J.), 77 "Whitehall road
Taylor John C. agent for the North of Scotland Bank Limited
(Rosemount branch), 2 South Mount st. ; res. 13 Beechgroye ter
Taylor John C. tailor, 7 Thistle street
Taylor Jn.L.granite merchant, 30 G-t.Western rd. ; res.80 Irvine pi
Taylor Lizzie May (Mrs.), registry office for servants, 44 King st
Taylor Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 48 St, Nicholas street
Taylor Margaret (Mrs.), midwife, 20 Menzies road, Torry
Taylor Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 52 Virginia street
Taylor Mary (Miss), schoolmistress, 29 Bon-Accord street
Taylor Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 105 Huntly street
Taylor Peter Wilson, commercial traveller, 17 Grosvenor place
Taylor Robert, shopkeeper, 41 Commerce street
Taylor Walter, printer (Taylor & Henderson), 97 Forest avenue
Taylor Wm. printer (Taylor & Henderson), 131 Hamilton place
Tavlor William, tailor, 26 Belmont street
Taylor William, tailor (W. & J. Taylor), 28 Lilybank place
Taylor William Arle, jobmaster, 8 Denburn road
Taylor William C. rope & twine manufacturer (John Taylor &
Co.), 53 Braemar place
Taylor William Cruickshank, insurance agent, 201 Westburn road
Taylor William E., M.B., Ch.B. resident physician, Epidemic
hospital, Park road
Taylor Capt. William J. â– shipmnster, 34 Bon-Accord terrace
Telford Mathew, master mariner, 75 Duthie terrace
Templeton William, householder, 19 Osborne place
Tennant Edward, inspector of agencies, 48 Brighton place
Tennant William M. draper, 80 Roseinount place ; res. 112
Mid Stocket road
Tennoy Francis S. solicitor, 193 Union street; res. 146 Blen-
heim place
Tereganta Tea Co. Limited, tea dealers, 18 Union terrace
Teirras Ainsley, manager, 176 Skene street
Terry C. Sanford M.A. lecturer on history, University of Aber-
deen; res. Sirhowy, Cults
Tester JameB, commission agent, 34 Albert terrace
Teunon John, assistant supt. post office, 44 Beaconsfield place
Thain Alexander, carter, 21 Short loanings
Thain Alexander, shopkeeper, 38 Leadside road
Thain Alexander J. R., M.A. advocate, 173a, Union street; res.
134 Hamilton place
Thain James, coal dealer, 52 Leadside rd. ; res. 44 Short loanings
Thain John, carter, 37 Claremont street
Third John & Son, granite workers, 1 Canal road; T N K 20
Third Aberdeen Economic Building Society (M. Lunan, sec),
254 Union street
Third James, manager, 19 Braemar place
Third John, granite worker (J. Third & Son), 10 Calsayseat road
Third Kate (Mrs.), nurse, 53 Rose street
Thistle Swimming Club (George Miohie, sec), South. Esplanade
west, Torry
Thorn John & Co. Venetian blind makers, 4 Windsor place
Thorn & Strachan, plumbers, 474 Union street & 62 Windmill
brae ; T N 85
Thorn David, spirit dealer, 645 Great Northern road
Thorn Donaldson Rose M.A. advocate (Hunter & Gordon), & eec.
to Senatus & Faculties, University of Aberdeen, 42 Albyn place
Thorn Francis, apartments, 1 Thistle street
Thorn George, granite worker 69, & res. 71, Jute street
Thorn James, tailor (Robertson & Thorn), Fairburn, Newhills
Thorn Janet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 21 Mnrywell street
Thom Jn. grocr. & spirit dlr.22 Upperkirkgate; res.38 Osborne pi
Thorn John, ladies' tailor, 467 Union street
Thom John, plumber (Thorn & Strachan), 61 Holburn road
Thom John, plumber, 20 Loch st. ; T N 924; res. 21 Osborne pi
Thom Jn. Venetian blind ma. (John Thom & Co.), 54 Ashvale pi
Thom Margaret A. (Miss), shopkeeper, 22 West North street
Thom William, spirit dealer, G4 Queen street
Thomas Thomas, dining rooms, 23, 25 & 27 Netherkirkgate ; res,
16^ Roslin terrace
Thompson George & Co. shipowners, ship & insurance brokers,
underwriters &c. 60 Marischal street ; & 7 Billiter sq. London
E C ; T A " Tancred, Aberdeen & London "
Thompson Alexander Cardno, waiter, 7 Abbotsford place
Thompson Harry, chemist & druggist, 46 Commerce street
Thompson James C. proprietor Aberdeen Window Cleaning 'Co.
150^ Union street; res. 18 Union row
Thompson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 120 Causewayend
Thompson William, schoolmaster, Ferryhill road
Thompson William M. basket maker, 32 & 33 Market hall
Thomson Brothers, produce merchants, 104 Green
Thomson & Duncan, engravers, lithographers, printers &
stationers, 24 Union row; T N 9 57
Thomson George & Son, wine & spirit merchants, 14 Bridge st
Thomson Limited (successors to Campbell & Co. Lim.) (Perth),
dyers, 86 Union street
Thomson M. & Sons, fish cureres, Old Ford road
Thomson Robert & Co. grocers, 23 Guestrow
Thomson & Stewart, iron founders, 305 King street
Thomson W. & D. C. publishers of the " Dundee Courier &
Argus " (daily) & the ' Weekly News " (Saturday) newspapers,
130J Union streeet; T N 542; head office, Dundee
Thomson Adam J. J. butcher, 44 St. Clement st. ; res. 334 King st
Thomson Agnes (Miss), confectioner, 70 Esslemont avenue
Thomson Alexander, blacksmith, 13 Upper Denburn
Thomson Alexander, butcher, 182 Gallowgate
Thomson Alexander, fish curer, Point law
Thomson Alexander Christie, commercial traveller, 15 Hilton st
Thomson Alexander Davidson, householder, 33 Victoria street
Thomson Alexander Stephen, watch maker, 113 Holburn street
Thomson Ann (Mrs.), grocer, 2 South Constitution street
Thomson Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 97 Claremont street
Thomson Arthur E. produce merchant (Thomson Brothers), 33
Duthie terrace
Thomson Arthur H. wine & spirit merchant, 44 Castle street;
res. 235 Great Western road
Thomson Catherine (Mrs.), news agent, 35 Skene square
Thomson David, carpenter, 2a, Mount street
Thomson David, manager Union Bank of Scotland Limited, 34
Victoria road ; res. 4a, Caroline place, Torry
Thomson David M. wholesale grocer (Gordon & Thomson), 5
Hosefield avenue
Thomson Elizabeth L. (Miss), draper & milliner, 445-447 Union st
Thomson George (late John Grant), mechanical
engineer & blacksmith, 15 Raeburn place; T N 399; res. 3&
Mount street
Thomson George L. director Aberdeen University Press Limited,
6 Upperkirkgate ; res. Cults
Thomson George Leslie, wine merchant (G. Thomson & Son),
2 Bon- Accord crescent
Thomson George M. wholesale grocer & wine &c. merchant, 17
Exchange Btreet ; T N 258; res. 63 Hamilton place
Thomson Georgina (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 142 Holburn street
Thomson Harry, cabinet maker (Brown & Thomson), 242 Union st
Thomson Helen (Mrs.), householder, 29 Victoria street
Thomson Isabella (Miss), fruiterer & confctnr. 329 George st
Thomson James, boot maker, 26 Northfield place
Thomson James, boot repairer, 143 Spital
Thomson James, coach & general blacksmith, 18G Hardgate
Thomson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 348 & 350 King street ;
res. 457 King street
Thomson James, shopkeeper, 36 Upper Denburn
Thomson James, tailor, Bridge of Dee
Thomson James, temperance hotel, 21 Erskine street
Thomson James, valuator, 6 Union terrace; res. Dumbuck
cottage, West Cults
Thomson James M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon & county veter-
inary inspector, 6 Flour mill brae; res. 63 Fountainhall road
Thomson James Alexander, fruiterer 78, & res. 76, Rosemount pi
Thomson James G. confectioner, 107 Skene street
Thomson James W. teacher of drawing & handicraft, Gordon"s
college ; res. 23 Gray street
Thomson Jane (Mrs.), feather dresser, 68 St. Andrew street
Thomson Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Dee Village road
Thomson Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 100 Gerrard street
Thomson Johanne (Miss), teacher of music, 84 Crown street
Thomson John, cabinet maker & wood chimney piece maker, 22
Blackfriars street ; res. 67 Dee street
Thomson John, director Aberdeen University Press Limited, 6>
Upperkirkgate ; res. Brackenhill, Murtle
Thomson John, engraver (Thomson & Duncan), 1 St. Mary's pi
Thomson John, fish curer, Point law; T A *' Capstan, Aberdeen;"
res. Amerlia villa, Balnagask'road
Thomson John, householder, 37 Great Northern road
Thomson John, market gardener, Queeirs road
Thomson John, Royal hotel, Bridge place ; T N 679
Thomson John, station master, Hutcheon s"t. ; res. 140 Hutcheon st
Thomson John Arthur M.A., F.R.S. professor of natural history.
University of Aberdeen; res. 15 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen
Thomson John Berry, newspaper reporter, 55 Beaconsfield place
Thomson Mary K. (Mrs.), tobacconist, 61 Rosemount viaduct
Thomson Mary L. (Miss), mantte maker, 14 Rose street
Thomson Peter, boot maker, 2 Claremont place
Thomson Peter, draper, 96 Rosemount viaduct & 229 Rosemount
place ; res. 190 Mid Stocket road
Thomson Robert, watch ma. 27 George st. ; res. 36 Stanley st
Thomson Rb. W. hosier (A. Cruickshank & Co.), 108 Hamilton pi
Thomson Thomas, commission agent, 57 Shiprow
Thomson Thomas, shopkeeper, 10 William square .
Thomson Thomas, treasurer for the Aberdeen Reformatory &
Industrial Schools & Houses of Refuge, 8 Golden square;
res. 69 Springbank terrace
Thomson Thoma3 Lawrence, clerk of works, 19 Thomson street
Thomson W. Stewart M.A., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. principal of Aber-
deen Civil Service & Business College, 10 North Silver street
Thomson William, apartments, 3 Gilcomston park
Thomson William, assistant inspector Town & County Bank
Limited ; res. 19 Grosvenor place
Thomson William, carting contractor, 17 Willowdale place
Thomson William, chimney sweeper 3, & shopkeeper 37, Lead-
side road
Thomson William, confectioner & fruiterer, 402 Union street
Thomson William, fish merchant, Commercial road; T A " Thom-
sonion, Aberdeen "
Thomson William, householder, 29 North Silver street
Thomson William, shopkeeper, 37 Leadside road
Thomson William, spirit dealer, 524 George street; res. 14
Erskine street
Thomson Wm. J. iron founder (Thomson & Stewart), 303 King st
Thomson William J. P. lemonade manufacturer, Lemon street.
Park road; T N 138; res. 341 Great Western road
Thow Alexander, news agent, 84 Great Northern road
Thow Robert, confectioner, 144 Crown street & 100 Guild street
Tindall Herbert, jun. householder, 25 Great Northern road
Tindall Robert, heating engineer, 77, 79 & 81 Loch street ; T N
747; res. 167 Crown street
Tocher Alexander, keeper of Court house, Castle street
Tocher Elsie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 35 Guestrow
Tocher James, boot & shoe jnaker, 19 Great Western road ; re&
21 Union grove
Tocher William, blacksmith, 24 Mearns street
Tocher William, upholsterer, 39 Upperkirkgate
Todd Belle (Miss), confectioner, 176 King street

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