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With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume.
Balmoral Castle, see Crathie, page 116, His Most Gracious Majesty King Edwahd VII.
& Holtrood Castle, see Edinburgh.
Abbotsford, William Harrison Cripps esq. see Melrose 1322
Abercairny, Capt. William A. Home-Drummond-Moray
d.l.,j.p. see Fowlis Wester 1127
Aberdalgie house, Earl of Kinnoull d.l., j.p. see
Aberdalgie 1092
Abergeldie castle, H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, see
Crathie 117
Aberlour house, Mrs. Findlay, see Aberlour 328
Aboyne castle, Marquess of Huntly p.c, d.l., j.p. see
Aboyne 108
Achamore house, William James Yorke Scarlett esq.
j.p. see Gigha 188
Achnacarry, Donald Cameron esq. j.p. (Lord Lieut.
of Inverness-shire), see Kilmalie 898
Achnacone house, Alexander K. Stewart esq. see Appin 175
Achvarasdal lodge, Lady Sinclair, see Reay 408
Ackergill tower, Sir George Duff Sutherland Dunbar,
bart. see Wick 413 1
Adamton, William Weir esq. see Monkton 307
Aden house, Maj. -Gen. Francis Shirley Russell cm.g.,
d.l., j.p. see Old Deer 120
Aigas house, James William Gordon Oswald esq. j.p.
see Kilmorack 899
Airdrie house, Jn. Wilson esq. m.p.,d.l. ,j.p. see Airdrie 964
Airds (The), Major Henry Houghton-Hughan j.p., d.l.
see Parton 9S4
Airds house, Col. William Macfie cb., v.d. see Appin 175
Airlie castle, Dowager-Countess of Airlie, see Airlie ... 685
Airth castle, Robert McLaren esq. see Airth 1354
Airthrey castle, Mrs. Graham, see Bridge of Allan ... 1357
Aldbar castle, Patrick Chalmers esq. j. p. seeAberlemno 685
Aldourie castle, Major Edward Grant Fraser-Tytler
j. p., d.l. see Dores 872
Allan, Capt. David Monro d.l., j.p. see Fearn 1183
Allanton house, Robt. Sneddon esq. see Cambusnethan 982
Alloa house, Earl of Mar & Kellie (Lord Lieut, of
Clackmannanshire), see Alloa 420
Almondell house, Geo. Eirkwood Johnston, see Uphall 1052
Altyre, Sir Wm. Gordon Gordon-Cumming bart. see
Forres 579
Alva house. Miss C. E. M. Johnstone, see Alva 425
Amhuinnswidh castle, Sir Samuel Edward Scott bart.
51. p., d.l. see Harris 858
Amisfield house, Mrs. Fletcher, see Haddington 848
Amisfield tower, William R. Farish j.p. see Amisfield,
Tinwald 523
Ancrum house, Miss Constance E. Scott, see Ancrum 1304
Annanhill, Mrs. Dunlop, see Kilmarnock 279
Anniston house, Miss Rait, see Inverkeilor 813
Antonshill, James Hunter esq. j.p. see Eccles 379
Appin house, James M' Alpine Downie esq. see Appin... 175
Applecross house, Lord Middleton d.l., j.p. see
Applecross 1278
Arabella, James A. Gordon esq. j.p. see Logie Easter 1293
Arbuthnott house, Viscount Arbuthnott,seeArbuthnott 913
Archerrield, Henry Thomas Nisbet Hamilton-Ogilvy
esq. d.l., j.p. see Dirleton 843
Ardencaple castle, Lady Orr-Ewing, see Row 467
Ardendee, Lydia A. Viscountess Lifford, see Kirkcud-
bright 949
Ardgour house, Mrs. & Alex. Maclean, see Ardgour ... 176
Ardgowan house, Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart
bart. d.l., j.p. see Inverkip 1225
Ardgye, George R. Mackessack esq. see Alva 563
Ardkinglas, George F. W. Callander esq. see Cairndow,
Loch Goilhead 204
Ardmaddy castle, Marquess of Breadalbane e.g., p.c.,
d.l. , J.P. see Kilbrandon & Kilchattan 196
Ardmarnock, Donald N. Nicol esq. m.p.,m.a.,d.l.,j.p.
see Kilrlnan 198
Ardmeallie, William T. Reid esq. j.p. see Aberchirder 327
Ardmiddle, John Adam Milne esq. see Turriff 167
Ardoch, Mrs. Stuart, see Kishorn, Lochcarron 1293
Ardoch, John J. W. Miller, see Braco 1106
Ardpatrick, Capt. James Carter Campbell R.N., d.l.,
j.p. see Kilcalmonell 197
Ardross castle, Charles William Dyson PerrinsF.R.A.s.
see Rosskeen 1293
Ardsheal, William D. Anderson esq. j.p. see Bal-
lachulish South 177
Ardverikie lodge, Sir John William Ramsden bart.
d.l., j.p. see Laggan 9 02
Ardwell castle, Sir Mark John McTaggart Stewart
bart. m.p., v.d., m.a., d.l., j.p. see Stoneykirk 1430
Armadale castle, Lord Macdonald d.l., j.p. see Sleat 907
Arnisdale, Mrs. Philips, see Glenelg 876
Arniston house, Sir Robert Dundas bart. d.l., j.p.
see Borthwick 534
Arnsbrae house, James Younger esq. j.p. see Alloa ... 422
Arthurlie, Henry B. Dunlop esq. d.l., j.p. see Neilston 1233
Ashintully castle, David C. Rutherford-Lindsay esq.
j.p. see Kirkmichael 113S
Ashludie, Alexander Gordon esq. j.p. see Monifieth ... 822
Auchans house, Hon. GrevilleRichardVernonD.L., j.p.
see Dundonald 261
Auchen castle, Wm. Younger esq. m.p., j.p. see Kirk-
patrick-Juxta 5 11
Auchen cheyne, James Walter Ferrier Connell esq. j.p.
see Glencairn S°6
Auchenames, Wm. Adams esq. j.p. see West Kilbride 275
Auchencairn house, Mrs. Mackie, see Auchencairn 939
Auehendarroch, Alastair Campbell esq. see Loch-
gilphead • 2 ° 2
Auchendinny house, Mrs. Newnham, see Auchendinny,
Glencorse 545
Auchendolly, Lieut. -Col. Archibald Hume d.l., j.p.
see Crossmichael 944
Auchendrane, James Coats esq. see Alloway 221
Auchincruive, Richard Alexander Oswald esq. (Vice-
Lieut, of Ayrshire), J.p.see Ayr 230
Auchindennan, Wm. Jas. Chrystal esq. see Alexandria 436
Auchinheglish, Henry Brock esq. j.p. see Alexandria 436
Auchinleck house,Geo.Mounseyesq.J.p. see Auchinleck 224
Auchinroath, Andrew John Mitchell-Gill esq. f.s.a.,
j.p.,c.s. see Rothes 586
Auchintorlie, Lieut. -Col. Geo. Jas.Fergusson- Buchanan
esq. d.l., j.p. seeKilpatrick, Dumbartonshire 458
Auchleeks, Edgar William Robertson esq. j.p. see Blair
Atholl u°2
Auchlunkart house, Wm. F. D. Steuart esq. see Keith 343
Auchmore house, Marquess of Breadalbane e.g., p.c,
d.l., j.p. see Killin "3i
Auchnashellach lodge, Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge
esq. j.p. see Auchnashellach, Lochcarron 1292
Auchry, Richard Wm. Lumsden esq. see Monquhitter 150
Auchterarder house, Mrs. Reid, see Auchterarder 1098
Aultshealloch house, Bishop of Argyll & The Isles
(RightRev. J. R. Alexander Chinnery-Haldane d.d.,
ll.m.), see North Ballachulish, Kilrnalie 898
Aurthurlee, Henry Barclay Dunlop esq. d.l., j.p. see
Barrhead "8°
Avoch house, Col. Fitzroy Stephen cb., j.p. see Avoch 1279
Ayton castle, Henry Liddell-Grainger esq. see Ayton 371
Aytoun hill, James Carnegie esq. d.l. see Dunbog 615
Balabraes, Lady Simpson, see Ayton 371
Balavil, Charles Julian Brewster Macpherson esq. d.l.,
j.p. see Alvie 869
Balbeg, Rt. Hon. Sir James Fergusson bart. m.p.,
p,c, g.c.s.i., k.cm.g., c.i.e., E.L., j.p. see Straiton 319
Balbirnie, Edward Balfour esq. d.l., j.p. see Markinch 662

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