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Tongland or Tongueland is a parish in the union and steward
court of Kirkcudbright. A parish church and a public school are
here. Acreage, 9,738. Population in 1881, 829.
Tarff (for Gatehouse) is a station in this parish, on the Kirk-
cudbright branch of the Glasgow and South- Western Railway.
Ringford or Ked Lion is a small village in Tongland, situated on
the road between Twynholm and Castle Douglas.
Twynholm is a parish and village ; the latter ,a small one, is situa-
ted three miles from Kirkcudbright on the main road from Gate-
house to Castle Douglas. The soil is fertile, and the surface of the
district rises into many small hills, partly arable. Of the extensive
woods with which this part of Galloway was formerly covered, the
only remains now existing are aroundthe old castle of Compstone,
a building pleasantly situated on an eminence nigh to the junction
of the rivers Dee and Tarff. The village contains a small neat
church of the Establishment and a public school. Acreage, 10,484.
Population in 1881. 681.
Borgue is a parish and village, forming the west side of Kirkcud-
bright bay, entirely agricultural. The village, a small one, about
five miles distant from Kirkcudbright, consists of a few neat houses,
and contains a Free church and a church of the Establishment, also
a public school. The island of Ross, which rises at the mouth of
Kirkcudbright bay, belongs to this parish, and on it has been
erected a lighthouse. Acreage, 13,531. Population in 1881, 1,129.
POST OFFICE, Castle Street, Kirkcudbright, Charles Finlayson, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts at 7 15 a.m. and
6 80 p.m., and are despatched to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dumfries and Castle Douglas at 11 10 a.m., and to Dumfries, Castle Douglas,
Dalbeattie and all parts at 4 30 p.m., and to Dumfries, Castle Douglas and all parts at 6 5 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and
Savings Bank.
Sdb-Post Office, Borgtte, Mary Wylie, Sub-Post Mistress. — Letters from all parts arrive (by messenger from Kirkcudbright) at
10 a.m., and are despatched thereto by same means at 4 85 p.m.- — Kirkcudbright is the nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office.
Post Office, Ringford (Sub-Post Office for Castle Douglas), William Harkner, Sub- Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive
from Castle Douglas at 7 20 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 4 40 p.m. Twynholm is the nearest Money Order Ojjice, and Kirk-
cudbright is the nearest Telegraph Office.
Sub-Post Office, Tongland, Mary M'Guffog, Sub-Post Mistress. — Letters arrive from all parts at 9 a.m., and are despatched thereto
at 9 20 a.m. and 2 50 p.m. Kirkcudbright is the nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office.
Sub-Post Office, Twynholm, William Stewart, Sub-Post .Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 7 15 a.m., and are despatched
thereto at 4 25 p.m. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. Kirkcudbright is the nearest Telegraph Office.
Arbuckle Mrs. Hannah, Auchenhay, Borgue
Armitage Arthur, Esq. Balmae House
Barclay William, Esq. Carse, .Twynholm
Bell Mr. William, High st
Blair Misses Mary, Ellen & Rose, High st
Brown Mr. Alexander, Tongland
Caird Mrs. — , Lymm bank, Tongland
Cairns Mrs. Jessie, High st
Campbell Rev. A. D. The Manse
Castellain Alfred Esq. Compstone
Cavan Mr. Samuel, St. Cuthbert st
Charters John, Esq. Floudba
Clelland Mr. Andrew, Tongland rd
Coles Frederick R. Esq. Hermitage, Ringford
Comrie James, Esq. Gategill, Borgue
Cook Rev. George, d.d. The Manse, Borgue
Corrie Adam John, Esq. j.p. of Dunrod, Sen-
wick House, Borgue
Cowan Misses Jane & Elizabeth, Castle st
Craig David, Esq. Craig ville
Cristal Mrs. Margaret, High st
Dunbar Alexander, Esq. j.p. St. Cuthbert's
Cummach Mr. John, Glewcroft, Twynholm
Elder Rev. Geo. Free Church Manse, Borgue
Farquhar Rev. J. J. F. St. Cuthbert st
Ferguson Captain James, St. Cuthbert st
Ferguson Mrs. Mary, St. Mary st
Fisher Rev. Peter, F.C. Manse, Tongland
Gibson Mr. John, High st
Goodman Misses Ellen & Elizabeth, High st
Gordon Mr. Alexander J. High st
Gordon Rev. James, Twynholm Manse
Gordon Miss Jessie, High st [bank
Gordon Robert M, Esq. j.p. of Rattra, Ellen
Gordon Rev. W. Ireland, The Manse,
Gordon Sir Wm. Bart. Earlston, Borgue
Graham Mx*. John, Borness, Borgue
Grierson Mr3. Elizabeth, Tongland rd
Grieve Mr. John, High st
Halliday Capt. Archibald, St. Cuthbert Bt
Hamilton George, Esq, Ardendee
Hamilton Mrs. Jane, High st
Hannay Mrs. Agnes, Castle st
Hannay Mrs. Mary, High st
Hanning Rev. John, Katrine bank, Borgue
Hardie Mrs. Janet, High st
Hart Capt. John, High st
Hassard Mrs, Margaret, Janefield
Henderson Mr. Richard, Grange House
Holland — , Esq. Knochbrex
Hope the Hon. Charles, St. Mary's Isle
Hornell Mrs. Ann. High st
Hossack James, Esq. Ellerslee, Tongland
Hutchinson John W. Esq. Argreunan House,
Hutton Mr. William, Tongland rd [holm
Irving Mrs. Margaret, Barwhinnoch, Twyn-
Jenkins Mrs. Jessie G. High st
Johnston Mrs. Elizabeth, Tongland rd
Johnston Miss Isabella, High st
Johnston Mr, William, m.d. Springbank
Kenworthy James, Esq. Ashton Villa, Tong-
Keswick Mrs. Agnes, St. Cuthbert st
liirkpatrick Mrs. Janet, Church pi
Kirlipatrick Mr. William, St. Cuthbert st
M'Clymont Mr. James. Tongland rd
M'Culloch Mrs. Jane E. Valley Field House,
Ringf or 1
M'Keuzie Misses Jane & Mary, Tongland rd
M'Kenzie Mr. John C. St. Cuthbert st
M'Kie John, Esq. Tongland rd
M'Lellan David, Esq. St. Mary st
M'Lellan William, Esq. High st
M'Muldrow Mr. James, High st
M Quinn Mrs. Janet, St. Cuthbert st
Marshall Rev. Alexander, Tongland rd
Marshall Miss Barbara, St. Mary st
Martin Mr. William, High st
Miller Miss Janet, Church pi
Milroy Mr. William, Castle st
Moffat Mr. James, m.e. Church pi
Muir Mr. Adam, St. Cuthbert st
Mure Mrs. Catherine, High st
Neilson Walter Montgomerie, Esq. Queens-
hill, Ringford
Nicholson Mr. William, St. Cuthbert st
Palmer Mrs. Margaret, Castle st
Pinching Capt. Adam, Esq. Barcaple House,
Ringford [Twynholm
Rae Capt. Alexander, Belle Vue House,
Rae Mrs. Eliza, St. Cuthbert st
Rain William, Esq. Templeton, Twynholm
Reid Mr. W. S. S. m.b. Oakley House, St.
Mary sb
Robertson Mrs. Jane, High st [Mary's Isle
Selkirk The Right Hon. Countess of, St.
Shand Mrs. Joan, High st
Sproat David, Esq. j.p. St. Cuthbert st
Sproat Mrs. Jane, St. Mary st
Sproat Mrs. Jane, Auchengassel, Twynholm
Stewart Mrs. Agnes, Walltress, Twynholm
Stewart Mr. James, Castle Bt
Wallace Mr. Peter J. Neptune Park
Watson Rev. William, m.a. High st
Williamson Mrs. Janet, High st [holm
Williamson John, Esq. j.p. Langlands, Twyn-
Williamson Mr. Thomas, Tongland rd
Bell Mary (day & boarding), High st
Borgue Academy — John Dunlop, rector ;
Janet Kerr, mistress
Copland Jane (day), St. Cuthbert st
Johnston's Free School, St. Mary st —
John N. Smith, m.a. master ; Rose Conning,
Lockerby Agnes, Ringford
Kirkcudbright Academy — Classical mas-
ter, Robert Watson, a.m. ; English master,
John Blacklock; commercial master, Robt.
Smith, f.e.i.s.
Old Chdrch School (female), St. Cuthbert
sfc — Agues Neismith, mistress
Public Schools : —
Tongland— George Hunter, master; Mrs.
Hunter, mistress
Twynholm— William Moffat, master; Mary
Gibb, mistress
Kirkcudbright (Town End)— William Rox-
burgh, master; Jane Edgar, mistress
Kirkcudbright (Town Head)— Alexander
Mathesou, master [master
Wbiunie Liggato — Archibald M'Kinney,
Roman Catholio School, St. Cuthbert
st— M. Whitelock, mistress
Barr William (for Spratt's dog biscuits), St.
Mary st
Cavan Samuel (to tho Liverpool & South
Scotland Steam Packet Co.), St. Cutbbertst
Cowan James (for Singer's sewing machines,
&fcrP. & P. Campbell, dyers, Perth), St.
Mary st
Erskiuo John (emigration), Castle st
Gordon Alexander J. (& factor for the St.
Mary's Isle Estate), Castle st [Castle st
Gourlay Joan (for Nithsdale Dye Works),
Graham William (emigration), Castle st
Grierson James L. (& reporter for the Dum-
I', ies Standard) i Union st
noustan Robert (for tho Howe sewing ma-
chines), St. Mary st
M'Laehlan Mary A. (for J. Pnllar & Sons,
dyers, Perth, & the Twynholm Mills), St.
Mary st
M*Lelland David (& factor to W. Montgomerie
Neilson, Esq. of Queenshill, Ringford;
Andrew Pringle, Esq. of Borgue, & David
Meikland, Esq. of Dundrennan), St. Mary
st [Offices), St. Mary st
M'Lellan William (for Stubb's Mercantile
M'Millan Robert (for John Nicholson & Co.
slate merchants, Annan), Railway station
Maxwell Mary E. (for the Kirkcudbrightshire
Advertiser), St. Cuthbert st
Brown William (& confectioner),
High st. & St. Cuthbert st
Gillone John & Sonsi & biscuit manu-
facturers), Tongland, Kirkcud-
Gordon James R. High st. & St.
Cuthbert st
Milligan John, St. Mary st
Mitchell Agnes, Castle st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), St. Mary st —
draws on the Bank of Scotland, Lothbury,
Bank of England, Coutts & Co. & Smith,
Payne & Smiths, Loudon — David M'Lellan,
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), St. Cuthbert st- -draws on own
office, Bank of England, London & West-
minster Bunk, and Coutts & Co. London-
Samuel Cavan, agent
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Caitle Bt— draws on own office,
London— Robert M. Gordon & Alexander J.
Gordon, agents
Dennison James & John, Castle st
Grierson James L. (printer), Union st
Maxwell Mary E. St. Cuthbert st
Nicholson James (printer), High st
Bolton Elizabeth (dealer), Castle st
Dalziel James, Borgue
Dalziel Thomas, Twynholm
Gibb William, High st
Houliston David, Castle st
Jamieson Alexander, Union Bt
Kimm Robert, Ringford [at
Kirkcudbright Boot & Shoe Co. St. Cuthbert
M'Bain John (& clou), Castle st
Peacock Thomas, Twynbolm
Ramsey James, St. Mary st. & at Maybole
Logan John, St. Cuthbert st
Walker Hugh & Son, High st. & Castle st
Erskine John, Castle st
Henderson Alexander S. St. Cuthbert st
Whitewright Thomas, High st
Sec Earthenware Dealers.

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