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Episcopal School, High et— Elizabeth S.
Macdonald, mistress
Parochial Schools: —
Cookney— James Si: art, master
Fetteresso — John Duguid, master
Public Schools:—
Brackmuirhill,Dunnottar— WilliamMartin,
Bridge of Muchalls— Helen Howat, mistress
Cairnhill, Muchalls— Wm. Archer, master
Cowie— Eleanor Riddell, mistress
Stonehaven (Robert st) — George Sorrie,M.A.
head master; John M'K. M'David, and
Jobn M'Gregor, m.a. assistant masters ;
Charlotte R. Cowie, mistress
Dunnottar — Jamea M. Cameron, master;
Mary Forbes, mistress
Netherley — Elsie J. Duguid, mistress
Rickarton— Peter Smart, master
Xewel — John S. Whyte, master
{See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)
Abernethy James (coal & lime), 6 Cameron st
Balfour Jno.(for manufacturers ),50 Barclay st
Coleman Samuel (insurance), Barclay st
Cowie James (for Hodgson's manures), Duck
lane, Old Town
Sinclair James (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers,
Perth), 24 Evan Bt
Adams Eliza, 43 Barclay st
Brebner Helen, Robert st
Brown Elizabeth, 43 Evan st
Charles Ann, Cameron st
Dalgamo George, 62 Barclay st
Dicksou Jane, 1 Evan st
Duncan Elizabeth, 13 Ann st
Ellis Barbara, 51 Barclay st
Gilcbrist Mary, 33 Cameron st
Gordon Jessie, Margaret st
Guthrie Margaret, Robert st
Knox Isabella, Evan st
Lees Margaret, 2 Barclay st
Lees Margaret, Robert st
Logie George, Ann st
M'Pherson Ann, Evan st
Massio Margaret, Carron Cottage
Masson Ann, Bridgefield
Mitchell Jane, Ocean View
Paul Jessie, 25 Cameron st
Ross Mary, SI Ann st
Silver Elizabeth, Arduthie rd
Simpson Margaret, 45 Cameron st
Smart Sarah, 12 Arduthie rd
Stewart Helen & Eliza, Newton Cottage
Sutherland Agnes, 88 & 40 Barclay st
Tawse George, 43 Barclay st
"Wilson Alexander, Bridge of Muchalls
Wood Isabella, 8 Cameron st
Brown & Murray, Allardice st
Scott Alexander, 9 Arbuthnott st
Brown William, 31 High st
Co-operative (Stonehaven) Society, Limited,
Allardice st — Robt. Cunningham, manager
Cumming James, 55 High st
Forbes Alexander, 26 High st
Fraser Alexander, Newton hill
Gellatly Charles, Allardice st
Greig Elizabeth R. 11 Market square
Lamb James, Newton hill
Mitchell Robert, Evan st
Mitchell Robert D. 16 Allardice st
Porter Frances, High st
Sheret Jessie, Allardice st
Shirreffs Hugh, 15 Barclay st
' ■!— — V r
Bank of Scotland (Branch), Market square
—draws on head office, Edinburgh, and
branches, & on Union Bank of Scotland, &
their London branch, Lothbury — Thomas
Martin, agent
Cheque Bank, Limited (Branch), Mar-
ket square— draws on parent establish-
ment, London— James Allan, agent
North of Scotland BANK,Li&iiTED(Branch),
Ann st — draws on the Commercial Bank
of Scotland, Union Bank of London, and
Barclay, Bevau & Co. London— James
Scott and Arthur B. Annandale, joint
Town and County Bank, Limited (Branch),
Evan st— draws on the Roval Bank, Edin-
burgh, and the London- Joint Stock Bank,
— Arthur W. Kinnear, agent
Savings Bank— David Carr, actuary— Open
on Saturday from six till eight
54 — A-R
Andrew John, Kirk ton
Donald John, David st
Forbes WilJiam, Cairnhill, Muchalls
Goodsman William, 3 King st
Lamb John, Rickarton
Milne Alexander, Netherley
Moir George, Rosliufield
Murray Alexander, Bridge of Muchalls
Murray John, Mary st
Petrie James, Rickarton
Wood John, Netherley
Bell David, 18 Barclay st
Taylor Jane, 21 Evau st
Taylor Mary M. (& printer), 3 Market sq
Abernethy Archibald, 2 Evan st
Brown Thomas, Rickarton
Davidson William P. Muchalls
Finlay John, Newton hill
Goodfellow William, 69 Barclay st
Gordon William, Newton hill
Greig David, Robert st
Jamieson George, Arbuthnott st
Niven Cbarles, 9 Cameron st
Milne William, 28 Market sq
Reid Andrew, High st
Ross John, Muchalls
Stephen Kenward, 64 Allardice st
Watson John, 19 Evan st
Watt George, 31 Allardice st
See Joiners, and also Stonemasons.
Melvin John, 61 Barclay st
Pyper Alexander, Rickarton [lane
Robertson Andrew (& coachbuilder), Napier's
Wilson Alexander, Bridge of Muchalls
Cumming James, 9 Market sq
Wood James & Co. 19 Market sq
Annandale William, 35 Allardice st
Gatt Henry A. 11 David st
Mowat David, 7 & 8 Market buildings
Rioch James, 7 Market sq
Gellatly John, David st [Town
Jack James (& ship owner), 8 High st. Old
Ogg James, Cameron st
Forbes Sarah, 17 Market sq
Mitchell Robert, Evan st
Mitchell Robert D. Allardice st
Porter Frauces,21 High st
Rowlands William, 16 High st
Shirreffs Hugh, 15 Barclay st
Sutherland Agnes, 40 Barclay st
Brebner Alexander, Napier lane & High st
Christie Peter, 13 &15 Shorehead
Jack James, 8 High st. Old Town
Leiper Ann, Castle st. Old Town
Sinclair Alexander, Cowie
Sutherland William, Ironfield lane
Annandale William (manure), Allardice st
Cowie James (grain & manure),
Westfield, Arduthie rd
Hogg Alexander, Bridge of Cowie
Knowles George, Allardice st
M'Gregor George, Bridge of Cowie
Ogg James, Cameron st
Paterson William (grain), Mill Inn
Hew WiUiam, 23 Allardice st
Ritchie William, Glenury RoyaTDistillery
Fraser Donald, 29 Allardice st
Gordon Charles, 25 & 27 Barclay st
in cookney parish.
Beattie George, Cairngrassie
Chalmers Joseph, Greeuheads
Chessar James, Wellcroft
Clark George, Pitspimkie
Clark John, Blackburn
Collie Alexander, Sunnyside
Craib George D. Pityot
Craig George, Meadowfield
Craig James, Craigwells
Elmslie George, Woodsido
Esson Walter, Cairnieburn
Ewing James, Rooten
Falconer Robert, Nether Mains of Muchalls
Fraser James, Stoneyhill
Garden William, Montsnaught
Gavin James, Mill of Muchalls
Glennie John, Hill of Bogheadly
i^lennie William, Hillside
Grant James, North Cookney [Cairnhill
Gray James, Mains of Cammachmore and
Hogg James, Westerton
Hogg Thomas, Hill of Bogheadly
Hunter Charles, Beltcraigs
Jamieson William (reps. of),Dykenook
King Alexander, jun. Chapelton
M'Andrew John, Upper Cairnhill
M'Gregor William, Temple & Millburn
M'Leod Murdoch, Mongatehead
Melvin William, Clayfolds
Meston Alexander, Bumside
Middleton Arthur, Bents
Middleton William, Nether Burnahugh
Milne David, Mill of Forest, West Tewel
Milne James, Dubbystyle
Milne James, Nether Cairnhill
Milne James, Windyedge & Balnagubs
Milne James, North Rothnick
Milne Robert, Hillhead
Milne William, Windyford
Mitchell Walter, West Cairnhill
Moir Francis, Mains of Cookney
Napier James, Bumside of Newall
Nicol William, jun. Easter Muchalls
Paterson Alexander, Logie
Paterson Andrew, Netherley
Paterson James (reps, of) WeBtown
Petrie Arthur, Bogheadly
Rae George, Rinchal
Robertson Edward, South Mains of Cookney
Selbie William, Hill of Bogheadly
Silver Adam, Mill of Monquieoh & Cairnie-
Sim Alexander, Allochie
Sim John, Upper Wyndings
Spark James, jun. Cantly hill
Spark James, Hillocks
Stracban Hugh, Fleuirs
Taylor George, EastCrossley
Thomson Alexander (reps, of), Bellwarder
Valentine William, Burn of Phippie
Valentine William, Gillybrands
Watson George Nether Craigwells
Young James, South Rothnick
Young Murdoch (reps, of), Cobbleboard
Addison George, Newlands of Trees
Allan William, Trees
Anderson James, Brucowells
Anderson John, Windyedge
Bain George, Smallbur, Carewe & Doghola
Black James, Auchnahar
Brownie George, Bentyhowe, Wyndings
Burnett Joseph, Burn of Daio
Burnett Robert, Broombill& Garrison hill
Caird John, Newbigging
Campbell Alexander, Windyedge
Carnegie John, Readykes, Cairnoymore
Connon George, Cheyno
Cooper Robert, Quoscies
Cowie James, Little FarrocMe
Donald William, Wester Auquhollie
Douglas John, Auquhorthies
Dunbar George, Nether Auquhorthies
Durward George, Wellheads
Edward John, Little Cheyno
Edward Peter, Cairuamore
Gammie William, Burnhaugh
Gove David, Bogheadly
Gove William, Cairnbank
Gray Peter, Newton Hill
Greig Joseph, Upper Millsburn
Greig William, Cotton Brae
Hird James, Sauchenshaw
Henderson James, Blairs
Hutton Alexander, Easter Auquhollie
Ingram James B. Claehansniels
Jamieson George, Burnside & Inntown
Jeffrey James, Home Farm, Rickarton
Keith Alexander, South Raedykes
Knowles George, South Glenton
Martin James, Arduthie
Martin James, Elfhill
Masson Alexander, Farrocbie
Matthewson Alex. Mansfield & Bossholes
Murray Alexander, Garrison Hill

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