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Burgh or Bailie Court, Town House— See Public Buildings
Engineer's Office, 79 Commercial at— William Mackison, O.E.,
p.Eii.BsA., F.g.A. Scot; burgh engineer & surveyor
Buriiess Archibalds fishmonger, i4o" Hawkhill
Burnett David, spirit dealer; 1 & 3 Stirling st
* — George & Co. merchants, 2 India buildings
James, baiter, 117 Hilltown
â–  John, baker, 11 Scouriugburn
I Thomas, market gardener, Nortb mains; Longfdrgah
Buriis Charles D. bntctier, 21 Dallfleld ter
- — Club, 7 Ward rd . . .
Elizabeth* householder, Ancrum bank, Locliee rd
- — John S. grocer, 55 Watson st ; res. 12 Forfar rd
*■" — Kate, confectioner, 191^ Hilltown
Wm. bookseller &. stationer, 102 Nethergate ; res. 4 Gowrie pi
Burrows John, pianoforte tuner, 79 Commercial st
Burry George, coal dealer, Liff
Bushuiau Capt. 'C. A. adjutant, Dundee Highland Rifle Volunteers
West Bell st
Butchart & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 195 Locbeo rd
1 George, householder, 16 Forebank rd
â– - James Ri basliet maker, 30 Overgate [Douglas ter
£~— John, manufacturer (Kutchart, Lindsay & Co.)-, Tlgh Vonle, 2
Butchart* Lindsay & Co. spinners & manufacturers of
nenip carpeting, cocoa <& manilla & patent cord
matting, hessians, pocketings, &c. Dundee Linen
Works, Constitution St. & at 3 Church court, Iron-
monger lane, London ; 23a Faulkner st. Manchester ;
93 Hope st. Glasgow; & 60 Upper Arthur st. Belfast
Butchart Peter, mill manager, 31 Cotton rd
Robert, grocer, 16 Logie st
Robert, grocer (Butchart & Co.), 16 Lnons rd
~ — Thomas, sculptor, 78 Logie st ; res. 18 Taylor st. Lochee
——William 3?. merchant (Morison, Anderson & Butchart), 9 Wel-
. lingfcon st
Butler Patrick, tobacconist, 43 Hilltown
Buttar Andrew, slater, 31 Hawkhill
Butter Alexander, private enquiry office, 9 Ward road
James, spirit dealer, 54 Soath Tay st
Buyers James P. accountant, North of Scotland Bank, Limited, 24
Higli st; res. Broughty Ferry
Ever William, pork butcher, 67 Nethergate-
Byrne Joko, pianoforte tuner, 4 Albert st
CABLE John, traveller, 8 Craigie iet
Csesar William) solicitor (Watt & Czesar), Rowan Bank, Carnoustie
Calm Sigismund. jute merchant, 2 India buildings
Caird Alexander," tailor (Ramsay & Caird), 89 Arbroath rd
Alexander, engineer, 39 Strathmartine rd
George, schoolmaster, 14 Thomson st
James K. manufacturer of canvas, bessian, &c. Ashton Works,
Hawkhill; res. 8 Magdalen Yard rd
Cairncross Andrew* merchant, 10 Baltic st; res. 19 Airlie pi
Susan* householder, 20 Thomson st
C&iruie James, tailor, 10 Tannadice st> Clepington
Cairns Peter, shopkeeper, 34 Arbroath rd
Caithness Francis, carting agent, Caledonian Railway 00/ South
Union st ; res. West Ferry
John, shipmaster, 28 King st
Calde:- Alexander, house proprietor, 223 Hilltown
- - - Andrew, jun. grocer & spirit dealer, 15 Milnbank rd
J. F. & 0. solicitors, 9 Ward rd
— — John, grocer & spirit dealer, 225 Hilltown
John F. solicitor (J. F, & C. Calder), Myrtle Bank, Newport
**==- John G r ay, accountant* 20 Castle st; res. Arbroath
Caldwell Alexander, bookseller, Si St* Andrew st; res.24Garland pi
Caledonian & London & North-Western Railways (Goods & Enquiry
Office), 94 High st — James Milne, agent
(fire & life) Insurance Office— Robert J. Niven, resident secre-
tary, 37 Albert sq — For list of Agents, see Fire, Life, <&c. Offices
in Classification of Trades
Plate Glass Insurance Co. For list of Agents, see Fire,
Life, <&c. Office Agents, in Classification of Trades
Property Investment Building Society, 13 Albert sq— Daniel
M'Intyre, manager & secretary [Caithness, agent
Railway Co. (curting department), South Union st— Francis
Railway Station, South Union st
Callander James, grocer, 112 Locbeo rd
Caiman Agnes, milliner, 1 Long wynd [Dock st
David, superintendent of the graving docks & patent slip, 21
James, agent for the Prudential Assurance Company, 133
Park rd.
Cameron Augustus S. property agent, 31 Reform st ; res. West Ferry
'â– ?. Eleanor, milliner, 88 Scouringbura
c George, commission agent, 33 Exchange st
Henry, manager, 83 Albert st
; James, bouse factor, 26 Dens brae
\ John, tailor, 95 Murraygate
- John, water rent collector, 10 Forfar rd
* Maiutonald, tobacconist, 30 Ferry r$
- Patrick, tailor, 7 Overgate
- Thomas, coaldealer, 22 Church st. Maxwelltown
Cainmell & Co. Limited, Cyclops Steel Works (Sheffield), 133 Sea-
gate—Henry Wilson, agent
Campbell Alexander, merchant, 23 St. Andrew st ; res. Newport
â–  Alexander C. surgeon, 15 Airlie pi
Andrew A. hatter, 110 Ann st. & 108 Princes st ; res. Magdalen
pi. Clepington rd
Donald, schoolmaster, 38 South Tay st
E. & M. dressmakers, 17 Nelson st
James, laundry & carpet beaiiug work', 37 Hilltown
Campbell James, rag, rope, & waste merchant, &
marine store dealer, 21 Gellatly st; res, East
Somerville pi
Campbell James, carting contractor, 84 Constable Bt
James M. manufacturer, View Banjt \gy. Mains rd
Jane, butcher, 4 Wellgate
-. — Joanna, householder, 304 Perth rd
Campbell John, grocer & spirit dealer, 73 Albert st
John, general dealer, 10 Hunter st
P. & P. dyers (Perth), 33 Ncthergato
Peterj flesher, 103 Hawkhill
Robert C, acdouniant, 53 Mains rd
Robert L. tar twine manufacturer, 35 Hilltown
Walter, surgeon dentist, 27 &outh Tay e-t
William, flesher, 191 Perth rd
Camperdown Hall, 22 Barrack st
Canning Beatrice, co'nfectinuer, 15" Barrack si
- — Ellen^ confectioner, 217 Overgate
Caniidn Montague, manufacturer (Thomson, Shepherd & Co.), 19
Strawberry barik
Cant James, bookseller, & fluent for Sutton's" parcel express, 2&
Green market
Capstick J. W. b.a., e.sc lecturer, University doHego 1
Caraway John, confectioner, 152 Scouriugburn
Owen, bootmaker, 160 Hawkhill
Carev David, clerk, Denbank Cottage, Liff
Cargill & Co. bleachers, yarn millers, & merchants, 23
Cowgate ; works, Dundee Eleuch Works, Sz at 35
Faulkner st. Manchester, & 3 Bedford st. Belfast
Cargill David, bleacher (Cargill & Co.), Longhau^b, Mains
Joseph, joiner, 12 North Wellington st; res. 67 Main st
Carline Rebecca, shopkeeper, 213 Hawkhill [terrace
Carmicbael David, engineer (James Carmichael & Co.), 10 Dudbope
: E. R. lady superintendent (High school), 172 Perth rd
George, engineer" (James Carmicbael & Co.), 11 Dudbope ter
â–  James, currier & leather merchant, 13 North Tay st; reB. 55
Park wynd
James & Co. engineers, boiler makers and manufacturers of
forged worki, "Ward Foundry, Session at [Perry rd
James S. merchant (Baxter Brothers & Co.),. Springhill House,
John, bleacher, BaldoVanfield,. Mains ; res. Roineach Mhor,
Margaret, spirit dealer, 18 & 22 St, Clement's la
Peter, bleacher, Bracken Lodge, Strathmartine [Perthshire
Peter, merchant (Baxter Brothers & Co.), Arthurstone, Meigle,
Thomas, draper (Dawson & Carmicbael),. 28 Isles la
Carnegie David,monumental & architectural sculptor ;
monumental work of every description; 105 Com-
mercial st; res. £f King's rd — See advertisement
Carnegie James, fishmonger 1 , 103 Ann st
Robert, officer in Royal Exchange, Royal Exchange pi
Carnelley Thomas, d.sc, e.sc, P.C/S. professor of chemistry, Uni-
versity College ; res. 12 Clarendon ter
Carf A do. warehousemen, 10 Reform r.t
Michael, merchant (Carr & Co.), Taycliff House, Newport
Carruthers Janefc, furniture broker, 4 William st
Carse of Gowrie Dairy do 1 . Limited, dairymen, Ward rd
Cars well Alexander, flax dresser, 32^ King st
D. & Sons, wholesale grocers, 114 Murraygate
David, grocer (D. Carswell & Sons). 10 1 Tay sq 1
Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 24 Alexander st
William, grocer (D. Carswell & Sons), 5 Gowrie pi
Carter John, temperance agent, 39 High st ; res. 8 Park ter
Casey James P. broker (James P. Casey & Co.), 172 Seagate
James P. & Co. furniture, &c. brokers, 174 Seagate
Cassaday John, dentist, 89 Murraygate
Castagnino Guilio, confectioner, 24 Seagate
John, confectioner, 8 South Union st
Castillo John, hairdresser, 100 Dura st
Catanach Mary, shopkeeper, 96 Blackseroft [Annfield rd
Cathro David, commission agent, 46 Castle st; res. 12 Waterloo pi.
John N. grocer, 76 Annfield rd
Cattle Market (new) & Slaughter Houses, East Dock st— David
Knight, superintendent
Caw Charles, restaurateur (Caw's Restaurant), 23 Panmure st
William, restaurateur (Caw's Restaurant). 42 King's rd
Caw's Restaurant, luncheon & dining rooms-charges
moderate; attendance prompt— W. & C. Caw, 25
Cemeteries Office, 13 Ward rd— Wm. Rosa M'Kelvie, superintendent
Chalmers Alexander P. manager, Hospital wynd
Alexander P. manager. Waterloo pi. 75 Annfleld rd
& Kidd, tobacconists, 70 Nethergate
& White, merchants, 30 Meadowside
Ann, fruiterer, 94 King st
B. & J. contractors, 31 Ash la
Barbara, greengrocer, 53 William st
— - David, timber merchant, Stouygroves, Liff
David, tailor, Liff
David F. merchant (Robert Striven & Co.), 11 Union pi- Perth rd
Elsie & Jessie, dressmakers, 119 Nethergate
Frank Y, butcher & Cattle dealer, 90 Blackseroft
James G. so'icitor & notary public, 54 Commercial st; res. 3
Stewart terrace, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
James, manager, 4 Constitution ter [Dudbope st
. James, bandmaster, 1st Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers, 82
John, clerli, 26 Forfar rd
John, manager. Dundee Professional Supply Association,
Limited, 26 & 28 Bank st; ree. 119 Nethergate
John, rope & twine maker, 128 Blackness rd
Peter, bookseller, 128 Hilltown
Robert S. manager, 165 Princes st
W. & H. merchants, 37 Albeit sq
William, engineer, Fern Cottage, North Clepington rd
William, bootmaker, 40 High st; res. The Grove, West Ferry
William, merchant (W. & II. Chalmers), 13 William st
William F. merchant (Chalmers & White), 36 Jamaica st
Chamber of Commeroe. Royal Exchange buildings — Robert Stur-
rocU, secretary & treasurer
Chapelton David, grocer & spirit dealer, 163 Hilltown
Chapman David, shipmaster, 29 Union st
David, greengrocer, 187a Perth rd
James, confectioner, 22 Union st ; res. Newport
James & Son, confectioners, 113 Murraygate

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