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Cbapny Clorisse, teacher of music & French, 7 Tay sq [Ferry
Charles John B. m.a. English master (High school), Westlea, West
ChcyneWm. grocer & spirit dealer, 28Wilkie's la; res. 27a Tail's la
Chil'ian Consulate, 33 Albert sq— George C. Keiller, consul
Cbisholm Duncan, club keeper, 82 High st
Jamee, cork cutter, 11 North Wellington st
John P. shopkeeper, 16 Arthur st
Christian Edward H. accountant, S Dalbousie ter
Protestant Association, 2 Bain sq— James Wright, secretary
Christie Ann K. householder, 21 Castle st
D. H. tea merchant, 13 Exchange st ; res. 10 Derby place,
Broughty Ferry
David, game dealer, 63 Hawkhill
David, jun. game dealer, &c. 81 King st
George, yarn agent (Dewar & Christie), 57 Magdalen green
James, spirit dealer, 125 Murrav gate
James, clothier (Robertson & Christie), 2 Bell st
James R. blacksmith & cartwright, East Dock st
John, painter & paperhanger, 84 South Tay st
John R. sack manufacturer (Forbes & Christie), 10 Derby place,
Uroughty Ferry
Nimmo, teacher of music, 87 High st
Peter, furniture dealer, 41 King st
. Robert, flesher, 85 Lochee rd ; res. Gardner st [Longforgan
Robert K. shipbroker (J. T. Inglis & Co.), & inspector of poor,
Thomas, shopkeeper, 10 Dallfleld walls
Walter C grocer, 41 Hilltown
William, householder, Fern Cottage, Downfield
William, grocer, 85 Ann st
ChriBtison John, ironmonger, 129 Ann st
Christopher David B. coach trimmer, Magdalen pi. Clepington rd
City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 71 Perth rd— John Thomson,
district agent
of Glasgow (life) Insurance Co.— For lists of Agents, see Fire,
Life, cie. Offices, in Classification of Trades
Clark Alexander, rope & twine maker, 54 Caldrum st
& Dasbford, drapers, 171 Princes st
Ann, householder, 20 Airlie pi
Ann, householder, Downfield ter. Downfield
D. R. & Son, printers, 31 Castle st
David, shopkeeper, 27 Balgay st
David R. printer (D. R. Clark & Son), Newport
Enphemia, confectioner, 168 Scouringburu
George, joiner & cartwright. Liff [Fife
George, m.a. West End Academy, 46 South Tay st ; res.Newport,
H. M. & J. booksellers, 169 Scouringburn
Hugh, commission agent, 62 Commercial st
Jessie, spirit dealer, 58 King st
John, m.a. classical master (High school), 93 Arbroath rd
â–  John, commission merchant, 7 Rankine's court, High st; res.
Clairmount, West Park rd
John B. solicitor, 54 Commercial st ; res. 40 Perth rd
Joseph, carting contractor, 9 Ash la
Mary, spirit dealer, 167 Scouringburn
Patrick D. clerk, 1 Blackness ter
Thomas, householder, 1 Blackness cres
William, school, 24 Kinloch gt
William G. manager, 107 Ferry rd
Clarke David W. joiner & cabinet maker, 51 North Wellington st
John G. cabinet maker, 28 Union st
John H. chief clerk, inland revenue, 81 Bank st ; res. Barnhill,
Broughty Ferry
Clegbora John, jute manufacturer, Dudhopo Villa, Gardner s la
William, jute spinner & manufacturer of jute goods & waste
merchant, Garden Works, Lochee rd; town office, 35 Albert
sq ; res. Logie House, Lochee rd
William, jun. merchant, 24 Milnhank rd
Clepington Spinning Co. jute spinners, Clepington Works— James
Shearer, manager
Cloudsley John, spirit dealer, 104 Blackness rd
Clunie Douglas, cartwright, 200 Hilltown
Clyde Margaret, greengrocer, 70 Hawlthtll
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), High st— Duncan Sidey and
Alexander Scott, joint agents
Cochran Anne, apartments, 19 Airlie pi
Elizabeth, householder, 2 Peter st
Jnlin, sculptor. 108 Albert st
John, draper, 22 Alexander st
Cochrane Acnes, householder, 49 Gellatly st
Peter M. merchant & vice-consul for France, 1 Dudhope ter
William, commission agent, 32 Dock st
Cuckhnrn Elizabeth, householder, 1 Gibson ter
. J. & Campbell, wine merchants (Edinburgh), 55 Reform st—
Robert Sturrock, agent
Thomas R. grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Lilybank rd
Cockrano Alexander, veterinary surgeon, 76 High st
Cohen Arnold & Co. (Hamburg), merchants, 14 Victoria chambers
Collier Frank, merchant (Robert Small & Co.), Brae Cottage,
Broughty Ferry
Thomas, merchant (T. Collier & Co.), & Brazilian vice-consul,
9 M eadow Place hldgs ; res. 10 Balgi'lo ter. Broughty Ferry
Thomas & Co. merchants, 9 Meadow Place buildiugs
Colman William, master mariner, 4 Park ter
Coloseum Drapery Co. drapers, 112 Murraygate
Colville D. & Son, carting contractors, 88 North Lindsay st
Dayid, contractor (D. Colville & Son), 20 Union st
James, wood turner & bobbin manufacturer, 21 North Tay st
John, assistant agent, National Bank of Scotland, Limited, 71
Reform st ; res. 10 Springfield
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 163 Perth rd
Combe James, wholesale grocer, 4 Airlie ter
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 85 Commercial st
— Henderson & Rennie, joint agents
Literary Club, 74 Commercial st — Edward G. Guthrie, sec.
Union Insurance Co.— Alexander J. Warden, 23 Panmuie st. &
Robert Blackadder, 41 Reform st. agents
Conacher David, goods agent, Caledonian Railway; res. 42 Mag-
dalen Yard id
Congleton Thomas, solicitor (Heron & Congleton, & depots J. P.
clerk for the Dundee district of Forfarshire), 20 Castlo st ;
res. Wellgato park, West Newport
Connell John M. bootmaker, 62 NeLhergate
Margaret, shopkeeper, 28 Bell st
Wm. S. wholesale hoot & shoe dealer, SI High st ; res. Newport
Connelly James, confectioner, 20 Scouringburn
Marv, grocer & spirit dealer, 14 brewery la
Conrad Charles & Son (Philadelphia), merchants, 2 India bldgs
Constahle George, coal dealer, East Dock st. & R,aglau st
James, clerk, loDalfield ter.
Convalescent Hospital (female), 14 William st
Convent of Mercy (St. Joseph's), Wilkie's la— Sisters of Morcy
Coogan John, spirit dealer, 82 Acfield rd.
Cook James, blacksmith &. cartwright, 9 Gellatly st
John, auctioneer, 3 Castle la
Margaret, clothes broker, 64 & 74 Overgate
Eobert, fishmonger & salesman, Fish market
Cooper Alexander, baker, 66 Blackscroft
Alexander, coach proprietor, 27 Rosehank st
Ann, householder, 4 South George st [Broughty Ferry
Arthur W. engineer (J. & H. Whyte & Cooper), 1 Brown st.
George P. Lloyd's surveyor, 54 Commercial st ; res. Downie
Villa, Broughty Ferry"
John, farmer, Clepington Farm
John, mill furnisher, 21 Meadow st j res. 5 Salisbury pi
John A. farmer, Drumgeith
W. W. & Co. tailors & clothiers, 7 & 9 Reform st
William, manager, Edinburgh, Hide, Skin & Tallow Market Co.
Limited, Cattle market, East Dock st
William, cabinet maker, Benvie rd
Cormack John, chemist, 7 Ward rd
Corner Company, general drapers, millinery & dressmaking,
73 Commercial st
Cornwall Edward, pawnbroker, 17 Meadow st. & 12 Hilltown; res.
2 Melville ter. West Park rd
Corrie, Mackie & Co. flax merchants, 1 Royal Exchange pi
Oorsane Robert G. stationer, 112 Princes st
Coull David, teacher of languages, 21 Reform st
Council Chambers, Town House, High st
County (tire) Insurance Office— Joseph Gibson & Co.|26 Commercial
st. & Alexander Tosh, 11 Reform st. agents
Conpar David, innkeeper, Eingoodie
James, warehouseman, 43 Castle st
John, householder, 28 King st
John, confectioner, 128 Murraygate
William, baker, 51 Perth rd
Couper Charles, ship broker, 94 Commercial st ; res. 20 Windsor st
â–  James O. baker, 30 Princes st [sor st
John, flax & jute merchant, 94 Commercial st ; res. 16 Wind-
Thomas, manufacturer (J. Paterson & Co.), 2 Beechwood ter
William, tobacconist, 196 Blackness rd.
Court House, West Bell st
House Buildings, West Be'l st
Couttie James, confectioner & baker, 98 Albert st. & 27 Cowgate
Coutts John, clerk, 6 High st; res. 88 HawkUill
Coventry James, householder, 40 Union st
Cowan Henry, salt merchant, 11 Dock st
James, jun. salt merchant, 23 Green market, & 1 Castlo ter.
Broughty Ferry
John : salt merchant, 7 Craig st
William C. m.d. surgeon, 3 South Tay st
Cowans David S. wine merchant (J. Cowans & Son), Broughty Ferry
John & Son, wine & spirit merchants, 71 High st
Cowie James , carting contractor, 6 Shepherd's loan
Cowley William, calenderer (Lumsden & Cowley), 33 Isles la
Cowpar Isabella, householder, 8 Magdalen Yardrd
Cowper John, officer in Royal Exchange Reading Room ; res. Royal
Exchange buildings
Cox Alfred W. manufacturer {Hy. Boase & Co.), Beechwood, Lochee
Cox Brothers, merchants, flax & jute spinners, power
loom linen, hemp & jute carpet manufacturers;
bleachers, dyers, and calenderers. Meadow Place
buildings; & Camperdown Linen Works, Lochee;
27 King st. Guildhall & 16 Lawrence la. Cheapside,
London; 23a Portland st. Manchester ; and 57 Miller
st. Glasgow
Cox Edward, merchant (Cox Brothers), Lyndhurst, Lochee
G. Addison, Esq. J. p. merchant (Cox Brothers), Beechwood,
Lochee, and Invertrossachs, Callander, Perthshire
George M. merchant (Cox Brothers), Beechwood, Lochee
Helen, china & glass dealer, 33 James st
James, Esq. J. p. merchant (Cox Brothers) & vice-consul for
D'Haiti, Meadow Place buildings ; res. Clement park,
Lochee, &Cardean, Meigle, Perthshire
James C. merchant (Cox Brothers), The Cottage, Lochee
â–  Jas. D. merchant (Jas.D. Cox & Co.), Woodford, Broughty Ferry
James D. & Co. merchants & stockbrokers, 8 Panmure st
Thomas, butcher, 18 Logie st
Thomas, butcher, 231 Logie rd
Thomas H. Esq, j.p. merchant (Cox Brothers), Duncarse, Perth
rd. & Mauldesden, near Brechin
William, Esq. j.p. merchant (Cox Brothers), Foggyley, Lochee,
& Snaigow, Dunkeld, Perthshire [Hawkhill
Coyle Michael, spirit dealer, 21 Hawkhill; res. Ryehill Cottage,
Patrick, spirit dealer, 43 Ann st
Crabb Mrs. — , householder, 1 Gowrie pi
Charles, shopkeeper, 26 Scouringburn
George, school, 15 Ogilvie st
Crabbe David S. grocer &, spirit dealer, 127 Blackness rd
John, mill furnisher,. 3 India buildings
William, mill manager, Dudhope Cottage, Gardner's la
Craig Geo. B. glass & china dealer, 2S Westport ; res. 143Nethergate
James, clerk, 30 Reform st
James, house proprieior, 3 Wellington st
James, rag merchant, Scouringburn
John, hosier, 75 High st
Thomas, nowsaj<.nt, 51 Albert st

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