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Miller Thomas, grocer, 144 High st
William, grocer, Pleasance
Milne John, station master, Falkirk High station
Mitchell Alexander, farmer, Coney park, Polmont [res. Parkfoot
Alex, collector of borough assessments, Borough buildings ;
James, hairdresser, Pleasance
Charles, photographer, Garrison pi
Mr. David, Melllield, Polmont
• John, tailor & clothier, King's. court, High st ; res. Laurieston
Peter, spirit dealer, Redding
Peter, householder, Kussell st. Grahamston
Robert, tailor, Laurieston
William, wood turner, Pleasance
. William, ironfounder (Parkhouse Iron Co.), Parkhonae
Wm. T. managing partner (Grahamston Iron Co.), Burnbrae
Moffatt Mrs. Martha J. Hope st
Monfries John, fruiterer, 74 High st
Morrison Alexander, bootmaker, 176 High st
Annie, milliner, Graham's rd. Grahamston
John, innkeeper, 114 & 120 High st
William, manager, Northbank House
William, grocer, Laurieston [pleasance
Muir William C. -watchmaker & goldsmith, 44 High st; res. South
Muirhead David, druggist, 95 High st
Elizabeth, householder, Bute st. Grahamston
James, butcher, 82 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Mr. Peter, Abbotshaugh House
William, eating house keeper, 75 High st
Mungall Andrew, farmer, Greencraig
Munro Donald, spirit dealer, Carron Shore
Murdoch Alexander, stationer, 56 High st
David, chemist, 95 High st; res. Arnotfield
Murnin James, pawnbroker, 16 Back row
Murphy Elizabeth, confectioner, Kirk wynd
James, cooper, basket makor & turner, Kirk wynd
Murray Robert, joiner & cabinet maker, Slamannan
Mutual (The) Accident Association, Limited— C. T. Johnstone, Wil-
son's buildings, agent — See advertisetttent
NASH J. C. surgeon, Slamannan
National Bank ot Scotland, Limited (Branch), Kirk wynd— James A.
Henderson, agent [derson, National Bank, agent
i Guarantee & Suretyship Association, Limited — James A. Hen-
â–  Security Savings Bank, King's court, High st
Neilson Chas. S. auctioneer (Jas. Neilson & Sons), High pleasance
Neilson James & Sons, auctioneers, valuers & estate
agents, Falkirk
Neilson William, farmer, Greenwells, Polmont
Newham Rev. J. Parsonage, Kerse lane
Newton Mrs. — , Polmont Bank, Polmont
Nicol Andrew, farmer, Bean Crop
Jane, grocer, 1 Callendar rd
Nimmo Colonel Alexander, West Bank
. Alexander, farmer, Howkearse, Bofchkennar
& Co. coal masters, Slamannan
- John & Son, coal masters, & paraffin oil manufacturers, Lime-
rigg & Drumriggend, Slamannan
Peter, tailor, Redding
William, grocer, Parkfoot
Nisbet George, farmer, Loanrigg, Slamannan
Thomas, brush maker, Pleasance
Niven Margaret, innkeeper, 97 Bainsford
Nobel's Explosives Company , Limited, dynamite manufacturers,
West Quarter Factory, Redding, Polmont station— A. A.
Cn tuber t, manager ; George Smith, resident manager ;
office, 149 West George st. Glasgow
North British & Mercantile Insurance Office— William Donaldson,
53 High st. & W. & G. Bowie Young, 99 High Bt. agents
Northern Insurance Office, Clydesdale Bank, High st — James S.
Hay, agent
Norval Charles, baker, 19 Back row
John, spirit dealer, Slamannan
William, grocer, Laurieston
O'CONNOR John, shopkeeper, 13 Back row
Oddfellows' Hall, Western avenue. Grahamston
Ogilvie Rev. Duncan, d.d. South TJ. P. Manse, Cow wynd
O'May Daniel, glass merchant, Newmarket st ; res. Woodlands
Orr Robert, manufacturing chemist (James Ross & Co.), Wallside
Owens Agnes, pawnbroker, 15 Wooer st
. John, butter & egg dealer, 3 Tolbootn st
Stephen, furniture dealer & clothier, 4 Tolbooth st. & 5 & 6
Wooer st; res. Rose Park Cottage
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 & 14 Back row
PAGE George Deas, architect & surveyor, Newmarket st
Park & Son, farmers, Gilston, Polmont
Parkhouse Iron Co. general ironfounders & manufacturers of open
& close fire ranges, Parkhouse Iron Works — William Mit-
chell, managing partner — See advertisement
Parochial Board & Rate Offices — See Public Buildings
Paterson Rev. Alexander, Campfield Villa, Grahamston
Paton George, farmer, Thornbank
Paul Thomas, bookseller, printer, &c. 142 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Peake J. physician, Woodlands
Pearson George R. clerk, Go wan avenue, Grahamston
Thomas, supervisor of inland revenue, Pleasance Cottage,
Peddie-Waddell Alexander, Esq. Balquhastone House, Slamannan
Peebles David M. bank agent, Redding House, Polmont
Henry, clerk, Newmarket st
Phillip David, baker, 94 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. — John Thomson, 146 High st. & James
A. Henderson, National Bank of Scotland, Limited, Kirk
â– wynd, agents
Pollock Helen, Bmallware dealer, 136 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Poor House, Parkfoot
Post Office, Newmarket st
Potter Mr. James, Olenfuir House [hamston
â–  James & Co. timber merchants & brick & tile makers, Gra-
Prettis John, nail makor, Laurieston
EAE E. & A. milliners, Camelon
v—» John, eating house keeper 1$ High, gt
79i— A-R
Railway Passengers' Assurance Co.— William Donaldson, Bank of
Scotland, High st. & James S. Hay, Clydesdale Bank, High
st. agents
Stations— See Public Buildings
Rankin e James, butcher, 162 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Mary, spirit dealer, Slamannan
Rankinc Robert W. maker of the favourite Lowland
Malt Whisky, Rosebank Distillery ; res. Kosehank
Rankine's Halt, Raukine's Folly— Mary Rankine, proprietor
Redding Colliery Company, coal masters, Redding,
Polmont station— Archibald Campbell, manager ;
depot, Springfield siding, Grahamston
Redding Co-operative Society, grocers, drapers & bakers, Redding,
Polmont station
Reid Mrs. — , Prospect hill
- Rev. Archibald, F. C. Manse, Slamannan
Brothers, quarry owners, Polmont
- Hugh, farmer, Shield Hill
- James, farmer, Goosedubs
John, tailor & draper, Slamannan
John H. tailor & clothier, Slamannan
Rennie A. C. clothier, 93 Hi^h st ; res. South pleasance
- J. C. & Co. flour & corn merchants, Grahamston Flour Mills,
- Mr. James, Go wan Bank
- John, farmer, Craigieburn
- John, grocer & spirit dealer, 174 High st
- John Cook, flour, &c. merchant (J. C. Rennie & Co.), Gowan-
bank, Grahamston
- William, farmer, Tippet Craig
William, farmer, Parkbead, Slamannan
Renton William, grocer, Camelon
Retson Miles B. hairdresser, Wilson's buildings, High st. & tobacco-
nist, 20 Kirk wynd
Richards F. D. collector of inland revenue, Bank st
Richardson James, master mariner, 29 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Richmond James, linen, &c. draper, 155 High at
Riddoch Robert, confectioner, 19 High st
Uigg John, Blue Bell Hotel, 105 High.st
Rintoul Lawrence, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Garrison place;
res. West Bridge st
Oliver, chandler, 61 West Bridge st
Robb John, farmer, Greenhill, Slamannan
Roberts Alexander, spirit dealer, 199 High st
James &Sons, coach builders, Commercial court, 146 High st
â–  Jane, Berlin wool & fancy repository, 134 High st
â–  Robert, flesher, Laurieston
William, saddler, Polmont [hamston
Robertson Daniel A. L, mining engineer, South Russell st. Gra-
David, baker & confectioner, 168 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Helen, milliner, 23 High st
James, shopkeeper, Laurieston
Mrs. Jane, Benview
John, grocer, Wallace st. Grahamston
Ronald Archibald, farmer, Dorrator
Roper George, hosiery manufacturer, Newmarket st
Ross Gregory, tailor, 9 High st
Mr. James, Arnotdale
Ross James & Co. manufacturing chemists & tar dis-
tillers, benzole, toluole, solvent naphtha, burning
naphtha, carbolic acid, anthracene, pitch & creosote
oils, pitch, coal tar, sulphate of ammonia, paraffin
oil & lubricating mineral oils, Lime Wharf Chemical
Works, Camelon
Ross John, hatter, 103 High st
Rev. William, Polmont
Roy Robert P. engineer, South Russell st. Grahamston [agents
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 2 High st — John & W. K. Gair,
Rule Henry, grocer, Gowan's avenue, Grahamston
Russel & Aitken, solicitors & notaries, Ring's court, High st
Russell Alexander, grocer & wine & spirit dealer, 108 High st; res.
Burnhead lane
Henry, brassfounder (Falkirk Brassfoundry Co.), Lady's Mill
William, clerk, Russell st. Grahamston
William, baker, 197 High st. & at Carron
SAMUEL William, tailor, Redding
Sanderson John, boot & shoe maker, Slamannan
William, builder & mason, Meeks rd
Sandilands Thomas, tailor, 102 High st
Science & Art School, Park st— Andrew Wilson, principal
Scobbie Alexander, grocer, Carron Shore
Scott Andrew, master mariner, Orchard st
Andrew, iron merchant $ jobbing blacksmith, Silver row
James, joiner & glazier, Bainsford
Rev. John, Camelon
John, innkeeper, Camelon
John T. baker, Robert's wynd
William, farmer, Townhead, Slamannan
, William, joiner, Polmont
Scottish Accident Insurance Co.— James H. Burns, Burns' court,
High st. agent
Equitable Life Assurance Society— Josiah Cox, 2 Robert's wynd,
& James Strang, 102 High st. agents — See advertisement
Imperial Insurance Office — Thomas Gentles, King's court, High
st: John Gentles, Polmont; & Charles Y. Johnston, Wil-
son's buildings, High st. agents [agent
Legal Life Assurance Co. — David Cooper, South Russell st.
Life Assurance Co. — Charles S. Gauld, 138 High st. agent
Provident Institution — James S. Hay, Clydesdale Bank, agent
Provincial Insurance Co.— Andrew Allan, solicitor, Newmarket
St. agent
Union & National Insurance Co. — Wm. Black & Borthwick
Watson, King's court, High st. agent
WidowB' Fund Assurance Office— Charles Y. Johnston, Wilson's
buildings, High st. agent
Shalliday Margaret J. dressmaker, 41 Graham's rd. GrahaniBton
Shanks David, farmer, Nappiefaulds, Slamannan
Henry, farmer, Hillend, Slamannan
James, farmer, Overton, Polmont
— - Robert, farmer, Slamannait

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