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GENTRY, CLERGY, &c— continued.
Stuart Mr. Peter, Summer B;ink, West Ferry
Sturrock Mrs. Agnes H. Woodend, Fort hill
Sturrock Mrs. Charlotte, Ida Bank
Sturrock Hiss Christina, Woodford Villa,
Seafield [Ferry
Sturrock Mrs. Helen, 4 Louise terrace, West
Sturrock Mr. Robert, 1 Balgillo ter
Sturrock Mr. William, 3 Duntruneter
Swan Mrs. Catherine, Brook st
Tftwse Mr. Alexander, Castle st
Tawse Mr.JJamos, 8 Prospect ter
Taylor Mr. Andrew, 8 Dalhousie terrace,
West Ferry
Taylor Mr. John B. Caenlochan terrace,
West Ferry [hill
Taylor Mr. John S. 4 Collingwood ter. Barn-
Taylor Mr. Robert M. 22 Louise ter
Taylor Mr. Thomas, Cambustay
Thorn Mr. David, 2 Keumore pi. Monifieth rd
Thompson Mr. Edwin W.Livonia Cottage,
Camp hill
Thompson Mr. Milno J. Grange Villa,
Thompson Mr. William B. Tay View
Thoms Mr. George, Coringa House, West
Ferry [Ferry
Thomson Mr. Alexander G. Murrayfield, West
Thomson Mrs. Ann, Fern Bank, West Ferry
Thomson Mr. David, 5 Louise ter
Thomson Mr. James W. 2 Duutrune ter
Thomson Mr. William C. Sea View Cottage,
Thomsou Mr. Wm. G. Fairfield, West Ferry
Thow the Misses—, Craigmore, West Ferry
Tocher Mr. Alexander, S Rugby ter
Todd Mr. Charles E. 4 Balgillo cres
Tosh Mr. William H. Craigie, Harecraig
Trail Mr. Thomas, Seafield
Troup Rev. G. Elmslie, Fort View, Hill st
Turnbull Mr. Hector, Ardle Cottage
Turner Mr. Duncan, 7 Balgillo cres
TJre Mr. George, Camphill Lodge
Urquhart Mr. William W. Rosebay
Walker Mr. Alexander, 4 Panmure ter
Walker Miss Anna, Hunter ter
Walker Miss Anna Eliza, Beach cres
Walker Mrs. Margaret, 14 Louise ter. West
Ferry [West Ferry
Warden Mr. Alexander J. Caenlochan House,
Warden Mr. John W. Monifieth rd
Watson Miss Annie, Union Bauk, Brook st
Watson Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Dalhousie terrace,
West Ferry
Watson Mrs. Jane, Stewart ter. Barnhill
Watson Mr. John, Barnhill
Watson Mr. John, 5 Home ter
Watt Mrs. — , Kincraig, Harecraig
Watt Mrs. Margaret, 5 Alpha ter
Webster Mr.Robert, 1 Camperdown pi
Whitehead Mr. James L. 8 Grange ter
Whyte Mr. David, 1 Victoria pi
Whytock Mrs. Catherine, 4 Ramsay pi
Williamson Mrs. Jane, Castle st
Willison Mr. Andrew, Beach cres
Wilson Mr. Adam, m.a., ll.d. Vine Cottage,
Camperdown st
Wilson Mr. Alexander, Beach cres [st
Wilson Mr. Andrew S. 5 Gladstone ter. Brook
Wilson Mr. Bracey R. 7 Castle ter
Wilson Mr. David, Union Cottage, Brook st
Wilson Mrs. Georgiua, 4 Alpha ter
Wilson Mr. Henry, 9 Castle ter [st
Wilson Rev. James, m.a. The Manse, Queen
Wilson Mr. James, Dalhousie ter. Barnhill
Wilson Mr. William B. 8 Balgillo ter
Wybrants the Misses—, 2 Cumberland pi
Wybrants Mr. David W. Tighuduin, Moni-
Wylde Mrs. Barbara Helen, 2 Rugby ter
Young Miss—, 9 Gladstone ter. Brook st
Young the Misses—, The Hermitage
Young Rev. James Gerard, d.d. Manse,
Young Miss Joan, 9 Taymouth pi
Zoller Mr. John G. Tircarra
Gorrie Jessie, Westfield rd
Kydd Mary C. 2 Monilieth rd
Patersoh Misses — (ladies' board-
ing), Home Park, West Ferry
Porteous James (ladies' boarding), Earle
House, Camperdown ss
Thomson Isobel, Brook st
United Presbyterian School, Newbigging
— Robert Craig, master
Air Andrew (emigration), Queen st
Bowman Alexander ( emigration ),11G Brook st
Brown William (for Muir, Son and Patton,
coal merchants), Brook st
Lowdon John (commission), Kerringtnn
crescent, Barnhill [Harecraig
Ogilvy John, j.p. (factor to Lord Dunglass),
Cumming G. Gourlay, Links House, King st
Roger George F. (photographic), Brook st
Hurry W. & Co. 27 Gray st
Nicoll Alexander, Monifieth
Rattray Charles Mill, 120 Brook st
Ritchie George, Queen st
Sraibert Thomas, 38 Gray st
Wallace William, 23 Gray st
North of Scotland Bank, Limited
(Branch), Gray st— draws on Union Bank
of London — William Miller, agent
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), Brook
st — draws on Loudon Office, Coutts & Co.
& Bank of England, London— Thomas
Lillie, agent
Savings Bank (Branch), held at 105 Brook st
— open from six to half-past seven on
Saturday evenings— head office, 2 Euclid
st. Dundee
(See also Builders under the head Joiners.)
Bremner Alexander, Brook st
Fleming Charles, Brown st
Kidd R. Union st
Scott James, Castle st
Bnath & Simpson, Monifieth
Gray John, Monifieth
Kidd George D. 37 Fort st. & East Brook st
Kidd Robert, 51 Gray st. & Fort at
Kiunear Peter, 78 Brook st
NicoL D. & W. 21 Gray st
Eache Mrs. & Miss Peat, 4 Hunter ter
Board Schools: —
Eastern, Brook st— William Sim, master;
Margaret Menzies, infants' mistress
Mattocks, Monifieth — James Coldwell,
Monifieth— John H. Meldrum, master
Murroes— William F. Liddel, master
Southern, The Beach— William B. Whit-
tet, master (master
Western, Brook st — Hugh M'Culloch,
Collegiate School, Fort hill :—
Head Master — Robert Brockley, m.a.
Classics, English, d-c. — John Dick
Assistant, ditto — John Fairbairn
FreneU (0 German— A. Imper
Drawing — J. G. Spindler
Gymnastics & Fencing — Messrs. Roland
Singing— Ffftafe. Sharp
Anderson James (& agricultural implement
maker), Monifieth
Carrie & Lowdon, King st
Galloway John, Brook st
Hill Robert, Brighty, Murroes
Ireland James, Burnside, Murroes
Kidd Andrew, Pitairlie
Milne Charles & Co. Brook st
Mudie Robert, Kellas, Mmroes
Nicoll David, Drumstirdie, Monifieth
Nicoll George, King st
Nicoll James, Union st
Stewart John, Wellbank, Murroes
M'Intyre Brothers, Baluniefield Bleach
Works, & Dundee
Watson & Shield, Panmurefleld Bleach
Works, & Dundee
Bowman Alexander, 116 Brook st
M'Crae David, Monifieth
Matthew Helen, 81 King st
Mollison Elizabeth, 46 Gray st
Thomson David, 61 Gray st
Tindall J. M. 72 Brook st
Westwood George, Brook st
Clark Samuel, 104 Brook st
Deas Matthew, 65 Brook st
Jackson William (upholsterer), 42 Gray st
Keiller John & Son (upholsterers), King Bt
Skinner James, Long la
Skinner William, Church Bt
Todd John (upholsterer), 09 Brook Pt
Fleming Ebenezer, 53 Gray st
Laird Elizabeth, Monifieth
Miller James H. 45 Brook st
Purk William, 91 Gray st
Air Andrew, Queen st
Bowman Alexander, 116 Brook st
Deburgh George, Fort st
Duffy William, 111 King st
Fraser Charles, 78 Fort st
Scott Andrew, 187 King st
Taylor Mary, 48 Gray st
Carrie & Lowdon, King st
Robertson Alexander, Fort st
Anderson William, 49 Fort st
Berry William, King st
Chalmers William, Buckieshead, Murroes
Connell John M. 130 Brook st
Donaldson William, Monifieth
Everson George Magnus, King st
Findlay David & Co. 79 King st
Fox Alexander, 39 Gray st
Gibb William, 7 Brook st
Gibson William, 77 Brook st
Heddle James, 17 Gray st
Kinnaird William, Newblgging
Lindsay Alexander, 103 Brook st
Marr William, 29 Fort st
Mollison Elizabeth, 46 Gray st
Russell John, 34 Gray st
Scott James, 163 Brook st
Suttie Andrew, Burnside, Murroes
Thorn John, Monifieth
Todd James, King st
Gray William & Son, OS Fort st
Anderson William, Brook st
Clark James, 70 Gray st
Henderson W. & J. Camperdown st
Philip William, Queen st
Robertson James, Union st
Stretton David, St. Vincent st
Bell M. Long la
Braid James, Brook st
Drimmie F. Brook st
Lind Patrick {& lime), 45 Gray st
Lowson David, Monifieth
M'Lauchlan John, 5 East Links pi
Methven Thomas E. 105 Brook st
Muir T. Son & Patton, 150 Brook st
Ogilvy David, Fort st
Ogilvy John, Kellas, Murroes
Smith David, Church st
Stewart John, Brown st
Thomson Alexander, King Bt
Walker Robert, 1 Gladstone pi. Brook st
Westwood G. & Son, 24 Gray st
AitchiBon C. 94 King st
Aitken Samuel, 69 Gray st
Blair William, 68 Gray st
Gibson James, 81 Brook st
Grimond Thomas, 1 Brook st
Hardie Mary, 124 Brook st
Iverson George, Church st
Smibert Thomas, 88 Gray st
Wallace William, 23 Gray st
Marked thus * are Carting.
Dickson James, Barnhill
*Gibson David, Monifieth
*Duff James, Brook st
*Grant James, 108 Brook st
*M'Iutosh John, 22 Ambrose st
M'Kay George, Rock Knowe
Thomson David & Son, Lawrence st
Brown Joseph, Long la
Forbes Jane, Long la
Kinsman Thomas, Brook st
Kydd James, Queen st
M'Naughton David, Lawrence Bt
Moigle Eliza, King st
Simpson William, 15 Gray Bt

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