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Co-operative Society (Carstairs Junction,
Ld.), Carstairs Junction— Andrew Hutson,
Brown Thomas, Forth
Scott Robert, Forth
Smith George M. Carnwath
Tennant Adara, Carnwath
British Linen Company Bank (Branch),
Forth— Open on Saturdays from 1 to 3 ;
draws on head office, Edinburgh, and
branches ; Loudon officn, Smith, Payne &
Smiths ; & Coutts & Co. London— David
Stodart, agent .
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Carnwath— draws on the parent
establishment, Edinburgh, & own office,
London— John Gray, agent; James B.
Cowan, accountant
Ballantyne William, Auchengray
Calder Thomas, Liberton
Cossar James, Eldritch hill, Walston
Decuman James, Dolphinton
Hargreaves Robert, Dunsyre
Johnston James, Forth
Johnston William, Carnwath
Lyon Peter, Quothquan, Liberton
Napier John, Haywood
Padkin John, West-forth
Porteous George, Ravenstrcther, Carstairs
Rankine John, Pettinain
Weir James, Braehead
Weir John, Carstairs
Weir John, Westwood Side
Jackson James (& printer), Carnwath
Wilson Archibald, Forth
Boyd Alexander, Dolphinton
Cooper John, Carstairs
Co-operative Society (Carstairs Junction
Limited, dealers)— Andrew Hutson, sec.
Carstairn Junction
Donaldson Andrew, Carstairs Junction
Dymock James, Carnwath
Haddow James, Dunsyre
Hepburn David, Forth
Hope David, Carstairs
Inglis William, Aucbingray
Kay William, Carnwath
M'Gilvray Donald, Carnwath
Prentice Daniel, Braehead
Russell Alexander, Carnwath
Smith Thomas, Newbigging
Walkinshaw George, Newbigging
Watson David, Carnwath
Wation James, Caruwath
Allan James, Auchengray, by Carnwath
Hamilton Thomas, Park House, Carstairs
Junction ; works, Braidwood, by Carnwath
Blackley Hamilton, Carstairs Junction
Chapman James, Braehead
Haddow John (& marina store), Carnwath
M'Morran Alexander, Carnwath
Masterton David, Carnwath
Darling John & George (gas coal), Cleugh
Colliery, by Lanark
Dixon William, Limited (& iron), Williams-
town— George Sharp, manager; office,
Dixon st. Glasgow
Haywood Gas Coal Co. Haywood, by Lanark
— William Archibald, manager
Wilsontown Colliery Co. Limited — Richard
Thomson, manager
Black Robert, Bankhead
Black William. Easterhouse
Carmichael Richard, King's Inus
Carmichael William. Pool
Crawford William, Hillhead
Elder George, West Yeardhouse
Fleming Andrew, Calla
Forrest John, Longarters
Frame John & Robert, Weatyett & Westdyke
Good James, Falla
Hamilton Arthur, Carlaudean
Hamilton James. Woolford
Hamilton John, Lawhead
Hamilton Matthew, Burnhonse
Law Elizabeth, Gowmacmorrau
Lawson Robert, Carnwath
Limlsay James, Girdwood end
Lindsay John. Black Castle
M'Culloch David, Forth
Matber John, Lampits
Mitchell Alexander, Cleugh House
Morton George, Auchengray
Muir James, Crofthill
Muirhead William, Cnrnwath Mill
Nimmo Thomas, Lawhead
Padkin John, Haywood
Prentice George, Throughburn
Ritchie Mrs.—, Newbicging Mains
llobb James, Upper Haywood & Skyelaw
Russell George, Carnwath
Sanderson James, Viewlield
Sanderson James, Loanhead
Smderson William, Southtown
Scott William, Croftbead
Smith John, Mountainblow
Somerville Hugh, Ampherlaw
Steel James, Muirhall
Steel James, Greenfield
Stewart Archibald, Newbiggiog Mains
Todd James, Burnfoot
Todd John, Kilpot Hall
Watson J. & W. West Mains
White John, Dykehead
Wilson — , Forth
Wilson James, Scabgill
Wilson Nathaniel, Hardgatehead
Wilson William, Oldtown
Aitken John, Carstairs
Aitkeu William, Ravenstruther
Allison John, Strawfrank
Ballantyne John, Hangingshaw
Ban* William, Cowford
Barr William, Muirfoot
Boyd Gavin, Newhouse
Brown Andrew, Haininghead
Brown James, Hairlaw
Callan Gavin, Clumbie
Chapman James, Windyshie ds
Cooper John, Muir'icad
Findlater George, Sheafyknowe
Fleming John, Corbie Hall
Grossart William, New Mains
Hamilton John, Mossflat
Hamilton Thomas, Howfaulds
M'Cullum Peter, Wbitecleugh
Mather William, Westbank
Russell John, Whitelees
Scott Alexander, Cockridge
Scott John, Shodshill
Scott Thomas. Netherton
Shaw Mrs. — , Mnirhouse
Somerville George, Westermains
Somerville James, Broadhouselees
Somerville William, Westerton & Bridgend
Somerville William, Gowanhill
Spence James, Kilmuir
Stewart John, Brownrigg
Stewart John, Ryeflat
Aitken David, Kirkhouse
Bertram Mary, Bank
Black John, Newmill
Brown Thomas, Heughheads
Kay James, Townhead
Lawson William, Ingreston
M'Gilvray William, Westfield
Mackenzie John O. Home farm
Martin James, Crofton Reigh
Watson John, Townfoot
Wil3on — , Westmill
Aitken Thomas, Lewnside
Allan James, East Mosshat
Anderson Jumes, Westforth
Ballantyne Mrs. — , Auchengray
Ballantyne Thos.Crooklands & Bughtknowes
Ballantyne Thomas, Spittal
Barrie James, Westyett
Barrie James, Thomas & Ninian, Boghali
Bertrem William, Greena
Fram Hugh, East Gladstone
French William, Muirlea
Gibson Robert, White Castle
Hodge James, Browhhill
Logan Robert (heirs of), Liberton mains
Lyon Peter, Quothquan
M'Morran William, Townhead
Muir John, Townhead
Muirhead Joun, Liberton Mill
Patersou Robert, Greenshields
Purdie- Somerville George, Mnirhouse
Ritchie George, Burnfoot
Ritchie James, Borelaud
Ritchie John, White Castle
Scott Thomas, Easterton
Scott Thomas & William, Baitlaw
Wilson Andrew, Roadliead
Wilson Gavin, Parkhouse
Wilson William, Yett
Brown David, Mill Hill
Campbell Allan, Black's Houses
Clark John, Cloburnwood
Core James, Swaits
Davidson Andrew, Pettinain
Galloway James, Bagmore
Hunter William, Westrawmains
Lindsay William, Eastlield
Muir William, Eastersills
Paterson William, Grange Holm
Prentice Mary, Westraw House
Prentice Susan, North Holm Grange
Smith Adam, Cloburn
Taylor Robert, Pettiiinin
Young William, Weatersills
Baillie William, Crawcraigs
Barrie Alexander, Braehead
Barrie James, Walston, Braehead
Brown William, Eldrich hill
Cadzow Robert, Walston, Borland
Inch John, Howburu
Linton William, Haircairns
M'Gilvray William, Westfield
M'Keudrick William, Harper hall
Pleuderleith Alexander, Eldrich hill
Ritchie George, Cocklaw
Russell John, Walston
Somerville John, Walston Mill
Thorburn John, Henslmll end
Thriplaod John, Eldritch hill
Watson James, Longriggdub
Watson William, Gilburu
Welsh Robert, Lemoierlaw
Caledonian— David Aitken and Henry Tor-
rance, Carnwath
Insurance Company of Scotland— John
Gray, Carnwath [Forth
Scottish Commercial— William S. Muir,
Scottish Equitable— John Gray, Com-
mercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, Carn-
wath, and James Forrest, Braehead — See
Scottish Temperance — John Gray, Com-
mercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, Carn-
Scottish Union and National— Jamea
Jacksou, Carnwath
Standard (life)— W. S. Muir, Forth
Sun— Adam Paterson, Carnwath
Dick James, Carstairs Junction
Graham Peter, Forth
Porteous Alexander, Forth
Russell George, Carnwath
Russell James, Carstairs Junction
Todd John, Braehead
57 £ — A-R
Allan James, Kirkland
Brown James (heir of), Westhall [mains
Brown Thomas & David, Easton & Dunsyre
Brown Thomap & James, Weston
Currie Jessie, Deanhead
Sanderson Adam, Dykefoot
Sanderson William, South Tarbrax
Strnthers John, Auston
Tudhope Mrs. — , Dynsyre Mains
parish of liberton.
Aitken James, Quothquan law
Bertram James, East & West Arthurshield
Easton George, Quothquan
Fram Alexander, Whiubush
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
Aberdeen William, Old Mill, Auchengray
Bell James, Carnwath
Blackley Robert, Braehead
Blakeley Daniel, Tashie Burn, Haywood
Brown Thomas, Liberton
Co-operative Society (Carstairs Junction,
Limited), Cairstairs Junction — Andrew
Hutson, secretary
Co-operative Store, Forth
*Crichton William, Wilsontown
.Davidson Andrew, Pettinain
Donaldson James (& grain dealer), Carnwath
Duugavol Charles, Forth
Dunlop Robert, Dolphinton
Forrest James, Carstairs
Fraser Robert, Dolphinton
Gibson John & Co. Wilsontown
Gilbert Janet, Dunsyre
Gray John, Braehead
Haddow Elizabeth, Carstairs
Haywood Colliery Store, Haywood

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