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Alliance — Gavin Martin, Strathaven, &
Robert Naismith, Stonehouse [aven
Caledonian (tire)— Alexander Wilwon, Stratb-
Caledonian Plate Glass— W. R. Campbell,
Union Bank, & James Gebbie, Strathaven
English and Scottish Law Life— James
Gebbie, Strathaven
General— William Stevenson, Stonehouse
Guaranteed Manure Co.— W. R. Campbell,
Union Bank [Strathavon
Insurance Company of Scotland— G.Martin,
Life Association of Scotland — "William R.
Campbell, Strathaven, William J. Ormiston,
Strathaven, & Matthew Hamilton, Stonehouse
Lancashire — Matthew Hamilton, Stonehouse
Liverpool & London & Globe — William R.
Campbell, Strathaven [Strathaven
National Provident — William J. Orcniston,
North British & Mercantile — Thomas
Tennent, Bank of Scotland, & William J.
Ormiston, Royal Bank of Scotland
Northern— William J. Ormiston, Strathaven,
& William Stevenson, Stonehouse
Northern Accident — Alexander Wilson,
Strathaven [aven
Norwich Union— William J.Ormiston, Strath-
Royal— Robert M. Cowan, Strathaven
Scottish Accident— William J. Ormiston,
Strathaven [Strathaven
Scottish Amicable — Alexander Wilson,
Scottish Metropolitan— James Gebbie,
Strathaven [Stonehouse
Scottish Provincial— William Stevenson,
Scottish Temperance— Alexander Wilson,
Scottish Union & National — Alexander
Morton, Strathaven [Scotland, Strathaven
Standabd (life)— Thomas Tennent, Bank of
Sun (fire)— Thomas Tennent, Bank of Scot-
land, Strathaven, & Robt. Naismith, Stone^
Union — John Hamilton, Stonehouse [aven.
West of England— James Gebbie, Strath-
West of Scotland Plate Glass— Alexander
Wilson, Strathaven
I -{-Hamilton William, Stratiiaven
I Hanlin John, Stonehouse
Hepburn Elizabeth, Strathaven
Hutchison William, Strathaven
Johnston James, Stonehouse
Kirkland M. & J. Flemiugton
Kyle James, Strathaven
Leishman John, Stonehouse
Leith Alexander, StonchouBO
M'Climont William, Strathaven
M'Kean Margaret, Strathaven
f Mackenzie Robert, Stonehouse
M'Kerrow Elizabeth, Strathaven
M'Naught John, West Quarter, Glassford
Mair James, Chapelton
Millar Agnes, Strathaven
Miller Alexander B. Stonohouso
Neilsoa Claude, Strathaven
+Orr Robert, Strathaven
â– fPark Andrew, West Quarter, Glassford
(Pettigrew John, Stonehouse
-fPinlcerton Robert, West Quarter, Glassford
Reid William, West Quarter, Glassford
Richardson John, Stonehouse
IScott Gavin, Strathaven
Scott William, Strathaven
f Semple James, Strathaven
Shields Andrew, Strathaven
Steel John, Strathaven
Stevenson William, Stonehouse
Stewart Matthew, Stonehouse
Thomson James, Stonehouse
tThomson Robert, Stonehouse
Watt John, Strathaven
Whitton Joseph, Stonehouse
Williams Henry, West Quarter, Glassford
Riddell Malcolm, Chapelton
Scoular Gavin, Strathaven
Smith Lawrence, Glassford Bridge
Sommerville James, Strathaven
Strang Alexander, Calder Mill
Walker William (& builder), Strathaven
Wilson George, Stonehouse
Millar Thomas, Strathaven
Wilson John, Strathaven
Brownlie Alexander, Strathaven
Brownlie J. & J. Strathavon
Brownlie J. & T. Strathaven
Burns Archibald, Stonehouse
Burns Newman, Stonehouse
Hamilton Archibald, Stonohouso
Hamiltou Archibald, Strathaven
M'Lean Robert, Strathaven
Muir James, Stonehouse
Muir John, Stonehouse
Park Thomas, Strathaven
Wilson Thomas, Stonehouse
Barr Thomas, Strathaven
Hill Thomas, Strathaven
Ritchie Alexander, Strathaven
Wilson Isabella, Stonehouse
Copland Peter, Stonehouse
Gardner John, Strathaven
Golder Matthew, Strathaven
Miles William, Stonehouse
Ritchie Alexander, Strathaven
Scott William, Stonehouse
Thomson Alexander, Strathaven
Trotter James, Stonehouse
Marked thus + are also Spirit Dealers.
Armour Andrew, West Quarter, Glassford
Baxter William, Strathaven
Begg Hugh, Strathaven
Borland Walter, Stonehouse
Boyd John, Strathaven
fBraidwood Thomas, Chapelton, Glassford
iBrown Walter, Strathaven
â– f-Brownlie James, Strathaven
Bulloch Thomas, Strathaven
Co-operative Society, Strathaven— Michael
Kirkland, manager [manager
Co-operative Society, Chapelton— A. M'Ghie,
Craig Janet, Strathaven
fCraig Robert, Strathaven
Cumming Robert, Strathaven
^Cunningham William, Stonehouse
Cuthbertson David, Stonehouse
Findlay William, Strathaven
Forsyth Robert, Chapelton
iGolder Matthew, Strathaven
-rGovan Robert, Stonehouse
-j- Granger & Scott, Strathaven
Gray John, Stonehouse
Hamilton Elizabeth, Stonehouse
Hamilton J, & T. Stonehoueo
Ballantyne Thomas, Strathaven
Braidwood Thomas, Chapelton
Brown Thomas (Plough), Strathaven
Brownlie James, Strathaven
Bulloch James, Strathaven
Burns Hugh D. (Black Bull), Stonehouse
Clark Patrick (Cross Keys), Strathaven
Clelland Isabella, West Quarter, Glassford
Cunningham William, Stonehouse
Forrest Jessie, Stonehouse
Forsyth Robert, Chapelton
Gilchrist Thomas (Commercial), Strathaven
Golder Matthew, Strathaven
Hamilton John, Chapelton
Hamilton Robert (Buck's Head), Strathaven
Hastie John, Strathaven
M'Menamin James (Star), Strathaven
Mair Hugh (Bay Horse), Strathaven
Millar William, Stonehouse
Muir Cunningham, Strathaven
Orr James, Strathaven
Pettigrew John, Stonehouse
Pinkerton Robert, West Quarter, Glassford
Robertson Mary, Strathaven
Semple Mrs. — , Strathaven
Thomson John (Victoria), Strathaven
Thomson Robert (Buck's Head), Stonehouse
Whitelaw Smollett, Strathaven
Wilson Andrew, Stouehouse
Wilson Peter (Royal), Stonehouse
Wilson Robert (Royal Oak), Stonehouse
Young Archibald (Crown Hotel), Strathaven
Young Janet (Avondale Hotel, & posting
house), Strathaven
Allan James, Strathaven
Banks Andrew, Stonehouse
Borland James, Strathaven
Borland Walter, Stouehouse
Brown Alexander, Stonehouse
Brown Robert, Strathaven
Brownlie Isabella, Strathaven
Bullocii James, Strathaven
Fleming Robert, Strathaven
Gilchrist James, Chapelton
Granger Robert, Chapelton
Hamilton Matthew, Stonehouse
Kyle James, Strathaven
Loudon Andrew, Stonehouse
Martin Gavin, Strathaven
Mason William, Strathaven
Millar John, Stonehouse
Muir Annie, Strathaven
Naismith Robert, Stonehouse
Scott William, Strathaven
Shearer Gavin, Strathaven
Sloss James, Stratbaveu
Sommerville Robert, Stonehouse
Thomson Andrew, Stonehouse
Brown Alexander (woollen), Stonehouse
Brown & Co. (woollen & hosiery), Strathaven,
& at 23 Portland st. Manchester, & Bow la.
Brown Robert (shirting), Strathaven
Frew John (sibk), Strathaven
Galloway John (silk). Chapelton
Hamilton Matthew (woollen), Stonehouse
M'Culloch Juo.& Co. (& spinners), Strathaven
M'Kay Thomas (woollen), Strathaven
Martin GaviD (woollen), Strathaven
Allan Andrew, Chapelton
Allan William, Strathaven
Brownlie John, Strathavon
Leggate & Leith, Stouehouse
Meikle William, Strathaven
Park John, Strathaven
Weir & Co. Stonehouse
Brown Walter (grain & cheese), Strathaven
Crawford Gavin (grain), Strathaven
Foisyth Robt. (grain & provision), Chapelton
Grainger & Scott (grain & cheese), Strathaven
Hamilton J. & T. (grain & cheese),Stonehouse
Hamilton Jas. (grain & cheese), Strathaven
Loudon Gavin (cheese & grain), Strathaven
Loudon John (cheese), Strathaven
M'Climont Win. (grain & cheese), Strathaven
Martin Gavin (yarn), Strathaven
Park Andrew (grain), West Quarter
Scott Win, (grain, cheese & ham), Strathaven
Smellie Robert (grain & cheese), Strathaven
Thomson Andrewfgrain & cheese),Strathaven
Weir Gavin (grain), Strathaven
Carmichael Archibald, Strathaven
Cassels Samuel, Strathaven
Miles William, Stonehouse
Naismith Robert, Stonehouse
Ritchie James, Strathaven
Semple Thomas, Strathaven
Wilson John, Strathaven
Allan William, Chapelton
Barrie J. & T. Stonehouse
Baxter John, Strathaven
Boyd John, Strathaven
Brownlie William, Strathaven
Bryson Andrew, Strathaven
Bryson John, Strathaven
Cochrane John, Strathaven
Cumming James, Strathaven
Fleming Robert, Strathaven
Granger John, West Quarter
Hamilton T. & J. Stonehouse
Harvie Gavin, Strathaven
Kirkland William, Stonehouse
M'Millan James, Strathaven
Craig John & Sons, Glassford Mill
Hastie Thomas, Craig Mill
Struthers James, Lochar Mill
Tennant John, Strathaven
Thomson Hugh, Gander Mill, Stonehouse
Weir Gavin, Strathaven
Barrie Annie, Strathaven
Borland Walter, Stonehouse
Brownlie E. & J. Strathaven
Brownlie Isabella, Strathaven
Davidson William, Strathaven
Hopkins Ann, Strathaven
Muir Annie, Strathaven
Robertson — , Strathaven
See Stationers.
Bryson Robert, Strathaven
Wiseman Archibald, Strathaven
Young William, Strathaven

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