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AUCHENCAIRN, the principal village in the parish of Rerwick, and
Union and Stewart Court of Kirkcudbright, is eight miles south
from Castle Douglas, ten east from Kirkcudbright, and twenty-one
south-west from Dumfries, situated on the main road butween the two
last-named towns. It is now rising into a village of some importance,
in consequence of its excellent sea bathing, for which purpose it is much
frequented during the summer months. There are several mines in this
neighbourhood of barytes, copper and iron stone, which are now closed.
In the village are two hotels, both affording excellent accommodation to
tourists and visitors. In the mouth of Auchencairn bay lies the small
island of Heston, which stands high out of the water, and affords
excellent pasture for sheep, and there are rabbits in great numbers. A
fair is held on the first Monday after the 16th of August.
Dundrennan is a small village in the same parish as Auchencairn,
four miles therefrom, deriving its chief, indeed only, importance from
having in its vicinity the ruined Abbey of Dundrennan, the greatest
attraction in this part of the country. This abbey, the venerable
remains of which stand about a mile and a half from the sea, was
founded by Fergus, Lord of Galloway, in the year 1142. The church
â– was built, as usual, in the form of a cross, with the spire rising two
hundred feet from the centre. The body was one hundred and twenty
feet in length, and on the south side of the church were the cloisters,
with a grass plot in the centre. From what remains of the edifice, the
whole must have been built in a style of great taste and architectural
beauty. The buildings are now greatly dilapidated, and are almost
entirely covered with a pale grey-coloured moss, which gives a character
of peculiar and almost airy-lightness to the lofty columns and Gothic
arches, many of which are entire. The sacred edifice afforded a tem-
porary shelter to Mary Stuart during the last hours she spent in Scot-
land. Tradition has traced with accuracy her course from Langside to
the scene of her embarkation for England. She arrived at this spot in
the evening, and spent her last night within the walls of the monastery,
then a magnificent and extensive building. The spot where she took
boat next morning for the English side of the Sol way is at the nearest
point of the coast ; the road from the religious establishment thither
runs through a secluded valley of surpassing beauty, and leads directly
to the shore, where the rock is still pointed out by the peasantry from
which the hapless queen embarked on her death-destined voyage ; it is
situated in a little creek, surrounded by vast and precipitous rocks, and
called " Port-Mary," in commemoration of the event. The scene is
analogously wild and sublime; and besides being inspiritive of melan-
choly associations in the mind of the poet or romantic tourist, the coast
here and in the neighbourhood merits the attention of the painter and
the investigation of the mineralogist. The entire parish of Rerwick
embraces an area of 19,9S0 acres, and contained a population in 1881 of
1,807 ; of this number 411 were returned for Auchencairn.
SUB-POST OFFICE, Auchencairn, Jane Milligan, Sub-Post Mistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Castle Douglas) at 9 a.m. and
are despatched thereto at 3 p.m. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. The nearest Telegraph Office is at Castle Douglas.
Sob-Post Office, Dundrennan, Margaret Bennett, Sub-Post Mistress, Letters from all parts arrive (from Kirkcudbright) at 10 00 a m
and are despatched thereto at 2 45 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Aochenoairn.
Carter Mrs. Grace, Dundrennan
Gibson Mrs. Sarah, Bunkershill
Gutherie Mrs. — , Hazlefield
Lowdon Mr. Samuel, Collin Mill
Lowdon Mr. Samuel, jun. Collin Mill
M'Cartney Mr- Robert, Dundrennan House
M'Conachie Rev. George, Rerwick Manse,
M'Dowall James, Esq. Anchnabony
M'Dowall John, Esq. Girsting Wood
Mackie John G. Esq. Auchencairn House
M'Neil Rev. Patrick, Free Church Manse
Morrine Mr. William, Auchencairn
Ovens Walter, Esq. j. p. Torr House
Robinson Douglas W. D. Esq. Orcharton House
Sproat David, Esq. j.p. (of Kirkcudbright),
Port Mary
Thornburn Misses Jane & Gordon, Burnfoot
Wark Rev. David, The Manse, Auchencairn
Public Schools:—
Auchencairn — Archibald M'Lean, master;
Barbara M'Vicar, mistress
Dundrennan — Matthew Pollock, master ;
Margaret Robinson, mistress
Adams William, Dundrennan
Heughan Jeseph, Auchencairn
M'Connel Thomas, Rerwick Church
Turner John, Chapel yard
Twedie John, Stockmoss
Alexander James, Auchencairn
M'Millan William, Dundrennan
Rae David, Dundrennan
Rae William, Auchencairn
Ramsay James, Auchencairn
parish of rerwick.
Affleck George, Over Linkins
Boyes John, Greenhill
Brown James, Chapeltown
Brown R. & W. Over Hazlefield
Brown Walter, Barlocco
Cannon James, Mains of Collin
Cannon John, Collin Mil!
Clark Thomas, jun. Corrahill
Crawford H. & G. Hall of Auchencairn
Crosbie Hugh, Shawhill
Crosbie James, Fagra
Fisher James, Flathill
Gierson James, Orroland House
Grierson R. & W. Riddick Park
Haining Alexander, Drungans <*
Helm William, Nether Linkins
Henry Samuel, Glenhead
Jardine George, Balmangan
Kelly David, Burnside
Kerr Edward, Fagra Mill
Ker William, Upper Riddick
Little Peter, Paddock Hall
M'Allister James, Mulloch
M'Cartney John, Port Mary
M'Minn Mrs. — , Sandhead
M'Taggart John, Culnaughtray
M'Turk David, Rascarrel
M'Turk James, New Law
Mitchell Andrew, Barcheskie
Morgan Daniel, Low Barend
Muir Walter, Chapel hill
Sherman Robert & John, Balig
Smith John, Blue hill
Sproat George, Isle of Helston
Sproat Robert, Nether Hazlefield
Symington George, East Kirkcarsewell
Wilson Alexander, Nether Law
Wilson John, Farhills
Irving Thomas, Bayvilla Cottage
Irving William P. Balcary Fisheries
Muir George, Burnfoot
Kirk Elizabeth, Auchencairn
Macadam John, Auchencairn
Adams William, Dundrennan
Bennett Margaret, Dundrennan
Boyes John G. (draper), Auchencairn
Carlisle Violet, Auchencairn
Coates Margaret, Dundrennan
Ewart John (draper;, Auchencairn
Gray Robert (baker), Auchencairn
Milligan Jane, Auchencairn
Rae Mary B. Auchencairn
Richards William, Burnfoot
Rorrison James, Auchencairn
Scott Isabella, Auchencairn
Anchor, Maxwell Haugh, Dundrennan
Black Lion, James Blackie, Auchencairn
Commercial, Catherine Watson, Auchencairn
Dundrennan Arms, Jane Aitken, Dundrennan
j â–  â– 
Gibson Joseph C. Auchencairn
Grierson Francis (& wheelwright), Dundrennan
Jones William, Auchencairn
M'Duugall Robert, Auchencairn
M'Vittie William (cartwright), Hazlefield
Mowat William, Kirkcarswell
Rae John, Dundrennan
Brown James, Auchencairn
Caig James, Auchencairn
Edgar William, Dundrennan
M'Taggart John, Penbridge Cottage
Pattison Robert, Auchencairn
Gibson John, Auchencairn
Jardine George, Balmangan
Kerr Edward, Fagra Mill
Boyes John G. Auchencairn
Clark Thomas, Auchencairn
Ewart John, Auchencairn
Henry Robert, Auchencairn
Livingstone Robert, Dundrennan
Boyes John, agent for the Royal Insurance Co.
Greenhill, Auchencairn
Pollock Matthew, heritors' & session clerk for
the parish of Rerwick
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
Established Church, Auchencairn — Rev
David Wark
Established Church, Rerwick, Dundrennan
—Rev. George M'Conachie [M'Neil
Free Church, Auchencairn— Rev. Patrick
Police Office, Auchencairn— William Perrie,
constable [librarian
Public Library, Auchencairn— Mary B. Rae,
Rerwick Parochial Board— John M'Dowall,
chairman ; John Boyes, collector of poor
rates ; James Gibson, inspector of poor •
Agnes Edgar, registrar of births, Sea, ; William
Johnstone, m.d. and Walter Lorraine, m.d.
medical officers
Rerwick School Board— John M'Dowall, chair-
man j Andrew M'Kie, clerk & treasurer
The nearest Station is at Dalbeattie, eight
miles distant. Coaches from Auchencairn
to Dalbeattie, on Wednesday & Saturday
The nearest Station for Dundrennan is Kirk-
cudbright, six miles distant
To CASTLE DOUGLAS, a Coach from Com-
mercial Hotel & from Black Lion Hotel
To DALBEATTIE, a Coach from Commercial
Hotel, &from Black Lion Hotel, Wednesday
& Saturday
To CASTLE DOUGLAS, Joseph Gibson,
Monday & Thursday [& Friday
To DALBEATTIE, Joseph Gibson, Tuesday
To DUMFRIES, John Grierson, occasionally

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