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Craigeu Alexander, joiner, 35 West wynd
Craigie Yard Warehouse Co. 10 Paninure st— Jos. J. Barrio, manager
Craik Helen, grocer, 81 Arbroath rd
Cram James, accountant & insurance agent, 16 Euclid
cres ; res. 5 Prospect ter. East Nemjort, Fife
Cranio David, boot maker, 178 Hilltow'?^*
Crammond Elizabeth, householder, Ilunlly Cottage, Forfar rd
Helen, farmer. Myrcton
Oranmer Mary, draper, 54 Dura st
Crawford John, grocer, 42 Pole Park rd. & 65 Peddie st
Julia, householder, 10 Airlio trr
Robert, colliery agent, 18 Cowgate
William, boot maker, 53 Overgate
William fruiterer, 66 Overgate
Crerar Daniel, pianoforte tnner, 1 Gowrie pi
Crichton Alexander E.& Co, manufacturers of shop-
ping & market bags, school bags & satchells of
every description, Meadow Works, 38 South Tay st
Crichton Alexander B. manufacturer (A. B. Crichton & Co.), Falcon
pi. Wilkie's la
Ann, householder, 31 Magdalen Yard rd
- Donald, draper, 14 Ann st
J. & I. dressmakers, 32 South Tay st
James, spirit dealer, 13 & 15 Victoria rd
James B. merchant, 7 Trades la; res. West Ferry
John, plumber & gasfitter, 111 Cowgate ; res. 27 Lyon st
- — John R. hairdresser, 130 Victoria rd
Thomas, draper, 48 Ann st
Thomas, shopkeeper, 214 Hawkhill
William, spirit dealer, 5 Wellgate
Crighton Isabella, grocer, 50 Logie st
James, commission ageut, S2 High st ; res. West Ferry
Crockatt Christina, householder, 142 Nethergate
John, coal dealer, 12 North Wellington st
John, veterinary surgron, South Ward fit
John, shopkeeper, 13 Pole Park rd
William, m.d. surgeon, 12 Westfield pi
Croley & Co. corset makers, 9 South Tay st
â–  Francis, corset maker (Croley & Co.), 9 South Tay st
Croll D. & W. nurserymen, &e. 63 Commercial st; nurseries,
Broughty Ferry
George, engineer (Lee, Croll & Co.), Bank buildings, Lochee
J. & Co. drapers, 217 Perth rd
. William, shopkeeper, 16 Arbroath rd
Cromar Mary, eating house keeper, 19 Victoria st
Cromb James, sub-editor (Evening Telegraph), 69a Constitution rd
Crooks Robert & Son, tinplate workers & gasfitters, 89 King st
Robert, gasfitter, &c. (R. Crooks & Son), Holly Cottage, West
Croucher Charles, draper, 59 Main st
Croudace William S. ship broker & owner, & whale &
seal oil merchant, IS Dock st; res. Elmbank,
Broughty Ferry
Crow Annie &. newsagent, 80 King st
— — David, house proprietor, 9 Westfield la
Edward, blacksmith, 90 Dura st
James, game & poultry dealer, 27 Union st
John E. grocer, 14 Pole Park rd
Crowe David, merchant (W. & S. Strong), 12 Dudhope p
â–  William S. hairdresser, 8 Tliorter row
Crowley William, merchant & commision agent, SI Murraygate
Crowlie John, ink maker. Hospital wynd
* William, draper, 10 Princes st
Crown Life Assurance Offices— Robert Smith, 24 Meadowside; Edwin
Scott, 87 Commercial st; & Robt. Walker, 1 Victoria st. agents
Cruickshank Alexander, clerk, Magdalen pi. Clepingtou rd
George, flax & waste merchant, 6 Park st
â–  Richard, commission agent, 31 Dock st
Cullen Andrew J. baker, 41 Constitution rd
Mary, furniture dealer, 92 HilUown
Culross Alexander, tinsmith, &c. 22 Small's wynd
Camming & Co. tea dealers, 29 Westport & 5 Murraygate
Andrew W. solicitor, secretary to the Dundee High School, &
clerk to the School Board of Mains & Strathmartiue, 1 Bank
st ; res. Ealgillo cres. Broughty Ferry [wynd
, Cuthbert & Co. rag & china merchants, 5 & 7 East Henderson's
David, spirit dealer, 54 Annst
George, merchant, 1 Royal Exchange pi ; res. 4 Wellington st
George, merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court ; res. 3 Albany ter
Cummiugs Brothers, chemists. 49 Reform st
Cunningham Ann, baker, 106 Victoria rd [port
â–  David, c.e. engineer, Harbour Trustees office; res. East New
Elizabeth, outfitter, 36 Green market
James jun. manufacturer, Fort Rock, Broughty Ferry
James, Esq. j.p. manufacturer (Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co.), Douglas
House, West Ferry
James, bookseller, 1 Cowgate, & tobacconist, 11 Wellgate
James T. bookkeeper, 65 Commercial st
â–  John L. clerk, 3^ Magdalen Yard rd
Margaret, householder, 26 Union st
Thomas, haker, 6 Forfar rd
William, draper & clothier, 250 Hilltown
William, mechanical engineer, 10 Windsor ter
â–  William O. manufacturer (Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co.), Hillside
House, Broughty Ferry
Cuunison Mrs. C. pawnbroker, 2 Milne's East wynd
Curr John, shopkeeper, 16 Wolseley st. Clepingtou
Night Refuge, West Bell st— Thomas Phinn, superintendent
R,obert, auctioneer (Harris & Curr), 61 Watson st
Cnrrie James, hairdresser, 30 Green market
James & Co. steam shipowners, 26 St. Andrew st— David
Alexander, agent [Mary's ter. Downfield
Walter H. sergeant-major, Forfar Light Horse Volunteers, St.
Walter Thomson, solicitor & notary (Shiell & Small), & com-
missioner for affidavits in the Supreme Courts of Ireland,
secretary to the Dundee Corn Exchange, & legal assessor to
the Local Marine Board, 5 Bank st ; res. Glendoick, Glen-
carse, near Perth
43— A-R
Custom House, Dock st — collector & survej'or, vacant — Sec also
Public Buildings [Watt, proprietors
Customs Bond (No. *s 1 & 3), 27 Dock st— trustees of Archibald A.
Bond (No. 2) Seagate— James Yeaman, proprietor
Cuthbert Geo. coach builders (Thos. Cuthbert & Son), 6 Somerville pi
James, grocer, 154 Hilltown
James, tobacconist, 52 Blackness rd
James, merchant (Cumming, Cuthbert & Co.), 119% Hilltown
John, bootmaker, 20 St. Peter st
Thomas, coach builder (Thomas Cuthbert & Son), 6 Dudhopo pi
Thomas & Son, couch builders, 4 Meadowside
William, coal dealer, Park wynd
Cuthbertsou James, flax merchant, C Panmnre st; res. Jessiman
ter. Broughty Ferry
Cuthill William, spirit dealer, 56 Hilltown
Cutlers' Hall, 138 Murraygate
DAILLY Daniel, baby linen, &o. warehouse, 61 & 63 Nethergate
Hugh, ale & porter bottler, 11 Clark st
Dakers James, baker, 44 Strathmartine rd
Dalgairns & Co. wine & spirit merchants, old brandy,
whislty, &C. (matured in their own bonded vaults) 5 Shore ter
— Sen advertisement
Dalgcty David, horse dealer, 9 Grcenficldjpl ; res. 62 Annfield rd
George, butcher, 47 Constitution rd. & 104 Princes st
â–  Mary, householder, 62 Annfield rd
Dalgleish L. & M. A. drapers, 7 Scouringburn
Peter, chemist & druggist, 46 Wellgate ; res. 2 Meadow st
William O. Esq. j.p. merchant (Baxter, Bros. & Co.), Mayfield and
Errol park
Dalziel Thomas, sculptor, GS Logie st
Dand Charles, draper, 127 Victoria rd
Dandie Jessie, ladies' school, 163 Princes sfc
Dargie Alexander, blacksmith, 22 Commercial st. Maxwelltown
Annie, pawnbroker, 72 Serry rd
Charles & Co. tailors & clothiers, 46 Princes st
J. & W. builders, 241 Hilltown
Robert, bank clerk, 1 St. Johnswood ter. West Park rd
David John, boot & shoe maker, 12 Princes st ; res. 8 Craigie st
Thomas, cashier, 1 Rustic pi
Davidson Agnes, dressmaker, 41 Cowgate
Alexander, merchant (Davidson & Co.), 2 Madeira st
& Co. merchants, 84 Commercial st
& Powric, tailors & outfitters, 141a Nethergate
Barbara, spirit dealer, S North Tay st
David A. customs clerk, 3 Tay ter. Broughty Ferry
Elizabeth T. dressmaker, 95 Murraygate [Maryfield
Hugh P. shipping agent, 26 St. Andrew st; res. I Buckingham ter.
Isabella, confectioner, 49 Dock st
James, spirit dealer, 50 Bell st
James, temperance hotel, 16 Greenmarket [West Newport
James, cashier, Ladybank Leather Works; res. Union Cottage,
James N. chemist (J. N. Davidson & Gray), 45 South Tay st
James N. & Gray, chemists & druggists, 128a Nethergate
â–  Jessie, dressmaker, 142 Perth rd
Johuina E. dressmaker, 48 Victoria rd
Margaret, dressmaker, 1 King's rd
Margaret, fancy repository, 72 Nethergate
Margaret, householder, 36 Thomson st
Mary, teacher of music, 108 Murraygate
Robert, master mariner, 36 Ferry rd
Robert, master mariner, 27a Tait's lane
Thomas M'Laren, m.a. teacher (High School), 78 Peddie st
William, tailor (Davidson & Powrie), 22 Peddie st
William, police constable, Downfield
William, commission agent, 1 Rattray st
William, clerk, 10 Dens rd
Davidson William, ironmonger, 36 Pole Park rd
Davidson William B. grocer, 63 Seagate ; res. 30 South Tay st
Davie Alexander, fruiterer & confectioner. 159 Hawkhill
Alexander C. painter, &c. (P. & A. Davie), 5 William st
Charles, clerk, 2 Gibson ter
Davie P. & A. painters Ss decorators, QA & 46 Victoria rd
Davie Peter, painter, &c. (P. & A. Davie), 23 Dallfield ter
Davies James, agent, Midland Railway Co. 57 Meadowside; res.
Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
Davis William A. house agent, 74 Commercial st
Dawson & Carmichael, drapers, 38 Westport
& Hunter, drapers, 12 & 14 Reform st
Dawson D. &.. jnte, produce & linen merchant, & sec-
retary to Laing's Patent Overhead Hand-stitch
Sewing Machine Co. limited, & to the Line Throw-
ing Co. Limited, 57 Meadowside; res. Abemyte House,
Inchture — See advertisement
Dawson James, draper, silk mercer & general warehouseman, 30 to 34
Reform st; res. Gladstone Cottage, Forfar rd
John, draper (Dawson & Carmichael), 18 Airlie pi
William, confectioner, 134 Scouringburn
William, draper (Dawson & Hunter), Rose Cottage, Shamrock st
William, spirit dealer, 77 Murraygate ; res. 2 Bell st
Deaf & Dumb Institution (private), Lochee rd — See Public Buildings
Dean of Guild Court, Town Hall
Deas James, draper, 3 High st; res. 30 North Lindsay st
John J. sewing machine merchant, 6 Mid wynd
Degernier Antome, shopkeeper, 53 Gellatly st
Dempster Christina, fishmonger, 23 Nethergate
David, bootmaker, 101 Hawkhill ; res. 5 Park ter
James, fishmonger, Fish market
Denmark Vice-Consulate — T. W. Thorns, 18 Cowgate
Deuchars David, goods manager, North British Railway Co. Tay Bridge
station ; res. 11 Park pi
Devany James, grocer, 47 King st
Devlin Arthur, ale & porter bottler, 110 Rosebank st
Devoto Peter, confectioner, 12 Shore ter
Dewar Alexander, boot & shoe dealer, 90 Princes^t
& Christie, mill furnishers & cotton yarn agents, 11 Cowgate
Daniel, dyer, Union pi. Perth rd ; res. 8 Osborne pi

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