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Young>on Alexander, 62 Stanley street
Youngson Miss, 59 Bonnymuir place
Youngson Mrs. 64 Great Western road
Youngson William, Arrdeir, Mannofield
Younie George, 10 Orchard place
Yulll Rev. Jas. Gordondale, Gordondale rd
Yuill Wm. C.E. Gordondale, Gordondale il
Yule James, 40 Stanley street
Yule John Smith, 7 Forest road
Yule William, 33 Albert terrace
Yule William, 83 Devonshire road
Yunnie Mrs. 164 Mid Stocket rr.ad'
Zaniek Alexander, 79 Crown street
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Abbey David Stewart, post office clerk, 38 Devonshire road
Abel Mrs. householder, 20 Argyll place
Abel William, post office clerk, 25 Ernomhill road
Abercromby Alexander M. manager Portland Club Limited, 41
Elmfield avenue
Abercromby Alex. Milne, commercial traveller, 41 Elmfield aven
Abercromby James, grain merchant & hay & straw dealer, 85
Gerrard street (T N K 39) ; res. 31 Hamilton place
Aberdeen Aerated Water Trade Association Limited (William M.
Sellar, sec; John Bell, manager); reg. office, 81 Union street;
bottle exchange, 46 & 48 Nelson street
Aberdeen Agricultural Hall Co. Limited (Eobert Bruce, mana-
ger), Clifton road
Aberdeen Art Gallery & Industrial Museum (Hugh Macdonald
S.S.C. sec), Schoolnill; office, 143 Union street
Aberdeen Artists' Society (A. E. Smith, jun. sec.),130J Union st
Aberdeen Association for the Improvement of the Dwellings of the
Labouring Classes Limited (John Whyte, sec), 12 Dee street
Aberdeen Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor
(Peter Diack, sec. & supt.), 38 Castle street
Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(Alexander J. P. Thain, sec), 173a, Union street
Aberdeen Bakers' Incorporation (Joseph Johnston, factor), pro-
prietors of the Springbank cemetery, Mannofield
Aberdeen, Banff & Kincardine People's Journal (W. & W.Lindsay,
publishers) ; office, 30 Market street ; T N 302
Aberdeen Boat Club (James Hay, hon. sec), Polmuir
Aberdeen Booksellers' & News Agents' Association (F. J. Scott,
sec), 129 Union street
Aberdeen Bottle Works Limited, glass bottle manufacturers, 2
Union terrace; works, 35 & 37 Charles street
Aberdeen Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club (Alexander Sands, sec),
183a, Union street
Aberdeen Brass Moulders' & Brass Founders' Society (Andrew
Johnstone, sec), 46 Broomhili road
Aberdeen Building Co. Lim. (James Gordon, mg:.), 10 Colville pi
Aberdeen Business College (William Webster, principal), 375
Union street
Aberdeen Cabmen's Provident Society (George Falconer, sec),
31 AdelphI
Aberdeen Cattle & Farm Produce Association Limited, cattle
salesmen & auctioneers, Powis terrace, Kittybrewster ; TKE6
Aberdeen Cemetery Co. Limited ; (Allenvale) (George McBain,
sec), 1G Bridge street
Aberdeen Central Restaurant Co. (Mrs. C. Elliot,
manageress), 19 Broad street
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce & North of Scotland Trade
Protection Society (Charles M'Combie, advocate, sec), 1 King st
Aberdeen Choral Union (James Speid Benson, sec), 7 Belmont st
Aberdeen City District Lunacy Board (Charles B. Williams, clerk),
20 Union terrace
Aberdeen Civil Service & Business College (W. Stewart Thomson
M.A., F.S.A., F.E.G.S. principal), 10 North Silver street
Aberdeen Cleansing Depot ((Wm. Duncan, mgr.), Blenheim place
Aberdeen Coal Co. Limited, coal merchants &
ship owners (Alexander Biddell, manager), Albert
quay; T N 693
Aberdeen Coke Manufacturing Co. Brickfield place
Aberdeen Comb Works Co. Limited, comb manu-
facturers & cardboard box makers, Aberdeen
comb wrecks, Huicheon street ; T N 57 ; T A
"Comb Works, Aberdeen;" Birmingham warehouse, 37
Corrs lane; London warehouse, 43 Basingball street E C
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Limited (Alexander Copland & John
Sangster, joint managers), grain, lime & coal merchants,
manure manufacturers & seed crushers. Provost Blaikie's quay;
T N 35; branch office, 140 Union street
Aberdeen Conservative Club (E. R. Lumsden, sec), 14 Union
ten-ace; T N 556
Aberdeen Co-operative Property Investment Company Building
Society (George Kemp, manager), 13 Bnidge street
Aberdeen Corporation Baths (P. H. Lawrence. supt.V The Links
Aberdeen. Corporation Cleansing Department (Alexander Findlay,
supt.), 294 Great Northern road
Aberdeen Corporation Electric T r amways (David Moonie, man-
ager), 4 Broad street & depot, 310 Great Northern road
Aberdeen Corporation Lodging House (Eobert Brown, supt.)?
East North street
Aberdeen Curling Club (George Clark, sec), 375 Union street
Aberdeen Cycle" Manufacturing Co. (J. Smith, manager), 69
College street
Aberdeen Dailv Journal (also weeklv on Wednesday"! (J. A. C.
Coutts, manager), 18, 20 & 22 Broad street : T N 27. See advt
Aberdeen Daily Journal Office, publishers of the Northern Pocket
Time Table & the Aberdeen Almanac & Northern Begister &
Views of the Granite City & Eoyal Deeside, 18, 20 & 22 Broad
street. See advertisement
Aberdeen Daily Nursing Institution (Miss Isabella Armstrong,
superintendent), 15 North Silver street; T N 1208
Aberdeen Dairy Co. Limited (Andrew Baxter, manager), 477
Union street;' T N 1795
Aberdeen Deaf & Dumb Benevolent Society (Eev. 6. G. Wooarovr,
hon. sec), 11 Belmont street
A 5o r ^ eL '?, Di f h "rged Prisoners' Aid Society (Peter Diack, sec>, â– 
3b Castle street
Aberdeen Dispensary & Tacrine Institution (Watt & Cumine
sees. & treasurers), Barnett's close
Aberdeen & District Ayrshire Association (George Newlands
sec. & treasurer), 154 Union street
Aberdeen District County Council (William Eeid, sanitaT inspec-
tor), 183a, Union street "
Aberdeen Dog Home, home for lost dogs & cats (Miss Susan T
Murray, proprietress), King street
Aberdeen Dye Works Co. (Joseph Davidson, manager) 170
George street; works, 20 Innes street
Aberdeen (First) Economic Building Society (G. & J. M'Bain
sees.). 16 Bridge street
Aberdeen Educational Trust fWilliam Mearns Cooper, advocate
clerk, treasurer & factor), 352 King street
Aberdeen Electrical Engineering Co. Limited
(iuehara G. Botting, manager), electrical engineers & electric
light & power contractors, 17 Belmont street ;"T N 842
Aberdeen Evening Express (J. A. O. Coutts, manager) 18 20 &
22 Broad street; 'i' N 27. See advertisement
Aberdeen Female School of Industry (George Carmichael, sec.) r
Whitehall road ; T N 449
Aberdeen Female Society (Miss J. A. Melville, sec), 12 Pol-
muir road
Aberdeen Fire Brigade (William Inkster. supt.). Central fire
station, King street (T N 24). & Wcodside station, 294 Great
Northern road
Aberdeen (The) Fish Manure & Oil Co. Limited Grander &
Cruickshank, sees.), Commercial road ; rep. office, 13 Bridre st
Aberdeen Fish Supply Association Limited (G. & J. M'Bain.
sees.). 16 Bridge street
Aberdeen Fishing & Home Trade Masters' Society (Georcre
Falconer, sec), 31 Adelphi - fc
Aberdeen Flesher Incorporation (Adam Gordon, deacon), 4S
Wales street; T N 661
Aberdeen Free Labour Bureau (Peter Harper, supt ) James st
Aberdeen Free Press (Alexander Marr, publisher & printer) 30
Union street
Aberdeen & Glasgow Steam Shipping Co. Limited (W. Leslie &
Lo. managers), 59 Marischa! street â–  T N 423
Aberdeen Golf Club (M. M. Duncan, sec), Balgownie Links
Aberdeen Grain Warehousing Co. Limited .'David Edwards sec )
1 Golden square & 24 to 30 Commerce street
Aberdeen Granite Association (Jas.Thom.Tef£rev,Eec),81 Union st
Aberdeen Gymnastic & Eowing Club (D. Sinclair, hon. sec)
92 Crown street & South esplanade west, Torry
Aberdeen Harbour Office (William Gordon, sec. & clerk) 16
Hegent quay ; T N 91
Aberdeen Heritable Securities & Investment
Co. Limited (Daniel Eose McGilvray, sec), 5 Union tec
Aberdeen Hide, Skin & Tallow Market Co. Lim
fJohn B. Cairns, manager), 4 2 Wales street;
T N 47S ; T A " Cairns, Aberdeen "—branches, Inverurie <fe
Aberdeen Highland Association (George Wilson, sec. & treas >
411 Union street
Aberdeen Hosiery Co. hosierv manufacturers, 9 Gallowgate
Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children (Prof. Stephenson M D
consulting physician), Castle terrace. For full list of officer-
see Trades Section
Aberdeen House Proprietors' Association (James Thorn Jeffrey
sec). 81 Union street
Aberdeen (The) Ice Manufacturing Co. Limited, ice manufac-
turers, Poynernook road: T ,\ "Ice. Aberdeen"
Aberdeen Iron Grit Works (Archibald Brown,director),Euthrie3tc
Aberdeen Iron Trade Association (E. D. Leslie, sec), 137
Union street
Aberdeen Judicial Societv (E. B. Finlavson, 152 Union 6treet
sec), Advocates' hall, 10 Broad street
Aberdeen Jute Co. Lim. (James Ducat, seel, Froghall la. ;T N 82
Aberdeen Ladies' Union & Working Girls' Home (Mrs. Isobel
Sheriden, matronl, 44 Marischal street
Aberdeen, Leith & Moray Firth Steam Shipping Co. Lim. (James
Crombie, manager), 3 Trinity buildings ; T N 4S3
Aberdeen Liberal Association (John S. Watt M.A., LL B eec ),
411 Union street : T N 272
Aberdeen Liberal Unionist Association (J.E.Eae.sec.),2 Union ter
Aberdeen (The) Lime Co. (A. T. McRobert, man-
atjer ), dealers in lime, coal, gruano, crushed &
dissoived bones, bone meal, superphosphates.
sulphate of ammonia, nitrate of soda, &
other manures, linseed cake & cotton cake,
Provost Blaikie's quay ; T N 218 ; T A " Limr
Aberdeen "
Aberdeen Loan Company Limited (James McFarlane, manager),
pawnbrokers &c. 95 Loch street & 1 John street
Aberdeen Marble, Tile & Stove Co. 156a, Union street
Aberdeen Market Co. (Adam. Thomson & Eoss,secs.).2 Union ter
Aberdeen Masonic Hall Co. Trust, 12 Exchange street
Aberdeen Master Butchers' Associati<-i (James B. Davidson,
sec), 4Sa, Union street

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