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Boahd Schools— continued.
West Maryston— Charles S. Noble, master ;
Miss White, mistress
Calder Iron Works School, Whifflet—
John M'Intyre, master ; Barbara Hastie,
mistress [miBtress
Drumpellier School f girls')— Miss Seaman,
Fraser Isabella (day), St. John st
Gartsherrie Academy, Academy st — Peter
Barclay, rector; Campbell Denholm. sec
Gartsherrie Iron Works School, Gart-
sherrie — Walter Stewart, head master;
Apnea Reid, mistress [mistress
Iron Works School, Faskine — Miss Lander,
Johnston Sophia (day), Weir st
Roman Catholic Schools:—
Baillieston— Catherine Gray, mistress
Cardowan — Miss Sweeney, mistress
Glenboig — Patrick Love, master
Langloan (St. Angustine's) — James
Bonner, master
St. John st — James Lynch, master
Whifflet — Agnes Gallagher, mistress
Rosehall Colliery School, Whifflet— Neil
M'Kechnie, master
Sessional Schools:—
Baillieston — Robert Hunter, master
Bargeddie — Alexander Scott, master
Jardine William H. {& property factor),
Morrison pi
M'Lachlan Henry {&messenger-at-arms,
& clerk to the local authority). Bank
buildings, Coatbridge, County buildings,
Airdrie, & 55 Bath st. Glasgow-
Wallace John (& collector of rates for the
pariBh of Old Monkland), Tennant's pi
Bell William & Sons (aerated water
manufacturers), Dunbeth rd
Watson Brothers (& ale & porter bottlers),
Coats st
Bryan Frederick G.D. (for the Drumpellier
estate), Drumnellier
â–  lk Bnchanan James (coal), Garnkirk
/Go.wan & Co. (carting agents for North
British Railway Co.), Sunnyside station
I Cowie William R. (for the Coats estate),
Muirvhall st
• Craig William (for the Allan Line of steam-
ships), Main st
Dishincton George (for the Rosehall estate),
Douglas support
Dykes James (insurance), Church st
Kent James (carting agent for the Caledonian
Railway Co.), near Caledonian Railway
Mitchell James (for the Anchor Line of
steamships). Water st
Nutt Robert ffor Old Monkland Liberal As-
sociation), Main st
Phillips Thomas (for W. & A. Gilbey, wine
merchants), Main st
Picken John (for W. & A. Gilbey), Ballieston
Russell Alexander (machinery),
Whifflet— See advertisement
Shanks Gavin (for P. & P. Campbell, dyers,
Perth). Main st -
Sharp Robert (machinery), Sunny-
side rd
Shaw George (house factor), Water st
Strachan Robert (machinery). Brands Old
Brick Works, Whifflet— See advertisement
Watson William (commission, & for Nobel's
Explosives Co. Limited), Bank st
Davidson James, Academy st
Mitchell Alexander M'Gregor (and
measurer}, Bank buildings, Main
Kelly John, Main sfc
Skeil John, Main Bt
Crichton John (& valuator), Sunny-
side rd
Cullen Robert, Main st
Macdougall, Nutt & Co. (& cattle salesmen),
Morrison pi
Allison David & Co. Church sfc
Arthur John, Bank at
Brown Alex. B. Main st. Bank st. & Whifflet
Brown William & Co. Sunnyside rd
Cleland James, Main st
Co-operative Society, Limited, Mniryhall st
Gardner Robert, Baillieston
Gibb Robert, Sunnyside rd
Hamilton Thomas, Calder Store
Lusk James <s Son, Main st
M'Coll Donald, Baillieston
M'Innes Archibald, Baillieston
Moran John J. (pastry), Main sfc
Tennanfc Robert, Bank st
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch),
Academy st— draws on head office. Glas-
pow, & branches. & on London office, 30
Lombard st. London — James Lamb, agent;
Alexander Lang, accountant
Clydesdale Bank. Limited (Sub-Branch to
Parkhead), Baillieston — Andrew J. Tait,
National Bank op Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Acadpmv st — draws on bead
office, Edinburgh, A branches, and London
office, 37 Nicholas lane, Bank of England,
Cnntta & Co. & Glvn & Co. London-
William Jackson Andrew, agent; John
Couper, ncoonntant
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch). Academy
st— draws on bead nffiVp, Edinburgh, and
branches, and nn the London offipp. 123
Bishopsgnto st. Within, the Bank of Eng-
land, & Contts & Co. London — James
Bishop, agent; Campbell Denholm, ac-
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch). Bank st — draws on the parent.
Bank, Edinburgh, & on London office, 62
Corn hill— John H. Bowie, agent; Abraham
Davidson, accountant
Savings Bank (Drumpellier), Langloan—
David Crichton, cashier
See Smiths.
Arnott William. Coatbridge Boiler
Work3, Dundy van,Coatbridge— Sec
Hudson Thomas (maker of Hudson's
patent beam), Sbeeofold Boiler &
Girder Works, Coatbridge, N.B.—
— See advertisement
Lamberton & Co, Sunnypide Engine
Works, Coatbridge — See. advertisement
Lidgerwood W. V, V. Speedwell Iron
Works, Whifflet, Coatbridge — See advert
Miller & Co. Vulcan Foundry
Murray & Paterson, Coatbank Engine
Works. Coatbridge, npar Glasgow — Seendvt
Stirling James, Coats Boiler Works
Wilson & Nicholson, Sunnyside Boiler Works
Addie William, Bank st
Collins William J. Bank st
Craig William (wholesale stationer,
printer, bookseller, & account
book manufacturer), Main st. and
Bank st
Hood Nicholas, Baillieston
Hutton Magaie. Sunnyside rd
M'Cartney William, Baird st
M'Gaughran Edward, Main st
Pettigrew Alexander, Main st
Wothersnoon Jnmps. Main st
Ynill Robert, Whifflet
Aitken William W. Baillieston
Callender Jonathan (& leather seller), Main st
Co-operative Society, Limited, Mniryhall st
Courtney John, Canal st
Dickson George, Main st
Douglas Archibald, Chryslon
Fisherty John, Buchanan st
Forrester James, Baillieston
Gardiner Margaret, Bank st
Gilmour John, Circle buildings, Main st
Gray John & Co. Main st
Gray T. A. Main st
Hodson John (& clocger), Bank st
Hogg William, Whifflet
Keenan Thomas, Bishop Briggs
M'Colcar James, Dnndyvanrd
M'Farlan" Robert, Gartsherrie rd
M'Kavir Edward. Baillieston
M'Kinnon Neill, Coatdyke
M'Orry Francis, Coatdyke
Marshall William, Baillieston
Marshall William & Co. Main et
Martin John, Main st
Meikle Richard, Bank st
Milligan William, Bank st
North British Co-operative Society (dealers),
Gas Works lane — James Neilson, manager
OrmistoniWilliam, Railway st
Perrie Alexander, Moss Vale, Garnlrirk
Shaw James, Sunnyside rd. & Bank st
Shearer Elizabeth, Main st
Simpson William, Main st
Sims James & Son (dealers), Glenboig
Watson William, Glenboig
Young Thomas, Gartsherrie rd
(See also Fire Brick Makers.)
Allan Jna. Woodsjde Brick Works, Langloan
Buird William & Co. Gartsherrie
Brownlee David {& builder), Rochsolloch
Brick Works, Coatbridge, N. B.— See advert
EglintoD (The) Chemical Co. Limited (sili-
cate bricks), Ecrlintnn Brick Works, Dun-
dy van ; office, 29 St. "Vincent pi. Glasgow-
William J. A. Donald, sr>c
Fleming Robert & Co. (manufacturers
of fire-clay goods, blast furnaces, blocks,
and fire bricks), Carnbroe & Calder Brick
Works, Coatbridge; nnd Bath villa Brick
Works, by Bathgate— See advertisement
Syminoton Hugh & Sons, Kipps Quarries A
Brick Works, Coatbridpe, N. B.—See advert
•Wilson James (& builder), Bnrnbanlc Brick
Works, Coatbridge
Diver George, Tennant's pi
Flanniiran Jamps, Bank st. Langloan
Flood Thomas, Main st
Haney John, Bank st
Hardy William, Wbifflet
Lavery Catherine, Bank st
Lynch James, Bank st
M'Colgar James, Dnndvvan rd
M'Kenna John, Bank st
M'Partland Patrick, Bank st
M'Ravney Hugh, Bank st
Morris Edward, Bank st
Murray William, Main st
O'Hoar Hugh, Main st
Paton Elizabeth. Sunnyside road
Smith Patrick, Dundyvan road
Williams John, Bank st
Williams Mary, Baillieston
Allan John (joiner, builder and con-
tractor), Station road, Langloan—
See advertisement
Brown & Gilchrist, Dnnbeth rd
Brown Robert, Mnirhead. Chryston
Brownlee David, Rochsolloch Brick Works,
Coatbridge, N.B. — Sec advertisement
Bruce John S. Burnhank rd. Coatbridge
Dongall James, Chryston
Gilchrist Thomas, Colt terrace
Jamieson Thomas, Baillieston
M'Veigh Alexander, Donald and William,
Mnirhead, Chryston
Mason A. Church st
Mitchell Robftt. Chrvston
Purdie J. & W. Greenhill ter
Symington Hugh & Sons (& railway con-
tractors), Kipps Quarries & Brick Works,
Coatbridge, N.B.— See advertisement
Wallace Richard, Weir st [bridge
Wilson James, Burnbank Brick Works, Coat-
See Wrights and Cabijiet Makers.
Allan John, Station rd. Langloan— See advt
Angus John, Muirhead, Chryston
Baxter Robert, Chryston
Brechin Archibald, Hank st
Buchanan David, Muirhead, Chryston
Dongall Robert, Chryston
Morrison Robert, Bishop Briggs
Paul Robert, Whifflet
Shaw George, Water st
Farquharson James, Main st
Gardener Alexander, Main st
Houston James, Baillieston
Tudhope Adam P. Main st
Willis George, Baillieston
Wilson Robert, Main Bt

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