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Anderson Archibald, 57 Brandon st
Anderson Artluu', 11 & 142 Brandon st
Brown John, 168 Merry st
Brown John, Cleland
Dalziel Co-operative Society, Limited, Dalziel
st — William Purdie, manager
Drummond Helen, Now Stevenston
Edwards Joseph 72 Merry st. & 24 Crossbill st
Francis John (pork), 11C Muir st
Gilmour James, 126 Merry st
Hay Robert, IS Muir st
Jackson John, Carfin
Johnston John, Carfin & Cleland
Millar Agnes, 56 Brandon st
Murray James, Caledonian st
Murray James, 54 Windmillhill st
Noble David, Cleland
Noble James, 52 Windmillhill st
Pollock Walter, 130 & 108 Brandon st
Scott James, 00 Muir st
Scouler John & Andrew, 78 Muir st
Shanks Andrew, New Stevenston, & at Gart-
ness, Airdrie
Shanks William, New Stevenston
Young John, Newarthill
Davidson Janet (& poulterer), 92 Muir st
Ford John, 64 Brandon st
Hutchison James, 112 Muir st
Jackson John, 5 Roman rd
Langford Richard, 70 Merry st
Taylor Margaret, 110 Brandon st
The Motherwell Tinning Co. (tinners and
galvanizers of bolts, nuts, wood screws,
spikes, nails, &c), Park st— See advt
Barr George (& potato), Motherwell
Scobbie James, Beech worth, Newarthill
Shanks Andrew, New Stevenston
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
(See also Shopkeepers, i0c.)
Allan John R. New Stevenston
Black James, Newarthill
Blair Joseph, Newarthill
Bond Charles, Newarthill
*Bruce Robert, Bellside, Cleland
*Buchanan Robert, 162 Muir st
Cameron David, 95 Brandon st. & 1 Roman rd
*Carrutbers William, Newarthill
Chapel Hall Co-operative Society, Limited,
Co-operative Society, Limited, Cleland
Crown Tea Co. (tea), 138 Brandon st
Currie William E. (family grocer),
88 Brandon st
Dalziel Co-operative Society, Limited (and
general merchants), Dalziel st — William
Purdie, manager
Davidson John, 40 Merry st
Dick John, 122 Caledonian st
Donnelly Patrick, 22 Milton st
*Dougal Thomas, 58 Brandon st
Edwards Joseph, 72 Merry st. & 24 Crossbill st
Ferguson Robert, Cleland
Fletcher G. & Sons,146 Windmillhill st
*Foulis Robert C. 14 Brandon st
Fraser Alexander, 19 Muir st
Gibb Margaret, Newarthill
*Gilmour Benjamin, jun. 116 Merry st. 13
Roman rd. Caledonian st. & Carfin
Gilmour Walter, 53 Brandon st
*Gilniour William, 98 Muir st
Glasgow & Motherwell Tea Co. (tea dealers),
Muir st — John Russell, manager
*Gray William, New Stevenston
Gray William H. 108 Merry st
♦Hamilton John, 76 Milton st
Jackson John, Carfin
Johnston John N. Carfin
Kilniartin James, 97 Brandon st
Kilmartin William, 178 Brandon st
*Lawrie Robert, 134 Merry st
*Lawson John, 55 Merry st. & 32 Hope st
*Livey Alexander, New Stevenston
London & Belfast Tea .Co. (tea), 102 Brandon st
M'Gregor William, Carfin
*M t Millan William, Carfin
*M'Millan Wilson, Cleland
*Macneill William, 133 Windmillhill st
Marshall George, 100 Brandon st. & 83 Wind-
millhill st
Marshall John, 22 Muir st
Miller James, 6 Muir st
Motherwell Co-operative Society, Limited,
Caledonian st
*Naisniith Agues, Newarthill
*Neilson Mary, New Stevenston
Newlands Jas. New Camp st. &at Shieldmuir
On* Joseph, 162 Brandon st
Pate Thomas, 7 Merry st
Patersou Thomas R. Newarthill
Penman Andrew, Auchenlca, Cleland
Quinton Margaret, Cleland
Reid Andrew, 122 Muir st
*Reid William, 110 Caledonian st
Robertson William, New Stevenston
Russell William, 37 Merry st
Shanks Andrew (family grocer,
butcher, & grain Sc spirit mer-
chant), New Stevenston, & at
Railway Store, Gartness, Airdrie
*Shanks William, Windmillhill st
*Shearer William, Omoa Stores, Cleland; Law
Store, Carluke; and Chapel Store, Morning-
•"Smith Alexander B. Newarthill & Cleland
Smith Thomas, Cleland
Smith Thomas R. 92 Windmillhill st
*Wardlaw John, 174 Merry st
Watson John, 74 Windmillhill st
Young John, Newarthill
Hislop Joseph, 6 Clyde st
Hodge William, 76 Muir st
Lamb Philip, Melville st
M'Guffie James, 72 Brandon st
Paterson Robert, 14 Clyde st
Homer Richard, 68 Hamilton st
Kerr Mary, 74 Merry st
Miles Andrew, 13 Brandon st
Pettigrew Janet, 94 Merry st
Thomson Jane, 10 Muir st
Brown James (hatter & hosier, sign
of the large Golden Hat), 21 Muir st
Patersou R. & Co. Brandon st
Brandon, Robert Wallace, Brandon st
Caledonian Tavern, Robert Gibson, New
Dalziel Arms, James Leitch, Brandon st
Motherwell, Janet Peunycuick, Brandon st. &
Merry st
Ro; al, Allan Wylie, Brandon st
r^sH! '" I "" ' ' - .. "_ â–  â– 'â–  -
Brown James, Albert st
Donald Robert, Holm Mill Forge — See advt
Goodwin James & Co. Motherwell Foundry,
at Ardrossan & Johnstone — See advt
Philip & Moffat, Omoa
Brandon Iron & Steel Co. Brandon Works,
Colville David & Sons (& steel), Dalzell Steel &
Iron Works, Motherwell, N.B. ; London office,
7 Fenchurch avenue, E.C.
Glasgow Iron Co. (malleable), Motherwell Iron
Works— T. S. Paterson, manager ; office, 168
St. Vincent st. Glasgow
Miller A. & T. (& steel), Globe Iron & Steel
Works, Motherwell
Crichton John (ironmonger & seed
merchant), 13 & 15 Merry st.
Motherwell, N.B.
Ken' John, 68 Muir st
Macdonald Andrew, jun. (wholesale
& retail ironmonger), 80 Brandon
st. Motherwell
Miles Andrew (& cooper), 13 Brandon st
Muir Robert L. (general & furnish-
ing ironmonger, iron & seed mer-
chant & colliery furnisher), 68
Brandon st. Motherwell— Sec advt
Aitken Elizabeth, Newarthill
Anderson Hope Vere, 16 Brandon st
Anderson John, Newarthill
Black James, 124 Muir st
Braid Catherine, 136 Windniillhill st
Carruthers William, Newarthill
Chapel Hall Co-operative Society, Limited,
Christie James W. (general draper),
Excelsior House, 108 & 110 Muir
st. Motherwell
Co-operative Society, Limited, Cleland
Cnllen Daniel, 42 Merry st
Dalziel Co-operative Society, Limited, Dalziel
st — William Purdie, manager
Drennan Robert, New Stevenston
Duncan Thomas (wholesale and
retail drapery, millinery & cloth-
ing warehouse), 90 & 92 Brandon
st. Motherwell
Gibb Margaret, Newarthill
Hunter Robert & Jeremiah, 81 Brandon st
Jackson John, Carfin
Johnston Thomas, 86 Merry st
Johnston William & Co. 62 Merry st
Loudon Robert, Cleland
M'Cormick Margaret, Omoa
M'Naught David C. 26 Muir st
Milne & Co. (drapers, clothiers and
milliners), 1 & 3 Merry st. & 2
Muir st. The Cross, Motherwell
Neilsou John, 102 Brandon st
Paterson James, 25 Muir st
Paterson Mary, 7 Brandon st
Paterson R. & Co. (wholesale and
retail drapers, clothiers, hosiers,
& outfitters), 84 Brandon st
Paterson Thomas R. Newarthill
Ralston James, 8 Merry st
Robertson & Co. 50 Brandon st
Simpson James, Carfin
Smith James, Oakfield pi. Brandon st
Watson Zechariah, Newarthill
Wood David, 184 Brandon st
Anderson Hope V. 16 Brandon st
Braid Catherine, 136 Windmillhill st
Campbell Jessie, 114 Brandon st
Christie James W. (& mantle maker), 108 & 110
Muir st
Duncan Thomas, 90 & 92 Brandon st
Dunnett Agnes & Ellen, 158 Merry st
Dykes Margaret, 134 Windmillhill st
M'Dunald James, 102 Merry st
M'lver Annie, 11 Merry st
M'Taggart Patrick, 164 Merry st
Milne & Co. 1 & 3 Merry st. & 2
Muir st. The Cross
Paterson R. & Co. 84 & 86 Brandon st
Ralston James, 8 Muirst
Ross Euphemia & Mary A. 124 Merry st
Scott Elizabeth, 156 Merry st
Stuart J. &E. Hope st
Clow James, 93 Brandon st. & 36 Hope st
Gray William, Brandon st
Kemp Alexander, 20 & 59 Merry sti
Cowan Robert R. 3 Hope st
Ross William, 13 & 15 Park st
Alston John, Brandon st
Kerr John, 68 Muir st
Muir John, 172 Brandon st
Parker Jas. (& lead merchant & bellhanger),
Brandon st. Motherwell, N.B.— See advt
Young & Co. 11 Merry st
Cameron Kenneth, 84 Merry st
Meickle John, 14 Muir st
Ancell, M'Intyre & Co. Auchinlee Quarries,
Cleland ; Glasgow office, 161 Hope st
Gibb Thomas & Sons, Auchinlee Quarries and
Brick Works, Cleland,by Motherwell
King James, Both well Park, Windmillhill, and
Langloan Quarries ; office, Brandon House,
Motherwell— Sec advertisement
King Thomas & Co. Bellside & Greenhill
Quarries, by Motherwell ; ofilce, 87 Brandon
st. Motherwell — See advertisement
Loudon Thomas, 59 Brandon st
M'Kendrick James, 24 Muir st
Crichton John, 13 & 15 Merry st
Muir Robert L. (& general & fur-
nishing ironmonger), 68 Brandon
St. Motherwell— See advertisement
Scobbie James, Newarthill

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