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FARMERS— continued.
Nisbet Gavin, Barbauchlaw Mains
Peat George, Balmuir
Provan George, Wester Torbane
Robb Jolin, Colinshiels
Robb John, Springfield
Russell Alexander, Mossidc
Russell Janet & James, Dykesido
Russell Robert, Balgornie
Scott William, Tailend
Shields James, Drumcross Hall & Byres
Sinclair John, Cowdenhead
Smith Alexander, Tarrareoch
Smith Mary, West Mains
Steel James, Bimie Hill
Todd William, Starlaw
Waddell John, Easter Inch
Walker James & Robert, Tippet hill
Walker Thomas, Eastoun
Walker William, West Mains [Couston
Wyllie James & Paterson Robert, South
Young William, Whitelaw
Addison Abrani, Wester Woodsido
Arklay Thomas, Bridge House
Arthur William, Bishopry
Binnie James, Bowdon HU1
Bruce William & Son, Torphichen Mains
Cameron Alexander, Slackend
Chupman Thomas, Newhouse
Dalziel Alexander, Gormyre
Donald — , Westfield
Ferrer William Cochrane, Birkenshaw
Forbes William (trustees of), Lochcote
Gardner Henry, SlrathmiU
Gardner James, Hilderston
Gentleman John, West Craigmaurie
Gentleman John, East Craigmaurie
Gibson John, Netherhill House
Gowans James, Gowan Bank
Kerr James, Hilderston hill
M'Gregor Robert, Easter Redburn
M'Kay Peter & James, West craigs
M'Vicar Archibald, Woodend
Main Thomas, Drumtassie
Marshall Thomas, Kelmonhead
Neilson Joseph, Mosshouse
NeBbet Robert, Broompark
Nesbet Robert, Gormyre
Robb John, Overhill House
Robertson David, Crawhill
Robertson David & Son, Brunton
Robertson George, Logiebrae
Russell Matthew, Heights
Scott John, Drumelzie
Waugh John, Blackfaulds
"Wilson James, Muckran
Wyllie James, Blackridge
Young it Graham, Westertoun
Young James, Westfield
Young Robert, Drumbeg
Alliance — Wm. Johnston, 30 Mid st
Boiler Insurance & Steam Power Co. —
Davin A. M. Morrison, Engine st [Bank
Caledonian (fire) — David Simpson, Royal
Crown (life;— Laurence Gilbertson,32 Hope-
toun st [Bridge st
Edinburgh (life)— James H. Waddell, North
Insurance Company of Scotland— William
Johnston, 80 Mid st
Lancashire (fire; — Charles Allan, Marjori-
banks st. & James Gardner, Jarvey st
Life Association of Scotland— Charles
Allan, Majoribanks st. & Francis Steven-
son, National Bank
London & Lancashire (fire)— Laurence Gil-
bertson, 32 Hopetouu st
North British & Mercantile (fire & life)—
John Wright, Union Bank, & John John-
ston, National Bank [Bridge st
Phosnix (fire)— James H. Waddell, North
Prudential— James Allan, district superin-
tendent, 63 Mid st
Queen — Aitken & Gibb, Hopetouu st. & Jno.
Wright, Union Bauk [Hopetoun st
Reliance Mutual (life)— Aitken & Gibb,
Scottish Equitable (life)— Robert M'KiU,
21 Hopetoun st — Sec advertisement
Scottish Provincial— Thomas Dodds and
David A. M. Morrison, Engine st
Scottish Union & National— Jas, John-
ston, 36 Hopetoun st [Union Bank
Scottish Widows' Fund— John Wright,
Standard (life) — David Simpson, Royal
Bank, & William Johnston. Mid st
Baird William, Armadale
Black George, 31 Hopetoun st
Brodie William, Hopetoun st
Drake James, 10 Engine st
Fyfe David, jun. Armadale
Gibb William, Armadalo
Jack George, 24 Jarvey st
Jack William, 5ft Cochrane st
Jack William, 3 Engine st
Johnston Janet, 33 Hopetoun st
M'Caun John, 4t North Bridgo Bt
M'Donakl Archibald, Armadnlo
M'Gregor & Wright, Jarvey Bt
Stewart William, Armadale
Callander Alexander, Hopetouu st
Grieve James, Engine st
Jetfrey John, Armadale
Spiers John & Sons, North Bridge st
Crawford Alexander, 79 Hopetownet
Dunlop James, 54 Engine st
Marshall John, Armadale
M'Lardy Mary, 18 Engine st
Meikle Jane, 30 Engino st
Russell John, Armadale
Shaw Thomas, 61 Hopetoun st
Wallace James, North Bridge sfc
Marked thus f are also Spirit Dealers.
(See aim Sliop1:eepers t and also Vintners.)
Armadale Co-operative Society, Limited,
Armadale— James Thomson, sec
Batbgate Co-operativo Society, Limited,
Gideon st. & Engine st— George Haldane,
secretary & treasurer
Black George, 31 Hopetoun st
IBrownlie James, Armadale
+Clark James, 102 Mid st
Drake Robert, Armadale
+Finlay James, Armadale
Gillon James, Armadalo
f Gordon Henry, GS & 60 Engine st
fGordou Robert It. Cochrane st
Graham Andrew. Armadale
Lamb Jas. (provision merchant), 14 Engine st
M'Ara Alexander .B. Bathville
M'Douald Archibald, Armadale
IM'Gregor & Wright, Jarvey st
â– JMTntyrc William, Armadale
tMiickay Elizabeth, 6 Engine st
-fM'Nair Allan, Torphichen
Mail" William, Torphichen
f Mnnro Robert, 17 Jarvey st
Russell Robert, Armadale
tRussell William, 41 Hopetoun st
+Stewart Gilbert, Armadale
Thomson Maurice, Armadale
Watt George, 11 North Bridge st
1 Watt John W. Torphichen
fWilson Adam, Armadale
fWilson Agnes, Armadale
tYoung Robert, 1 Jarvey st
Gardner James, 9 Hopetoim st
Newlands John, 52 Hopetown st
[See also Vintners, and likewise Post Horses,
drc. for Hire.)
Commercial Hotel, George Simpson, 96
Engine st
Crown Hotel, Wm. W. M'Combie, Armadale
Royal Hotel (commercial & posting
establishment, within two minutes'
walk of the Railway station), Alex-
ander Stewart, proprietor, 17
Engine st
Bathgate Foundry Co. Bridgend —
Laurence Dougal, managing partner ;
head office, Edinburgh
Dickson & Mann (crucible steel), Bathville,
Armadale station
Robinson C. W. & Co. (steel forge), Avon
Steel Works, Westfield
Boyd Robert (& hardware dealer), Armadale
Gordon David R. (& seed & oil merchant), 10
Engine st
Hutton AlexaDder, Armadale [toun st
M'Clure John (& seedsman), 57 & 59 Hope-
Marshall John, Armadale
Muir Alexander F. Main st
Robertson. Robert & Son, 9 Hopetouu st
Marked thus f are also Cabinet Makers.
(Sec also Cartwrights.)
Bennie Walter, Livery st
Browu Alexander, Bridgehouse
I Callander Alexander, Hopetouu st
Gowaus John, Mid st
fGrieve James, Engine st
Hamilton John, 82 North Bridge st
Lauriston Robert (& undertaker), Armadale
Marr Andrew, Armadale
Roberts James, Torphichen
+Simpson John, Armadale
Simpson John, Blackridge
ISpiers John & Sons, NorLh Bridge st
Waugh James, Hopetoun lane
Webster Richard, Bridgend
Armadalo Co-operative Society, Limited,
Armadale— James Thomson, see
Bathgate Co-operative Society, Limited,
Gideon st. & Eugiuc st — George Haldane,
Bennett Andrew, 56 Engine st
Blair Joseph, Armadale
Boyd Ann, Armadale .
Calder William, Armadale
Gordon Henry, 58 & 60 Engine st
Gregor William, Armadale
Hardy John, 16 Engine st [Armadale
Kirsopp Henry, 12 & 14 Hopetoun st. & at
M'Clure John. 57 & 59 HoDetoun st
M'Naughton Peter, 15 & 17 Hopetoun st
Maslerton Charles, 7 Hopetouu st
Pow Thomas, Armadale
Renton Thomas W. 2 Engine st
Russell William, 41 Hopetoun st
Sihbald Thomas, 86 North Bridge st
Simpson Alexander, 24 Hopetoun st
StewartRohert, 31 North Bridge st
Sutherland Donald T. Jarvey st
Thomson Maurice, Armadale
Watt John W. Torphichen
Chapman Mungo, Milburn Cottage
Roberts William & Son, Hopetoun st
Baird James, Blackridge [crieff Mill
Chapman James {& corn merchant), Ballen-
Law William & Son, Bathgate Mill
Waugh James, Strath Mill
Bathgate Co-operative Society, Limited,
Engine st — George Haldane, secretary
Bennett Andrew, 56 Engine st
balder William, Armadale
Coure Margaret. Jarvey st
Dixon Esther, Jarvey st [Hopetoun st
Gemmel M. & N. (& fancy repository), 25
Hardy John, 16 Engine st
Johnston Helen, 4 Mid st
Kirsopp Henry ,12 & 14 Hopetoun st
M'Naughton Peter, 15 & 17 Hopetoun st
Pow Thomas, Armadalo
Sibbald Thomas, 86 North Bridge st
Stewart Robert, 31 North Bridge st
Sutherland Donald T. Jurvey st
Wilson M. Armadale
See Paraffin, etc. Oil Manufacturers.
Clark George (agent for Paterson &
Sons, Edinburgh), 24 Engine st
Gilbertson Laurence, 32 Hopetoun
Robertson Robert & Son, 9 Hopetouu st
Airdrie & Bathgate Advertiser
(Saturday), Baird & Hamilton,
publishers — George Clark, agent,
24 Engine st
West Lothian Courier (Saturday),
32 Hopetoun st— Laurence Gilbert-
son, publisher

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