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For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, §c. see list at end of Classification of Trades.
ABBOTS Foundry Company, ironfounders and manu-
facturers of rain water goods & plumbers' castings, register stoves
& tile stoves, furnace pans, Ac. Abbots Iron Works, Canal bank
Abercrombie David, spirit dealer, Redding, Polmont station
Abercromby James, spirit dealer, Bainsford
Accident & Marine Assurance Corporation — James A. Henderson,
National Bank, Kirk wynd, agent
Adam Misses — , Springbank
Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, Cockburn st [Howgate
â–  Alexander, iron & steel merchant & lock &. hinge manufacturer,
— M. dairy keeper, Cockburn st
William, spirit dealer, 160 High st
Adamson Rev. Thomas, Free Church Manse, Arnot hill
Addison Mrs. Margaret, Williamiield
Aitchison Rev. James, Erskine Manse
Aitken Alexander, grocer, spirit dealer & corn factor, 145 High at
— — David, baker, 10 Kirk wvnd
Mrs. Helen B. L. Schawfield
-7— Mr. Henry, Darroch
James, farmer, Forgan Hall
James, farmer, Newlands, Redding
James, solicitor (Russell & Aitken), & clerk to the heritors of
the parish of Falkirk, King's court, High st; res. Darroch -
— ■ — James & Co. brewers & maltsters, Falkirk Brewery, New
market st
John, householder, 79 Graham's rd. GrahamBton
— — Jphn, brewer, &c. (Aitken & Co.), Gartcows
— — Mrs. Mary, Park st
- — — Peter, shopkeeper, Newmarket st
Altkenhead Mrs. — , farmer, Darurjg
- — "William, land steward, Rougnlands, Carron
Alexander Alexander, draper (T. & A. Alexander), Alma st
. James, baker, Carron
â–  T. & A. drapers, Glebe buildings
â–  Thomas, draper (T. & A. Alexander), Salton Cottage
William, grocer, Polmont
Allan Andrew, solicitor & notary, secretary to the Falkirk Joint
Stock Gas Company, clerk & treasurer to the School Boards
of Polmont & Slamannan, & Liberal agent for Falkirk Dis-
trict of Boroughs & Eastern district of Stirlingshire, New-
market st; res. Garthill
John, farmer, Tamfour hill
William, farmer, PirLey hill
William Bruce, surgeon, 27 Graham's rd. Grahaniston
Anderson A. & G. coal masters, Crossbill & Nattyiaulds. Slamannan
'. A. & Son, tailors & clothiers, Newmarket st [Russell st
Alexander, clothier (A. Anderson & Son), Sylyan House, South
George, coal master (A. & G, Anderson),.Moss Castle, Slamannan
George, householder, Hyde Park, Arnot hill
Rev. George, Bothkennar Manse
Isabella, spirit dealer, Polmont
Rev. James, PolmoDt
James, cabinet maker, 104 Glaham's rd. Grahamston
James, linen, &c. draper, Bainsford
Rev. John, Orchard st
— — John, farmer, Summer House, Polmont
- — Peter, wheelwright, Boyd -at. Grahamston
Arnot David, ironmonger, gasfitter, &c. 181 High st ; res. Woodside
Arthur John, boot & shoe maker, 22 Kirk wynd
— — Mary, householder, Bute st. Grahamston
Thomas, clerk, Bute st. Grahamston
Mr. William, Balcastle, Slamannan
Assembly Rooms, Wilson's buildings, High st— trustees of John
Wilson, proprietors ; William Matthew, keeper
BACON James, newsagent, 137 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Baillie Lady Mary, Manuel House, Muiravonside 3
Bain James, tobacconist & fishing tackle dealer, 11 Kirk wynd
Baird Mrs. — , Prospect bank
Alexander, timber merchant (J. Baird & Co.), Prospect bank
Henry, farmer, Abbot's Grange, Polmont [ton
— J. & Co. timber merchants, &c. Springfield Saw Mills, Grahams-
- — John, timber merchant (J. Baird & Co.), Prospect bank
Margaret, dairy keeper, 24 High st [Bridge Bt
I R. & W. tanners, curriers & leather merchants, East &West
Baird Robert, tanner (R. & W. Baird), Birchfield
William, tanner {R. & W. Baird), Prospect bank
Ballantine Janet, Black Bull Inn, Polmont
William, road surveyor, Hawthorn Villa, Laurieston
Ballantyne James, farmer, Jaw Craig
Bamforth Thomas, mauager, 54 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 53 High st— David M. Peebles, agent
Branch, Slamannan — Thomas Mitchell, agent
Barber David, spirit dealer, 170 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Barbour Catherine, householder, Orchard st
Barnsmuir Coal Co. coal masters, Slamannan
Barr George, pawnbroker (James Hamilton & Co.), Bank st
Robert, soda water manufacturer, Burnfoot
Barraclough Edwin, tobacconist, 119 High st
Barrie Thomas, spirit dealer, 102 High st
Barron William, tailor, Polmont
Bauchop James, innkeeper, Laurieston
Baxter John, tailor, Slamannan
Margaret, milliner, Slamannan
Beeby John, inspector of poor, Robert's wynd ; res. 1 Booth place
Begg Agnes, smallware dealer, 139 High st
Charles, grain & potato merchant, Bank st
Rev. William, The Manse, Arnot hill
Bell James, fruiterer, 171 Graham's rd. Grahamston
John, master mariner, Laurieston
- — - Robert, Esq. sheriff substitute, Belmont House
William, painter (Ferguson & Boll), Pleasance square
Bennie Alexander, flesher, Slamannan
Matthew, ironmonger, Slamannan
Beveridge Andrew, druper, Slamannan
Binnie Ann, householder, Russell st. Grahamston
George, ironfouuder (Callendar Iron Co.) Park ter
George, manager (Falkirk Iron Co.), The Elms, Arnot hill
Jamea, clerk, Camelon park
Mary, milliner, Laurieston
Thomas, auctioneer, appraiser, & live stock agent, Falkirk
Auction Mart; res. Marchmont
Bishop Robert, bricklayer, Pleasance gardens £High st
Black A. & W. civil engineers, architects & surveyors, King's court,
Peter, butcher, Polmont
William, civil engineer, &c. (A. & W. Black), WeUside
William & Son, coal masters, Southfield, Slamannan
Blackadder Brothers, engineers & millwrights, Garrison Foundry,
Garrison place
Helen, Berlin wool repository, 60 High st
Richard, grocer & baker, Carron Shore
Thomas, engineer (Blackadder Brothers), Garrison Cottage jton
William, engineer (Blackadder Brothers), Meeks rd. Grahams-
Blah" James, farmer, Hardlands, Bothkennar
Margaret, innkeeper, Abbotshaugh
Blairlodge School. Polmont station— principal, J.
Cooke Gray; W. Ray, vice-principal
Bogle Robert, master mariner, Park st
Borland Margaret, innkeeper, 6 Robert's wynd
Robert, ironmonger, Glebe buildings
Borthwick John, butcher, 171 High st
Bow Robert, coal agent, Springfield siding, GrahamBton
Bowie James, farmer, Maine, Bothkennar
Young W. & G. solicitors, 99 High st
Boyd George, farmer, Lippy
Henry, blacksmith, Little Kerse, Polmont
John, farmer, Babbit hill, Slamannan
— John, physician, Slamannan
William, farmer, Moss Castle, Slamannan
William, spirit dealer, Slamannan
Boyles Benjamin N. auctioneer, 48 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Brown Alexander, grocer & baker, Slamannan
■ — ■ George, grocer & spirit dealer, Camelon
George, joiner, Kerse Lane Cottage
Helen, grocer, 11 East Bridge st
James, bootmaker, Glebe buildings
James, dairy keeper, Howgate
Thomas, spirit dealer, 122 High st [ton
Walter, tobacconist, 50 High st; res. 49 Graham's rd. Grahams-

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