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Alexander James, mineral water manufacturer, 50 Jopp's lane ;
res. 598 George street
Alexander John, cabinet maker & joiner, 82 Eose street ; res.
88 Bose street
Alexander John, chemist, 624 King St. ; res. 626 King street
Alexander John (Mrs.), fruiterer, 196 Market street
Alexander John, monumental mason & granite merchant (Rust &
Alexander), 15a, Mount street
Alexander Marv Ann (Mrs.), nurse, 89 Chapel street
Alexander Peter, furniture dealer 525, res. 504, Gt. Northern rd
Alexander Robert John, shipmaster, 37 Carlton place
Alexander William, granite merchant & polisher, Kittybrewster
granite works, Powis terrace; res. 74 Great Northern road
Alexander William, miller (James Alexander & Son), 392 Great
Western road
Alexander William McDonald, fish dealer (A. & W. Alexander),
35 Victoria street
Allan Brothers, engineers, Back Hilton road
Allan, Buckley Allan & Milne, advocates, 21 Bridge street
Allan & Dey, fish merchants, Poynernook road j IN 113; Ti
" Dey, Aberdeen "
Allan James & Co. cabinet makers & upholsterers, 122 "Onion
street (T N 297) & 42 Dee street
Allan Alexander, painter, 219 Gallowgate ; res. 10 Cattofield pi
Allan Alexander, shopkeeper, 25 Jack's brae
Allan Alexander, tinsmith, 44 Victoria road, Tony
Allan Andrew, pilot, 4 South square
Allan Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 16 South square
Allan George J. P. advocate & notary (Allan, Buckley Allan &
Milne), 33 Albyn place
Allan George, assistant inspector of poor, 20 Union terrace; res.
19 Springbank terrace
Allan Geo. fruiterer, 4 Schoolhill & 59 & res. 60 Victoria rd.Torry
Allan Humphrey Francis, cashier Aberdeen Lime Co. ; res. 54
Ashley road
AUan James, fruiterer, 41 Bosemount viaduct
Allan James, refreshment rooms, 54 Victoria road, Torry
Allan James Miller, householder, 173 Skene street
Allan James R. engineer (Allan Brothers), Clifton road
Allan John, dining rooms, 38 St. Clement, street
Allan John A. Ogg, architect, 81 Beaconsfield place
Allan John Buckley, advocate (Allan, Buckley Allan & Milne),
31 Gladstone place
Allan Johnston, boot maker, 624 Great Northern road
Allan Margaret (Miss), refreshment rooms, 1 Clarence street
Allan Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 127 Skene street
Allan Margaret (Mrs.), butcher (Arthur & Allan), 17 Hanover st
Allan Mary (Mrs.), dining rooms, 36 Langstane place
Allan Patrick G., M.A. french master Grammar school ; res. 56
Devonshire road
Allan Richard, engineer (Allan Brothers), Clifton road
Allan Bk-nard Crossley O.A. accountant, 21 Bridge st. ; res.
33 Albyn place
Allan Robert, hair dresser. 16 Exchequer row
Allan Robert, ships' chandler, 190 Market street
Allan William, fish merchant (Allan & Dey), 36 Ponthill road
Allan William, grocer, 14 Young street (T.N. 376); 29 Essle-
mont avenue ; 31 St. Swithin street ; 44 Union terrace ; 126
Skene street; 386 & 285 George street; 166 & 177 Gallowgate;
17 Justice street; 1 Holborn road; 24 Bosemount place; 158
Crown street & 14 & 16 Menzies road, Torry: res. 28 Erskine st
AUan William, hair dresser, 13a, Correction wynd
Allan William A. watch maker, 13 Schoolhill ; res. 8 Caledonian pi
Allan William S. fishmonger, 39a, St. Swithin street
AUathan Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 229 Holburn street
Allen Humphrey P. cashier, 54 Ashley road
Allenvale Cemetery (James Williams, supt.), Whinhill road
Alsop Spence, butcher, 43 & 44 Market hall ; T N 964
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters & Joiners (No. 1 branch)
(Alexander Bisset, sec), 274 Union grove; (No. 2 branch)
(Adam Edwards, 6ec.) 15 Fraser st. & (No. 3 branch) (Win.
Davidson, sec), 3 Duthie terrace
Amalgamated Society of Comb Makers (George Smith, sec.), 16
Chestnut row
Amalgamated Society of Engineers (No. 1 branch) (William
Jaffray, sec), 58 Powis place
Amalgamated Society of Tailors (William Paterson, sec), 5
Drum's lane
Ambrose George, commercial traveller, 70 Bosemount place
Anderson Brothers, granite workers, 35 Sinclair road, Torry
Anderson Brothers, ironmongers, 34 Broad st. ; T N 1106
Anderson J. & J. S. cabinet makers, 22 Loch street
Anderson J. & W. fruiterers, 13 Park 6treet & Lower Cornhill
Anderson John & William, greengrocers, 56 Justice street
Anderson & Thomson, warehousemen & woollen cloth merchants,
103 Union street; T N 128; T A " Woollens, Aberdeen "
Anderson William & Son, umbrella makers, 51 Upperkirkgate
Anderson Free Library (Mrs. Bose Booth, librarian), 356 Clifton
road, Woodside
Anderson Alexander, apartments. 19 Union street
Anderson Alexander, joiner, 25 Guest row
Anderson Alexander, schoolmaster, 218 Westburn road
Anderson Alexander, stone mason, Mile End lane
Anderson Alexander, teacher of music, 57 Schoolhill
Anderson Alexander Boy, confectioner, 500 Great Northern road
Anderson Andrew, dairyman, 581 George street; 116 Gerrard
street & 56 Great Northern road
Anderson Annie (Mrs.), costumier, 377 Union street
Anderson Arthur, painter, 122 John street: res. 10 Thomson st
Anderson Catherine (Miss), apartments, 4 Bridge street
Anderson Christina (Miss), hosier, 273 Holburn street
Anderson Christina N. (Mrs.), eating house, 16 West North street
Anderson David, assistant supt. Post office, 99 Desswood place
Anderson David, cashier (Geo. Thompson & Co.), 19 Ferryhill pi
Anderson David, chemist, & post office, 31 Fountainhall road
Anderson David, china & glass dealer, 24 Harriet street
Anderson David, commercial traveller, 71 Mile End avenue
Anderson David, glass & china dealer, 39 George street; res. 40
Elmbank terrrace
Anderson David, grocer, 60 Justice street
Anderson David, householder, 17 Elmbank terrace
Anderson Eric H. fish curer, Point law
Anderson George, boot repairer, 140 Hardgate
Anderson George, boot repairer, 74 Summer street
Anderson George, branch agent Town & County Bank LimiteS.
182 Market street; res. Hakalaw, Bieldside
Anderson George, commission agent, 115 Union street
Anderson George, ironmonger (Anderson Brothers), 10 Burns rd
Anderson George, post & station master, Kinaldie station
Anderson George, jun. engraver, 23 & 24 Market gallery
Anderson Gordon, tobacconist, 369 Great Northern road
Anderson Isabella (Mrs.), watch maker & jeweller, 24 Schoolhill
Anderson James, apartments, 1 Mackie place
Anderson James, baker & confectioner, 8 Hutcheon street
Anderson James, boot maker, 30 Portland street
Anderson James, boot maker, 73 Spital; res. 7 Orchard place
Anderson Jas. butcher, 282 Bosemount pi. ; res. 56 Loanhead ter
Anderson James, furniture dealer, 10 Wales street
Anderson James, gardener, Denhead of Eubislaw & fruiterer,
24 & 140 Gallowgate
Anderson James, granite merchant (Anderson Brothers), Bella
cottage, Tanfield walk, Woodside
Anderson JameB, householder, 19 Bedford place
Anderson James, market gardener, Rosewell, Stocket
Anderson James Kay, shopkeeper, 201 Hardgate
Anderson Jas. S. cabinet ma. (J. & J. S. Anderson). 42 Maberly st
Anderson Jane (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 4 Littlejohn street
Anderson Jane (Mrs.), dairy, 30 Ship row
Anderson Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 42 Frederick street
Anderson John, cashier, 9 Cornhill road
Anderson John, dairyman, 167 West North street
Anderson John, furniture dealer, 14 Upper Kirkgate
Anderson John, greengrocer, 27a, St. Andrew street
Anderson John, market gardener. Well brae, Mannofield
Anderson John, tobacconist, 44 Skene square; res. 104 Bonny-
muir place
Anderson John Cunningham, school teacher, 75 Desswood place
Anderson John D., M.A. master Ferryhill Publio School, 25
Gladstone place
Anderson John F. plumber, 23 Bridge street ; res. 62 Polmuir rd
Anderson John P. butcher, 25a, Gallowgate
Anderson Joseph, clothes dealer, 6 Littlejohn street
Anderson Joseph Gibb, commercial traveller, 133 Clifton road
Anderson Lewis, inspector for lighting department, 156 King st
Anderson Lizzie (Miss), milliner, 332 George street; res. 330
George street
Anderson Marjory (Mrs.), fishmonger, 489 Great Northern road
Anderson Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 18 Queen street
Anderson Marv (Mrs.), nurse. 38 Union terrace
Anderson Peter John M.A., LL.B. librarian University of Aber-
deen ; res. 2 East Craibstone street
Anderson Bobt.editor " Aberdeen Daily Journal," 12 Belvidere st
Anderson Bobert, post office clerk, 43 Thomson street
Anderson Robert J. cattle salesman (Reith & Anderson), 55
Westburn road
Anderson Robert John, jun. cattle salesman (Reith & Anderson),
55 Westburn road .
Anderson Thomas, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 403 Union st. ;
res. 33 Carlton place
Anderson William, accountant (Taylor & Anderson), 79 Argyll pi
Anderson William, blacksmith, 5 Fraser road
Anderson William, chief constable, City Police office (l.U. SiJ),
Lodge walk; res. 18 Albert terrace
Anderson William, dairyman, 25 Spa street „.,__.. „
Anderson William, foreman slater G. N. of Scotland Railway, 37
Bon-Accord street
Anderson Wm. fruiterer (J. & W. Anderson). 68 Mile End aven
Anderson William, grocer & spirit dealer, 124 Union grove
Anderson William, hair dresser, 125 Holburn street
Anderson William, Balmon & ice store, 62 Market basement
Anderson William J.P. sec. Town & County Bank Limited, 63
Union street; res. 41 Albyn place
Anderson William, shopkeeper, 18 Harriet street .
Anderson Wm. spirit dlr. 45 EastNorth st. ; res. 44 Victoria st
Anderson William, spirit dealer, 130 & 132 Spital _
Anderson William, spirit dealer & restaurant. 213 Union street
Anderson Wm. tea mer. (Brebner & Grant), 75 Fountainhall road
Anderson William, umbrella maker (W. Anderson & Son); res.
78 Cairnfield place ...—..
Anderson William Blair, photographer, 154 Union street; res.
13 Gladstone place .
Anderson William Charles, ironmonger (Anderson Brothers),
13 Gray street . -___
Anderson William James, furnishing < r ° n -
monger, blacksmith, mechanical & electrical
bellhanger, 253 Union street; res. 50 Beaconsfield place.
See advertisement .
Andrew Barbara (Mrs.), clothes broker, 25 Spring garden
Andrew William, grocer, 43 York street ,„_... ,
Andrew William, mineral water manufacturer, 63 Catherine St. ,
res. 23 Roslin terrace
Anglo-Indian Svangelisation Society (David Manson, sec), 44
Ang u3 UV Geor'!e & Co. grocers, 14 & 16 Bank street, Ferryhill;
T N 77
Angus Elsie (MrB.), nurse 65 Chapel street
Angus George, fish curer, Sinclair road, Torry (T N 7770) , res.
3°Deemount terrace
Angus Helen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 124 Spital
Angus James, boot maker, 343 George street
Angus Jane (Miss), householder, 41 Rosemount place
Angus Jas. jun. boot ma. 41 & 45 Skene sq. ; res. 93 Leslie ter
Angus John, blacksmith. 68 Loch St.; res. 43 Balmoral place
Angus Margaret (Miss), fruiterer, 102 Rosemount viaduct
Angus Robert, builder (Bennie & Angus) 44 Bedford place
Angus William, clothier (Jolmston & Laird), 7 Burns road
Annand Elizabeth (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 17 Lodge walk
Annand Joseph, grocer, 161 Holburn street & 1 Great Western
road; res. 339 Holburn street
Archibald & Hendry, furniture dealers, 12 Great Western road

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