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Dewar David, chief constable, Central Police Chambers, West Bell st ;
res. 5 Windsor ter
Isabella, apartments, 3 Dalhousie ter
William, blacksmith, Baldovan
William, joiner, Longforgan [consul
D|Haiti Vice-Consulate, 1 Meadow place buildings — James Cox, vice-
Dick Agnes, eating house keeper, 15 Victoria st
Alexander, clerk, 7 Viewforth st
Ann, fishmonger & game dealer, 51 Victoria rd
- — Elizabeth, tinsmith, 17 Kirk entry, Wellgate ; res. 31 Wellgate
George, eating house keeper, 18 Scouringburn
George P. spirit dealer, 84 Lochee rd
Henry, flesher, 107^ Hilltown
~ — James, flesher, 5 Church st. Maxwelltown
James, corn & provender dealer, 40 Lochee rd
James, watchmaker, 155 Victoria rd
— — Jessie & Margaret, booksellers, 62 Wellgate ; res. 44 King st
John G. tea merchant, 29 Dock st; res. 94 Nethergate
Lizzie, dressmaker, 11 Nethergate
— R. & J. boot & shoe makers, 21 Overgate
Rachel, householder, 94 Nethergate
Thomas, clerk 8 Park ter
William, inspector of works, Cedar Cottage, Downfield
Dickie David, wholesale ironmonger, 3 New Inn entry ; res. 9 Osborne pi
James A. wireworker & bellhanger, 10, 18 & 22 Barrack st ; res.
Inverbay Villa, Invergowrie
— William B. solicitor (Paul, Dickie & Paul), Westfield Villa, 29
Magdalen Yard rd
Dickson Margaret, householder, 16 Wellington st
William, schoolmaster, Fern Cottage, North Clepington rd
â–  William, fishmonger, 182 Blackness rd [port, Fife
William, ironmonger (Gray & Dickson), Rose Cottage, West New-
William M. superintendent, Dundee Industrial School, Baldovan
Dingwall William, grocer & spirit dealer, 51 Princes st
William, house proprietor, 60 Strathmartine rd
Dixon Henry G. saw maker, cutler & tool merchant,
cycle dealer, & British sports repository, 41 High st.
37 Whitehall st; res. 39 High st
Dixon William, Limited (Glasgow), coal owner, 10 Shore ter — Charles S.
Reid, agent
Dobson Margaret, fancy goods merchant, 47 Overgate
Thomas G. chief clerk Inland Revenue, 31 Bank st ; res. 1 Tay ter.
Broughty Ferry
Doctor William, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Kinloch st
William F. manufacturer, 1 Jamaica 6t; res. Newport
Dodds & Bathie, agricultural auctioneers & live stock salesmen, 19 High st
J. Dickson, merchant, 2 India buildings
Thomas M. auctioneer (Dodds & Bathie), Baldovie Farm
Doig & M'Kechnie, carvers, gilders & print sellers, 81 Commercial st
James, baker, 100 King st
John, joiner & cabinet maker, 39 Wellgate
— — Margaret, bookseller, 90 King st
Margaret, householder, 5 William st
Thomas, stonemason (Thomas Doig & Son), 163 Victoria rd
Thomas, wine & spirit dealer, 57 Albert st ; res. 14 Forfar rd
Thomas & Son, stonemasons, 167 Victoria rd
William, chemist, &c. 9 High st ; res. 20 Forebank rd
Dolan William, tobacco pipe maker, 5 Well rd [agents
Domestic Sewing Machine Company, 123 Hawkhill — Duncan Brothers,
Don & Duncan, manufacturers of hemp carpeting,
fancy & manilla mattings, tarpaulins, &c. King's
Cross Works, Lochee— See advertisement
Don Brothers, Buist & Co. merchants, jute & flax
spinners & manufacturers, Ward Mills, Barrack st
Don Flora, dressmaker, 43 Union st
James, manufacturer (Don & Duncan), 21 William st
John, blacksmith, Ladyfield, Longforgan
John, Esq. j.p. merchant (Don Brothers, Buist & Co.), The Lodge,
Broughty Ferry [Broughty Ferry
Robert B. merchant (Don Brothers, Buist & Co.), Seafield Cottage,
Don W. & J. & Co. (Forfar), manufacturers of linen and
jute goods, Ward Mills, Barrack st
Donaghey John J. chemist, &c. 193 Overgate
Mary A. shopkeeper, 78 Blackness rd
Sarah J. milliner, 173 Overgate
Donald Alexander, photographic artist, 17 Wellington st
Brothers, merchants & manufacturers of jute goods, 9 Meadow
Plac« buildings; works, James's Park Factory
David, merchant (Donald Bros.), Camperdown st. Broughty Ferry
George, tailor, 47 Princes st
Kate, newsagent, 74 Hawkhill
Stewart, accountant, Livonia Cottage, Mains loan
William, plumber, 4 & 6 Gardner's lane
Donaldson Alexander, bootmaker, 61 Wellgate
David, earthenware dealer, 78 Albert st
Elizabeth, householder, 249 Hawkhill
Elizabeth, saddler, 60 William st
George, joiner, 30 Union st. Kirk entry
â–  â–  â–  James, tailor, 44 King's rd
— — James, teacher, 3 Craigie Bank place, Pitkerro rd
Jane, spirit dealer, 41 Castle et
John, yarn & cloth merchant, 11 Meadow st ; res. Newport
Margaret, grocer & spirit dealer, 33 Nelson st
Mary, newsagent, 165 Hawkhill
Kobert, cutler, 188 Hawkhill
— ■ ■■ William, watchmaker, 26 King st
— - William, restaurant keeper, 7 Brown st
â–  William, hairdresser, 14 Blackness rd
Donet James, grocer & spirit dealer, 82 Dura st ; res. 86 Albert st
Doran Agnes, tobacconist, 234 Overgate
Dorward Hannah, householder, 8 Panmure st
Dott George, teacher (High School), 2 Union place, Broughty Ferry
William, goods agent (North British Railway Co.), 3 Baffin st
Dougall William, gardener, 65 Commercial st
Douglas & Smith, engravers, &c, 8 Crichton st
David, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Crichton st ; res. 21 Ancrum rd
Douglas, shopkeeper, 24 Balfour st
Elizabeth, matron, Baldovan Orphanage
Douglas G. T. agent for Bradbury & Co. sewing machine manufacturers,
24 Barrack st [Newport
John, cashier {Dundee Courier <P Argus), Bloomfield House,
John, engraver, &c. (Douglas & Smith), 2 Airlie ter
, Reid & Co. jute spinners & manufacturers, 8 Panmure st. West
Ward Works, & Blackness Works
â–  William, superintendent, Baldovan Asylum
William, farmer, Dron, Longforgan [Ferry
William A. manufacturer (Douglas, Reid & Co.), Ida Bank, Broughty
Dow Alexander, coal dealer, 24a Hawkhill
Alexander, householder, 1 Gowrio pi
& Duncan, iron, steel and metal merchants, carofully-seleeted
stock of bars, angles, sheets, &c. 5 Commercial st
Daniel, merchant & manufacturer, 4 India buildings ; res. Norwood
Villa, West Park rd
James, spirit dealer, 36 Scouringburn
John, merchant (Dow & Duncan), West Newport, Fife
Dow John Ewan, merchant & manufacturer of jute,
flax & hemp goods, yarns & twines, horse cloths, &
wagon covers, & sole agent in Scotland for the Com-
bination New Patented Material Ventilating Horse
Cloth, 18 Cowgate; res. Braehouse, Broughty Ferry
Dow Margaret, householder, 30 South Tay st
— Patrick, accountant, 10 Greenfield pi
Peter, spirit dealer, 24 North Tay st
William, greengrocer, 18 Hawkhill
Dowall C. & Co. bleachers, 2 Royal Exchange place ; works, Arbroath
Downie John, coffee rooms, 17 Green market
William, butcher, 121 Ann st
Doyle James, shopkeeper, 6 Hunter st [Monifieth
Drimmie L-vine, commission agent, 10 Panmure st; res. Springbank,
Dron Isabella, householder, 10 Somerville pi
Drummond Alexander, painter (A. S. Drummond & Son), 42 Westport
Alexander S. & Son, painters, &c. 77 Commercial st
Eliza, householder, 166 Perth rd
Helen, householder, 138 Nethergate
Margaret, householder, 1 Long wynd
Thomas, farmer, Midcraigie
Wilhelmina, householder, 338 Perth rd
â–  William, farmer, Westbank, Longforgan
Dryden James, merchant, 91 Arbroath rd
Drysdale Thomas, clerk, 1 Dallfield ter
Duff Daniel, secretary & manager, '^Dundee & District Tramway Co.
Limited, 19 High st ; res. 21 Airlie pi
Isabella, householder, 5 Rustic pi
Jane, newsagent, 10 Perth rd
John, traveller, 2 Abhotsford pi
John D. commission agent, 4 Reform st
P. M. commission merchant, 2 Coupar's alley ; res. West Ferry
-Thomas & Co. Limited, merchants, 94 Commercial st — David
Stewart, secretary
William D. fruiterer, 97 Ann st
Duff us George, surveyor of shipping, 2S4 Perth rd
John H. house proprietor, 2 Gowrie pi
Duke John, stationer, 101 Ann st
Dunbar Eglantine, householder, 62 Commercial st
William B. solicitor & procurator fiscal, Court House buildings ;
res. 18 Windsor st
Duncan A. Bethune, manufacturer (Don & Duncan), Balgay ter. Lochee
A. G. photographer, 2 Commercial st
Alexander, bookkeeper, 1 Bullionfield cottages, Invergowrie
— — Alexander, builder, Soapwork lane ; res. East Newport
Alexander, traveller, 49 Gellatly st
Alexander, bird dea ler, 211 Lochee id
Alexander & Sons, reed & camb makers, 30 Hilltown
& Thomson, carpet & bagging manufacturers, Rosebank Works
Andrew, tobacconist, 114 Scouringburn
Andrew, butcher, 57 Murraygate
Andrew, bootmaker, 136 Hawkhill
Andrew James, m.d. 144 Nethergate
Archibald, restaurant & wine merchant, 3 Murraygate ; res. 65
Commercial st
Bella, draper, 94 Annfield rd [123 Hawkhill
Brothers, drapers, & agents for the Domestic Sewing Machine Co.
Duncan Brothers, merchants, spinners, and manu-
facturers, jute and linen yarns, twines, hessians,
navy canvas, linens, &c. 33 Cowgate, & Wallace
Works, Hilltown; and 12 Lever st. Manchester— See advt
Duncan Charles, ship chandler, 12 East Dock street ; res. 17 Airlie pi
Ch&rles, coal dealer, 16 Charles st
Charles Clark, solicitor (D. Duncan & Son), 4 Craigie ter
David, farmer, Hilltown of Balmuir
David solicitor (D. Duncan & Son), 106 Ferry rd
David & Son, solicitors & notaries public, Reform st
David B. pattern maker, 26 Forfar rd
Euphemia L. milliner & dressmaker, 24 Strathmartine rd
George, butcher, 161 Perth rd
George, manufacturer (Duncan & Thomson), 9 Viewforth st
Helen, draper, 270>i> Hawkhill
James, butcher, 68 Wellgate, 148 Hilltown, & 8 Cowgate
James, painter & paperhanger, 221 Hilltown
James, stationer (Winter, Duncan & Co.), Downfield
James, coal merchant (P. M. Duncan & Son), 1 Dalhousie ter
James, foreman, 1 Gibson ter
James, bootmaker, 17 Albert st
James & Co. merchants (New York), 33 Cowgate
John, manager, Marrbank House, Paradise rd
John, manufacturer (Duncan Brothers), Ferry rd. Craigie
— John, stationer (Winter, Duncan & Co.), Kilnburn place, Newport
Joseph C. merchant (Dow & Duncan.), 2 Thornley ter. Madeira st
â–  Mary, confectioner, 75 King st
P. M. & Son, shipowners & coal merchants and managers for the
Dundee Gem Line Steam Shipping Co. Limited, 59 Dock st
â–  Peter M. shipowner (P. M. Duncan & Son), 2 Constitution ter
Robert, coal dealer, 11 Erskine st
Robert, earthenware dealer, 159 Perth rd [George st
William, stationer & printer, 90 Commercial st ; res. 3 South
William, butcher, 25 Overgate

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