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Logie, Maj.-Gen. Alexander Angus Airlie Kinlceh
C.B., d.l., j.p. see Kirriemuir 815
Logie, Col. George Milne, see Pitcaple 115
Longformacus house, Col. Alexander M. Brown J. p.
see Longformacus 385
Longhaven house, Alexander Brown Shepherd esq. J. P.
see Longhaven Cruden 119
Losset park. Hector Macnealesq. d.l., j.p. see Mach-
rihanish, Campbeltown 179
Lotus, Archibald Hyslop esq. see Kirkgunzeon 951
Loudoun castle, The Right Hon. the Earl of Loudoun
d.l., j.p. see Loudoun 303
Lour, Mfijor Patrick Alexander Watson Carnegy d.l.,
J.P. seeForfar 803
Lude, William M'Inroy esq. j.p. see Blair Atholl 1102
Luffness house, Henry W. Hope esq. d.l., j.p. see
Aberlady - 840
Lunan house, William Thomas Taylor Blair Imrie esq.
j.p. see Lunan 820
Luscar house, Alexander Mitchell esq. j.p. see
Carnock 606
"Macbie.bill, Thomas J. G. & Christopher G. Hunter
esqs. see Lamancha, Newlands 1082
Machany house, Viscountess Strathallan, see Blackford 1101
TMaines house, Sir William Francis Augustus Eliott
bart. d.l., j.p. see Chirnside 372
Mains house, Archibald C. Douglas esq. d.l., j.p. see
Milngavie 464
Malleny house, Sir Thomas David Gibson-Carmichael
bart. m.a., f.s.a. d.l., j.p. see Balerno, Currie 540
Manderston, Sir James Percy Miller bart. d.s.o., d.l. ,
j.p. see Duns 376
Mansfield house, Lady Jane Stuart-Menteth, see New
Cumnock 251
Mir lodge, Duke of Fife d.l., k.t., g.c.v.o., p.c. see
Braemar 116
Marchmont, Sir John Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell
bart. see Pohrarth 386
Marcus house, Jas. Cathcart White esq. see Tannadice 836
Maryeulter house, Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff-Gordon
bart. d.l. , j.p. see Maryculter 923
Mauldslie castle, Lord Newlands (Vice-Lieutenant of
Lanarkshire), d.l.. j.p. see Carluke 983
Maxpoffle, Lady Boyd, see St. Boswells 1325
Maxton house, Sir Henry William Ramsay-Fairfax-
Lucy bart. see St. Boswells 1325
"Maxwelton house, Rev. Sir John Robert Laurie
Emilius Laurie bart. b.d., j.p. see Glencairn 506
Maybole castle, Thomas Smith esq.J.p. see Maybole... 305
Meadowbank, John Allan Maconochie-Welwood esq.
j.p. see Kirknewton 548
Medwyn, John Houblon Forbes esq. j.p. see West
Linton 1081
"Megginch castle, Capt. Malcolm Drummond d.l., j.p.
seeErrol 1123
TVIeikleour house, Marquess of Lansdowne K.G.,G.CS.I.,
g.c.i.e., G.C.M.G., p.c, d.c.l., m.a. see Meikleour... 1139
Meldrum house, Major-General G. A. Prendergast, see
OldMeldrum 148
TVIellerstein, Earl of Haddington (Lord Lieutenant of
Haddingtonshire), a.d.o. toH.M. see Earlston 378
Melsetter, Thomas Middlemore esq. see Walls 1075
Melville castle, Viscount Melville j.p. see Lasswade ... 548
Melville house, Miss Leslie-Melville, see Monimail 664
Merchiston house, Archibald W. Finlayson esq. see
Kilbarchan 1228
Merton hall, Mrs. Wason, see Penningham 1428
Mertonn house, Lord Polwarth (Lord Lieutenant of
Selkirkshire), see Mertoun 385
Methven castle, Colonel David Murray Smythe d.l.,
j.p. see Methven 1139
Midfitld house, Colonel Herbert A. T. Nepean, see
Lasswade 549
Milburn house, Donald Fraser esq. see Inverness 881
Millburn tower, Sir William Liston-Foulis bart. J.P.
see Corstorphine 538
Millfield, David Mitchell esq. j.p. see Polmont 1387
Milliken house, Daniel McKenzie esq. see Kilbarchan 1228
Milrig, Miss Jackson, see Galston 263
Milton, Commander Edward Hunter-Blair e.n.
see Straiton 319
Milton Brodie, John Wm. Brodie-Innes esq. see Alves 565
Milton house, Henry M. Napier esq. j.p. see Milton,
Kilpatrick 458
Milton Lockhart, Major-Gen. David Blair Lockhart,
d.l. see Carluke 983
.Minard castle, Thomas Lloyd esq. d.l., j.p. seeMinard 204
Minto house, Earl of Minto g.c.m.g., p.c.,v.d., d.l.,
j.p. (Governor-General of Canada), see Minto ...... 1323
Mochrum park, Sir TJthred James Hay Dunbar bart.
d.l. see Penningham 1428
Mollance, John Neilson esq. see Crossmichael 944
Moncreiffe house, Col.Sir Robert Drummond Moncreiffe
bart. d.l., j.p. see Dunbarney 1118
Monreith, The Right Hon. Sir Herbert Eustace
Maxwell bart p.c, m.p., d.l., j.p. see Mochrum ... 1426
Monteviot house, Marquess of Lothian, see Ancrum ... 1304
Montgomerie castle, Edward J. Thomson esq. see Tar-
bolton 320
Montrave, Sir John Gilmuur bart. d.l. , j.p. see Scoonie 676
Monymusk house, Sir Arthur Henry Grant bart. d.l.,
j.p. see Monymusk 150
Monzie castle, James Richmond esq. see Monzie,Logie-
almond 1136
Mordington house, Robert Charles Campbell-Renton
esq. J.p. see Mordington 386
Morishill, Miss Jane Dobie, see Beith 246
Mormond house, William Fraser Cordiner esq. j.p.
see Rathen 160
Morton hall, Maj.-Gen. Sir Henry Trotter d.l., G.c.v.o.
see Liberton 549
Moss Knowe, Maj.-Gen. John Gordon Graham d.l.,
j.p. see Kirkpatrick-FIeming 511
Mount (The), Lord Oranmore & Browne d.l., j.p. see
Kilmarnock 279
Mount (The), Mrs. Christina Guthrie, see Gatehead,
Kilmarnock 297
Mount Annan, John Bell-Irving esq. see Annan 473
Mount Melville, James Younger esq. see St. Andrews 673
Mount Stuart, Marquess of Bute (hereditary Sheriff of
Buteshire), see Kingarth 392
Moy hall, The Mackintosh of Mackintosh d.l., j.p. see
Moy 903
Moy house, Col. Godfrey Astell, see Dyke 566
Muchalls castle, Lord Robertson p.c. of Forteviot, see
Cookney 917
Mugdock castle, J. A. Reid esq. see Strathblane 1407
Muiravonside house, John Stirling esq. j.p. see Muir-
avonside 1387
Muirburn, William Barry esq. see Glassford 997
Muiresk, Henry Alexander Farquhar-Spottiswood esq.
J.P. see Turriff 167
Muirhouse, John Henry Davidson esq. see Cramond 539
Munches, William Jardine Herries Maxwell esq. m.a.,
m.p. , d. l., j.p. see Buittle 940
Murdostoun castle, Robert King Stewart esq. d.l.,
j.p. see Cambusnethan 982
Murie house, John B. Broun-Morrison esq. f.s.a.,
d.l. , j.p. seeErrol 1123
Murthly castle, Walter Thomas James Serymsoure-
Steuart-Fothringham esq. d.l. , j.p. see Little Dun-
keld, Murthly 1123
Naughton house, Mrs. Anstruther-Duncan, see Bal-
merino 600
Nen thorn house, Mrs. Ritchie, see Nenthorn 386
Nether Place, James Baird Thorneyeroft esq. see
Mauchline 304
Netherdale, Thos. Gilzean Rose Innes esq. see Marnoch,
Aberchirder 327
Netherhall, Lord Kelvin g.c.v.o., o.m., p.c, f.r.s.,
p.e.s.e., d.l. see Largs 300
Netherley house, Harry 0. Ritchie, see Netherley,
Cookney 917
Nethermuir, J. Dean Leslie esq. see New Deer 119
Newark castle, John Stirling Alston esq. see Alloway 221
Newbattle abbey, Marquess of Lothian d.l. see New-
battle 556
Newbyth, Major Sir David Baird bart. d.l., see
Whitekirk 855
New Hailes, Sir Charles Dalrymple hart, m.p., d.l.,
j.p. see Inveresk 546
Newfield, Miss Montgomerie, see Dundonald 260
New hall, John James Cowan esq. see Penicuik 557
Newhall, Charles Forbes Hodson Shaw-Mackenzie esq.
d.l., j.p. see Balblair, Resolis 1294
Newhill, Thomas Blyth esq. see Auchtermuchty 598
Newholm, Colonel Sir Simon Macdonald Lockhart bart.
m.v.o.,d.l., j.p. see Dolphinton 996
Newliston, Thomas Alexander Hog esq. j.p. see Kirk-
liston 1046
Newmore house, George Inglis esq. j.p. see Rosskeen 1295
Newton, Col. Frederick P. Forteath j.p. see Alves 565
NewtomDon, Charles Barrington Balfour esq. D. L. , J. P. ,
M.p. see Nenthorn 386

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