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Jack Robert Ferguson, commercial traveller, 12 Beechgrove pi
Jackson's Limited, hatters & hosiers, 119 George street
Jackson James, boot ma. 52 Upperkirkgate ; res. 76 Rosemount pi
Jackson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 141 Crown street
Jackson James Shirky, teacher of singing, 4 West Craibstone st
Jackson Robert, manager Barry Henry & Co. Limited; res,
Ardlui, Broomhill road
Jackson Robert C. solicitor (Storie, Cruden & Co. advocates), 21
Albert street
Jackson William, bookbinder, IS Back wynd ; T N 291
Jaffray William Mitchell, telegraphist, 84 Blenheim place
Jeffrey Thomas J. P. actuary & cashier Aberdeen Savings Bank,
19 Union terrace; res. Ingleside, Rubislaw Den south
James David, chimney sweeper, 119 Skene street
James Henry, teacher of music, 383 George street
Jameson Walter George, fish salesman (Smith, Jameson &
Holmes) ; res. Kenfield
Jamie Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 53 Bon-Accord street
Jamie Lewis Graham, baker 464, res. 225, Great Northern road
Jamieson Brothers, wholesale grocers, 41 Regent quay
Jamieson George & Son, watch & clock makers, 107 Union street
Jamieson James H. & Co. boot makers, 153 George street
Jamieson John & Co. tailors & outfitters, 50 Union street & 64
St. Nicholas street
Jamieson, Mitchell & Co. wholesale grocers & wine merchants,
34 & 36 Netherkirkgate; T N 284; T A " Connel "
Jamieson & Son, harness composition makers, 70 Gallowgate
Jamieson & Co. harness composition & blacking manufacturers,
22 W'hitehouse street
Jamieson Alexander, boot maker? 81 Leadside road; res. Newton
Hill, Stonehaven
Jamieson Alexander, grocer & news agent. 35 College street
Jamieson Amelia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 408 Hoi burn street
Jamieson Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 26 Schoolhill
Jamieson Ann (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 22 & 23 Market ha'^
Jamieson Geo. builder & timber mer. 654 & 656 Gt, Northern rd
Jamieson George, coal dealer, 114a, Loch street
Jamieson George, harness composition &
blacking- manufacture/, Lochside works, 3
White hail place; res. 74 Whitehall road
Jamieson George, timber merchant. Station road
Jamieson Gordon, shopkeeper, 78 Chapel street
Jamieson James, dry-salter, oil merchant, harness compo-
sition manufacturer & manufacturing chemist, 108 John street;
res. 131 Mid Stocket road; T N 1200
Jamieson James H. boot maker (James H. Jamieson & Co.), 23
Sunnyside road
Jamieson Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 322 Great Northern road
Jamieson John, grocer & spirit dealer, 47 Orchard street
Jamieson Lewis C. dining rooms, 26 Hordgate
Jamieson Mary (Mrs.), dining rooms*. 17 Carmelite street
Jamieson Peter, harness composition manufacturer, 8 South
College street : res. 17 Affleck street
Jamieson Robert C. boot repairer, 435 Great Northern road
Jamieson Thomas F.l.C. analytical chemist & city analyst, 10
Belmont street ; res. Glasterberry, MUltimber
Jamieson Thomas, teacher, 80 Ashlev road
Jamieson "William, restaurant & spirit dealer, 134 George street;
res. 130 George street
Jamieson William, shopkeeper, 14 Hayton road, Woodside
Jamieson Wm. G. jeweller (G. Jamieson & Son), D-umgarth, Cults
Jamison GiiTord, grocer & ship chandler, 19 Regent quay
Japp Francis Robert M.A., LL.D., F.R.S. professor of chemistry,
University of Aberdeen; res. 17 Carden place
Jarvis Edward Walker, clerk, 33 Hilton street
Jarvis Isabella (Mrs.), dress maker, 244 George street
Jarvis Margaret (Miss), private school, 4 Queen's gate
Jarvis Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 66 Spital
Jeffery Edward Gifford, collector & surveyor H.M. Customs, 35
Eegent quay; res. 43 Hamilton place
Jeffery Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, 16 Bridge street
Jeffery James A. chartered accountant. 25 Union street
Jeffrey George, jobbing gardener, 193 Westburn road
Jeffrey James, manager John Somerville & Co. Lim. 1 Adelphi
Jeffrey James Thom, advocate, 81 Union st. : res. 10 Queen st
Jenkins & Marr.civil engineers & architects. 16 Bridge st. ;T N 441
Tenkins George Gordon, civil engineer (Jenkins & Marr), 46
Bon-Accord street
Jenkins James, foreman dyer, 421 Clifton road
Jenkins Thomas, fish curer. Alhert quay
Jennings Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 377 Great Northern road
Jennings Wil iam, engineer. Markl mil road east
Jessamine Robert, biker, 42 Causewayend; res. 43 Bedford place
Jessiman Alexander Garden, hatter & hosier, 102 George street
Jessiman George, saddler, 93 Queen street
Johannessen L. P. Limited, timber merchants. 6 Golden square
Johnson W. & H. oil & paint manufrs. ; branch, Poynernook road
Johnson Annie (Mrs.), professor of singing & local representative
of the Boyal College of Music, 480 Union street
Johnson John, boot repairer, 29 Mounthooly
Johnson John H., B.A. tutor, 480 Union street
Johnson John Harry, manager, 22 Belgrave terrace
Johnson Thomas, superintendent Prudential Assurance Co. Lim.
150a, Union street; res. 81 Hamilton place
Johnson Thomas William, fancy draper, 250 George street; res. 81
Hamilton place
Johnston & Laird, robe makers to the Aberdeen
University, hoods & robes for all degrees,
4-6 Union street
Johnston & Son, drapers, 429 Union street
Johnston Adam, dairyman, 80 Causewayend
Johnston Alexander, cycle agent.25 Northfield pi. ; res. 41 Baker st
Johnston Alexander, dairy, 44 Broomhill road
Johnston Alexander, farmer, Brae farm, Mannofield
Johnston Alexander, provision merchant (Smith & Johnston).
71 Fountainhall road
Johnston Anthony B. berlin wool repositorv & sewing machine
agent, 168 Union street; res. 8 Spring Bank terrace
Johnston Castine (Mrs.), "dairy, 59 Constitution street
Johnston Christina (Mrs.), dairy, 67 High street, Old Aberdeen
Johnston George, chimney sweeper, 201 George street
Johnston George, tailor, 22 Nelltield place
Johnston Graeme, traffic agent Steam Navigation Co. ; res. 41
Sunnyside road
Johnston Helen (Miss), lady supt. Aberdeen Educational Trust,
352 King street
Johnston James, accountant, 13 Belmont st. ; res. 19 Forbesfield rd
Johnston James, blacksmith, North Constitution street
Johnston Jane (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 120 Upper Den-
burn; res. 199 Rosemount place
Johnston John, boot repairer, 17 Powis place
Johnston John, fruiterer, 152 Holburn street
Johnston John, hosier, 26 Ashley road.
Johnston John, manufacturing confectioner, 54 John street
Johnston John,shop fitter (Sherritt & Johnston), 88 Gt. Northern r<3
Johnston John McArthur, representative Vacuum. Oil Co. Limited,
Woodend cottage, Hazelhead
Johnston Jsph. baker «x confectioner, & post office, 695 George st
Johnston Joseph, householder, 12 Margaret street
Johnston Joseph J. plumber, 1 Dee Village road; T N 598;.
res. 49 Albert street
Johnston Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 39 Baker street
Johnston Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Skene street
Johnston Mary (Miss), apartments, *2'2 Union row
Johnston Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 267 Union street
Johnston Peter, blacksmith, 3 Farrier lane
Johnston William, apartments, 29 Elmfield avenue
Johnston William J. P. sec. Aberdeen United Trades' Council, 47
Belmont street; T N 1664
Johnstone Rev. Robert D.D. professor of New Testament lan-
guage, United Free Church college; res. Hopetoun, West Cults
Johnstone Alexander, boot maker, 89 Leadside road; res. 7C?
Mile End avenue
Johnstone Charles, wholesale grocer, provision merchant & Im-
porter, 14 Regent quay; T N 94; T A " Johnstone, Aberdeen;"
res. 34 Albyn place
Johnstone Elsie (Miss), dairy keeper, 140 King street
Johnstone Geo. boot ma. 18 Broomhill rd. ; res. 30 Broomhill rd!
Johnstone Helen (Miss), dress muker, 63 Irvine place
Johnstone Isabella (Mrs.), householder, 146 Broomhill road
Johnstone Jane (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr.S Hayton rd. Woodside-
Johnstone John, householder, 48 Loanhead terrace
Johnstone John, shopkeeper, 115 Gerrard street
Johnstone Peter, fish salesman, 186 Market street & Albert quav;.
T N 768; T A "Iceberg, Aberdeen; " res. Priory hill, Culte'r
Johnstone William Gibb, governor West Poor House, Fonthill rd
Jolly W. & Sons, printers, 38 Bridge street; T N 901
Jolly Andrew W. printer (W. Jolly & Sons), 67 Loanhead ter
Jolly Francis J. cabinet maker (James Allan & Co.), 40 Irvine p£
Jolly James, clerk, 6 Gilcomston park
Jolly James, printer (W. Jolly & -Sons), 5 Abbotsford place
JoLy James, tobacconist, 166 King street
Jolly William (Mrs.), printer (W. Jolly & Sons), 1 Abbotsford p£
Jones Brothers, granite merchants, Rosebank terrace
Jones Ellis D. clerk, 85 Duthie terrace
Jones Thomas, spirit dealer, 79-80 Waterloo quay
Jopp William & Keith, wine & spirit merchants,
13 Market st. ; T A " Blend, Aberdeen ; " T N 632
Jopp Henry J. wine merchant (W. & K. Jopp), 5 Albyn terrace
Joss Christina (Mrs.), furniture broker, 26£ Skene square
Joss George (Mrs.), fruiterer, 33 Chattan place
Joss James, clothes broker, 34 Causewayend
Joss William, coal dealer, 13 Minister lane
Joyner Elsie (Miss), confectioner, 23 Marischal street
Joyner William, saddler, 139 Mid Stocket road
Junor Alexander, foreman, 71 Chapel street
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, County buildings
Kay Fanny (Miss), householder, 4 Whitehall place
Kay Frederick William M.A., B.L. advocate, 8 Golden sqnare?
res. 7 Queen's road
Kay Harvey G. (Davidson & Kay), Wellington house, Aiford pi
Kay James P. chemist (Davidson &. Kay), Elgin villa, 7 Queen's-
road ; T N 72
Keay Alexander, manager Smith's Dock Trust Co. Limited; res-
6 South Crown street
Keenan James, carver & gilder, 15 Correction wynd; res. IDS
Union street
Keir Alexander, householder, 9 Hilton street
Keith Alexander, carpenter (Hendry & Keith), 77 Fountainhall rej
Keith George, cabinet maker, 21 Union wynd ; res. 51 Albert st
Keith George, grocer &â–  spirit dealer, 69 Spital; res. 444 King st
Keith James, apartments, 18 Craigie street
Keith James B. t J. P. agent, Town & County Bank Lim. (Northern-
branch). Bank house, 88 Spring garden
Keith William, grocer, 61 Queen street
Keith Wil ham, post office clerk, 26 Lilybank place
Keith Willium Leslie, advocate, 217 Union st. : res. Headcroft pi,
Keilas Henry, solicitor & notary public (Gray & Kellas), 4*
Carden place
Kelly & Nicol, architects, 367 Union street
Kellv Francis M.D., CM. physician, & medical officer City Parish
Council, 6 West Craibstone street; T N 749
Kelly Francis B. tailor & clothier. 8, 10 & 12 St. Nicholas street
Kelly James, tailor (Francis B. Kelly), 3 Forest road
Kelly John, tailor (Francis B. Kelly), 50 Great Western road
Kelly William, architect (Kelly & Nicol), 62 Rubislaw Den nortb
Kelman Alexander, butcher, 46 Woolmanhill
Keiman Andrew, spirit dealer, 79 Charlotte street
Kelman Andrew, spirit dealer, 7 Summerfield terrace
Kelman George, shopkeeper, 93 Rosemount place
Kelman Isabella (Miss), nurse, 46 Chapel street
Kelman Robert, carter, 12 Catherine st. ; res. 36 Gilcomston step*
Kelman William, coal dealer, 38 Skene row
Kelman Wiliiam, householder, 7 Hilton road, Woodside
Kelty George, shopkeeper, 64 Skene street
Kemp George & Co. granite workers, 7 Gilcomston park
Kemp, Walker & Co. millers & oatmeal & grain merchants, 8 King
street ; City corn mills, Cotton street & Murtle mills ; T N 12^ :.
T A " Murtle, Aberdeen "
Kemp Alexander, collector, 74 Bon-Accord street

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