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Bpersea with many private residences, together with the numerous
admirable prospects of the sea— impart a pleasing variety to the
general appearance of the parish. Great improvements in agri-
culture, at a very considerable expense, have been effected, which
have been the means of materially enhancing the value of the
land, and beautifying the neighbourhood of Aberdeen.
This consists of two colleges, united by Act of Parliament in
1860, viz. :— King's College in Old Aberdeen, and Marischal
College in Broad street. The former was first instituted in the
year 1494, by William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen, under
the authority of a Bull of Pope Alexander VI. and the original
foundation charter is still extant in the charter chest of the
College. The students wear a scarlet cloth gown, but do not
reside within the college buildings, which form a quadrangular
court, originally erected in 1500. There is a large library, in
which is a very valuable collection of books, and a memorial
window to the late Dr. J. Melvin. The old chapel, restored
internally at a cost of about £3,000, possesses an antique screen
of woodwork, and the tomb of Bishop Efiphinstone, which stands
in the middle of the chapel near the east end. There are memo-
rial windows to Principal Campbell and Professors Macpherson,
Mearns, W. Robertson Smith and Sir W. D. Geddes : the large
west window was filled with stained glass by Mr. John Webster,
late M.P. for the city. At the north-west is a lofty square tower,
strengthened bv buttresses, and from the parapet spring
crocketed arches meeting at the top, and forming an open crown
upon which rises a stone lantern, surmounted by another crown
of stonework, with a gfiobe and cross; the tower formerly con-
tained a peal of 13 bells, JLlie Senatus room is ornamented with
portraits of Bishops Elphinstone, Dunbar and others. Marischal
College, in Broad street, which prior to I860 exercised separate
University rights, was founded and endowed by George Keith,
Earl Marischal of Scotland, in 1593, by a charter ratified by Act
of Parliament. The college buildings stand on the site of a
Franciscan convent, and were rebuilt in 1836-41, at a cost of
over £21,000, from designs by the late Mr. Archibald Simpson,
architect. During recent years a very important scheme of
extension has been carried out, involving an expenditure of over
£120,000, the additions comprising fully equipped laboratories,
class rooms and other rooms for most of the departments in
medicine and science. By the munificence of the late Charles
Mitchell esq. LL.D. Newcastle-on-Tyne, who generously gave
over £20.000 for the purpose, this extension also includes a
large Graduation Hah, adorned with stained windows, a Students'
Union, and the heightening of the great tower of the buildings
inaugurated Oct. 1895,
Chancellor, The Duke of Richmond & Gordon K.G.. D.C.L
Vice-Chancellor, Very Rev. John Marshall Lang D.*D
Rector, The Right Hon. Thomas Ritchie M.P
Parliamentary Representative, The Right Hon. James Alexander
Campbeil LL.D. of Stracathro
Principal, Very Rev. John Marshall Lang D.D
Assessors in the University Court, Alex. Morison Gordon; James
Edward Crombie M. A. ; Adam Maitland ; David Little John ;
Wi'lliam Dev M.D., LL.D.; Rev. James Smith M.A., B.D.,
LL.D.; Angus Praser M.A., M.D. ; Matthew Hav M.D. ;
Charles Niven M.A., D.Sc. ; J. W. H. Trail M.A., M.D.,F.ll.S. ;
John Harrower M.A
Secretary of University Court, Robert Walker M.A., F.R.S.E
Secretary of Senatus, Donaldson Rose Thorn M.A
Librarian, Peter John Anderson M.A., LL.B
Greek, John Harrower M.A
Humanity, William Mitchell Ramsay M.A., D.C.L., LL.D
English, Herbert John Clifford Grierson M.A
Logic, William Leslie Davidson M.A., LL.D
Mathematics, George Plrie M.A., LL.D
Natural Philosophy, Charles Niven M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S
Moral Philosophy, James Black Baiilie M.A
Natural History, John Arthur Thomson M.A
Systematic Theology, William P. Paterson M.A., D.D
Church History, Henry .Cowan M.A., D.D
Biblical Criticism. Thomas Nicol D.D
Hebrew & Semitic Languages, James Gtiroy M.A., B.D
Law, Neil John Downie Kennedy M.A., LL.D
Medicine. David W. Finlay B.A.[ M.D., F.R.C.P., D.P.H., LL.D
Chemistry, Francis R, Japp M.A., LL.D., F.R.S
Anatomy, Robert W. Reid M.D., F.R.C.S
Surgery, Alexander Ogston CM., M.D
Materia Medica, John Theodore Cash M.D., F.R.S
Midwifery, William Stephenson M.D., F.R.C.S.E
Botany, James W. H. Trail M.A., M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S
Pathology, David James Hamilton M.B., F.R.C.S.E
Forensic Medicine, Matthew Hay M.D
Physiology, John Alexander Macwilliam M.D
Agriculture, Robert B. Greig
Agricultural Chemistry, James Hendrick B.Sc
Comparative Psychology, J. Lewis Mclntyre H.A., B.Sc
Conveyancing, James Duguid M.A
Education, John Clarke M.A
Elocution, Alfred Macleod
German (Honours), John Lees
History, C. Sanford Terry M.A
Modern Languages, William Scolle Ph.D
Physical Training, George Cruden M.A
Political Economy, David H. MacGregor M.A
Tropical Medicine, George A. Maconachie M.D., F.R.S.E
Veterinary Hygiene, J. McLauch'ian Young F.R.C.V.S., F.R.S.E
Greek, Thomas Bruce M.A
English, Charles Inn&s Beattie M.A
Logic, J. F. Anderson M.A
Humanity, Alexander Souber M.A
Mathematics, J. Woodwillie M.A
Natural Philosophy, William Ernest Hartley M.A
Chemistry, F. W. "Gray M.A., B.Sc. & Andrew N. Meldrum
Botany, Robert M. Clark B.Sc
Zoology, John Rennie B.Sc
Anatomy, Alexander Low M.A., M.B., CM. & C. T. Andrew
Forensic Medicine, David Rennet M.D
Materia Medica, Thomas Eraser, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H
Physiology, Charles Murray M.A., M.B
Pathology, George M. Duncan M.B., CM
Surgery.'W. A. Fortescue M.B., CM
Midwifery. Robert Gordon McKerron M.A., M.D
Law, W. D. Esslemont M.A., B.L
Moral Philosophy, A. R. Lord
Medicine, William Findlay M.A., M.D
Geology, Alfred W. Gibb M.A., B.Sc.
Classical Literature, John W. Duff M.A
Mental Philosophy, Rev. William Morgan M.A
Mathematics & Natural Philosophy, Andrew Munro M.A
Modern Languages, William Robertson
Education, George Smith M.A
Botany, James Strachan M.A., B.Sc
Agriculture, Robert S. Seton B.Sc
Zoology, A. W. Brown M.A., M.B., D.Sc
Ohemistry, P. Phillips Bedson M.A., D.Sc
Anatomy, Richard J. A Berry M.D
Physidiogy, John J. R. Macleod M.B
Materia Medica, Charles D. F. Phillips M.D., LL.D
Pathology, George Dean M.A., M.B
Medico-Jurisprudence & Public Health, Arthur K. Chalmers M.D
Surgery, David Wallace M.B., B.Sc
Medicine, Arthur F. Vollcker M.D
Midwifery, F. W. N. Haultain M.B
Divinity, Rev. George G. Cameron M.A., D.D. & Rev. Robert
Sangster Kemp M.A.. B.D
Law, John C Dove Wilson M.A., LL.B
Public Health, William A. Macnaughton M.D. Stonehaven
English & History, John A. Third M.A., D.Sc
Argentine Republic (vice), Daniel Mearns, 55 Regent quay
Chili (Republic of) (vice), William Leslie, 59 Marischal street
Denmark (vice), James Cook, 62 Marischal street
France (consular agent), William Leslie, 59 Marischal street
German Empire, Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay
Italy (consular agent), R. A. D. Connon, 82 Market "street
Netherlands (vice), Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay
Portugal (vice), George M. Cook, 62 Marischal street
Russia, John Graham, 74 & 75 Regent quay
Spain (vice). Charles F. Ludwig, 54 Regent quay
Sweden & Norway, George Milne Cook, 62 Marischal street
United States (consular agent), Andrew Murray, 214 Union street

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