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Craigends, John Charles Cuninghame esq. d.l., j p.
see Kilbarchan 1228
Craigengillan, Mrs. McAdam, see Dalmellington 255
Craigforth house, Jas. Couperesq. j.p. see St. Ninians 13S8
Craighall, Lt.-Gen. Sir James Clerk Rattray k.c.b.,
d.l., j.p. see Rattray 1170
Craighlaw, Mrs. Fleming Hamilton, see Kirkcowan ... 1422
Craighton, Mrs. Gibb, seeFintry 1377
Craigie hall, John Stewart Clark esq. see Dalmeny ... 1045
Craigie house, James A. Campbell esq. see Ayr 228
Craigievar castle, Lord Sempill v.d., d..l., j.p. see
Leochel-Cushnie 143
Craigmore, Mrs. Campbell, see Ouich, Kilmalie 899
Craignish castle, Fredk. Charles Trench-Gascoigne esq.
v.d., j.p. see Craignish 183
Craigruie, John Stewart M'Donald esq. see Balquhidder 1100
Craigston castle, Lt.-Col. Francis Edward Romulus
Pollard- Urquhart d.l., j.p. see Turriff 167
Crailing house, Major James Paton D.L.,j.p.see Crailing 1306
Crathes castle, Lt.-Col. Sir Thomas Burnett bart. d.l.,
j.p. see Banchory-Ternan 915
Crawford priory, Hon. Thomas Horatio Arthur E.
Cochrane m.p., j.p. & Lady Gertrude J. G. see
Spring-held 676
Crawfordton, Lady Walker, see Glencairn 506
Crawfurdland castle, Lieut. -Col. William Reginald
Houison-Craufurd j.p. see Kilmarnock 279
Crichie house, Eustace Robertson Burnett Stuart esq.
j.p. see Old Deer 120
Crimonmogate, Lord Carnegie ll.d., d.l., j.p. see
Lonmay 146
Cringletie, Brig.-Gen. Sir James Wolfe Murray K.C.B.
see Eddleston 1079
Cromarty house, Col. Walter Charteris Ross, see
Cromarty 1280
Cromlix, Arthur William Henry Hay Drummond, see
Dunblane 1120
Crookedholm house, David James Mackenzie esq. see
Crookedholm, Kilmarnock 278
Crookston, John Borthwick esq. j.p. see Stow 560
Culdees castle, Robert Thomas Napier Speir esq. d.l.,
j.p. see Muthill 1141
Cullen house, Caroline, Countess Dowager of Seafleld,
seeCullen 336
Culloden house, Mrs. Thomson-Sinclair, see Inverness 883
Culreuch, Walter Menzies esq. see Fintry 1377
Culross park, Mrs. B. E. Davidson, see Culross 610
Cultoquhey, Anthony George Maxtone-Graham esq.
d.l., j.p. see Fowlis Wester 1127
Culzean castle, Marquess of Ailsa d.l., j.p. see
Kirkoswald 300
Cumbernauld house, Alan Burns esq. j.p. see Cumber-
nauld 444
Cumloden, Earl of Galloway j.p. seeMinnigaff 954
Currie house, Walter Brown esq. seeBorthwick 534
Cushnie house, Col. Sir William Samuel Seton bart.
d.l. see Leochel-Cushnie 143
Dalarran lodge, Augustus Frederick Montague Spalding
esq. d.l., j.p. see Balmaclellan 939
Dalawoodie, Richard Rimmer, see Holywood 508
Dalcross castle, Captain Henry Alford, see Croy 871
Dalhousie castle, Charles William Cowan, see Cockpen 537
Dalkeith house, Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry
K.u., k.t., p.c. see Dalkeith ., 541
Dall, Bruce Canning Vemon-Weutworth j.p., m. p. see
Kinloch-Rannoch ^ I 34
Dalmahoy, Dowager Countess of Morton, see Ratho ... 559
Dalmeny park, Earl of Rosehery e.g., k.t., p.o.,ll.d.,
v.d., F.R.S., f.b.a., f.s.a. (Lord Lieutenant of Lin-
lithgowshire & Edinburghshire), see Dalmeny 1045
Dalmoak castle, James Aiken esq. j.p. see Dumbarton 446
Dalmore, Andrew MacKenzie esq. j.p. see Alness 1278
Dalskairth house, William Allan Coates, see Troqueer 956
Dalswinton house, Thomas Rankin, see Kirkmahoe ... 310
Dalvey house, Lieut. -Col. Norman McLeod j.p. see
Dyke 567
Dalzell house, Lord Hamilton of Dalzell d.l. see
Dalziel 996
Dankeith, Captain Mann Thomson, see Symington ... 319
Dargavel, Mrs. Frazer, see Bishopton, Erskine 1187
Darn hall, Lord Elibank j.p. (Lord Lieut, of Peebles-
shire), see Eddleston 1079
Darnaway castle, Earl of Moray d.l., j.p. see Forres 581
Darnick tower, Andrew Grainger Heiton esq. see
Darnick, Melrose 1321
Dawyck house, Mrs. Balfour, see Drumelzier 1079
Dean (The), Andrew Rintoul esq. see Kilmarnock 279
Deanston house, Lady Muir, see Deanston,Kilmadock 1132
Dechmont house, Mrs. Madden, see Livingstone 1050
Delgaty castle,Ainslie DouglasAinslie esq.D.L.seeTurriff 167
Delvine, Sir Alex. Muir-Mackenzie bart. d.l. see Caputh 1109
'Dinnet house, J. C. Barclay Harvey esq. see Dinnet... 122
Dochfour, James Evan Bruce Baillie esq. d.l., j.p.
see Inverness 881
Dollars, Mrs. Carleton Tufnell, see Hurlford 268
Dollerie, Anthony G Murray esq. j.p. see Madderty 1138
Donibristle park, Earl of Moray m.a., d.l., j.p. see
Aberdour 595
Doonholm, James Kennedy esq, see Alloway 221
Doon park, Alexander Mathieson esq. j.p. see Kinloss 578
Doonside, William Hamilton Dunlop d.l., j.p. see
Alloway 221
Dorlinhouse,LordHoward ofGlossop,seeArdnamurchan 176
Dormont house, John J. J. Keswick esq. see Dalton... 479
Douglas castle, Earl of Home a.d.c. to H.M., v.d.,
k.t., d.l., j.p. (Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire), see
Douglas 99S
Douglas Support, The Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbell-
Douglas, m.a., j.p. see Coatbridge 988
Doune lodge, Earl of Moray m.a., d.l., j.p. see
Kilmadock 1132
Doune of Rothiemurchus, John Peter Grant esq. b.a. ,
ll.b. , d.l. , j.p. see Rothiernurchus, Duthil 873
Downie park, Charles George Kidd esq. see Tannadice 836
Dreghorn castle, Mrs. Ford, see Colinton 537
Drumlanrig castle, Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry
k.g., k.t., p.c. (Lord Lieutenant of Dumfries-shire),
see Durisdeer 504
Drummond castle, Earl of Ancasterp.c, d.l., j.p. see
Muthill 1141
Drummond park, Major Richard Playne-Smith, see
Inverness 883
Drummore, Col. William Aitchison, see Prestonpans... 853
Drummuir castle, Thomas Duff Gordon-Duff esq. d.l.,
j.p. see Botriphnie 333
Drumpark, Mrs. Duncan James Kay, see Irongray,
Kirkpatrick-Irongray 953
Drumpellier house, Col. Sir David Carrick Robert
Carrick-Buchanan k.c.b., d.l., j.p. see Coatbridge 9S8
Drunearn house, Miss Renny Watson, seeComrie nil
Dryburgh abbey, Dowager Lady Orr-Ewing, see
Mertoun 385
Dryburgh house, The Misses Baillie, see Mertoun 385
Duart, William Murray Guthrie esq.seeCraignure,Mull 205
Duchal house, Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart bart.
v.d., d.l., j.p. (Lord Lieut, of Renfrewshire), see
Kilmalcolm T229
Duchray castle, Edwin Bolton esq. see Drymen 1364
Duddingston house, General Henry Alexander
Cockbnrnj.p. see Duddingston 345
Dudhope house, Wm. B. Robertson esq. j.p. see Dundee 731
Duff house, Duke of Fife k.t., p.c, g.c.v.o., d.l. see
Banff 33°
Duffus house, Sir Archibald Hamilton-Dunbar bart.
d.l. , j.p. see Duffus 56$
Dumcrieff house, Walter Macfarlane esq. see Moffat... S I 9
Dumfries house, Marquess of Bute see Cumnock 253
Dun house, Augustus John William Henry Kennedy-
Erskine esq. see Dun 714
Dunalastair house, Mrs. Bunten, see Kinloch-Rannoch 1134
Dunbeath castle, Commander Edwin S. Alexander-
Sinclair b.n., d.l., j.p. see Dunbeath, Lybster 407
Duncow, Major John Crabbe j.p. see Kirkmahoe 510
Duncraig castle, Sir Kenneth James Matheson bart.
d.l., j.p. see Lochalsh 1290
Duncrub park, Lord Rollo f.k.g.s., f.s.a., d.l. see
Dunning 1124
Dundas castle, Stewart Clark esq. see Queensferry ... 1051
Dundhu, Lieut.-Col.Hy. Robt. Eyre j.p. see Aberfoyle 1094
Dundonnell, Hugh MacKenzie esq. see Dundonnell,
Lochbroom 1292
Dunecht house, Alexander Charles Pirie esq. j.p. see
Dunecht 123
Dunfallandy, Charles Gibson esq. j.p. see Moulin 1140
Dunglass, Sir Basil Francis Hall bart. d.l., j.p. see
Oldhamstocks 851
Dunipace house, John A. Harvie-Brown esq. j.p., F.Z.S.,
f.k.s.e. see Larbert 1384
Dunira, Sir Sidney James Dundas bart. see Comrie... nil
Dunkeld house, Duke of Atholl k.t. (Lord Lieutenant
of Perthshire), see Dunkeld 1122
Dunlop house, Major James Francis Dalrymple-Hay
d.l., j.p. , c.c. see Dunlop 261
Dunmore, Allan Gilmore esq. see Kilcalmonell 197

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