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Dick & Stevenson, Amine Engine Works
Gibb & Hogg, Victoria Engine Works
Spenco John it Sons (castings, finished and
unfinished, of all patterns ; steam, gas and
water fittings), 11 & 13 Stirling St. and 9
Louden st. Airdrie, & Main St. Coatbridge
— Sec advertisement
Stevenson & Mackay, Chapel Street
Engine Works— Sec advertisement
Black William & Sons, Whiterigg Brick
Works ; Glasgow office, 18 George square
See Masons eO Builders.
Donnelly James, 52 Chapel Bt
Eadie & Colciuhoun, 126 & 123 Graham st
Eraser Thomas, 6 North Bridge Bt
Gordon Hugh, 134 Graham st
Irvino Thomas, 105 Chapel st
Paterson Robert (upholsterer), 41 Graham st
Taylor James, 23 Stirling st
Caldervale Printing Co. (calico and
silk printers), Caldervale Print
Works, Clarkston, by Airdrie
Glen John, Gleugowan Print Works, Caldor-
cruix, by Airdrie ; office, 15 Cochrane st.
Anderson Peter, Clarkston
Baird William, Chapelhall
More William, Glenmavis
Shanks & Motherwell, 12 to 1G Anderson st
Thomson John, Plains
Wilson David, 38 Chapel st
Harvie John, 68 Stirling st
Herbert Flora, 1 & 3 High st
Kirkland James, 1 South Bridge st
Paterson Elizabeth, 99 Graham st
Armstrong Robert, 92 Bell st
Brown James, 42 Alexander Bt
Burns Michael, 100 Stirling st
Cax'liu Mary Ann, 3 Stirling st
Cowan Robert R. Louden st
Gibson James, 41 Bell st
Lavell Anna Maria, 19 High st
M'Cabe Ellen, 44 High st
M'Clure Samuel, 49 & 51 Well u-ynd
M'Haffle James, 107 Hteh st
M'Keona Daniel, 100 Stirling st
Maxwell Robert, 7 Chapel st
Stewart John, 63 Chapel st
Abemcthy Hugh, 49 ChapU st
Clark Humphrey, Broomkuoll st
Davies Charles, 53 Stirling st
Paterson Francis M. 1 Graham st
Fleming & Taylor, Airdrie Coach
Works, Gallon st
Airdrie Coal Co. Airdrie House Colliery
Anderson A. & G. Arden, Plains
Avon head Coal Co. Avoohead
Bcllsdyke Coal Co. Belisdyko Colliery
Black William & Son, Staniigg, Brownyside,
Arden, Airdrie Hill, Southfield, Whiterigg,
& Meadowfield Collieries, Whiterigg ;
Glasgow office, 18 George square
Broomfield Coal Co. Broornfield Colliery
Brownrigg Coal Co. Brownrigg Colliery;
Glasgow office, 62 Robertson st
Drumbowie & Dryflat Coal Co. Drumbowie&
Dryflat Collieries ; Glasgow office, 12
Dixon st [liery
Drumshangio Coal Co. Drnmshangie Col-
Ferrier & Strain, Airdrie, Chapelside, Hall-
hill, Bartiboith, Nettlehole, and Rigg Col-
lieries ; Glasgow office, 16 St. Enoch s<i
Forrester Robert, Uougbrigg Colliery fdrie
Uartness Coal Co. Limited, Gartnoss, by Aii-
Gommell James, West Longrigg
Gleutore Coal Co. Greengairs, Airdrie — John
Murray, managing partner
Henderson James (merchant), Victoria place,
Airdrie — See advertisement
Limorigg Coal Co. Limited, 8 East High st—
Gavin B. Motherwell, secretary; Glasgow
office, 97 West George st— William Ban-
M'Alister Robert, Roadside Colliery, Watts-
M'Callum John A. Raebog Colliery-
Mitchell Matt. R. Meikle Drumgray Colliery
Monkland Iron Co. Limited, Monkland ;
works, Calderbank & Chapelhall — John
M'Culloch, manager; Hugh Ferguson, sec-
rotary ; ofliee, 144 St. Vincent st. Glasgow
Nimmo James & Co. Long Riggend ; office,
20 Dixon st. Glasgow
Nimmo John & Son, Drumriggeud
Rankin John, Drumgray Colliery ; ofiice, 28
St. Enoch square, Glasgow
Rankiu Patrick, Darugavel & Grayrigg Col-
Rawyards Coal Co. Limitod, 8 East High st.
& Rawyards — Gavin Black Motherwell, sec-
retary; Alexander Thomson, manager
Robertson Juo. & Son, Mill Colliery ,Rawyards
Rochsolloch Coal Co. Rochsolloch
Roughcraig Coal Co. Roughcraig
Shotts Iron Co. Plains
Stand Coal Co. Stand Colliery
Snmmerlee Iron Co. Plains
Thomson Alexander, Springbank [Collieries
Walker William H. Springwell & Broomfield
Young John & Sons, Drumgray
Balderston Lawrence, 2 Stirling st
Bell Jane, 5 Hallcraig st
Bute James, Stirling st. & Bank Bt
Darnley Agnes, 10 East High st
Gibson Thomas, 57 South Bridge st
Herbert Isabella, 16 High Bt
Jenkins Thomas, 86 High st
Logan James, 61 Graham st
M'Ara Mary, 18 Broomknoll st
M'llwraith Alexander, 70 High st
Reid J ames, Clarkston [Bridge 8t
Revie John (and wholesale), 76 and 78 South
Smith Margaret, 44 Stirling st
Strang James, 41 Clark st
Wilson Martha, Clarkston
Addie George, Clarkston
Boyd Robert, 71 Chapel st
Frew John, Belle Vue, Broomknoll-st
Louden Thomas (& builder), 100 High st —
See advertisement
Blore John (& cauaewayer), Glenmavis
Pate Thomas & Son, Broomknoll st
Paterson Robert, 39 Chapel st
Shanks William & Sons (& builders), Airdrie
Saw Mills— See advertisement
Young John (railway), Graham's hill
Brash Robert, 11 South Bridge st
Kay James, 20 High st
Forrest J. & T. Brownieside Mill
Waddell John, Airdrie Grain Mills, Mill st
Goldie Thomas & Co. Airdrie Cotton Mill
Callender P. & A, M. 46 South Bridge st
Ewart J. & G. (& shoe furnishers), 9 & 11
Chapel st
Campbell Agnes, 114 Graham st
Hutton James, 36 Bell st
Kerr Frances, 105 Graham st
Muuro Helen, 04 Stirling st
Richmond John, 86 & 38 High Bt
Tennant Andrew, Calderbank-
Walker Henry, 58 High st
Watson John, 43 South Bridge st
British Public House Co. Limited, 16Broom-
kuoll st. & 169 Chapel st — Thomas Swan,
Darnley Agnes, 8 East High st
Mitchell Alexander (Commercial Tavern), 10
Anderson st
Smith Margaret, 44 Stir-ling st
Wybar Georgo, 33 Stirling st
Wylio Henry, 70 South Bridge st
(See also Ironfounders, d- also Boiler
Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie Iron Works, Mill st
Dick & Stevenson (& makers of loco-
motive & stationary engines, mine ventil-
ating fans, &c), Airdrie Engine Works
Gibb & Hogg, Victoria Engine Works
Inglis & Hossack (engineers & iron-
founders), Albert Engineering
Works, Airdrie
Smith James & Co. Well wynd
Spence John & Sons (& mill furnishers &
metal merchants), 11 & 13 Stirling st. & 9
Louden st. Airdrie, & Main St. Coatbridge
— -See advertisement
Stevenson & Mackay (& manufacturers)
of stationary & portable engines & machi-
nery of every description used in mills, col-
lieries, iron works, &c), Chapel Street
Engine Works — See advertisement
Paterson Johnston, Braehead Cottage, Mof-
fat *
Rankin John (to the Auchengray, Otter, Clod-
dans & Mavisbank estates), 8 East High st
Rodger Hugh (on Airdrie, Rochsolloch and
Cleland estates), Bank st
Aitken John, Loanhead
Aitken John, Wester Gleutore
Aitken Thomas, Fiddlerland
Allan Archibald, Staylea
Allan George, Whiteside
Allan James, Meikle & Little Drumbreck
Allan John, Raebog
Allan Thomas, Ballochnoy
Allan Thomas, Leaduionford
Anderson Thomas, Langdales
Arthur Mrs. — , Shields
Balloch John & James, Bellstane
Ban- William, Arden
Baxter John, Holehills
Black T. & J. Leaend
Black William, Muirend
Bowman David, Gartcoulter
Brown John, East Gartmillan
Bryers James, Drumbow
Bryson Robert, Ryding Mains
Buchanan Walter, Brownieside
Cairncross John, Woodhead
Cameron William, Summerhill
Chalmers — , Cowbrae
Chapman William W. Meadowhead
Clelland J. (reps, of), Blairlin
Cullen Archibald, Woodend
Cumming Robert, Langdales
Curr David & W. Clachan
Denholm William, Mossiewood
Donaldson James, Wardhead
Dunlop John, Milncroft [Blast
Duusmore Jas. Springwells.Gaindykehead &
Dykes John, Kipps
Fleming James, Hillhead
Forbes John, Ha'brao
Forsyth Mrs. — , Springwell
Forsyth David, Flowerhill
Forsyth Elizabeth, Wester Craiguouk
Forsyth John, North Myvot
Gardiner Elizabeth, East Greengairs and
Gardner James, East Cullocbrigg
Gardner William, Upperton, Glentor
Gartshoro Alexander, Maryburgh
Gibson Robert, Braehead
Gilchrist James, Badenheath
Goodlet Alexander, Bridgend
Hamilton James, Burnfoot
Hodge Alexander, Craighead
Hodge John, Stand
Hodge John, Eastfield & Causewayond
Hunter R. & R. Eastertbn
Jack Thomas, Pinwiunie
Jack William, Kirkstyle
Jackson Robert, Drumbowio
Jarvie Mrs. — , Woodside
Kirkwood Gilbert, Burnhead
Lang William, Annothill
Logan Archibald, Cameron
M'Dougall Hugh, Craigend
M'Farlaue Andrew, Longrigg
M'Lawa George, Inchnock
M'Lean James & Son, South Medros
M'Lean John, Wester, Cullocbrigg
Main George, Limekilns
Main William, Breckenhurst
Marshall Margaret, Glenbove
Meikle Robert, Cromlet
Morton John, East Meadowhead
Motherwell John, Garngibbock, & Loanfoot
Paterson William, Thrushhush
Rankin Gavin, Glenboig
Rankiu George, Greyrigg
Rankiu James, South Myvot
. 800

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