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Johnston Mrs. Barbara, Woodville
Charles, painter, 63 West Bridge Bt
Charles, shopkeeper, 4 Wooer st |vulo
. Charles Y. solicitor, Wilson's buildings, High st ; res. Wood-
Frederick, publisher of the Falkirk Herald & Linlithgow
Journal, Woodville
James, joiner, Polmont
James, temperance hotel, 76 High st
James, farmer, Limerigg, Slamannan
Mr. John, Springbank Cottage, Polmont
John, farmer, Reddoch, Polmont
Robert, farmer, Muir House
Thomas, butcher, 5 Kirk wynd
Thomas, farmer, Lodge, Slamannan [station
Thomas & Son, grocers & spirit dealers, Redding, Polmont
Jupp Andrew, music seller, Vicars st
KAY James, farmer, Newlands, Polmont
Kellow Henry E. station master, Slamannan
Kennard A. C. Esq. Falkirk Iron Works
Kennedy David, tailor, 13 High st
Kerr Alexander, tobacconist, 138 Graham's rd. Grahamston
— — James, tailor, Glebe st
William, traveller, 71 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Kidd Alexander, blacksmith, Slamannan
James, blacksmith, 143 Graham's rd. Grahamston
James, blacksmith, Cow wynd
Thomas, blacksmith, Lint Riggs
Kier Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 104 High st; res. Newlands
Kinnear James, messenger-at-arms, Chapel la
Kirk William, spirit dealer, Bainsford
Kirkwood Alexander, baker & confectioner, 157 High st
John, baker, 184 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Robert, spirit dealer, Camelon
William, spirit dealer, 9 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Kuox Thomas, innkeeper, Camelon
Thomas, joiner, Camelon
LAING & Co. grocers, 86 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Archibald, farmer, Overton, Polmont
Charles, baker, Slamannan
James, boot & shoe maker, 147 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Laird Charles, joiner, Carron Shore
Lancashire & Yorkshire Accident Insurance Co.— W. & G. Bowie
Young, High st. agents
Laurie A. & Son, cart & wheelwrights, Cow wynd & Camelon
Mr. James, Brighton, Polmont
— Thomas & Co. telegraph engineers & electricians, Midland
Electric Works, Falkirk— See advertisement
Laurieston Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, Laurieston
Law Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 100 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Lawrie James, quarry owner, Polmont
Lawson A. W. veterinary surgeon, Wilson's buildings, High st
Learmonth Mrs. — , Kirk Park, Polmont
A. & Co. butchers, 116 High st
— — Andrew, joiner, Polmont
John & James, builders & masons, Laurieston
, Robert H. grocer & spirit dealer, 120 High st
Mr. Thomas, Park Hall, Polmont
William, farmer, Bowhouse, Polmont
William & Co. grocers & wine & spirit dealers, Polmont staiion
Leckie Agnes, grocer & draper, Redding, Polmont station
Janet, grocer & draper, Redding, Polmont station
Lee James Watson, teacher of music, Glebe buildings ; res. Meets rd
Lees Isabella, householder, Orchard st
Leishman William, shopkeeper, 22 Bainsford
Lennox Robert B. grocer, 77 High st; res. Meeks rd
William G. grocer, 69 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Leslie George, surgeon, Old Manse, Kirk wynd
James, bookseller, 149 High st
Robert, hosier, 89 High st
Liddell Mrs. — , farmer, Bellsrigg, Polmont
Mrs. — , Mount Pleasant House
John, innkeeper, 105 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Liddle George, schoolmaster, Southern Public School, Park st
Life Association of Scotland Insurance Co.— James Wilson,
Institute buildings ; John Gartshore, Garrison place ; &
C. S. Gauld, 138 High st. agents [Slamannan
Limerigg Coal Co. coal masters, Limerigg & Drumclair Collieries,
Lindsay Peter, spirit dealer, Laurieston
Liverpool & London & Globe Assurance Office, Robert's wynd—
Josiah Cox, agent
Livingston Mr. John, West Quarter House, Redding,Polmont station
London & Newcastle Tea Co. tea dealers, 86 High st
Guarantee & Accident Insurance Co. Limited— Andrew Allan,
Newmarket Bt. agent
Longwill Ann, dairy keeper, 195 High st
Lorn Elizabeth M. innkeeper, 26 Silver row
J. & R. joiners & cartwrights, Glebe st
John, brusbmaker, Bank st
Lundholm Carl O. manager, Polmont Cottage, Polmont
Lundie Denis, auctioneer & spirit dealer, Kirk wynd & 1 Back row
Lynagh Patrick, grocer, Back row
Lyon Thomas, chemist, 54 High st ; res. Park st
M' ALLEY James, manufacturing chemist, Castle Laurie Acid Works
M'Allister Thomas, pawnbroker, Slamannan
William, spirit dealer, Slamannan
M'Beth Peter, manager, Parkfoot
Al'Cabe Arthur, spirit dealer, 17 Back row, & cooper, 22 Back row
Maccal Thomas S. Esq, j.p., m.d., f.h.s. (of Midnewlands), Hay Park,
M'Callum Duncan, marine engineer, George st. Grahamston
M'Crae John, bootmaker, Howgate
M'Catcheon William, slater, 214 Graham's rd. Grahamston
M'Donald Alexander, draper, Carron Shore
• Archibald, master mariner, 76% Graham's rd. Grahamston
â–  Daniel, superintendent of police, Hope st
M'Donald John, innkeeper, 2 Back row
John, station master, Grahamston station
M'Dougall William, master mariner, Alina st. Grahamston
M'Ewen Jane, grocer & spirit dealer, Can-on Shore
M'Fadden James, bootmaker, Back row
M'Fall Jessie M. shopkeeper, Polmont
M'Farlane Thomas, clothes broker, 4 Graham's rd. Grahamston
William, farmer, Todsbuchts, Slamannan
M'Ginty Cornelius, clothes broker, 29 & 33 Back row
M'Greal Hugh, bootmaker, Back row
M'Gregor Misses — , school, Hazelmere
Macgregor James, printer, 21 High st ; res. Glebe st
M'Gregor James, slater, Pleasance
M'Grouther Elizabeth, innkeeper, Parkfoot [terrace
M'Intosh Gilbert, grocer & spirit dealer, 51 High st; res. Woodlands
Robert, veterinary surgeon, Brockville House, Hope st
M'Intyre Elizabeth, clothes broker, SO Back row
M'Kendrick & Son, fishmongers, 80 High st
M'Kenzie Mrs. — , farmer, Parkhead
Rev. Colin C. Hope st
Duncan & Co. tailors, 100 High st
Edward, Railway Inn, Parkfoot
James, grocer & draper, Glen "Village [Slamannan
M'Killop James, coal master (Nimmo & Co.), Benniehill House,
M'Kinnie William, biscuit agent, Vicars st
M'Laren Alexander, fiesher, 35 High st
Mr. John, The Neuk, Polmont
William, timber merchant & manufacturing chemist, Grahams-
ton ; res. Gowan avenue
M'Lay Mrs. — , Redding, Polmont station
Archibald, blacksmith, 146 High st
M'Lean Charles, blacksmith, Slamannan
James, hairdresser, 98 High st
M'Lintock Matthew, joiner, Slamannan
M'Luckie John, householder, Braeside
Margaret, spirit dealer, 185 High st
M'Nab John, boot & shoe maker, Carron Shore
M'Nair Robert, surgeon, 78 Graham's rd. Grahamston
M'Nay Lizzie, fruiterer, Kirk wynd
M'Nee Robert, blacksmith, Polmont station
M'Neil James, agent for Callendar Coal Co. Howgate
M'Nie Andrew, bootmaker, 81 Bainsford
M'Pherson Miss Jane, Polmont
M'Roberts John, householder, Kerse la
McSimon Mr. John, Arbuthnott, Camelon
M'Target Walter, timber merchant, Camelon
M'Vean Mrs. Helen, South Russell st. Grahamston
M'Vey Mr. Alexander, 23 Graham's rd. Grahamston
M'Watters Stewart, householder, 92 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Main J. & A. joiners, West Bridge st
J. & C. milliners, Newmarket st
James, farmer, Millflats
John, baker, Camelon
John, joiner & builder, Slamannan
William, farmer, Balmitchell, Slamannan
Malcolm Alice, Crown Inn, 18 High st
William, farmer, Bothkennar
Mann Anderson, watchmaker, 118 High st
Marshall Mrs. — , farmer, New House
Alexander, innkeeper, 11 Vicars st
â–  Alexander, tailor & clothier, Slamannan
James, soda water manufacturer, Garthall
John, farmer, Faulddubs
— : — John, farmer, Threeprig
William, farmer, Jaw Craig, Slamannan
William, farmer, Westerton, Bothkennar
Martin John, farmer, Highstanerig
John, bootmaker, 124 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Robert, farmer, Jaw
Thomas, farmer, Muirpark, Polmont
William, farmer, Guardrum
Masterton Jane, dressmaker, Meeks rd
Mathams Rev. J. Booth pi
Mathieson Robert, baker, 70 High st ; res. Woodlands ter
William, manager (Springfield Foundry Co.), Orchard Cottage
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 212 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Matthew William, newsagent, Wilson's buildings, High st
Maxwell Henry R. householder, Comely park
— James, bricklayer, Bainsford
James, innkeeper, Robert's wynd
John, blacksmith, Graham's rd. Grahamston
• John D. spirit dealer, Laurieston
Maybole Boot & Shoe Shop, Slamannan
Meikle John, farmer, Balmulzier, Slamannan
John C; grocer, Polmont
Robert, farmer, Polmont bill
Meiklejohn James, grocer, 94 High st
MelviUe Mrs. — , Kerse hill
Charles, boot & shoe maker, 32 High st
â–  Henry, railway inspector, Kerse lane
Mrs. Jane, 91 Graham's rd. Grahamston
John H. timber merchant (R. Melville & Co.), Eriden
Miss Margaret, Park st
Robert, plumber, Bell's wynd, High st [hamston
Robert & Co. timber merchants, &c. St. John's Saw Mills, Gra-
Menzies Mrs. Martha, 83 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Merry James, cashier, 1 Dawson ter. Carron [Arnothill
Meurs Hugo Von, principal of the Falkirk Academy, Hochf eld House,
Mickel Patrick, plumber, brassfounder, zinc worker, wire worker &
riddle maker', Bank st — See advertisement
Millan William, coach builder, West Bridge st
"Miller David, timber merchant (Christie & Miller), Parkfoot
Henry, tobacconist, 204 Graham's rd. Grahamston
James, shopkeeper, Bainsford
James, farmer, Seafield
James, farmer, Wester Glen
John L. grocer, 9 Bainsford
Robert, jun. farmer, Seabegs

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