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CARNOUSTIE is a thriving village, post town and station on the
Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway, in the parish of Barry. It
is a pleasant sea bathing place, situated on the east coast of the
Gorman Ocean, about 10 miles e. from Dundee, and 7 s. by w. from
Arbroath, and is much resorted to in the summer mouths by visitors
from Dundee and other parts of Scotland, and since the introduc-
tion of a supply of pure water, and a thorough system of drainage,
it is considered one of the best seaside resorts on the east coast.
On the extensive links or downs in the neighbourhood of the village
is a battery, where the naval l-eserve exercise with heavy guns.
The village is well supplied with gas. There are several handsome
villas in and near the village, and many respectable lodging houses ;
also the large linen manufactory of Messrs. Smieton & Sous, who
employ upwards of 400 hands ; an extensive vitriol works, belonging
to Messrs. Tennant & Co. of Glasgow; a Savings Bank, and branches
of the North of Scotland Bank, Limited, and the Bank of Scotland.
The places of worship are a church of the Establishment and others
for the Free, United Presbyterians, Original Seceders, and an
Episcopal church. There are also public schools. Population in
1881, 3,321.
Barky, or Barrie, is a parish, bounded on the north and west by
Monikie and Monifieth, ou the east by Panbride, on the south by
the German Ocean and the Firth of Tay; extending about three
miles from east ':o west, and four miles from north to south. The
village is 9 miles e. from Dundee, and not quite that distance south-
west from Arbroath ou the road from the latter town to Broughty
Ferry, and contains the parish church, a Free church, and a public
school. The southern half of the parish is generally sandy, and
used principally for the graziDg of sheep and cattle ; the northern
half contains many large farms, all of them in the highest state of
cultivation. The Dundee and Arbroath Railway has a station near
the village. At Buddonness, on the southern extremity of the
parish, are two lighthouses to guide vessels on their entrance into
the Tay. The parish of Barry comprises an area of 5,328 statute
acres, and in 1881 had a population of 3,233.
POST OFFICE, Carnoustie, John Lowson, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 6 30 and 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and are des-
patched at 6 a.m., 12 10 noon, 2 48 p.m. (and to Arbroath) at S 20 p.m., and at 4 50 and 7 40 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Ofliee and
Savings Bank,
Post Office, Huirdrum, David Smith, Post Master.— "Letters from all parts arrive (from Carnoustie) at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and are
despatched thereto at 5 30 a.m. and 2 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Casnoustie.
Post Office, Newbigging (Monikie), William Kinnear, Post Master.— Leitets from all parts arrive (from Dundee) at 9 a.m., and aro
despatched thereto at 2 p.m. The nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office is at Monifieth.
Post Office, Craigton (Monikie), Andrew Sturrock, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Carnoustie) at 10 35 a.m-
and are despatched thereto at 12 15 noon. The nearest Money Order Office is at Carnoustie.
*** Letters for Carnoustie should be addressed " Carnoustie, Forfarshire," and for Muirdrum, Monikie, &c, " near Carnoustie."
Monikie is a parish seven miles in length by five in breadth,
having an area of 8,921 statute acres, bounded on the south by the
parishes of Barry and Monifieth, nine miles north from Dundee, six
miles north-west from Broughty Ferry, and about five miles from
Carnoustie (its post town). There is a station here on the Dundee
and Forfar section of the Caledonian Railway. The laud is well
cultivated, much of the produce being required for the Dundee mar-
ket. Whinstone, freestone, sandstone and pavement stone abound
in the parish. It contains the parish church, a Free church, and a
church at the village of Nkwbigging for the United Presbyterians.
There are also public and other schools. About half a mile south of
the parish church, ou the Hill of Downie, stands a monument 105
feet in height, which was erected in 1839, during the lifetime of tho
late Lord Panmure, by his tenantry, as a testimonial for the many
favours they had received at his hands. Population of the parish
in 1881, 1,412.
Panbride is a parish which joins Barry and Momkio on the west,
Carmylie on the north, Arbirlot on the north-east, and a detached
part of St. Vigeans on the south-east ; it runs about four and a half
miles inland from the German Ocean, and in width is about two
miles, embracing an area of 5,199 statute acres. It contains the
village of Muirdrum and Niwton of Panbride, the last being now
considered as forming part of Carnoustie, from which it is divided
bv the Lochty burn. A mile further to the east are the Panbride
B'leach Works, belonging to Mr. J. F. Dickson ; in the northern part
stands the house of Panmure, a seat of the Earl of Dalhousie, with
its extensive enclosures and plantations. The parish is watered by
a streamlet that runs through a valiey called Batties Den, over
which is thrown a high bridge on the turnpike road from Dundee
to Arbroath. The inhabitants are principally engaged in fishing
and agricultural pursuits. The coast is flat and rocky, but has two
open harbours at the fishing villages of East and West Havens.
At tho former is a station on the Dundee and Arbroath Railway.
Population of the parish in 1881, 1,395.
Allan Mr. Alexander M. Ea^'le Mount
Allison Mr. James Arthur, 3 Philip st
Anderson Mr. David, Maules Bank
Anderson Mrs. Isabella, Seaforth Cottage,
Newton of Panbride [of Panbride
Anderson Mr. James H. Alexandra pi. Newton
Anderson Mr. William, Burnside ter. Newton
of Panbride
Arnot Mr. David, Lilybank Villa
Banks Miss Sarah, Braeloot Cottage
Bannerman Mr. David, Lilvbauk Villa
Barry Mr. William, The Willows
Black Mr. William M. Dalhousie Lodge,
West Haven [at
Boath Mr. David M. Kelly Cottage, Dundee
Borrie Mr. John, Agra Bank
Cajsar Rev. James, Panbride
Cfosar Mr. William, Rowan Bauk, Philip st
Campbell Rev. Alexander J. Barry
Christie Miss Clementina, Meadow Bank,
Carlogio rd
Clark Mr. George, Panbride
Collier Mr. John, The Hatton, Panbride
Colqukonn Mr. Dugald, Annfield
Cowpar Miss Jessie, 4 Douglas pi
Croll Mr. Johu, Ceres pi. Yeamau st
Dalhousie Rt. Hon. the Earl of, Panmure
Dalyell Mrs. Mary A. Dundee st
Dempster Rev John 1<\, U. P. Manse
Dewars Mr. John, Kinloch st
Dickson Mr. Alexander, Loehty House
Dickson Mr. G. Cecil, Dalhousie Villa,
Dundee pt
Dickson Mr. George, Garfield pi
Dicksou John F. Esq j.i>. Panbride House
Dickson Mr. Robert, Dalhousio Villa, Dun-
dee st
Duff Mr. John, Braefoot
Ferrier Mr. James, Carlogie rd
Fettes Mrs. Mary, Newton of Panbride
Findlay Mr. Alexander, Vino'Cottage
Fleming Mr. David, Elm bauk, Newton of
Forbes Mrs.—, Carlogie rd
Forbes Mrs. Eliza, Laurel 3ank
Fowler Mr. John, Ivy Bank, Philip st
Freehand Mr. William, Lochty Bauk
Gibsou Rev. Alexander R. The Manse
Graham Mr. James, West path
Grant the Misses—, Nowton of Paubrido
Gray Mr. Alexander, Kinloch st
Gray Mr. James M. Taymouth Villa, Newton
of Panbride
Gray Mr. John, Garnet Bank
Grey Mr. Charles, Ivy Cottage
Grieve Mrs. Betsy, Burnside ter. Newton of
Guthrie Mr. David, jun. Carnoustie
Guthrie Rev. Rodger R. Liugard, j.p. Car-
noustie House
Home Miss — , West Haven Cottage
Hood Mr. David M. Gedhall, Barry
Hood Miss Harriet, Carlogie rd
Hunter Mr. James, jun. Willow Bank
Hunter Mr. Rennald F. Feruie bank, Newton
of Panbride
Innes Rev. James, Newton of Panbride
Inues Mrs. Jane, Sea Beach, Newton of
Irvine Mr. William, Seotswond
Kermath Mr. Alexander, 2 Philip st
Kydd Miss Ann, Rosalie Cottage, Newton
of Panbride [Panbride
Kydd Mrs. Helen, Oak Villa, Newton of
Kydd Mr. James, Eden Villa, Newton of
Kydd Mr. Thomas R. Seafield House
Laird Mr. James, Laurel ter
Lawson Mr. David, Sea Beach
Lawson Mr. James B. Bourtrue Bank, New-
ton of PanbrMe
Lewis Mrs. Elizabeth, Green View Cottage
Lowson Mr. Johu, Philip st
Lurugair Mrs. Isabella, Greenbauk
Lyon Mrs. Marjory, Tjiymouth Lodge
M'Corquodale Mr. David A. Bank of Scot-
land, Carnoustie
M'Intyre Rev. Malcolm, Monikie
Mackay Mr. William, Beechwood
Martin Mr. Edward, Carlogie rd
Mason Mr. James S. Caithness Cottage,
Newton of Panbride
Mathewson Mr. Alex. Spriugbank Cottage,
Newton of Panbride
Mathewson Mrs. Barbara, Alexandra pi, New-
ton of Panbride
Matthew Mr. A. Carlogie rd
Meekison the Misses — , Laurel ter
Millar Mrs. Catherine, 3 Douglas pi
Miller Rev. Alexander, Newbigging, Monikie
Mitchell Mr. James, Cathorine Cottage
Mitchell Mr. Johu, Laurel Bank
Munro Mr. Daniel, Carlogie rd
NicoIlMr. John M. Dundee st
Osier Mrs. Margaret, Kinlin Cottage,
Terrace rd
Patrick Rev James, Dundee st
Pattullo Miss Isabella, Kirkton ter
Pattullo Mrs. Susan, Pattullo Cottages,
Dundee st
Peters Miss Mary, Acorn Cottage, Newton of
Petrie Mrs. Isabella, Maryville
Philip Rev. James, Free Manse, Carnoustie
Phillips Mr. James, Viewbank Villa
Rae Mr. Jas. Gladstone Cottage, Dundee st
Rae Mr. James, jun. Panmure Villa
Reid Rev. John, m. a. Monikie
Reid Mr. William, Coral Cottage
Samson Mrs. Anu, Panmure Bank House
Sandeman Miss Mary, Ogilvie pi. Newton of
Panbride [Panoride
Scott Miss Jessie, Fernio bauk, Newton of
Scott Mr. Peter, Paradise Cottage, Dundee st
Sherriff Mr. Audrew, Coralden, Newton of
Shield Mrs.—, Panmure Bank
Sim Dr.—, Affleck, Mouikie
Small Miss Ann, Laurel Bank
Smart Mr. John B. Burnside ter. Nowton of
Smith Miss Elizabeth, Laburnam Villa
Smith Mr. Johu, Terrace bank
Soutar Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Douglas pi
Stevenson Rev. Charles F. Barry
Stewart Miss Elizabeth, Carlogie rd
Stirling Mr. George, Church st
Sugdeu Rev. Edward, Rose Cottage
Summers Mr. Robert, North of Scotland
Bank House, Church st
Taylor Mr. Robert, Carlogie House
Tenuant Mr. James, Carlogie rd
Thomson Mr. James, Primrose Cottage,
Dundee st
Walker Mrs. James, Ravensby, Barry
Walker Mrs. Maud, Taymouth Lodge
Walker Mr. Peter, Raveusby, Barry
Wallace Mrs. Jane, Douglas pi
Walsh Mr. James, Kinloch st
Watson Mr. Frank. Roselea,4 Philip st
Webster Mrs. Elizabeth. 7 Philip st
Whitton Mrs.—, Woodside House
Whittou Mr. Georcre, Kinloch st [Barry
Wighton William, Esq. Truave Bank House,
Wilson Mr. Helen, Amanda Villa
Winter Mr. John H. View bank

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