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Coutts Wm. grocer, 33 Eosemount pi. ; T N 454;re3.28 Whitehall rd
Coutts William, slater, 16 Chattan place; res. 44 Devonshire road
Coutts William A. painter (W. Coutts & Sons), 196 Gt. Western rd
Cow Elsie (Mrs.), householder, 1 Eden place
Cowan Eev. Henry M.A., D-D. professor of divinity & church
history, Aberdeen University ; res. 31 College bounds, Old
Cowe John, comm. agt. 29 Carmelite st. ; res. 8 Forbesfield road
Cowell Thos. Oliver, confectioner & news agent, 32 Albyn grove;
res. 30 Albyn grove
Cowie & Bell, solicitors, 115 Union street
Cowie & Sons, cartwrights & blacksmiths, la, Canal road
Cowie Agnes (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 22 Castle street
Cowie Alexander, Exchange dining rooms, 22 to 24 Exchange Bt.
& 21 Stirling street
Cowie Elizabeth (Mrs.), furniture broker, 11 East North street
Cowie George, hair dresser, 4 Belmont st. ; res. 66 Eosemount pi
Cowie James, carter, Buff street
Cowie Jas. granite worker (Duncan & Cowie) ; res.82 Broomhill rd
Cowie James plumber, 132 Causewayend
Cowie Jane (Mrs.), dairy, 23 Jasmine terrace
Cowie John, inland revenue officer, 29 rn'iynton place
Cowie Samuel, market gardener, Raeden gardens, Mid Stocket rd
Cowie William, house agent, 23 Laurelwood avenue
Cowie William Park, joiner, 39 Hosefield avenue
Cox Thomas grocer & beer retailer, 33 "Upper kirk gate ; res. 54
St. Nicholas street
Craib James, dairy, 65 Frederick street
Craib James, dairvman, Hayfield, Back Hilton road
Craib Jane (Miss)', provision merchant, 13 Catherine street; res.
71 John street
Craig J. & Co. leather merchants, 34 & 36 Upperkirkgate
Craig Thomas & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 23, 25 & 29 John
street; T N 613 ; T A " Tobacco, Aberdeen "
Craig & Co. boot, makers, 351 George street
Craig Agnes (Miss), apartments, 154 Crown street
Craig Alexander, boat hirer, South esplanade west, Torry; res.
135 Park street
Craig Alex, fish curer, Povnernook road; res. Fonthill terrace
Craig Alexander, saddler, 53 SchoolhiU ; res. 6 Forbesfield road
Craig Alexander Moir, stationer & news agent, 210 George street
Craig Andrew, fish carer. 72 Sinclair road. Torry
Craig Andrew, fish merchant, Raik road
Craig Andw.]'un.chemist,210Gallowgate;T N,K 10:res.55Argyle pi
Craig George, fish curer, South esplanade west, Torry
Craig James, blacksmith, Fraser place; res. 19b, Mount street
Craig James, shopkeeper, 74 West North street
Craig James, Station hotel, 76 Guild street
Craig Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 46 West North street
Craig Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 104 Causewayend
Craig John M.A. teacher of mathematics & bookkeeping,Gordon's
college; res. 13 Eosebery street
Craig Norman, joiner, Old Mill road
Craig Patricia (Mrs.), grocer, 48 Urquharb road
Craig Eobert L. fishmonger, 79 Leadside rd. ; res. 20 Braemar pi
Craig Eobert L. fishmonger, 29 Skene square
Craig Thomas, music publisher, 369 George st. ; res. 363 George fit
Craig Thos. tobacco mnfr. (T. Craig & Sons), 9 Calsayseat road
Craig William G. boot maker, 193 George street & 203 Holburn
street; res. Park hill, West Cults
Craigen Alex, builder (Stalker & Craigen); res. 22 Mount street
Craigen George, confectioner & tobacconist, 1U to 14 Guild street
Craigen James, shopkeeper, 1 Gordon street
Craigen Jas. Brown, fruiterer & confectioner, 23 Holburn street
Craigen John, solicitor, 193 Union street; T N 488; res. 40
Carden place
Craigen Marv (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Chapel street
Craighead &Co. grcrs.& spirit dlrs. 29 Fountainhall rd. ;T N 1628
Craighead Elsie (Mrs.), grocer (Craighead & Co.), 4 Beaconsfid. pi
Craighead Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 31 Bloomfield road
Craigmyle Annie (Mrs.), householder, 86 Eose street
Craigmyle M. news agent & tobacconist, 73 Eegent quay & 42
Market street
Craigmyle Eobert, district superintendent British Workman's &
General Assurance Co. Limited ; res. 2 Dee place
Cran Peter & Son, wholesale grocers, 106 Green ; T N 671
Cran Alex, wine merchant {C. & W. Stewart), 22 Balmoral place
Cran George, inspector of weights & measures for West Division
of Aberdeenshire, Lodge walk; res. 202 Westburn road
Cran James, shipbroker (W. Leslie & Co.), 12 Gray street
Cran John T. chemist, 217 Eosemount pi. ; res. 202 Westburn rd
Cran May (Mrs.), dairy, 10 West North street
Cran Newell Burnett, chemist, & post office, 28 Esslemont aven. ;
T N 550; res. 144 Blenheim place
Cran Peter M., Ca. city chamberlain, gas treasurer & treasurer
of police, Town house ; res. 70 Hamilton place
Cran Eobert, boot maker, 50 St. Nicholas st. ; res. 94 Desswood pi
Cran Eobert, boot maker, 62 Victoria road, Torry
Cran Eobert, cashier, Newham cottage, 475 King street
Cran Eobert Geo. boot maker (Glennie & Cran), 12 Balmoral pi
Cran William, grocer & spirit dealer, 45 Commerce street
Cran Wm. wholesale grocer (Peter Cran & Son), 52 Whitehall rd
Cran William S. bank manager Union Bank of Scotland (Hol-
burn branch) ; res. 475 King street
Cranna William Hay, schoolmaster, 6 Hosefield avenue
Crawford William, furniture dealer, 59 Green
Creagh Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63 Nelson street
Creib George (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Littlejohn street
Creig Eobert, fishmonger, 117 Park street
Crichton Stephen & Co. granite workers, 4 Magdala place
Crichton James, manufacturing chemist (John Miller & Co)
Crichton Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, 47 Spital
Crichton Stephen, granite worker (S. Crichton & Co.), 3 Eden pi
Crockart Hannah (Mrs.), news agent, 16 Jack's brae
Crighton Jane (Mrs.) & Bella (Miss), confectioners, 605 George st
Crockett \\ illiam, manager, 60 Clifton road
Crocker Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 55 East North street
Croll & Urquhart, solicitors, 216 Union street
Crell George, solicitor (Croll & Urquhart), 7u Beaconsheld place
Croll John, solicitor, 41£ Union street; res. 9 Balmoral place
Croll John B. baker, 58 King street
Croll William F. M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon, 45 Albert street
Cromar J. & A. dentists, 16 Bon-Accord square
Cromar Alex, dentist (J. & A. Cromar), 23 Eubislaw Den south
Cromar Helen (Miss), news agent, 340 King street
Cromar James, news agent, 1 Urquhart road
Cromar John, bank clerk, 41 Duthie terrace
Cromar John, dentist (J. & A. Cromar), 6 Gladstone place
Cromar William, joiner, 13 West North street
Crombie J. & J. Limited, woollen manufacturers, Grandho'm
works, Woodside; T N W 20; TA" Grandholm, Aberdeen "
Crombie Alexander, tailor, 38 Woolmanhill ; res. 82 Skene square
Crombie George Thompson, manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie Lim.),
107 Hamilton place
Crombie James J. P. sugar broker, produce & grain merchant,
shipping agent & manager of Aberdeen, Leith & Moray Firth
Steam Shipping Co. Limited, 3 Trinity buildings; T N 9, 13 &
483; T A " Crombie, Aberdeen;" res. 18 Queen's road;T ISo3
Crombie James Edward, manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie Limited),
Parkhill house, Dyce
Crombie James Forbes, manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie Limited),
Crombie James Melville Paterson M.B., CM., L.D.S.Eng. phy-
sician & surgeon, 5 Golden square ; res. 141 Mid Stocket road
Crombie Jn. fruitr. & confctnr. 164 King st. ; res. 25 Sth. Mount st
Crombie John William M.P. manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie Lim.),
91 Onslow square, London S W
Crombie Theodore J. P. manufacturer (J. & J. Crombie Limited),
18 Albyn place (T N 1588); us Banchory lodge, Kincardine
Crombie Walter Paterson M.B., CM., L.D.S.Eng. physician &
surgeon, 5 Golden square
Crombie William, fish curer, Point Law
Crombie William A. harbour master & captain pilot, Pocra pier;
T N 21 & 26
Crookshanks Peter, tobacconist, 176 George street
Crossling Frank M.P.S. chemist, 39 Justice street
Crow Henry Jackson, ironmonger, 80 Eosemount viaduct ; res.
75 Whitehall road
Crowe George H. manager William Black & Co. Devanhu cottage,
Prospect terrace
Crowe William unristie M.B.. CM. surgeon, 12 Albyn place
Crown Clothing Co. 23 & 185 George street
Crown Cycle Co. Limited, 250 King street
Cruden George M.A. advocate (Storie, Cruden & Co.) & lecturer
on physical training University of Aberdeen, Eubislaw park,
Cruden William, grocer & spirit dealer, 24 Chapel street
Cruickshank A. & Co. hosiers & glovers, 105 Union street
Cruickshank E. D. & Co. granite merchants & monumental &
architectural workers ; designs & prices free on application,
Albyn granite works, Torry
Cruickshank & Sellar, iron merchants & ironmongers, 8 Carmelite
lane; T N 456 & 618; T A " Sellar, Aberdeen"
Cruickshank Botanic Gardens & Museum (James W. H. Trail
M.A., M.D., F.E.S., F.L.S. curator), Chanonry, Old Aberdeen
Cruickshank Alexander, cycle maker, 13 Eosemount viaduct
Cruickshank Alexander, grocer, 18 E'mbank terrace
Cruickshank Alex. Thos. advocate (Brander & Cruickshank), 8
Fonthill terrace
Cruickshank Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 164 Causewayend
Cruickshank Charles, baker (Gall & Cruickshank), 443 Holburn st
Cruickshank Colin A. bookseller, 26 Market gallery
Cruickshank Galander (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Miller Btreet
Cruickshank George, 'bus proprietor, Mealmarket street
Cruickshank Geo.commsn.agt.37 Market st. ; res. 374Gt. Western rd
Cruickshank George, wood turner, 11 Little Chapel street
Cruickshank Geo. P. surgeon-dentist 300, & chemist 302, George st
Cruickshank George T. grocer & spirit dealer, 56 Skene square;
res. 63 Argyle place
Cruickshank Isabella (Mrs.), draper, 36 Bank street
Cruickshank James, butcher, 21 Eosemount viaduct
Cruickshank James, commercial traveller, 1 Argyll crescent
Cruickshank James, commercial traveller, 82 Stanley street
Cruickshank James, draper, 9 George street
Cruickshank James, news agent, 24 Kintore place; res. 25 South
Mount street
Cruickshank James, school teacher, 61 Beaconsfield place
Cruickshank Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 75 Hutcheon street
Cruickshank John, baker, 97 High street, Old Aberdeen
Cruickshank John, furniture dealer, 26 & 28 George street & 16
Loch street; res. 28 Clifton road
Cruickshank John, market gardener, Middleneld, Cornhill
Cruickshank John F. schoolmaster, 42 Gladstone place
Cruickshank John Tennant, traveller, 22 Powia terrace
Cruickshank Peter, janitor & curator of Museum, Free Church
College, 2 Alford place
Cruickshank Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Shore brae
Cruickshank William, grocer, 36 Jamaica street ; res. 2 Lamont pi
Cruickshank William, householder, 73 Clifton road
Cruickshank William, refreshment rooms, 129 Ho.burn street
Cruickshank William, tailor, 27 Bridge st. ; res. 7 Argyll crescent
Cruickshank William Alexander, granite worker (K. D. Cruick-
shank & Co.), 115 Broomhill road
Cullen Alexander Walker, sub-editor "Aberdeen Journal," 55
Thomson street
Culter Mills Paper Co. Lim. 29 Carmelite st. ; & at Peterculter
Cuniine John P., M.A. advocate (Watt & Cumine), Ferryhill ho
Cummine Mary (Mrs.), householder, 13 Crown terrace
Cumming John & Co. stair rail manufacturers, 37 Princes street
Cumming Alexander M. superintendent Gordon Highlanders' In-
stitute, 37 Belmont street
Cumming Andrew, upholsterer, 97a, Chapel street; res. 21
Whitehouse street
Cumming John, boot maker, 1 Causewayend ; res. 210^ Gallowgte
Cumming John, 2nd class examining officer H.M. Customs, 35
Eegent quay; res. 39 Duthie terrace
Cumming John, stair rail manufacturer (John Cumming & Co.),
35 Salisbury terrace

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