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(See also Grocers, <Cc.)
Airth Ann, 13 Millgate loan
Alexander Robert, 199 High st
Angus John, 6 Panmure st
Beattie William, 53 Guthrie port
Betts Helen, 20 High st
Booth Magdalene, 7 Fisher acre
Buick Jessie, 11 South Grimsby
Cargill Helen, Auchraithie
Clark William, 85 Wallace st
Dall William, 43 West Grimsby
Dobson David, 10 Bakera wynd
Doig David, 58 Keptie st
Doig Mary, 26 Millgate loan
Farquharson Ann, 168 High st
Faulkner Sarah, 89 Keptie st
Ferrier David, 66 Market gate
Forbes B. 46 Cairnie st
Gillavray A. 26J£ Helen st
Greig George, 15 Rossie st
Greig James, 23 Rossie st
Gouck Jane, 12 Academy st
Irvine James, 47 Hill st
Low James, 41 Panmure st
Lowson Alexander, 22 Millgate loan
Lyall William, 41 East Abbey st
M'Clelland Elizabeth, 3 South Grimsby
Mackie William, 32 Seagate
Maclennan William, 84 North port
M'Pherson Thomas, 55 Barn green
Martin Margaret, Ladybridge st
Milne Isabella, 46 John st
Nicol David, 48 Guthrie port
Parr James, 49 Ladybridge st
Pattullo Ann, 30 Guthrie port
Petrie Jano, Hannah st
Reynolds James, 43 Lord burn
Ritchie William, 1 Lillies wynd
Robertson David, 17 Millgate loan
Rolland Ann, 43 Keptie st
Ross Isabella, 52 Helen st
Ruxton David, Lady loan
Sivewright Thomas, 12 Lordburn
Smith Andrew, St. Vigeans rd
Smith David, 7 Barn green
Soutter Jano &Co. 5 Lordburn
Strachan James, 54 Leonard st
Valentine Alexander, 7 Shore
Walker Jessie, 23 High st
Wallace Margaret, Millgate loan
Watson Jessie, 2 Gravesend
Williamson Hannah, 6 Howard st
Wright Agnes, 4 High st
Barnet David, East Mill wynd
Brand William, 80 Dishlandtown st
Mitchell Charles, 82 Hill st
Mitchell John & Son, Lindsay st. & 35 Park st
Marked thus + are also Notaries.
^Alexander William (Chapel & Alexander, &
clork to the School Board of Arbroath), 62
High st
t Anderson Alexander D. (and sheriff clerk
depute for the district of Arbroath), Kirk
Bennet Andrew (D. & W. Smith & Bennet,
agent for Glasgow & West of Scotland
Guardian Society for the Protection of
Trade), 81 High st
Cargill James, 110 High st
Chapel & Alexander (& joint agents to the
Clydesdale Bank , Limited ), 62 High st
tChapel David (Chapel & Alexander, & clerk
to the Arbroath Gas Corporation, & trea-
surer to the Arbroath Harbour Trustees),
62 High st
Clark John R. W. 81 High st
ILeslie Edward J. 1 Hill st [House
Macdonald F. F. (J. & W. Macdonald), Town
-frMacdonald J. & W. Town House, High st
fMacdonald William K. (J.& W. Macdonald),
Town House, High st
M'Intosh William F. 27 Commerce st
IMiln George (& agent for Stubbs' Trade
Protection Society, to the Guarantee
Society, to the Arbroath Public Building
Co. Limited, & secretary to the Arbroath
Steel Yard Co.),15 Hill st
Oswald Walter, Brothock bridge
Smith Alexander, 81 High st
-rSmith D. & W. & Bennet, 81 High st
iSmith David (and clerk to the Commis-
sioners of Police for the burgh of Arbroath,
& to the justices of the peaoe for Arbroath
district of the county), 25 Hill Bt
Webster & Littlejohn (& secretaries for the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, & agents for the Arbroath Burgh
Conservative Association), 33 Commerce st
fWebster James (Webster & Littlejohn), 33
Commerce st
Anderson James & Co. Letham Mill Starch
Woiks, St. Vigeans, & at Glasgow
See Vintners and Spirit Dealers, and also
under the head Grocers.
Anderson Archibald, Arrott st
Anderson Joseph, 12 Elliot st
Calder Bros. (& monumental), Loohlands st
Fife Andrew. Lindsay st
M'Laren & Nairn, Culloden rd
Maxwell David, 83 Victoria st
Peters James (and monumental sculptor),
Panmure st
Ramsay & Gordon, Fergus sq
Scott William, 84 John st
Shepherd James (momumental), Arrott st
Smart John, Arrott st
Calder Brothers, Lochlands st
Esplin Thomas, Middlct on Quarries,
by Arbroath— See advertisement
Fleming Alex. Brax & Newton Bank Quarries,
St. Vigeans
Anderson J. Keith, m.d. 26 Ponderlaw st
Crichton James S. m.d. 13 Maule st
Dowar James A. m.d. 13 Hill ter
Findlay Charles, f.r.c.s. 40 Hill st
Low Charles, 87 Hill st
Monro William, m.d. 9 Millgate
Moore Robert, m.d. 1 Hay's Well rd
Traill John, Viewfield
Wannan George W. L.n.c.s. 51 Market gate
Wannan Wm. Alex, l.r.c.p., l.e.cs. 49 Mar-
kot gate
{See aUo Architects dt Surveyors.)
Minto Farquharson (road), Hill End rd
Thomson G.Rutherford (land),43 Market gate
Watson John D. (burgh), Market pi
Marked thus * are also Clothiers.
* Anderson James, 157 High st
BlairAlexander.il Bog la
*Brown Alexander S. 69 Ladybridge st
Davidson James, Seaton
Dundee Clothing Co. 26 Hamilton green
Fairweather Alexander, Brothock bank
Finlayson David, 21 Dishlandtown st
Gauldie David, 12 Barn green
Harvey John, 15 Barn green
Hay David, 16 Maule st
*Hogg William, 273 High st
*Jamieson John & Co. 104 High st
LawBon James, 138 High st— James Meeki-
son, agent
^Matthew Micah & Son, 201 High Bt
Mitchell James, 39 Guthrie port
Mitchell James, Colliston
*Mollison Robert, 25 Market pi
*Myles Charles Young, 21 James st
^Ramsay James, 43 High st
Rankin James M. 12 Bog la
Robb George W. 13 Queen st
*Ruxton Mrs. — , 21 Commerce st
*Selby F. & J. 123 High st. & at Brechin
Smith George, 27 Leonard st
Smith J. P. & Sons, 165 High st. & at Dundee
Stewart John, 18 Commerce st
*Strachan Alexander & Son, 128 High st
Strachan Robert & Sons, 116 High st
*Sturrock George, 167 High st
Taylor James, 36 Rossie st
Teviotdale David, 10 Bridge st
Thomson David, 100 High st
^Thomson John, 61 Ladvbridge st
*Urquhart Thomas, 212 High st
Wallace Robert, Arbirlot
Wilson Gordon. 81 Keptie st
Wilson James, 5 West Grimsby
Lindsay A. &; C. Applegate
Lyon Thomas & Son & curriers &
leather merchants), Millgate Tan
Swirles Alexander & Son, 10 Ponderlaw st
Batchelor A. & D. 7 Brothock bridge
Dorward John M. Brothock bank
London & Newcastle Tqa Co. 270 High st. &
17 West port
Raitt John, 11 Panmure st
(See also Sato Mills.)
Christie John, Lady loan
Wallace & Brown, North Grimsby
Whjte James, Millgate Mills
Cook David, 219 High st
James David & Co. 264 High st
Keith James, 237 & 239 High st
Lindsay John C. 9 Applegate
Smith Isabella, 24 Guthrie port
Tyrie James F. 81 West port
Whitton George, 170 High st
Davie William, 277 High st
Fairweather James, 207 High st
Gibson George, 180 High st
Gray J. L. 46 Keptie st
Littlejohn Betsy, 11 & 13 West port
Lowson Henry, 67 Market gate
M'Wattie Jas.(manufacturer),20 Commerce st
Reid Alex. & Son tand manufacturers), 214
High st
Taylor Jane, 91 High st
Watson Alexander, 142 High st
See Flax, <tc. Merchants, and also Waste
Crabb Jane, 11 Guthrie port
Cable Catherine L. 59 Barn green
Fairweather James, 207 High st
Forsyth George, 88 West port
M'Kay Jane D. 82 Keptie st
Miller Grace, 8 West port
Whitton Jane, 159 High st
Wilkie Margery, 224 High st
Gray & Co. 2 Lindsay st
Kydd James, 34 Dishlandtown st
M'Donald John & Co. (bobbin), Ernest st
Smith William, 86 Lordbnrn
Whyte James, Millgate Mills
Clark Henry, 232 High st
Smith Andrew, 192 High st
Hampton Peter, Hill rd
(See also Grocers and Spirit Dealers, and alsp
Wine Merchants, dx.)
Anderson Robert (Lome), 15 & 17 Com-
merce st
Bain William, 2 Howard st
Barclay George (Red Lion), Barn green
Brown James (Railway), 7 Keptie st
Clark James (Shakespeare), 25 School wynd
Clyne David, 1 South Grimsby
Comrie James, 63 Ladybridge st [Abbey st
Copland Agnes (Crown Inn), 37 WeBt
Crockatt David, 22 Millgate
Dorward George, 20 West port
Douglas George M.S5 Ladybridge st
Duncan John, 1 Cairnie st
Gale Mary, 2 West Newgate st
Gibb Robert (Guthrie Port Tavern), 47
Guthrie port
Gibb William, 2 Millgate loan
Glennie Susan, 83 Lordburn
Harris James (Colliston Inn), Colliston
Henderson James (Station), 38 Keptie st
Hill David, 11 Cross Mill wynd
Kermath Ann, 28 South Grimsby
Low James {Bell Rock), 49 West GriiUBby
Lowson Robert (Abbey Inn), 279 High st
M'Intyre John (Lochnagar), 5 & 7 Com-
merce st
Mackenzie John, 146 High st
M*Lean Charles, 5 East Mary st
M'Leod James, 64% Keptie st
M'Pherson Kenneth, Brothock bridge
MaUiewgon David, Gayfield

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