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AIRDRIE is a thriving niarkot and post town, and a burgh of
. barony (recently separated from the pariah of New Monkland,
and erected into a quoad sacra parish), 18 miles n.n.e. from Lanark,
81 w. from Edinburgh, and 11 e. from Glasgow ; eligibly situated on
the great or middle road between the two cities, and occupying a
rising ground with its principal slope to the west. The advance of
Airdrie has been very rapid, and it is now one of the most flourish-
ing inland towns in Scotland ; its commercial prosperity being
attributable to the large earnings of the vast numbers employed at
the various iron smelting works, mines, collieries, and oil works
with which the district abounds. There are also several engineer-
ing works and h-onfoundries in the town, amongst which those of
! Messrs. Dick & Stevenson, Messrs. Stevenson & Mackay, and
Messrs. Gilb & Hogg take a prominent lead, and who, with some
others of less note, contribute largely to the sources of profitable
employment. The country is intersected in every direction by rail-
roads for the transmission of coal, Ac. to the various ironworks,
and to Glasgow, with which city, and every part of the kingdom,
communication is maintained several times daily. The Monkland
canal also approaches within a mile and a half of the town. Exclu-
sive of the iron and coal works, no inconsiderable number are
employed in the Airdrie cotton works. Hand loom weaving, which
at one time occupied large numbers in the town, is now almost
extinguished by the introduction of steam power. At Moffat and
Caldercruix, silk and calico printing and paper manufacturing
are in full operation. Branches of the Bank of Scotland, the Royal,
the National, the Clydesdale, and the British Linen Company
Banks are settled here. There are excellent hotels and posting
establishments, and the Bhops for general supply are well stored with
every necessary article for the demand of a busy population.
The Ad/vertiser } a highly respectable newspaper, is printed and
published here weekly, by the enterprising firm of Messrs. Baird
& Hamilton ; it is ably edited, and enjoys a very extensive circu-
The burgh consists of several principal streets, with others of a
smaller class diverging from them ; it is built on a regular plan, has
many excellent houses, is lighted with gas, and well supplied with
good water. It possesses a town hall, ornamented with a spire
and clock. There is also a handsome pile called the County Build-
ings, in which the sheriff court is held every Tuesday and Friday ;
a justice of peace court every Monday and Thursday, and in which
are also tbe offices of the sheriff clerk, the clerk of the peace, the
procurator fiscal, and other public functionaries. The burgh is
governed by a regular bench of magistrates, composed of a provost,
three bailies and eight councillors, with a treasurer and town clerk;
it unites with Lanark, Hamilton, Linlithgow and Falkirk in return-
ing one member to Parliament. The places of worship comprise
those of the Established church, the Free church, United Presby-
terian church. Reformed PreBbvterian, Evangelical Union, Baptist,
and Roman Catholic chapels. The town has several good schools,
among which is the Airdrie Academy, opened in 184ft, and erected
at the solo expense of the proprietor, Mr. Alexander, of Airdrie
Hall, at an outlay of upwards of £2,500. In the surrounding neigh-
bourhood there are many neat modern villas and handsome resi-
dences ; Airdrie House, a short distance to the west of the town,
stands amidst some fine pleasure grounds. The market days are
Tuesday and Saturday ; fairs are held on the last Tuesday in May
and the third Tuesday iu November. The population of the burgh
in 1871 was 13,488, and in 1881, 13,363.
Clarkston is a village in the parish of New Monkland, two miles
east from Airdrie, on the principal road between Edinburgh and
Glasgow, containing a church of the Establishment and a Board
Calderbank is a considerable village, also in tho parish of New
Monkland, about two miles south from Airdrie; this place derives
its importance from the Monkland Iron Company, Limited, whoso
works are situated here. Population in 1881, 1,749.
Chapelhall is a village iu the parish of Bothwell, but in the
postal district of Airdrie ; it lies about a mile east from Calderbank,
and is, like that place, chiefly depeudent on the works of the
Monkland Iron Company, Limited. There are two places of worship,
one for Free Presbyterians and one for Roman Catholics; also two
schools. Population in 1881, 1,829.
Glenmavis is a village in New Monkland parish, one and a half
miles from Airdrie ; the parish church and Bchools are situated
Greengairs is a village in New Monkland parish, 4?^ mile,
n.e. from and in the postal district of Airdrie; there are a Free
church, an Established church and a Board school. The
village is situated in an extensive coal district. Population in
Plains is a small village one mile and a half east from
Clarkston, in the parish of New Monkland, and is a station on the
Monkland District of the North British Railway. There are two
forges in this neighbourhood for the manufacture of shovels, &c,
ami a short distance further east, at Caldercruix, are the exten-
sivo calico printing works of Mr. John Glen, and the paper works of
Messrs. Robert Craig and Sons. Population in 1881, 516.
Rawtards, Whiterigg, Stand, Drumgelloch and Moffat are
small villages in the parish of New Monkland, and postal district
of Airdrie ; at the last named place is a second paper works of
Messrs. Robert Craig and Sons, and also the silk and calico printing
establishment of the Caldervale Printing Company.
JESSIE MILLAR, Post Mistress,
ARRIVALS.— From Edinburgh, Glasgow, the South and all parts at 8 a.m.; from Glasgow and the North at 12 20 p.m.; from Edin-
burgh, Glasgow and the South at 3 p.m. ; from Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, Ireland and all parts at 7 p.m.
DESPATCHES.— To Glasgow and the West Coast at 9 45 a.m. ; To Edinburgh and the East Coast of England and Scotland at 11 45
a.m. and 4 p.m. ; To Edinburgh, Glasgow, Coatbridge and South of Scotland at 12 45 p.m. ; To Glasgow, Coatbridge, England, Ireland
and all parts at 4 40 and 6 p.m. ; to England, Irelaud and all parts of Scotlaud at 8 p.m. ; on Sundays to all parts at 4 40 p.m.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Banlc.
Post Office, Calderbank, William Smith, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all! parts (from Airdrie) at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., and are
despatched thereto at 10 55 a.m. and 5 50 p.m. Telegraph Office. The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.
Fost Office, Chapelhall, George M.Russell, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and are
despatched thereto at 10 40 a.m. and 5 30 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.
Post Office, Clarkston, James M'Hutchison, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at 9 a.m., and are despatched
thereto at 3 30 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.
Post Office, Whiterigg, James Thomson, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts (from Airdrie) at 8 45 a.m. and 8 40 p.m., and
are despatched thereto at 8 55 a.m. and at 4 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Airdrie.
Adam Mr. James, Victoria place
Adam John, Esq. Drumgelloch Lodge
Adam Mrs. Mary, Drumgelloch Lodge
Adam Mr, Robert, Carlton Villa, Victoria pi
Adam Mr. Robert, jun. Fernielee, Victoria pi
Adamson Mr. James C. Marchmont, Vic-
toria place [ander st
Addie Mrs. Jane, Croftland Cottage, Alex-
Aitken Andrew, Esq. j.p. Miller's pi
Alexander Major John, j.p. Cairnhill
Alston Mrs. Elizabeth, Lee Bank, Common-
head [Clark st
Alston Mr. James M. m.d. Albert place,
Alston Mr. John M. Beechwood
Anderson Mr. George, Plaius [st
Anderson Mr. John F. Asbgrove, Alexander
Amott George H. Esq. Clydesdale Bank,
Graham st
Arthur George, Esq. j.p. West Parkhill
Arthur Hugh, Esq. m.d. Fruitfield House
Baird Mr. John, Caxton Villa
Berry Rev. David, Albert pi
Black Gavin, Esq. Wester Moffat
Black John, Esq. View Bank, Commonhead
Black William, Esq. Stanrigg House
Blackadder Mr. Alexander, Coulter Villa
Boyd Rev. John M"Gavin, The Manse, New
Brander Rev. James, d.d. Manse, Clarkston \
Brown Mr. James, Wellpark, Victoria pi ,
Brown Rev. Thomas, Greengairs [toria pi
Brown Mr. William, Hawthorn Bank, Vic-
Chapman Mr. James, Commonhead House
Chapman Mr. Thomas, Commonhead House
Connor James, Esq. Meadowside House,
Cowie Mrs. Catherine, Alma Vale House,
Craig Mr. John, Moffat Mill
Cullen James, Esq. m.d. 30 South Bridge st
Dick Mrs. Janet, Rosedale, Alexander st
Dick Mr. John, Victoria pi
Dickson William, Esq. Royal Bank of Scot-
land, Bank st
Dryer Rev. Oliver, E. U. Manse, Victoria pi
Ferrier Mrs. — , Croft Park House, Drum-
Fiudlay George, Esq. Stanley
ForbesMrs. — Biggar Bank
Forrester Mrs. — , Drumgelloch Cottage
Fry Rev. Samuel Campbell, Manse.Graham st
Fulton Rev. William, Victoria place
Gemmell Mr. Thomas, m.b. Sornbank
Gibb Mr. William, Clark st
Gillespie Rev. William, Free Church Manse,
41 Alexander st
Glen John, Esq; Hillend, Caldercruix â– 
Goldie Alexander, Esq. Moyhall
Goldie Mr. Hamilton, SpringhiU
Goldie Thomas, Esq. j.p. Lily Bank
Gray Mr. James, Graham's hill
Green Rev. William, Stand
Hamilton Mr. James, East Parkhill
Hamilton Mrs.Jemima, Beaconsfield Cottage,
Victoria place [Alexander st
Hamilton Robert, Esq. j.p. Willowbank, 96
Henderson Mrs. Hannah, Chirnside Cottage,
Quarry rd
Henderson Mr. James, Victoria place
Honderson Mr. William, Heath Park, Vic-
toria place
Hewitson Rev. Jonathan, Quarry rd
Hogg Mr. John, Victoria place
Houston Mr. Alex. Ivy Bank, Drumgelloch
Jack Rev. James, Free Blanse, Chapelhall
Jameson Mr. William G. Drumclair, Airdrie
Jeffrey Mr. Thomas, Thrush Cottage, Com-
Eirkland Mr. James, Alexander st
Knox Mr. James, Myrtle Bank, Clark st
Lang Mrs. Eliza, Langbank
Lawson Rev. Robert W. Albert pi
Lindsay Mr. Alexander D. Albert pi
Livingstone Thomas, Esq. Easter Moffat
M'Culloch Mr. John, Cardarroch House,

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