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Harpers Limited, general founders & engineers, Craiginches;
T N 549; T A " Harpers, Aberdeen "
Harris William, cashier, 43 Watson street
Harrison Cyril, teacher of music, 28 Crown street
Harrold & Co. hosiery manufacturers, 8 Justice Mill lane
Harrott Arthur Joseph, manager, 32 Bank street
Harrow Jn. cartwright (Gray, Harrow & Co.), 27 Hamilton place
Harrower John M.A. professor of Greek, "University of Aber-
deen; res. 32 College bounds, Old Aberdeen
Harvey J. & G. J. stock brokers, 42 Union street; T N 306; T A
" Harveys, Aberdeen "
Harvey Peter & Forbes, butter & egg merchants, 5 Chapel st. ;
res. Bothienorman
Harvey George J. stock broker (J. & G. J. Harvey), 42 Union st
Harvey James, stock broker (J. & G. J. Harvey), 42 Union st
Harvey John Charles, commercial traveller, 47 Leslie road
Harvey Peter, cowkeeper, 644 Great Northern road
Harvey Eobert, accountant (G.N. of S. Eailway), 54 Greab
Western road
Hastings James, bookkeeper, 8 Cattofield place
Haston George, clothiers' assistant, 199 Great Northern road
Hatt William, news agent, 42£ Chapel street
Hay Brothers, china & glass dealers, 204 Rosemount place
Hay & Lyall, carvers & gilders, 73 Union street
Hny R. & J. house carpenters, Bosebank place, Hardgate
Hay William & Co. hay & straw dealers, Weighhouse square
Hay William & Sons, aerated water manufac-
turers, Berryden road; T N R 28; T A " Hays, Berryden,
Aberdeen;" res. 385 Great Western road
Hay William A. & Co. iron & metal merchants, Commercial road
Hoy Alexander (William HVtv & Sons), 385 Great Western road
Hay Alex, blacksmith, 19 Mid Stocket rd. ; res. 15 Mid Stocket rd
Hay Alex, cabinet maker, 9 Richmond st. ; res. 11 Richmond ter
Hay Alex, china dealer (Hay Bros.), 23 West Mount street
Hay Alexander, nurseryman (B. Reid & Co. Lim.),18 Gladstone pi
Hay Ann (Mrs.), midwife, 87 Rosemount place
Hay Annabella (Miss), shopkeeper, 241 Rosemount place
Hay Arthur (William Hay & Sons), 385 Great Western road
Hay Edward H., M.A. teacher of French, Gordon's College;
res. 26 Grosvenor place
Hay Elsie (Mies), apartments, 21 King street
Hay Geo. builder (Leslie & Hay), Ashton cottage, Fraser road
Hay George, spirit dealer, 25 Hadden street
Hay George, traveller, 258 Great Western road
Hay Henry, foreman, 56 Powis place
Hay Henry H. commercial traveller, 21 Laurelwood avenue
Hay James, advocate (Leslie R. D. &. Hay), 6 Beaconefield place
Hay James, Athenaeum bar 1 & 2, & Royal Athena?um restaurant
7, Union buildings ; T N 84 ; T A " Athenasum, Aberdeen ; "
res. 21 Albyn place
Hay James, householder, 15 Mile End avenue
Hay James (Mrs.), phonograph exhibition, 19 & 20 Market gallery
Hay James, refreshment rooms, 225 Rosemount place
Hay James, tailor, 3 Belmont street; res. 29 Salisbury terrace
Hay John, artist, 115 Union street
Hay John (Mrs.), news agent, 655 George street
Hay John Geddes, commercial traveller, 1 Sunnyside walk
Hay Leith William, painter, 183 Bosemount place; res. 34
Mid Stocket road
Hay Margaret (Mrs.), nurse, 27 Victoria street
Hay Matthew M.D. professor of forensic medicine University
of Aberdeen, police Burgeon & medical officer of health, Muni-
cipal buildings; res. 14 Rubislaw terrace; T N 1502
Hay Peter, grocer, 38 Holburn street; res. 42 St. Swithin street
Hay Peter, householder, 5 Thistle lane
Hay Robert, cabinet maker & mineral water manufacturer, 7
Union wynd; res. 62 Union grove
Hay Robert, carpenter (R. & J. Hav). 56 Balmoral place
Hay Robert W. L. carver &c. (Hay & Lyall),406 Great Western rd
Hay William, china dealer (Hay Brothers), 11 View terrace
Hay William, tailor, 39 Union ter. ; res. 6 Gilcomston park
Hay William, town sergeant, 2 Jasmine terrace
Hay William, jun. (William Hay & Sons), 385 Great Western road
Hay William A. scrap iron merchant (William A. Hay & Co.),
Galleries, 156 Skene street west
Hay William Fowlie, chemist, 29 Rose street; T N 1784; res.
34 Victoria street
Hayward Lieub. I., R.N.R. superintendent & examiner in navi-
gation & seamanship, Board of Trade, 49 Regent quay; res.
400 Great Western road
Hector John & Co. builders' merchants, 54 Charlotte st. ;T N 655
Hector James, grocer, 42 Wallfield crescent
Hector John, lessee of salmon fishings, Altens, Nigg; res.
154 Bon-Accord Btreet
Hector Thomas J. P. clerk & treasurer to the Aberdeen school
board, 22 Union terrace; res. 46 Fountainhall road; T N 1576
Hector Thomas Walker, solicitor & notary public, 231a, Union
street; res. 46 Fountainhall road
Hefft & Co. photographers, 38 St. Nicholas street
Hegarty George, clothes broker, 130 Galiowgate
Hegarty John Bayne, postmaster General Post Office, Market st
Hein Gustav, German master High School for Girls; res. Bunga-
low, Culta
Helmrich Charles, wholesale stationer, 22 Adelphi
Hempthill Edwin, manager (Nelson & Co. Limited); res. 11
Pitstruan place
Henderson Brothers, clothiers, 35^ Broad street
Henderson D. & Son, metal workers, 45 Schoolhill; res. 37
Braemar place
Henderson H. & Sons, tanners, curriers & leather mers. 3 King st
Henderson J. & W. slate & cement merchants, 82 Market street;
T N 479; TA" Hendersons, Aberdeen "
Henderson John M. & Co. engineers, King street; T N 162; T A
" Cranes "
Henderson Peter & Sons, tailors, 347 George street; res. 4
Loanhead terrace
Henderson & Stephen, manufacturing confectioners, 35 Spring
garden; T N 800
Henderson & Webster, granite polishers &c. Affleck street
Henderson William <fc Co. mill furnishers, engineers & machinery-
brokers, 12 Affleck street; TA" Affleck;" T N 701
Henderson William Jc Son, architects & valuators, 124 Union st -
T N 892
Henderson Adam, tailor &c. 118 King street
Henderson Albert M.A., M.B., CM. phvsician & surgeon IX
Golden square; T N 777
Henderson Alexander, boot maker, 7 South Mount street; res.
13 Wallfield crescent
Henderson Alex.drpr. (gangster & Henderson), The Grange.Culta
Henderson Alexander R. teacher of handicraft Gordon's College j
res. 15 Bonnymuir place
Henderson Andrew, res. sec. Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Newr
York, 5 Union terrace; res. 134 Mid Stocket road
Henderson Andrew Murray, commercial traveller, 92 Leslie ter
Henderson Andrew W. chemist & druggist, 33 Rosemount via-
duct; res. 36 Belgrave terrace
Henderson Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 74 Spital
Henderson Edmond (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 48 Shiprow
Henderson Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 23 Thistle street
Henderson Francis D. outfitter, 36 Market street
Henderson Jas. blacksmith, 40 Upperkjrkgate; res. 107 Leslie ter
Henderson Jas. commercial travllr. Orchard cot. Orchard place
Henderson James, greengrocer & confectioner, 4 Wallfield cres
Henderson James, grocer, 20 Shiprow
Henderson James, joiner, Cuparstone row
Henderson James, photographic apparatus & material dealer,.
164 Union street; res. 150 Broomhill road
Henderson James, tailor, 238 King street
Henderson James J. P. agent Town & County Bank Limited,,
431 Great Northern road
Henderson James A. draper, 286 George street; res. 15 Rose-
bery street
Henderson James Taylor, market gardener, Woodbine cottage-,.
Henderson James William, schoolmaster, 17 Mile End avenue
Henderson John, baker, 3 South Mount street & 2 Gilcomston
steps; T N 1193
Henderson John, builder, 25 Summer st. ; res. 10 Rubislaw Den ntli
Henderson John, journalist, 46 Mount street
Henderson John, shipmaster, 83 Hamilton place
Henderson John, tea merchant, 356 George st. ; rea. 604 George sfr
Henderson John J. P. manager North of Scotland Bank Limited,
King street; res. Queen's gate
Henderson Rt. J.P. drapr. 33 & 35 Union st. ; res. 72 Queen's rd
Henderson Thomas, butcher, 4 Union grove ; res. 74 Stanley st
Henderson Wm. builder (Findlav &. Henderson), 111 Union grove
Henderson William, butcher, 493 Great Northern road
Henderson Wm. clothier (Henderson Bros.), 12 Rosebery street
Henderson William, manufacturing confectioner (Henderson as
Stephen), Leslie, Fifeshire
Henderson William, mill furnisher (William Henderson & Co.),.
69 Murray terrace
Henderson William, shopkeeper, 108 Loch street
Henderson William B. confectioner, 108 Galiowgate
Hendrick James B.Sc, F.I.C. lecturer on agricultural chemistry
at Aberdeen University & county analyst, 121 Hamilton place
Hendry A. & Sons, plasterers, 23 Catherine street
Hendry & Keith, carpenters & joiners, 21 & 8 Gilcomston park;
T N 1010
Hendry Adam, plasterer (A. Hendry & Sons), 40 King's crescent
Hendry Alex, plasterer (A. Hendry & Sons), 38 Catherine street
Hendry Alexander L.R.A.M. teacher of music, 30 Belvidere st
Hendry Alexander M. registrar of births, deaths & marriages for
Woodside, 672 Great Northern road
Kendry David R. meesenger-at-arme, sheriff,
burgh & justice of peace officer, 5 Bath st. ;
T N 796
Hendry George, journalist, 43 Carlton place
Hendry Geo. plasterer (A. Hendry & Sons), 44 King's crescent
Hendry James, joiner, 7 Forest avenue; res. 17 Forest avenue
Hendry John, inspector of weights & measures for the East
Division of Aberdeenshire, 23 Lodge walk
Hendry Stephen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36 Cotton street
Hendry William, cashier, 336 Clifton road
Hendry William, furniture dealer (Archibald & Hendry), 12*
Great Western road
Hendry William C. resident sec. Sickness, Accident & Life-
Association Limited, 154 Union street; res. 19 Forest avenue
Henry George, blacksmith (Carle & Henry), 137 Leadside road
Henry Jame3, cashier, 58 Devonshire road
Henry James, horse shoer (Marshall & Henry), 7 Langstone pi
Henry William, commercial traveller, 159 Crown street
Hensman Caroline (Miss) L.R.A.M. teacher of music, 6 Alford p?
Heusman Edith (Miss) C.P.T.C.L. professor of music, 6 Alford pi
Henson John Thomas, fishmonger, 144 Bosemount place ; res. 24
Wallfield place
Hepburn Alexander, fruiterer, 54 Holburn st. ; res. 56 Holburn et
Hepburn Elsie (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 64 Loch street
Hepburn John, printer, 24 Belmont street; res. 77 Stanley street
Hepburn Mary (Mrs.), cork cutter, 29 Queen street
Hepburn William, foreman, 233 Great Northern road
Hepburn William, shopkeeper, 12£ Kidd lane
Hepburn William M.R.C.Y.S. veterinary surgeon (Arthur & Hep-
burn); res. 32 Schoolhill
Hepworth J. & Son Limited, clothiers, 10 George street
Her Majesty's Theatre & Opera House (H. Clegg Cavanah, acting-
manager), Guild street
Herbert Herbert William, piano tuner, 3 Mount street
Herd William, grocer &c. 28 Belmont street; res. 42 Mount st
Herd William A. teacher of music, la, Mount street
High School for Girls (Jn. M'Bain M.A. head master; Miss Lucy
L. Ward B.A. lady superintendent), 19 Albvn place. For
masters see p. 19
Hill George, tailor, 270 George street; res. 72 Bedford place
Hill James, spirit dealer, 1 Park st. ; res. 302 Great Western r^J
Hilyer Alexander, basket maker, 86 Green
Hind-Evans Elizabeth (Mrs.), private school for girls, Upper
Middlefield, Hilton road, Woodside
Hinshelwood Thomas & Co. oil & color manfrs. 51 Guild street

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