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Fergnson John, 18 Cowane st
Gillespie William, 30 Barnton st
Gilmouv David, 56 Baker st
Gray T. A. Arcade
Low Thomas, 4 Baker st
M'Donna Peter W. 38 Baker st
M'Farlaae John, 15 Upper craigs
M'Intosh John & Co. 89 Port st
Moffatt Jessie B. W. 3 Bow st
Neilson Thomas, 20 St. Mary's wynd
Pate John, 50 & 35 Baker st
Percy William M. 32 King st
Reid Archibald S. 'J2 Spittal st
Smith Gabriel, 63 King st
Stewart John, Arcade
Stoddart I. & M. 60 Port st
Vance John, 1 Port st
Walker Margaret, Arcade
See Plumpers.
Eoyes Edward (maltster), Upper Bridge st
Burden Peter, Stirling Brewery, Irvine pi
Colquhoun Andrew, Burgh muir
M'Nicol Robert, 31 Broad st
Govan John, Ochil View ter. Wallace st. &.
Cornton, Bridge of Allan
Lilliebill Fire Clay Co. Park la— Archibald
M'LacMan, agent
Park Brothers (household, toilet,
mill & factory), Stirling
See Stonemasons, dc., and also Joiners.
(See also Joiners.)
Brown William S. 81 Port st
Bryce William, 16 King st
Christie & Cowie, 61 Kinir st
Forrest A. & W. 77 King st
Gal.ishan David, 36 Buker st
Henderson Thomas, 43 Port st
Hetheiington Robert, 5 Friars st
Hogan Michael, 79 Baker st
Hunter J. & L. 17 King st. & 41 Barnton st
M'Kechnie Alexander (upholsterer), 10
, Union st
, M'Konald Thomas (upholsterer), 46 King st
Mailer William, 10 King st
M'tltman William, 11 & 13 Friars st
Train George, 16 Spittal st
Watt Heury P. 22 Baker st
Kinross William & Sons, Port st
Thomson George (prize medal
awarded for wagonettes with
movable heads, landaus,
broughams, whitechapel carts,
&c. — Perth, 1850 and 1871 ;
London, 1851 ; Dublin, 1854 and
1865; Edinburgh, 1869; Glasgow,
1870 & 1872 ; Dumfries, 1870;
Kelso, 1372 ; & Stirling, 1873), The
Stirling Carriage Works, Orchard
See IVJieelwriglits.
Duncanson & Raffan, 38 Port st
Livingstone John, 5b Baker st
M'Nicol John, 12 Barnton st
Moore William Jobn, 24 Murray pi
Shairp William, 79 Port st
Walker Thomas, 67 King st
Shand George & Co. Causewayhead
Chemical Worlcs
Tarubull & Co. Burgli Muir Chemical Wor
Office, 37 West George st. Glasgow
Adam Robert, 27 Port st
Crawford William, 80 Murray pi
Davidson David, 80 Baker st
Hodgson Mark, 27 Spittal st. & 56 Barnton st
Sangster Alexander S. 84 Spittal st
Stewart Jane, 28 Port st
Barclay Michael, 21 St. Mary's wynd
Dunin Catherine, 23 St.Mary's wynd
Duffin Jessie, 3 Bow st
Hanratty Ann, 12 St. Jobn st
M'Callum James, 40 St. Mary's wynd
Phitnister Margaret, 37 St. Mary's wynd
See Carriage Builders, die.
Alloa Coal Co. Wallace st — John Dewar, agent
— See advertisement
Anderson William, 7 Shore rd
Dow Allan, Shore rd
Gardner Henry, 33Vi Murray pi
M'Dougall John, Shore rd
M'Kerracher Daniel, Railway station
M' Lachlan Archibald, Park la
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton, Caledonian
Railway station — James R. Christie, agent
Robertson Robert, Railway station
Adams Robert, 54 Barnton st
Aitkeu Margaret, 112 Baker st
Cardinalli Dominic, 87 Baker st
Crawford Helen \V. 15 Friars st
Dowie Jane, 70 Port st
Keith & Ralston (& cooks), 23 Port st
Kerr Janet, Arcade
Laidlaw Thomas, 2 Murray pi
Livingston Agnes, 16 Upper craigs
M'Laren Mary, Arcade
Miller David, Arcade
Oliphaut & Co. (wholesale), Maxwell pi
Oswald Agnes, Arcado
Palmer John, 46 Baker st
Rowe & Blyth, 38 Barnton st
Sinclair James, 13 Murray pi
Thorburn Isabella, 50 Barnton st
Watt Elizabeth, 106 Baker st
Downie William, 114 Baker st
Hogg Alexander (basket maker), 40 Baker st
Wordie John, 33 King st
*""â– "»' . . â€ΕΎ â– 'â–  â–  â–  'â– -â– 
Adam Robert, 45 King st
Grav James (& manures), 7 Upper craigs
Millar James & Sons, 29 Friars st
Pollock George [& manure), Cow park
Walls Robert, 66 Port st. & Kerse Mills
See Tanners and Curriers.
Brown William S. 60 Murray pi
Marshall David, 87 Port st '
Piatt Leon J. l.d.s., r.c.s.e. 61 Murray pi
Angus J". & J. 15 Port st
Crichton James, 45 Murray pi [agent
M'Nab A. &J. 13 Baker st— Wm. Cummiug,
Pullar J. & Sons, 91 Port st ; works, Perth
Davie James & Son (& ironfouilders), Stirling
Foundry, Orchard pi
Gould John, Lower craigs
Kemp & Nicholson (agricultural), Forth st
M'Naughton William, Drip rd
Scoular John (agricultural), Crook
Stewart James, Park la
Alexander Ebenezer Thomas,Burgh meadow
Dewar Peter. King's park
Galloway Mrs. — , Clayslaps
Kinross John, Hood'
M'Farlane Mrs. — , Spring Kerse
M'Kerracher Daniel, Raploch
M'Laren — , Ship Haugh
Muirhead John, Ladysneuck
Walker William, Torbrex
Walls Robert, Kerse Mills
Watt Archibald, Whitehouse
Atlas— Robert Macluckie, 22 King st
Briton (life) — E. Gentleman, 59 Murray pi
Caledonian — J, W. Campbell, Bank of Scot-
land; Robert Patterson, 4 Port st; J. M.
Morrison, Murray pi; & W. C. Stevenson,
post master
Caledonian Plate Glass— J. W. Blakey,
59 Murray pi ; David W. Logio, 20 Murray
pi ; & Charles Wingate, 48 Barnton st
City of London (fire)— Hill & Whyte, 2 Wolf
craig, & Wingate & Curror, 7 Murray pi
Commercial Union (life)— James Brown, 22
King st. & John Muirhead, Wolf craig
County (fire) & Provident (life)— John W.
Blakey, 59 Murray pi
Edinburgh— James Chrystal, 11 King st. &
Hill & Whyte, Wolf craig
Edinburgh & Provincial Plate Glass —
John Paterson, Burgh buildings
Employers' Liability Assurance Corpora-
tion— John Archibald, Wolf craig, &, Robt.
Taylor, 46 Barnton st
English & Scottish Boiler Insurance Co.
Limited— Daniel Ferguson & S. D.Murrie,
National Bank
English & Scottish Law (life) — Alexander
& J. Jenkins, 80 Port sE. & Charles Win-
gate, 48 Barnton st [pi
General— Ebenezer Gentleman, 59 Murray
Gresham (life)— Angus Macfarlane, 13 Spittal
st. & Robert Taylor, 46 Barnton st
Imperial — William Stevenson, 12 Port st
Insurance Co. of Scotland— Ebenezer
Morrison, 46 Barnton st. & Alexander
Fisher, 11 King st
Lancashire— David W. Logie, 20 Murray pi.
A Charles Wingate, 48 Barnton st
Life Association of Scotland — Alexander
Fisher, 11 King st
Liverpool & London & Globe— James L.
Philp, 3 Port st
London & Norwich Accident — James
Drysdale, 65 King st
Mutual (fire)— John Archibald, 20 Port st. &
George Hunter, 4 Royal gardens— See advt
Mutual Accident— John Archibald, 20
Port st. & George Hunter, 4 Royal gardens
— See advertisement
National Guarantee Association — Hill &
Whyte, 2 Wolf craig
National Provincial Plate Glass— W. C.
Stevenson, post master
North British & Mercantile — William
Graham, Royal Bank, King st; Mark Law-
son, Bank of Scotland ; and Fleming and
Buchanan, 26 Port st
Northern (accident)— Hill & Whyte, 2 Wolf
craig, & James T. Smith, Park Vale Mills
Norwich Union & Accident— George
Brownlee, 12 Port st
Phoenix (fire)— J. G. Maclean, Murray pi
Plate Glass — Ebenezer Gentleman, 69
Murray pi
Provident (life) — J.Wood Blakey, 59 Murray
pi. & George Brownlee, 12 Port st
Prudential— paniel Doyle, district super-
intendent, 12 Port, st
Queen — Robert Taylor, 46 Barnton st
Railway Passengers'— David W. Logie, 20
Murray pi
Reliance Mutual (life)— Robert Cairns, 22
King st
Royal— Robert Macluckie, 22 King st. & Jas.
Drysdale, 65 King st [st
Royal Exchange — Thos. L. Galbraith, King
Scottish Accident — J. Grant Maclean,
Muiray pi. & Wingate & Curror, 7 Murray pi
Scottish Amicable— Jas. Brown, 22 King st
Scottish Commercial (lire) — Alexander
Jenkins, 80 Port st. & Charles Wingate, 48
Barnton st
Scottish Employers' Liability— John
Paterson, Burgh buildings
Scottish Equitable (life)— William Steven-
son, 12 Port st — See advertisement
Scottish Legal— Alex. M'Kay,17 St. John st
Scottish Life Assurance Co. Limited—
Alexander Moffat, 65 King st. & Daniel
Ferguson & S. D. Murrie, National Bank
Scottish Provident (life)— Hill & Whyte, 2
Wolf craig
Scottish Provincial— Jas. L. Philp, 3 Port
st. & Alexander Moffat, 65 King st
Scottish Union & National— James M.
MorriBon, Murray pi; Ferguson &JMurrie,
National Bank ; Wingate & Curror,7 Murray
pi; Fleming & Buchanan, 26 Port st;
Chrystal & M l Farlane, 11 King st ; & Jobn
Paterson, Burgh buildings

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