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H. M. Factory Department (North of Scotland District; embracing
the counties of Aberdeen, Kincardine, Banff, Moray, Nairn,
Jnvern&ss, Roes, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney & Shetland)
(John Calder, district inspector of factories & workshops;
Thomas Brown, jun. junior inspector; William McDonald,
clerk), 115 Union street
Hoar Thomas Martin, custom house officer, Regent quay
Hobbs John, shopkeeper, 7 Rosemount place
Hodge Duncan Mackenzie, architect, 20 Bon-Accord street
Hodge Mary (Miss), music teacher, 20 Bon-Accord street
Hodges Elsie (Miss), nurse, 19 Chapel street
Hogarth & Co. salmon fishers & merchants, 82 College st. ;T N 219
Hogarth Alex. Pirie, mer. (Hogarth & Co.), 14 Crown ter. ; T N 493
Hogg Chas. funeral furnisher (W. Gilchrist & Co.), 168 King st
Hogg James, butcher, 10G Rosemount place & mineral water
manufacturer, 156 Skenes street
Hogg M;iggie (Mrs.), news agent & tobacconist, 44 Justice street
Hogg William, hair dresser, 37 Market hall
Hoggan Andrew, french polisher, 14 Blaekfriars street
Hoggins Jessie (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 501 George street;
res. 503 George streeet
Hollard Mathew, fried fish dealer, 7 Menzies road, Torry
Holland Mathews, shopkeeper, 11 Wales street
Holmes Harry A. fish salesman (Smith, Jameson & Ho'.mes), 56
Fonthill road
Horn an Frank, manager, 65 Blenheim place
Heme for Aged & Infirm Poor of both Sexes & for Abandoned
Children, & Roman Catholic Industrial School for Girls (Sisters
of Nazareth, sisters; Madame M. M. Owen, superioress), Naz-
areth house, Claremont street
Home &, Colonial Stores Lim. 481 Union st. & 5 St. Nicholas st
Home for Destitute Females (Miss Maggie Strachan, matron),
684 King street, Old Aberdeen
Home for Motherless Children (Mrs. Margaret Bogie, matron),
434 Great Western road
Homo Tea Co. (John Laird, manager), 19 St. Nicholas street
Hood Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker, 98 Holburn street
Horn Walter J. lieutenant (H.M.S. "Clyde")* Victoria dock;
res. 15 Queen's terrace
Home & Mackinnon, stock brokers, 75 Union street; T N 3 ; T A
" Horne, Aberdeen "
Home & Son, family grocers, 501 Union street ;
T N, K 24
Horne Alex. Duffus, family grocer (Horne & Son), 499 Union st
Home Helen (Miss), teacher of music, 166 Skene street
Horne Isabella (Mrs.), grocer, 53 Chapel street
Horne William, plumber, 12 Castle street
Horne William, shopkeeper, 31 Hutcheon street
Horse, Carriage & General Insurance Co. Limited (Alex. S.
Wilson, district manager), 41^ Union street. See advert
Horse Shoers' Union (Joseph Dewar, sec.), 98 Rosemount viaduct
Hosea Peter, coal dealer, 23 Hardweird
Hosie Alexander, wincey manufacturer, 29 Lilybink place
"Hospital for the Relief of Persons Labouring under Incurable
Diseases (George M. Edmond & Arthur H. Lister, medical
officers; Patrick Cooper M.A. sec. & treasurer), MorningfieM,
King's gate
House of Bethany (Community of St. Mary & St. John"), Convent,
Female Orphanage & School (Rev. Mother Elizabeth, superior-
ess ; Sister Gertrude Elizabeth Mary, principal teacher), 147
Hard gate
Howard Adolphe John, teacher of music, 6 Strawberry bank
Howard Charles S. grocer (Chivaa Brothers), 13 Kintr street
Howarth William, news agent, 14 Deer road, Woodside
Howie Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Kintore place
Howie Alexander, householder, 11 Mount street
Howie George, house carpenter, 66 Loch st. ; res. 195 Westburn id
Howie John, grocer '& spirit dealer, 492 George street; res. 491
George street
Howie Peter M.B., CM. physician & surgeon, 116 Crown street
Howie William, clerk, 48 Albert street
Howie William, shopkeeper, 21 Gordon street
Howitt William, carter, Park cottage, Den road, Woodside
Huggan Jn. A. seedsman (Geo. Bruce & Co.), Monaltrie vil. Seafld
Hugh-de-Maine Alexander M.D. assistant physician & surgeon
Royal Lunatic asylum, Westburn road
Humphreys James, manager Whitehall Laundry Co. 5 Whitehall
place ; res. 61 Hamilton place
Humphries John Henry, sergeant-instructor Royal Army Volun-
teer Medical Corps, 48 Victoria street
Hunt Duncan D. boot & shoe dealer, 281 Holburn street
Hunter & Gordon, advocates & notaries public, 80 Union street
Hunter & Walker, grocers & spirit dealers, 116 & 118 Gallow-
gate; T N 476
Hunter Alexander, news agent, 11 Causewayend
Hunter Alexander, pilot, 20 South square
Hunter Alexander, warehouseman, 32 Mile End avenue
Hunter James, granite worker & polisher, Merkland road east;
res. 493 King street
Hunter James (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Park street;
res. 20 Roslin terrace
Hunter John, dairyman, 6 Marquis road, Woodside
Hunter John, foreman, 7 Thistle place
Hunter John Will, grocer & spirit dealer, 220 Rosemount place;
T N 1775 ; res. 34 Esslemont avenue
Hunter Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 90 Leadside road
'Hunter Robert, chemist, 118 Union street
Hunter Robert, hair dresser, 128 Gallowgate
Hunter Stephen, manager Northern Agricultural Co. Limited;
res. 37 Rubislaw Den north
Hunter William, carrier, 70 Loch street
Hunter William, foreman, 19 Broomhill rood
Hunter William, grocer & spirit dealer. 63 Huntly street
Hunter William O. engraver, 56 Upperkirkgate ; res. 55 Huntly st
Huntly Hotel Co. Limited (Robert C. Jackson, sec); reg. office,
9 Golden square
Hutcheon Cumming & Co. ironmongers, 503 Great Northern road
Hutcheon Alexander, cashier, 23 Broomhill road
Hutcheon Alex, watch ma. 6 Schnolhill ; res. 42 Whitehall road
Hutcheon Cumming, joiner & undertaker, Deer road
Hutcheon G. (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 68 West North street
Hutcheon Henry, granite merchant & worker, Hill o' fare granite
works; T N 1119 & 1119a; T A " EscutcheoD, Aberdeen;"
res. 528 King street
Hutcheon James, granite polisher, 397 King street; T N, K 47
Hutcheon James, registrar of births, deaths & marriages &
inspector of poor & collector of rates for the parish of Old
Machar, Craigdon, Bridge of Don
Hutcheon James J.P. sec. North of Scotland Bank Limited,
King street; res. 34 Rubislaw Den south
Hutcheon Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 426 Great Northern road
Hutcheon John, inspector of branches North of Scotland Bank
Limited, King street; res. Henry villa, Cults
Hutcheon Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 1 Willowdale place
Hutcheon Mary (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 56 Union street
Hutcheon Robert, grocer, 158 Skene street
Hutcheon Stephen, manager, 33 E'.mfield avenue
Hutcheon William, locksmith, 51 High street, Old Aberdeen
Hutcheson George & Co. commission agents & grain merchants,
47 Marischal Btreet; T N 243; TA" Hutcheson, Aberdeen"
Hutcheson Geo. grain mer. (Geo. Hutcheson & Co.), 56 Carden pi
Hutcheson George, jun. grain merchant (George Hutcheson &
Co.), 56 Carden place
Hutcheson John, shipmaster, 379 Holburn street
Hutchison Alexander, drapers' assistant, 55 E'mfield avenue
Hutchison Alexander, grocer, Clover hill, Bridge of Don
Hutchison Alexander B. baker, 1 Justice street ; 63 Broad street ;
123 George street; 420 Union street; 131 Crown street; 63
Rosemount viaduct & 55 Victoria road, Torry; T N 753
Hutchison EMison (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 Claremont street
Hutchison John, commercial traveller, 38 Belgrave terrace
Hutchison John, saddler & harness maker, 94 King street
Hutchison Mary B. (Miss), dining rooms, 3 Correction wynd
Hynd Thomas Chalmers F.E.I. S. headmaster King Street board
school, 1 Rubislaw Den south
Imlay Hugh & Co. Limited, envelope manfrs. Duff st. ; T N 151
lmlay Jn.M. butcher, 208 Gallowgate; res. Middleton.Tulios, Nigtr
Imperial Hotel (Donald MacKay, manager), Stirling street;
T N 160. See advertisement
Imrey David, marine store dealer, 50 Virginia street
Ind, Coope & Co. Limited, brewers, 50 Green
Inglis Alex. & Wm.who. confrs.31 Baker st. ; res. 12 Mile End av
Ing.is & Cocker, monumental sculptor, Ashgrove road
Inglis Fras. grocer & spirit dlr. 100 Gallowgate; res. 52 Dee st
Inglis John, warehouseman, 12 Mile End avenue
Ingram Elizabeth & Margaret (Misses), fancy goods dealers, 36 &
37 Market gallery; res. 67 Chapel street
Ingram J. & Co. tailors, 70 St. Andrew street
Ingram J. & J. cartwrights, 72 Hutcheon street
Ingram James & Annie (Miss), milliners, 58 Ho.burn street
Ingram & Mortimer, commission merchants & produce brokers, 20
Adeiphi ;XN85;TA" Ingradelph, Aberdeen "
Ingram Alexander, plumber 109 Mile End avenue
Ingram Alex. M. merchant (lngrum tv Mortimer), 46 Forest rd
Ingram Annie (Miss),, milliner (J. & A. Ingram), 58 Holburn st
Ingram Charles, tailor, 6 Maberly st. ; res. 11 Belmont road
Ingram Isabella (Miss), furniture dealer, 25 & 27 Upperkirkgate
Ingram James, fishery officer, 55 Marischal street
Ingram James, milliner (J. & A. Ingram), 315 Hardgate
Ingram James, tailor (J. Ingram & Co.), 415 George street
Ingram James B. chief officer Aberdeen Fishery Office, 46 Maris-
chal street; res. 136 Bon- Accord street
Ingram Jane (Miss), bookseller & stationer, 44 George street
Ingram John, boot repairer, 20 Baker st. ; res. 3 Giicomston brae
Lngram John, granite worker, St. Peter street
Ingram John S. clothier (City Clothing Co.), 33 Watson street
Inkster James, shipmaster, 14 Belvidere crescent
Inkster William, supt. Aberdeen fire brigade, Central Fire
station, King street; T N 24
Inland Revenue Office (David Rait, collector) ; offices, Inland
Revenue Office buildings, 27 King street
Innes A. & Co. parcel carriers & forwarding agents, 22 Correction
wynd (T N 813) & 34a, Powis terrace
Innes Alexander & James, undertakers, 42 Victoria rd. Torry
tnnes Alexander & Sons, funeral furnishers, 59 Broad street;
T N 213; & house carpenters, 4 & 6 Barnetfs close
Innes Alex, carpenter (Alex. Innes & Sons), 33 Giicomston park
Innes Alexander, carrier (A. Innes & Co.), 76 Gt. Northern rd
Innes Charles G. boot maker, 81 Spring garden
Innes George, boot repairer, 93a, Chapel street
lnnee Jessie (Miss), news agent, 63 Thistle street
Innes John, accountant North of Scotland Bank Limited ; res^
73 Forest avenue
Innes John M.B., CM. physician & surgeon. 513 George street
Innes Mary (Mrs.), householder, 63 Elmfield avenue
Innes Samuel, steward. Masonic hall, 12 Exchange street
Innes William, tailor, 74 Union street
Institute of Journalists (Aberdeen & North East of Scotland
District) (David McCulloeh, hon. sec), 130i Union street
Ironside John & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 67 & 69 Rose-
mount viaduct
Ironside George, news agent & picture frame maker, 38 K;ng
street; res. 6 Thistle place
Ironside Jane (Miss), dress maker, 16 Commerce street
Ironside John, house agent, 60 Schoolhill; res. 31 Thomson st
Ironside John, wine & spirit merchant (John Ironside & Co.),
15 Gladstone place
Ironside John Fullarton, teacher of music, 3 Holland street
Ironside Maggie (Mrs.), provision dealer, 41 Jamaica street
Ironside Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 31 Ann street
Ironside William, householder, 69 Clifton road
Ironside William D., C.E. (Walker & Duncan), architect, land
surveyor & civil engineer, 3 Golden square; res. 29 Rubislaw
Den south â€ΕΎ . , , _ .
Irvin Richard & Son, fish salesmen, Commercial road; 1 A
" Irvin, Aberdeen "
Irvine Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 8 South Mount street
Italian Consulate (Richard A. D. Connon, agent), 82 Market st
Jack David C. artificial teeth fitter, 26 Esslemont avenue
Jack John Robert, schoolmaster, 39 Gray street

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