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Bishop Eden's Female School, 73 & 75 King
si — Elizabeth Stirling, governess
Episcopal School, Ness walk— S. Macintyre,
Farraline Park Institution, Academy st—
Rector— John E. Finlayson
Drawing Master — Peter Smart
Singing Master — W. F. Roddie
Female Superintendent— Agnes Pauline
Fraser Catherine (ladies'), 89 Southside rd
Government School of Science and Art,
Castle wynd— Peter H. Smart, art master
Kindergarten School, Academy st — J. & J.
Leith, mistresses
Ladies' Institution (in connection with the
Royal Academy)
Lady Superintendent— Marianne R. Fraser
Music Governess— Miss Ross
Needlework— Miss Middleton
The other branches are taught by the
master of the Academy
Mackenzie Emily (girls'), 96 Castle st
Nairnside School (endowed), Daviot —
John Martin, master
Northern Counties Collegiate School,
or the College, Ardross st —
Head Master— 0. W. Bourne, m.a.
Second Master— J. Sergeant
Public Schools—
Inverness (High), Kingsmills rd
Head Master— Thomas D. Wallace
Singing— W. S. Roddie
Drawing— Peter H. Smart
Music (Piano)— Miss J. Mackenzie
French & German — Miss M. Fraser
Inverness (Telford road)— James Ross,
master; Jessie F. Mackintosh & Harriet
Fraser, mistresses
Inverness (Kenneth street)— Ronald Mac-
donald, master ; Jessie Graham, mistress
Clacbnaharry — Miss Fraser, mistress
Culcabock— Leslie Mann, master
Daviot — David Cameron, master
Daviot (Dumnaglass)— Duncan Davidson,
master [master
Daviot (Croachy)— Duncan MacgiJlivray,
Daviot (Farr)— J. G. Macbeth, master
Dores— James C. Stewart, master
Dores (Buchruben)— Isabella Mackintosh,
Dores (Bunachton) — Neil M l Innes, master
Dores (Stratherrick)— Donald Smart, maBtr
Moy (Raebeg) — Alexander Fraser, master
Moy (Dalarossie)— Alex. Mackay, master
Raising's School, Barnhill (patrons, the
Directors of the Society for Propagating
Christian Knowledge) — Alexander Mac-
bain, m.a. head master
Boman Catholic School, 34 Hnntly st —
Franciscan Nuns, teachers
Rotal Academy (Incorporated 1792),
Academy st
Rector— William Eadie, m.a.
Classics — Thos. Cockbnrn, m.a. ; assistant,
Andrew Wilson
English Macmillan
Drawing— Peter H. Smart
Music— Ernst Kesting
Second English Master — John Cameron
Modern Languages— Mons. Nogelsang
Writing Master— George V. Easton
School of Science & Art, Castle wynd— P.
H. Smart, master
Brodie John P. 49 Petty st
Mackenzie George & Co. 70 Academy st
Cameron Robert F. Exchange pi
Corner William, 39 Bridge st
Davidson Robert, 29 Academy Bt
Grant James, 11 Castle wynd
Grant John, 21 Inglis st
Mackay G. A. R, 9 Union st
Macrae Alexander, 22 Union st
Marked thus i are Commission agents.
(See also Fire, d-c. Office Agents.)
Allan John (for the Midland Railway Co.), 22
Academy st
Cameron Duncan & Co. (for W. & A. Gilbey,
wine importers & distillers), 12 Church st
Campbell George J. (for the Mercantile Pro-
tection Association), 12 Lombard st
+Cook James, Petty st
Cowan Alexander (for the Highland Sports-
man), St> Union Bt [st
Dawes W. W. (West Coast Railway), 5 Union
•f-Fraser Alexander & Co. Bank st
Fraser Andrew & Co. (house), 7 Union st
{Fraser James (estate), 100 Castle st
tFraser Simon, 11 Castle st
Fraser William (for the Blaydon Manure and
Alkali Company), 16 High st [Union st
Graham John & Son (shooting & fishing), 27
Grant & Co. 21 Inglis st
Grant James (house), 11 Castle wynd
Grant John (shipping, &c), 21 Inglis st
Henderson Marv (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers,
Perth), 1 Brid'ge Bt
Henderson Thomas G. (for E. Paton & Pons ;
shooting & fishing agency ; & Bell, Rannie
& Co. wine merchants, Leith, & London),
Highland Club buildings
Logan & Co. (for John Broadwood and Sons,
London), 67 & 59 Church st
Macdonald & Morrison, Grant st
+Macdonald Murdoch, 14 Petty st
tMackay Kenneth, 20 Union rd
Mackenzie Alexander (for Benachie dis-
tillery), 43 Church st — See advertisement
Mackenzie William (for Aberdeen Free Press),
3 Union st
^Mackintosh D. & D. Dempster gardens
M'Lean James (East Coast Railway), 6
Academy st
tMaclellan William & Son, 49 Huntly st
i Maclennan Donald, Hamilton st
M'Leod Alexander (for Singer Manufacturing
Co.), 14 Union st
Macpherson Duncan (Langlands & Sons &
Lloyd's), 8 Drummond st
Macrae Alexander, 22 Union st
M Tavish D. & Co. 22 High st
Manners Charles R. (estate), 12 Lombard st
+Middleton A. C. (& colliery), 6 Drummond st
tMiddleton David, 6 Drummond st
tMilne William, 22 High st
Munro William (for Cassell, Petter & Galpin,
publishers, London), 9 Petty st
+Paxton John T. 28 Hamilton st
Ross Duncan (agricultural implement), 11
Academy st
Snowie Hugh & Sons (shooting & fishing), 36
Church st
iSquair William, 8 Market brae
tThompson C. F.9 Union st
Turner and Mackintosh (for MacBrayne's
steamers between Glasgow and the High-
lands), 17 Union st
Urquhart F. & Co. (MHner's Safe Company,
Liverpool), 11 Union st
Wordie & Co. (for the Highland Railway), 9
Union st
Falconer Brothers, Falcon Iron Works
Ferguson John, Friar's pi
Mackintosh James (agent), 3 High st
Mactavish & Mackintosh (merchants), 14 &
16 Castle st
Northern Agricultural Implement & Foundry
Co. Limited, Rose st
Ross Duncan (agent), 11 Acadomy st
Smith William & Son, Ness Iron Works &
Hamilton st
Urquhart F. & Co. (agents), 11 Union st
Chisbolm John, 8 & 10 Church st .
Mactavish & Mackintosh, 14 & 16 Castle st
Ross Duncan, 11 Academy st
Bnrnside Jessie, 11 Ardconuel ter
Cameron Ann, 82 Charles st
Campbell Christina, 25 Denny st
Campbell Mrs. — , 6 Ardconnel ter
Campbell Mary, 5 Bank st
Dingwall Georgina, 106 Castle st
Elgin Jane, 35 Church st |st
Ferrier Catherine, Gleuboy Cottage, Kenneth
Fisher Ann, 78 Academy st
Fraser Mrs. — , 6 Culduthel rd
Fraser Ann. Duucraig st
Fraser Ann, 23 Douglas row
Fraser Catherine, 37 Charles st
Fraser Catherine, 8 View place, Haugh rd
Fraser Christina, 87 Church st
Fraser E. 10 Petty st
Fraser Isabella, 35 Charles st
Fraser Margaret, 45 Church st
Fraser Margaret, 66 Denny st
Fraser Mary, 11 Bank st
Fraser William, 43 Huutly st
Grant Alexander, Dunciaig st
Harcom.be Harriet, 12 Union rd
Henderson Elizabeth, 4 Charles st
Hood Jane, 39 Union st
Kennedy Mis? Ann, 9 Bank st
Leith Ann, 24 Union rd
Kyle Jane Ann, 17 Bank st
Macdonald Alexander, 16 Union st
Macdonald Catherine, 57 Charles st
Macdonald Jan*, 4 Southside pi
MacGuinness Margaret, Montrose Cottage,
Kenneth st
Mackay Alex. Milton Cottage, Lochalsh rd
Mackay Isabella, 17 Ardconnel ter
Mackenzie Elizabeth, 23 Charles st
Mackenzie Jane, 5 View pi. Haugh rd
Mackintosh Jessie, 15 Douglas row
Mackintosh Rosanna, 76 Academy st
Maclean Miss — , 7 View pi. Haugh rd
Maclennan Catherine, 8 Douglas row
Maclennan Mary, b5 Huntly st
Macleod Elizabeth, 104 Castle st
Maclernan Alexander, 42 Union st [burgh rd
Macphail Isabella, 3 Fountainville, Edin-
Mactavish Margaret, 39 Union st
Miller Robert, Grantly House, Ballifeary rd
Munro Margaret, 4 Ness bank
Munro Margaret, 6 Telford st
Paterson Jessie, 23 Kingsmills rd
Paters on Matilda, 12 Margaret st
Renuie Margaret, 45 Church st
Ross Annie, 72 Denny st
Ross Charles, 11 Charles st
Shortt Emily, Murray pi. Haugh rd
Slorah Miss — , Roseneath Cottage, Greig st
Smith Mary, 68 Denny st
Smith Rosina, S3 Charles st
Snenc'e Ann, 1 Kenneth st
Todd Mrs. — , 29 Charles st
Wood Harriet, 3 Ness bank
Audsley William, 15 Ness bank
Black Robert, 15 Union st
Cameron Dun, 51 Church st
Carruthers W. L. 39 Union st
Fraser James (land surveyor), 103 Castle st
Mackintosh William, 5 Drummond st

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