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Marked thus ♦ are also Spirit Dealofre.
I.Scc also Shopkeepers, d-c, a:u i likewise
Vintners, dc.)
♦Alexander William. 1 Keptie st
Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society,
Limited, 6 Guthrie port; branches, 89
Commerce st. & 7S Helen et— Jaines Sea-
ton, manager
*Batchelor Marjory, 20 Ann st
Boath Aim, 78 Market gate
Brown John George, 1 Cullodeu rd
Carr James, Kirk wynd
Cuthill George, 44 Keptie st
♦Davidson James, 263 High st
Deans William H. 3 Duke st
•Doig James, 75 Gnthrie port
♦Dorward George (wholesale), 2 & 4 Bank st
♦Dunn Jane, 92 Keptie st
Eaton M. A. 32 Applegate
Edwards David, 27 Glover st
♦Fettes Alexander, 40 Guthrie port
*Fmlayson James. 193 High st
Fitchet John, Arbirlot
♦Fleming David, 3 Brothoek bridge
Fletcher George D. 18 Keptie st
♦Forrest Alexander, 53 Lady loan
♦Fox James, 194 High st
Hay George, 15 Union st
High Street Co-operative Society, Limited,
57 & 252 High st. & 61 St. Mary st— Robert
Inglis, manager
Kenny John, Colliston
♦Kerr Jessie, 7 Fergus sq
♦Kynock Catherine, 47 Keptie st
Larnach Wiliiam, 29 Panmnre st
♦Macdonald Frederick, 13>i Dishlandtown st
♦Macintosh Agues, 44 Fergus sq
♦Mackenzie John, 175 High st
Maolennan Donald, 38 Barn green
♦Main Amelia, 1 Wallace st
♦Mather Alexander. 1 Ernest st
Mather Frederick T. 1 Maule st
♦Matthew Agnes, 11 Duke st
Meldrum Andrew 35 High st
♦Mill Mrs. — , 54 Guthrie port
♦Milne George, 87 Lochlamls st
Milne James, 10 Fergus st
♦Moncur David S. 242 High st
Moore James, 21 Hamilton groon
♦Murdoch John, 5 Guthrie port
♦Murray George, 82 Cairnie st
♦Napier John, 40 East Abbey st
Nicol Mary Ann, 4 Jamieson st
Nicoll Edward, 20 Market gate
♦Paterson Agnes, 8 Princes st
♦Paterson Henry, 127 High st
♦Peter William, 19i£ Rossie st
♦Petrie Alexander, 6 West port
Petrie George, 66 Keptie st
♦Petrie James, 12 Millgate loan
Ritchie James, Colliston
♦Ross James C. 29 Lillies wynd
Salmond George, 19 Allan st
Scott William, 8 Guthrie port
Sivewright William & Son, 86 High st
Smith Catherine, ins Ponderlawst
♦Stewart John, 2 Park st
♦Strachan Joseph (late Smith, Suttie
& Co.), 288 High st
♦StrachaD, Wallace, & Whvte, 13 Spink st
♦Sutherland James T. 274 Hi"h st
♦Tarbat William, 36 Lochlaud st
♦Thomson Henry, 52 Cairnie st
Westport Association, Limited, 2 &4 Keptie
st. Lochland st. & East Abbey st— David
Craik, manager
♦Whyte Susan, 65 Keptie st
Fulton Goorgo, 152 High st
Gouck Homy, 96 Higb at
Henderson John G. 2 West port
Lorimer Andrew, 14 Keptie st
Roberts Joseph, 215 High st
Taylor John, 24 Commerce st
Craig John, 99 High St. & at Dundee
Fulton George, 152 High st
Gouck Henry, 96 High st
Hood Robert, 118 High st
Howie William, 26 Millgate
lleid William, 72 Markot gate
Ruxton David B. CO Helen st
Keith James, Arbroath, & 120 George st.
Edinburgh, & London
Alexander J. 177 High st
Crichton Andrew B. 80 Market gate
Crowe George, 9 West Grimsby
Crowe George, 22 Market gate
Ferrier James G. 12 Millgate
Graham David, 281 High st
Ogg William S. 1 Hamilton green
Stephen Henry W. Brothoek bridge
Walker Margaret, 37 Lady loan
Watson David, 44 Guthrie port
Wilkie D. S. 200 High st
Forsyth George, 33 West port
Johnston David, 35 Commerce st
Mackay Jane D. 32 Keptie st
Robinson John, 27 Gnthrie port
Tosh David, 67 Guthrie port
Whitton. George, 170 High st
(See also Spirit Dealers, dc.)
George Hotel, John Mitchell, 80 & 32 Com-
merce st
New Hotel, Samuel Aitken, Railway station
North Esk Arms, James Aitken, Auchinithie
Star, Mrs. John Davidson, 132 High st
White Hart (family, commercial &
posting house), 163 High st— J. G.
Ehrlich, proprietor— See advt
See Fire, dc. Office Agents.
Balfour William, East Mary st
Cables Patrick, 32 Kyd st
(See also Brass Founders.)
Anderson Georgo & Co. Arbroath Foundry
Keith James, High Street Iron & Brass
Foundry, & 120 Georgo st. Edinburgh, and
Holborn viaduct, London
Shanks Alexander & Son, Dens Iron
Works, and at 27 Leadenhall st.
Webster Alexander, Lindsay st
Anderson Robert & Son, 261 High st
Cuthbert James. 8 Commerce st
Duncan James, 80 High st
Johnston David, 35 Commerce st
Kerr J. Seagate
Jlichie Duncan, 2 Stohcross lane
Nicoll John, 241 High st
Robinson John, 27 Guthrie port
Smith John S. 140 High st
Thomson John, 90 High st
Snttie John, 4 Allan st
Tyrie James F. SI West port
Walker John, 24 Millgate
Whitton George, 170 High st
Anderson Joseph, 12 Elliot st
Bruce David, 28 Commerce st
Burnett David, 16 South Grimsby
Christie David, East Grimsby
Clunie William, East Mary st
Craig John, Marywell
Duncan Robert, 81 % Lordburn
Duthie David, Hill rd
Farquhar David, 4 Hill pi
Fyffe Charles, Colliston
Gordon Alexander, 8 Bog lane
Gould James, St. Vigeans
Gray & Co. 2 Lindsay st
Hunter Win. (& shuttle maker), 29 Gravesend
Kerr John, Seagate
Kydd James, 34 Dishlandtown st
Philip Alexander, Colliston
Scott Alexander, 6 Helen st
Scott John, St. Vigeans
Scott William, Arbirlot
Sievewright Thomas, 18 Lordburn
Smart William, Seaton
Steele David B. Arbirlot
Stiven William, Grange of Conon
Sutherland William, Arrott st
Weir James (& mast maker), Shore
Whyte James, Millgate
Fleming & Robertson, Ladybridge st
Ross & Marshall, West Newgate st
See Curriers & Leather Merchants.
Arbroath Subscription Library, 64 High
st — Wm. Alexander, secretary & treasurer ;
John Ogilvie, librarian
Mechanics' Institute, News & Reading
Room, Market pi — W. M. Sivewright, sec
Marked thus ♦ are also Silk Mercers.
Alexander John, 29 Market pi
Boath Ann, 78 Market gate
Boyne Elizabeth, 49 High st
Carragher James & Son, 256 High at
Dishart Johu, 83 Keptie st
Esplin William, 49 Millgate loan
Finlayson David, 21 Dishlandtown st
Fleming James, Market hall
♦Forbes & M'Donald, 124 High st
Henderson John G. 2 West port
Hird Alexander, 23 Keptie st
Howie William, 26 Millgate
Hutchison David, 1 West port
Kerr Margaret, 223% High st
Lorimer Andrew, 16 Keptie st
Macintosh William, 196 High st
♦M'Kerchar Duncan, 108 High st
♦Mudie John, 129 High st
Murty Henry, 86H Guthrie port
Robertson Islay Burns, 20 Keptie st
Ruxton David B. 60 Helen st
♦Salmond & Donaldson, 145 Highst
Sangster George R. 45 Lordhurn
Taylor David, 209 High st
Thomson John, 61 Ladybridgo st
'Thornton George, 112 High st {st
West Port Association, Limited, 2 & 4 Keptie
Colvill Robert, Market gate
Fleming Robert, Kirk wynd
Greonhill Hugh, West Newgate st
(See also Engineers <£■ Millwrights.)
Anderson George & Co. Arbroath Foundry
Bremner Peter, West Grimsby
Mills & Co. Lordbum
Shanks Alexander & Son, Dens Iron
Works, & at 27 Leadenhall St.
Spink Stephen, 221 High st
Webster Alexander, Lindsay st
CLOTH, &c.
Marked thus + are also Flax Spinners.
(See also Flax Spinners.
tBalfour and Cumming, Victoria Works,
Orchard st
Christie R. & Co. Millgate loan
ICorsar Brothers, Applegate Works & Bro-
thoek Mill, and at Liverpool, Glasgow arid
ICorsar David & Sons, Catherine Street
Works, Almerie close, and Nursery Mills,
Spring Garden Factory, Lindsay at. <s Lon-
don, Liverpool & Glasgow
IFraser Douglas & Son (sail cloth),
Wellgate Works, and at 37 Jury
st. Aldgate, London, E.C. 2 Co vent
garden, Liverpool, and 79 Virginia
st. Glasgow
fGordon Alexander & Co. Bnrnside Mills,
Brothoek bridge, and at Montrose, & Royal
Exchange. Dundee
Logan & Soutar (woollen), 8 Helen st
fLowson Andrew, Green's Mill, Baltic Works,
Lindsav Street Mill, Inch Mills, & John
Street Mill, & 40 Mitre st. London, E.C.
tNicol Alexander & Co. Chalmers Street
Works, & at 28 Brunswick Bt. Liverpool
I Salmond WiUiam & Sons, Nether
Ward Works, Guthrie port
Scott Bros. Pool Works, John st. West
Smart & Ogg (of sail cloth, tar-
paulings, hessians, Forfar sheet-
ings, striped beddings, &c), Abbot
Power Loom Works
Sutherland Andrew and Co. (white
canvas and sail cloth), Millgate
Thomas Malcolm C. Ward Mill Works, and at
tWalker John & Co. Stanley Works [gate
Webster Francis & Sons, Alma Works, Mill-
Wilson & Cunningham, Dens road, and at
Sydney, Now South Wales

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