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[wynd, High st
wareroom, Swords
Falkirk Iron Company, ironfounders & manufacturers of registers,
ranges, &c. Falkirk Iron Works — Registered trade mark,
" Falkirk " — George Binnie, manager
Joint Stock Gas Co. Grahamston — Andrew Allan, secretary ;
office, Newmarket st
■ Lighting Co. Limited, Callendar rd — James Aitken, secretary;
office, King's court, High st — William Thomson, manager
(The) Academy, Arnothill gardens — Hugo Von Meurs,
Workhouse, Parkfoot
Ferguson Mrs. — , farmer, Greenrig
& Bell, painters, paperhangers, &c. 48 High st
Charlotte, confectioner, 40 High st
James, butcher, 122 Graham's rd. Grahamston
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 High st
John, farmer, Loanfoot
Findlay John, farmer, Randiford
Finlay Thomas, grocer, Robert's wynd
William, cabinet maker, Lint Riggs
Finlayson James, tailor & clothier, 115 High st; res. Orchard st
John, painter, 106 Graham's rd. Grahamston
John, auctioneer & valuator, Newmarket st
William, tailor, 156 High st
Fisher Robert, blacksmith, Slamannan
Fitzpatrick Johu, draughtsman, Alma st. Grahamston
Flannigan Patrick, pawnbroker, Bank Bt ; res. Rose park
Fleming Agnes, confectioner, 15b High st
Helen, confectioner, Vicars st
James, farmer, Wester Carmuirs
f— — j Reid & Co. knitting worsteds, 68 High st ; works, Greenock
Robert, fruiterer; 175 High st
Robert, assistant inspector of poor, Cow wynd
Thomas, watchmaker, 86 High st
Flockhart Thomas, grocer, 103 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Forbes William, grocer & spirit dealer, 166 High st
William, Esq. Callander House
Ford George, grocer, Cockburn st
Forgie Mrs; Isabella, George st, Grahamston
John, joiner & cabinet maker, Back row
â–  William, druggist, 105 High st
Forrester Ebenezer, farmer, Dyke.
— — Mr. George, Rosehill, Polmont
James, bootmaker, Slamannan
James, inspector of poor, Carron Shore
Robert (trustees of), coal masters, Roughrigg, Slamannan
Robert; mason, Avonbridge, Slamannan
Forsyth Alexander, photographer, 92 Graham's rd. Grahamston
â–  George, bootmaker, Camelon
• James, draper, 88 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Forth & Clyde Iron Co. manufacturers of registers, ranges, stoveB,
rain water goods, furnace pans, enamelled baths, Berlin
black & tile registers, Forth & Clyde Iron Works
Franks Joseph, householder, South RuBSell st. Grahamston
FraBer A. Duncan, surgeoD,40 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Frew R. S. bookseller, 152 Graham's rd. Grahamston
GAFF William, joiner, Redding
Gair John, solicitor (John & W. K. Gair), Kilns House
â–  John & W. K. solicitors & agents for the Royal Bank of Scot-
land, & procurators fiscal for the eastern district of Stirling-
shire, County buildings
William K. solicitor (John & W. K. Gair), Carron Park, Larbert
Gallie James, farmer, Yonderhaugh
James, farmer, Bothkennar
John, farmer, Bothkennar
Gardner James, builder & mason, Wellside ter
John, builder, Park ter
— ■ — Mary, householder, Park ter
Robert, watchmaker, Slamannan
William, farmer, Craigs, Polmont
Gartshore John, grain merchant (Joseph GartBhore & Sons), Bank
of Scotland buildings, High st
• JoBeph, grain merchant (Joseph Gartshore & Sons), Garrison pi
Joseph & Sons, grain merchants, nurserymen & seedsmen,
agents for implements, manures, &c. Garrison pi
Gas Works, Callendar rd
Works (Joint Stock), Grahamston ; office, Newmarket st
Works, Slamannan, Slamannan Gas Co. proprietors
Gass William, hosier, 67 West Bridge st
Gauld Charles S. bank agent, 188 High st
Gemmell James, coal master, West Langrig, Slamannan
Janet, linen, &a. draper, Slamannan
General Insurance Co. Robert Cunningham, Glebe buildings
Gentleman Mrs. Annie, Booth pi
P. & J. & Co. linen, &c. drapers, 85 High st
â–  John, blacksmith, Avonbridge, Slamannan
Gentles John, inspector of poor & collector of rates, Polmont
Thomas, actuary to the National Security Savings Bank, &
registrar of births, deaths & marriages, King's court;
res. Parkville
William, baker, Polmont
GettingB Thomas, upholsterer, Buchanan court
Gibson John E. ironfounder (Camelon Iron Co.), Aruot Hill Villa
Thos. solicitor, & clerk to Burgh School Board, Newmarket st;
res. Booth pi
Gilchrist William, dairy keeper, 49 West Bridge st
Gilles Robert, farmer, Castlecary
Gillespie Alexander, tinsmith, Slamannan
Andrew, spirit dealer, 20 Graham's rd. Grahamston
John, farmer, Mintquarter
John, carrier from Falkirk to Glasgow, Camelon Bridge ;
res. Callendar rd
• Margaret, confectioner, 112 High st
Mrs. Mary, Claremont
â–  â–  Peter, farmer, Bonnyside
Gillon Peter, hatter, Back row
Glegg Margaret, milliner, 202 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Gow Robert, spirit dealer, 184 High st
William, spirit dealer, 196 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Gowans John, monumental sculptor, West Bridge st
Grady Rev. William, Hope st
Graham Mr. Alexander, Bathfield, Vicars st
& M'Nee, farmers, Nicolton, Polmont
â–  George, grocer & spirit dealer, 83 High st
John, miller, Jaw Mill
â–  John, painter & paperhanger,24 Kirk wynd ; res. Newmarket
John, farmer, Inchyra Grange, Polmont
Peter, flesher, 96 Graham's rd. Grahamston [Park
William, ironfounder (Callendar Iron Co.), Forth View Villa,
Grahamston & Bainsford Co-operative Society, grocers, drapers,
butchers, & boot & shoe makers, 160 Graham's rd. Gra-
hamston, Newmarket st. and Bainsford
Grahamston Iron Co. ironfounders & manufacturers of rain-
water goods, stoves, ornamental work &, general castings,
Grahamston Foundry — William T. Mitchell, managing
partner — See advertisement
Grainger Alexander, master mariner, 24 Graham's rd. Grahamston
James, flour, &o. merchant (J. C. Rennie & Co.), John st.
Thomas, flesber, 65 High st
Grangemouth Coal Co. coal masters & fire-brick &c. makers,
Grangemouth— George G. Mackay, managing partner
Grant Peter, farmer, Barley Mill
Peter, saddler, Slamannan
Gray J. Cooke, principal, Blairlodge School, Polmont Btation
James, farmer, Redbrae
John, farmer, Middlerigg, Slamannan
â–  William, miller, New Mill, Slamannan
William, superintendent of Prudential Assurance Co. Meeks rd
Griffiths Azariah, housekeeper, Clyde Cottage
Grindlay Margaret, spirit dealer, Swords wynd
Grosart Alexander, master mariner, 32 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Guardian Insurance Co.— Charles Y. Johnston, Wilson's buildings,
High st. agent
HADDEN David, physician, 11 High st
Had^ow James, grocer (James Haddow & Co.), 44 Graham's rd
James & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, Glebe buildings
Haig David, surgeon, 26 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Hamilton Alexander, farmer, Rushbush
Govan N. watchmaker & jeweller, 29 High st
James & Co. pawnbrokers, 8 & 10 Bank st
John, news dealer, Slamannan
Mrs. Mary, 87 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Robert Y. bookseller, Glebe buildings ; res. Park ter
Mr. William, Laurieston
â–  William, coal merchant, Springfield siding, Grahamston
William, saddler, 66 High st ; res. Parkfoot Cottage
William B. butcher, 15 High st
Hand-in-Haud Insurance Co.— Charles Y.Johnston, Wilson's build-
ings, High st. agent
Hardie Mr. Graham, Hillside
J. & M. milliners & dressmakers, 5 High st
— - Robert, farmer, Little Kerse, Polmont
Harley Archibald, greengrocer, 49 Bainsford
Hai-rison William & Son, nail makers, Camelon
Harvey Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 57 Bainsford
Rachel, grocer, Slamannan
Haxton Jessie, picture frame maker, 23 High st
Hay James, farmer. Kelt
James S. agent to the Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 133 High st
Matthew & Son, coal masters, Slamannan
Thomas, shopkeeper, Bainsford
Heeps Simon, innkeeper, Redding, Polmont station
Henderson James A. bank agent, Kirk wynd
John, foreman, 10 High st
William, furniture dealer, 3 High st
William, spirit dealer, 163 High st
Hendry John, innkeeper, 83 Bainstord
Higgins William, cabinet maker, High st
Hill Robert, butcher, 114 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Hodge William, farmer, Awalls, Polmont
Hope William, tailor, 87 High st
Home Johu, schoolmaster & registrar of birLhs, deaths & mar-
riages, Slamannan
â–  Rev. Robert S. Manse, Slamannan
Hosie William, tobacconist, 82 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Hudson Harry, hairdresser, Wilson's buildings
Hume Mrs. — , Wellside terrace
Hunter Alexander, innkeeper, Carron Shore
Andrew, boot & shoe maker, Polmont
Antonia, spirit dealer, 120 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Rev. James, Laurieston
John M. saddler, Newmarket st; res. Woodlands
William & Co. tailors & clothiers, 130 High st
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co. prussiate of potaBh manufacturers,
Camelon ; office, 115 Wellington st— John Miller, manager
Hutton W. & A. Railway Hotel, High st
IMRIE John, farmer, Crossgatehead, Polmont
iDglis David, farmer, Powdrake, Polmont
Inland Revenue Office, Bank st — Thomas Pearson, supervisor
Insurance Co. of Scotland— George D. Page, architect, Newmarket
st. & C. S. Gauld, 138 Hill Bt. agents
Ironside Robert, grocer, 6 Kirk wynd
Irvine John, confectioner, Graham's rd. Grahamston
William, bookseller & newsagent, Slamannan
Irving Mrs. — , Arnot hill
JAMIESON Alexander, newsagent, Camelon
Andrew, clerk, 2 Dawson terrace, Carron
Jarvie Charles, clothes broker, 6 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Jeffrey Charles, bookseller & stationer, 97 High st; res. 85 Gra
ham's rd. Grahamston
Jenkins John, grocer & spirit dealer, Carron Shore
Jobling George H. dairy keeper, Pleasance
Johnston & Callander, painters, 169 High st

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