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Archibald Alexander, commercial traveller, 80 Cairnfield place
Archibald Alexander, manager, 43 Carden place
Archibald James, furniture dealer (Archibald & Hendry); res.
73 Whitehall road
Archibald James, treasurer Shipmasters' Society, 22 Regent
quay; rea. Kinneil, Mannofleld
Archibald Hubert, boot maker, 99 Bridge street
Archibald Robert, jun. boot maker, 183 King street
Argo James G. butter & egg dealer, 110 Skene street
.Argo William Boyn, auctioneer &, valuer, 303 George street
Arnellini Pietro, confectioner, 88 Chapel street
Armstrong Jean (Miss), matron the Hospital, King's gate
Army Scripture Readers' Society (Rev. J. A. McClymont D.D.
superintendent, 5 Queen's Gardens)
Arnott George, carrier, 63£ Loch street; res. 7 Craigie street
Arthur & Allan, butchers, 92 Victoria road, Torry
Arthur & Hepburn, veterinary surgeonB & horse shoers, 6 Flour-
mill brae ; T N 904
Arthur J. & A. house carpenters, 123 Causewayend
Arthur (Robert.) Theatres Co. Limited, Guild street
Arthur Andrew, carpenter (J. oc A. Arthur); res. 25 Elmfield av
Arthur James, carpenter (J. & A. Arthur) ; res. 553 George st
Arthur Margaret (Mrs.), butcher, 59 Justice street
Arthur Robert R., M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon (Arthur &
Hepburn); res. 14 Mount street
Asher James & Son, wholesale grocers, 108 Green; T N 164
Asher Jas. wholesale grocer (James Asher & Son), 11 Marine ter
Asher Robert Smith, householder, 401 Great Western road
Asher William A. wine merchant, 335 Union street; res.17 Dee pi
Asylum for the Blind (David M. M. Milligan, clerk & treasurer;
William Meston, manager), 50 Huntly street (T N 6161 ; branch
shop, 127 George street; T N 1153; T A " Blind Asylum "
Auld Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 St. Swithin street
Auld Andrew, greengrocer & news agent, 1 Westfield road
Auld John, tobacconist, 4 Exchange street
Auld Robert, tailor, 84 Schoolhill ; res. 48 Mid Stocket road
Austin Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 Spring garden
Avery John & Co. Limited, printers & stationers, 105 King st. ;
TN111; T A " A very s, Aberdeen "
Avery W. & T. Limited, weighing machine mas. 4 West North st
Azzali & Giuilianotti, confectioners, 14 & 16 Causewayend; 107
& 387 George street; 105 Holburn street; 3 Justice street; 19
Rosemount viaduct & 376 Great Northern road
Azzali & Giuilianotti, fried fish dealers. 7 Exchequer row
Bacon Mary (Mrs.), news agent, 111 Skene street
Badenoch Alex. & Son, tailors & outfitters, 61 & 63 StNicholas st
Badenoch Peter, tailor (A. Badenoch & Son), 57 Loanhead ter
Baillie James Black M.A. professor of moral philosophy, Uni-
versity of Aberdeen; res. 19 Elm place
Bain Alexander, commercial traveller, 14 Belmont road
Bain Alexander, draper (Reid & Bain), 15 Osborne place
Bain Alexander M.A., LL.D. Emeritus professor of logic, Ferry-
hill lodge, Polmuir road
Bain Alexander, watch repairer, la, Druid's lane
Bain Geo. cabinet maker, 433a, Holburn st. ; res. 12 Chapel st
Bain George, slater, 27 Hutcheon street & School road, Old
Aberdeen ; res. 20 Catherine street
Bain Henry W. manager Norwich Union Fire & Life Office, 74
Union street
Bain James, cycle agent, 164 Skene street
Bain Jemima (Mrs.), apartments, 32 Schoolhill
Bain Lewis, householder, 61 Elmfield avenue
Bain Richard W. K., M.A. advocate & factor for Harrow's Morti-
fication (Youngson & Bain), & hon. Bee. & treasurer to the
Royal Scottish Geographical Society; res. 9 Holburn street
Bain Robert, boot maker, 506 Great Northern road
Bain Robert, french polisher, 1 Short loanings
Bain William, cab proprietor & funeral undertaker, 60 Loch st.
(T N 23) & 18 Mealmarket street; res. 6 Belmont place
Bain William, sewing machine dealer, 53a, Loch street; res. 6
Manor place, Cults
Baird David, shipmaster, 94 Clifton road
Baird Peter, rag merchant, 102 West North street
Baker James, baker, 184 Holburn street & 95 Skene street
Balfour & Son, painters & glaziers, 413 George street
Balfour Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 73 Charlotte street
Balgownie Steam Trawl Fishing Co. Limited, 1 Golden square
Ballard Frederick, trawling master, Don street, Woodside
Bank of Scotland (branch) (Robert Lunan, agt.), 40 Union st
Banks David, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Baltic street
Bannerman David & Charles, grocers & spirit dealers, 92 School-
hill; res. 37 Summerfield place
Bannerman George, draper, 165 George street; res. 237 George st
Bannerman John, draper, 65 St. Nicholas st. ; res. 560 George st
Bannerman John, draper & milliner, 93 & 99 George street;
res. 95 George street
Bannerman William, chimney sweeper, 91 Upper Denburn
Bannochie James & Sons, plasterers, tile setters & marble mer-
chants, 19 Belmont street ; T N 429 ; works, 7 Gilcomston park
Bannochie Alexander, butcher, 34 East North street
Bannochie James, tile setter &o. (James Bannochie & Sons).
Ernan lodge, Beechgrove terrace
Bannochie William G. tile setter &c. (James Bannochie & Sons),
70 Forest road
Barclay, Ross & Tough, seed merchants & agricultural imple-
ment makers, 67 to 71 Green
Barclay Alexander, agent North British Railway goods Btation,
43 Guild street; res. 130 Broomhill road
Barclay George W. W., J.P. local manager North British & Mer-
cantile Insurance Co. (in which ia merged the Scottish Provin-
cial AsBurance Co.), 91 Union street; T N 344; res. Raeden
house; T N 1682
Barclay Grace (Mrs.), tobacconist, 251 Rosemount place
Barclay John (Mrs.), householder, 21 Mile End avenue
Barclay John B. advocate & notary public, 7 Crown street;
res. 38 Fountainhall road
Barclay John M. teacher of phonography, Gordon's college; res. 5
Bonnymuir place
Barclay Morison, agricultural implement maker (Barclay, Ross &
Tough) ; res. 60 Dee street
Barclay William, boot maker, 9a, Forbes street
Barnet James, engineer, surveyor & examiner of engineers &c,
to the Board of Trade, 49 Regent quay
Barnet Peter Knox, shipmaster, 17 Carlton place
Barnett Brothers, grocers, 1 Rosemount place
Barnett Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 45 Park street; res.
41 Orchard street
Barnett Andrew D. inspector of 'poor & registrar of births &
deaths, Baxter street, Torry
Barnett Barbara (Miss), shopkeeper, 5 Rosemount place
Barnett Barbara (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 7 Jasmine terrace
Barnett Christian (Miss), postmistress, Baxter street, Tony
Barnett ElBpet (Mrs.), restaurant keeper, 27 Shiprow
Barnett George, grocer (Barnett Brothers), 73 Skene square
Barnett George, shopkeeper, 6 Ragg's lane
Barnett Isaac, picture frame maker, 44 East North street
Barnett James Cordinor, schoolmaster, 31 Belvidere street
Barnett Patrick M., M.Inst.C.E. engineer-in-chief (Great North
of Scotland Railway. 80 Guild street; T N 59); res. 2 West-
field terrace ; T N 1842
Barnett William, confectiocer, 145 King street
Barr Catherine (Mrs.), draper, 155b, Gallowgate
Barrack Eliza (Miss), apartments, 38 Spring garden
Barrack Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 29 "Victoria street
Barron Barbara (Mrs.), Bhopkeeper, 269 Holburn, street
Barron Charles Nidray, cashier, 34 Whitehall road
Barron Christina (Mrs.), dairy, 41 Miller street
Barron George, boot maker, 57 West North street
Barron Helen (Mrs.), fishmonger, 70 Queen street
Barron James M.I.C.E. civil engineer, 216 Union street; res.
46 Carden place
Barron John, dairyman, 8 Allan street
Barron Robert, dairyman, 23 Gallowgate; 3 Mile End avenue;
142 Spital & 219 Rosemount place
Barron Robert, dairyman, 35 Mid Stocket road; res. 48 Mid
Stocket road
Barron Robert, ironmonger, 16 George street
Barron Thomas, spirit dealer, 17 Castle street
Barron William, blacksmith, 22 Forbes street; res. 1 Donald pi
Barron William Knight, manufacturers' agent, 15 Adelphi
Barry, Henry & Co. Limited, engineers, iron
founders & millwrights, 122 West North street ;
T N 333
Barry George Jamieson, draper, 382 George street
Barter Prank, surveyor of ships & inspector of life paving
appliances, Board of Trade, 49 Regent quay; res. 8 Fonthill rd
Bartlett William, shopkeeper. 105 Gallowgate
Bass, RatclifE & Gretton Limited (Burton-on-Trent) (William
Dumolo, manager), brewers, 20 Bridge street ; T N 485
Battisby Alexander Milne, cutter, 41 Gray street
Baxter Charles, painter, 518 Great Northern road
Baxter David, pilot, 2 South square
Baxter Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 South square
Baxter Robert, draper, 53 Park street
Bean William, grain merchant, 28 Cairnfield place
Bean William, grain merchant, 47 Marischal street
Bearsley Elizabeth C. (Miss), fancy repository, 17 Bridge street
Beath James W. clothier (Simpson & Whyte) ; res. 46 Victoria st
Beaton Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Powis place ; res.
112 Leslie terrace
Beaton Geo. groer. & spirit dlr. 1 Irvine pi. ; res.125 Blenheim pi
Beaton Helen (Miss), apartments, 4 Esslemont avenue
Beaton James, boot & shoe maker, 70 Bon-Accord street
Beaton James, shopkeeper, 26 Craigie street
Beaton James, tailor, 99 King street; res. 103 Union grove
Beaton John, commission agent, 81 Blenheim place
Beaton Peter, confectioner, 50 East North street
Beaton Thomas, dairyman, 42 Balmoral place
Beaton William, chimney sweeper, 42 Jasmine terrace
Beattie & Beaton, granite workers, St. Peter street
Beattie Robert & Son, builders, Holland st. ; res. 220 Westburn rd
Beattie Alexander, dairy, 53 Ashvale place
Beattie Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 26 Great Western pi
Beattie Alexander, house agent, 12 North Silver street
Beattie Alexander, manager, 154 Mid Stocket road
Beattie Alex, spirit dlr. 63 Netherkirkgate ; res. 227 Union grove
Beattie Charles J. photographer, 187 Rosemount place; res. 6
Victoria buildings, Leadside road
Beattie Sergt.-Iost. David, 1st Aberdeenshire Royal Engineers
(Volunteers), 50 Hardgate; res. 120 Hammerfield avenue
Beattie George, boot & 6hoe maker, 319 King street
Beattie Helen (Mrs.), apartments, 43 Richmond street
Beattie Isabella (Mrs.), clothes broker, 73 West North street
Beattie James, dairyman, 2 Rosemount place
Beattie James, granite worker (Beattie & Beaton), 18 St. Peter st
Beattie James Alexander C.E. surveyor, architect, valuator, land
& house agent, & H.M. inspector for the Board of Agriculture,
21 Bridge street (T A "Property;" T N 1099); res. Dal-
beattie, Murtle
Beattie John, grocer, 2 Kintore place
Beattie Margaret (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, South esplanade
east, Torry
Beattie William, builder (Robert Beattie & Son), Holland 6t. ;
res. 220 Westburn road
Beattie William, grocer, 53 Bedford place
Beattie William, grocer, 45 Orchard street
Beattie William, joiner 80, & res. *J4, High street, Old Aberdeen
Beaumont Alfred, ironmonger, 102 King street
Beedie William A. dispenser Aberdeen Dispensary, Guest row,
Barnetts close ; res. 9 Strawberry bank
Begg Elizabeth (Mrs.), dairy, 8 Constitution street
Begg George, butcher, 116 Rosemount viaduct
Begg George, photographer, 28 Powis terrace; res. 89 Leslie ter
Begg James Mitchell, butcher, 62 Esslemont avenue ; res. 54
Mile End avenue
Begg John, distiller, 18 Regent quay; T N 581; & Lochnagar
Royal distillery, Balmoral
Begg John Henderson, advocate & sheriff substitute of Aberdeen,
Kincardine & Banff, Court House buildings; res. 15 Albyn ter
Begg Thomas, boot maker, 18a, Broomhiil road
Begg William, blacksmith, 15 Bon- Accord lane; res. 34 Rose st

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