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NEW GALLOWAY is a small town and royal burgli, ia the parish
of Kells, union and siowart court of Kirkcudbright, 84 miles
s.s.w. from Edinburgh, 25 w. from Dumfries, 18 n.e. from Newton-
Stewnrt, 14 n.w. from Castle Douglas, 8 n.w. from Parton, and 25
n.w. from Kirkcudbright, pleasantly situated ou the west bank of
the river Ken, over which was thrown in 1821 an elegant stone
bridge of five arches; this structure lying in the valley below the
town, has a very pleasing effect. At its completion a dinner was
given by the late Lord Viscount Kenmure, to fourteen of the oldest
inhabitants of the town, whoso united ages amounted to 1,264 years.
The houses of the town stretch along the public road, and form a
tolerably well-built street. The business of the place is confined to
the local domestic retail and handicraft branches. Galloway's
tmrghal charter was conferred by Charles I., and the municipal
government is vested in a provost, two bailies, and nine councillors.
A justice of peace court is held ou the first Monday in every month,
for the recovery of debts under £5 ; attached to the court is a
criminal and debtor's gaol, with a steeple and town clock ; and
the sheriff's court is held three times a year. The burgh unites
with Wigtown, Stranraer and Withom in returning one member to
Parliament. On the north side of the town, within the distance of
half a mile, is the parish church, a neat stone edifice, with a square
tower in the centre, built in 1822 ; in the same year a Sunday
school was established, in which upwards of one hundred children
are gratuitously taught. The churchyard contains an ancient tomb-
stone having the armorial ensigns of the Coultharts and Macturks
curiously sculptured upon it. At a short distance south of the
town stands the ancient castle of Kenmure, once a place of con-
siderable strength; Mary Queen of Scots lodged in it one night,
on her wa> from this country to England. Loch Ken, which
adjoins the town, is four miles and a half long, and in many places
more than a mile broad ; it abounds with pike and perch, and
some of the former havo been caught of the weight of fifty
pounds. There is a commodious hotel in tho town, the Kenmure
Arms. The nearest railway station is five miles distant. Fairs are
held on the first Wednesday after the 12th of April, tho first Wed-
nesday after the 12th of July, the first Wednesday after the 12th of
August, and the first Wednesday after the 12th of November. The
parish of Kells embraces an area of 48,581 statute acres, and in 1881
contained a population of 970; of this number 422 were returned
for New Galloway.
Daluy (or St. John's) is a village in the parish of its name,
lying on the east bank of the river Ken ; 3^-> miles n. of New Gallo-
way, and the same distance from Balmaclellan, and 26 miles n. of
Kirkcudbright ; the southern portion of tho district is in a beautiful
valley, composed of rich arable laud ; the high grounds are pastoral,
and graze considerable numbers of cattle and sheep. The village of
Dalry (the name of which signifies " the dale jf the king ") is sur-
rounded with delightful scenery ; and there is a good hotel (the
Lochinvar) at the command of the visitor. In 1S58 the Town Hall
or (St. John's Hall) was erected, and is used fur the purpose of
holding public meetings, lectures, &c. ; it was built by subscription,
at a cost of nearly .£400, and is a neat ornament to the place. There
are several lakes in the parish ; the largest, called Lochinvar,
covers an area of fifty acres ; in the lake stand the remains of an
ancient castle, formerly belonging to tiie Gordons, Knights of
Lochinvar, and latterly Viscounts of Kenmure. The area of
the parish is 84,535 acres, and its population in 1881 was 988.
Cahsphairn, a parish aud village, 18 miles n. of New Galloway,
and 32 miles N. of Kirkcudbright, is situated near the river Deogh ;
the village coutains a parish kirk, the manse, a parochial school,
and a few scattered houses. The parish is somewhat extensive,
but thinly populated ; it is the most northerly aud mountainous
district in the stewartry, and is chiefly devoted to grazing. This
parish, with those of Dairy, Kells, and Balmaclellan, are designated
the district of Glonkens — famed for the true breed of black-faced
sheep and bLick cattle, as also for good horses of the Galloway breed.
Acreage, 54,624; population in 1881, 484.
The small village of Balmaclicllan, about one and a half miles
east of New Galloway, in the parish of its name, stands on tho op-
posite side of the Ken to New Galloway, not far from the confluence
of the stream with the head of Loch Ken, twelve miles south-wost
of Moniaive. The parish is of a moory character, interspersed with
some inconsiderable lakes. Acreage, 23,019 ; population in 1881, 937.
POST OFFICE, New Galloway, Jane Mitchell, Post Mistress.-
p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Offi.ee and Savings Bank.
-Letters from all parts arrive at 8 20 a.m., and are despatched at 3 20
Sub-Post Office, New Galloway Railway Station, George Linton, Sab-Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 7 30 a.m.,
and aro despatched at 4 20 p.m. Tho nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office is at New Galloway.
Post Office, Balmaclellan, Anthony M'Michael, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 9 30 a.m., and are despatched at
2 5 p.m. The nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office is at New Galloway.
Post Office, Cahsphairn, William Reid, Post Master.— -Letters from all parts arrive at 11 SO a.m., and are despatched at 1 80 p.m.
The nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office is at New Galloway.
Post Office, Daley, Anthony M'Kay, Post Master.-
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
-Letters from all parts arrive at 8 40 a.m., and are despatched at 2 50 p.m.
Alexander Mrs. Barbara A. Plumtree Cottage,
Alexander James, Esq. j.p. (of Curriedown),
Milton park, Dairy .
Alexander William, Esq. (of Glenhow), Dairy
Arthur David, Esq.M.B. New Galloway
Barbour Mr. James, Bogue [clellan
Barbour William. Esq. j.p. Barlay, Balma-
Buchauan Rev. Neil, Free Manse, Boguo
Corrie Adam, Esq. New Galloway
Cuthill Rev. William, Manse, Balmaclellan
Dickson Walter G. Esq. j.p., m.d. Moniebuie,
Findlay Rev. Peter C. Carsphairn
Good Mrs. Janet, Dairy
Gordon the Hon. Mrs. Louisa Gordon Bel-
lamy, of Kenmure Castle, New Galloway
Jamieson Mrs. Janet, Carsphairn
Kennedy John Lawson, Esq. Knocknalling
Kennedy Major John M. j.p. The Holme,
M'Cormick Mr. John, Carsphairn
M'Gowan Mrs. Isabella, Meadowbank, New
M'Millan Mrs. Mary, Gordon terrace
M'Millan William M'Call, Esq., Lamlock,
Carsphairn [Castle
Maitland Lieut.-Colonel John G. Kenmure
Mather Rev. JameB, U. P. Manse, Dairy
Maxwell Mrs. Elizabeth, Overton
Maxwell George, Esq, j.p. Glenlee
Morrine David, Esq. Dairy [lellan
Murdoch Andrew, Esq. Drumwhirn, Balmac-
Murray Miss Ann, Meadowbank, New Gallo-
way [Galloway
Muiray Miss Margaret, Meadowbank, New
Philip Rev. Pirie, Kells Manse
Sellar Professor William Young, ll.d. Ken-
bank, Dairy
Smith Mrs. Sarah, Dairy
Spalding Augustus Frederick M. Esq. j.p. (of
Holme), Dalarran Lodge, Balmaclullan
Walker Rev. Thomas, Manse, Dairy
Young Jasper, Esq. Bellingear, Kells
M'Jannct William, Polharrow School, Dairy
Public Schools :—
Balmaclellan— James Gray, master
Carsphairn — Hugh Wylie, master
Corseglas, Dairy — John Guthrie, master
Dairy — William Douglas, master; Georgina
Coltart, mistress
Ironmaccanine, Balmaclellan — Robert
Harkness, master
Kells, New Galloway— James M'Andrew,
master ; JaneM. Gordon, mistress
Monibuie, Balmaclellan— Thomas Kirk-
patrick, master [ter
New Galloway (Mossdale)— John Bell, mas-
Stranfraggen, Dairy— Jas. Campbell, mstr
Garmory Robert (& agent for fire clay goods),
New Galloway
M'Kay Robert, New Galloway
M'Naught Robert A. Dairy
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), New
Galloway — draws on own branch, London,
tho Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, & tho
Belfast Banking Co. Belfast— Adam Corrie,
Union Bank of Scotland, LiMiTED(Brancb),
Dairy — draws on own branch, and Bank of
England, London, tho Provincial Bank of
Ireland, Dublin, & the Belfast Banking
Co. Belfast— David Morrine, agent
Bryden James, Dairy
Dick William, New Galloway
Hooper John, Carsphairn
Lowden Samuel, Balmaclellan
M'Ghie John, Dairy
Turner James, New Galloway
Walker William Shiel, New Galloway

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