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Douglas Rev. Andrew, Seatou rd
David, auctioneer, East Grimsby
—— George M. spirit dealer, 35 Ladybridge st
Dove William, inspector of weights & measures, 28 Graveseud
Dowall Mrs. Charles, Elliot House, Arbirlot
Charles & Co. bleachers, Kelly Bleachfield
James P. bleacher (Charles Dowall & Co.), 10 Priucos st
Downio Mrs. Beatrice, Marywell
DrummondMargt. bookseller, stationer & newsagent, 186 High st
Drury John W. rope maker, Lady loan
Ducat William, clerk. High common
i William, baker, 5 Hamilton green
Duffy Mary, confeotioner, 98 High st
Duke Rev. William, m. a. St. Vigeans
Dunbar John, cart owuer, Convent st
Duncan Alexander, brassfounder, 15 Applegate
Alexander, bank teller, 2 Alexandra pi
Charles, flesher, 62 Keptie st
Elizabeth M. millinor, 31 Lordburn
James, ironmonger & seedsman, BO High st
James, farmer, Arbirlot
Misses Jane & Elizabeth, 8 Academy st
John, Esq. j. p. Parkhill, St. Vigeans
— — John, spirit dealer, 1 Cairnie st
Robert, joiner, SI 1 * Lordburn
Dundas Alexander M. commercial traveller, 12 Princes st
Dundee Advertiser Office (branch), b7 High st
& Arbroath Joiut Railway Co. Goods Dept— John Grant, ngont
Clothing Co. 26 Hamilton green
Dunn Jane, grocer & spirit dealer, 92 Keptie st
Durno Rev. George, m. a. Springfield ter
Duthie David, joiner, Hill rd
Dyer Robert, plumber, Brothock bridge
EATON Mary A. shopkeeper, 32 Applegate
Edwards David, grocer, &c. 2 Glover fit
â–  John, blacksmith. Seaton
Ehrlick J. G. White Hart Hotel, 1G3 High st-Sce advt
Esplin David, blacksmith, Colliston
George, greengrocer, 227 High st
Esplin Thomas, quarry master and stone and pave-
ment merchant, Middleton Quarries, by Arbroath—
See advertisement
Esplin William, draper, 49 Millgate loan
FATRLIE William, farmer, Arbirlot
Fairweather Alexander, tailor, Brothock bank
Alexander, bootmaker, 7 Glover st
• James, brushmaker, 207 High st
Samuel, currier & boot <&, shoe manufacturer, Abbey Works &
213 High st
Falconer Charles, shipowner, Union st. East
Farmer Charles, bookseller, 59 Keptie st
Farquhar David, joiner, 4 Hill pi
— — Geurge, manager, Hill End rd
Farqnharson Ann, shopkeeper, 168 High st
Robert, glazier, Brothock bank
Faulkner Sarah, shopkeeper, 89 Keptie st
Ferguson Alexander, sail maker (J. & A. Ferguson), High common
J. & A. sail makers, 21 North Grimsby
John, sail maker (J. & A. Ferguson), 4 Addison pi
Joseph, manufacturer (Corsar Bros.), 9 Dalhousie pi. Lochshade
â–  Mr. Joseph, 16 Addison pi
' MiBS Mary, 32 Addison pi
Ferrier David, shopkeeper, 66 Market gate
-James G. hairdresser, 12 Millgate
Fettes Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 Guthrie port
William S. cabinet maker & auctioneer, 3 Bridge st
Fife Andrew, stonemason, 29 Lindsay st
Findlay Charles, surgeon, 40 Hill st
David, shipowner, 1 Gayfield
â–  George, farmer, St. Vigeans
Peter, painter, 7 Guthrie port
Fiulayson David, tailor & draper, 21 Dishlandtown st
James, grocer, 193 High st
â–  Jumos, farmer, Arbirlot
Fire, &c. Insurance Companies— See Classification of Trades
Fitchet (ieorge & David, farmers, St. Vigeane
â–  John, flesher & grocer, Arbirlot [St. Vigeans
Fleming Alexander, stone merchant, Brax & Newton Bank Quarries,
& Robertson, lath splitters, Ladybridgo st
David, grocer & spirit dealer, 3 Brothock bridge ; res. Helen
Bank, Carnoustie
George, horse hirer & undertaker, Kirk wynd
James, draper, Market hall
Fletcher George D. grocer, 18 Keptie st
James, Esq. j.p. Letham Grange, St. Vigeans
Forbes & Macdonald, drapers, 124 High st
B. shopkeeper, 46 Cairnio st
David, farmer, St. Vigeans
Robert, flesher, 189 High st
Walter S. draper (Forbes & Macdonald), 126 High st
Forrest Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Lady loan
Forsyth George, cooper & tov dealer, 334 Bridge st. & 83 West port
J. E. milliner, 154 High st
Fowler James, farmer, Arbirlot
Fox Jas. grocer & spirit dealer, 194 High st ; res. 15 East Abbey st
Francis James, farmer, St. Vigeans
Frasor Mrs. Cutherine, Kiuloch ter
â–  Mrs. Douglas, 28 Ogilvio pi
Douglas & Son, flax spinners and sail-cloth manufacturers and
bleachers, Wellgate Works, & 37 Jury st. Aldgate, London,
E.C., 2 Covent garden, Liverpool, & 79 Virginia st. Glasgow
â–  James, greengrocer, 75 Lochlands st
â–  John, manufacturer (Douglas Fraser & Son), Millneld
â–  Mary, householder, 39 Hill st
Patrick Allan, Esq. j.p. Hospital Field
Frew David, b.a. schoolmaster, 8 Garden st
Fullerton Helen, householder, Hill End rd
Fulton George, hatter, 152 High et
Fyfe A. & C. milliners, 33 Millgate
William, farmer, Auchmithio
Fyffe Charles, joiner, Colliston
GALE Joseph, fishmonger, 232 High st
Mary, spirit dealer, 2 West Newgate st
Gall David, farmer, St. Vigeans
Gardyne William, manager, 11 Cairnie st
Garland Mrs. — , Beechwood, St. Vigeans
Maria, eating house. 20 Guthrie port
Gas Works, Ponderlaw st — Robert S. Carlow, manager
Gauldie David, tailor, 12 Barn green
John, corn merchant, 4 North Grimsby; res. 21 Cairnie st
Geddes William H. & Son, photographers, 14 Applegate
German Empire Vice-Consular Agency— James Weir, Guildhall
Gibb R-obert, spirit dealer, 47 Guthrie port
â–  William, spirit dealer, 3 Millgato loan
Gibson George, confectioner, 180 High st
James, flax & tow merchant, Bog la ; res. 6 Guthrie hill
John, bootmaker, Colliston
Gilbert Robert, remnant dealer, 36 Helen si
Gilhey W. & A. wine merchants (London), 102 High st— Shield and
Mill, agents
Cillavray A. shopkeeper, 76^ Helen st
John, bookseller, 283 High st
Gilrnth Andrew, farmer, Auchmithie
Glasgow & West of Scotland Guardian Society for the Protection of
Trade, 81 High st— Andrew Benuet, agent
Gleig Robert, cashier, 36 Addison pi
Glenney David T. watchmaker, &q. 97 High st
Glenuie Susan, spirit dealer, 33 Lordburn
Goldsmith Elizabeth, dressmaker, 17 Hamilton green
Gordon Alexander, joiuer, 8 Bog la
Alexander, Esq. j.p. manufacturer (Alexander Gordon & Co.)
Ashludie, Mouifieth
Alexander & Co. flax spinners and manufacturers, BurnsiUe
Mills, Brothock bridge, & at Montrose, and Royal Exchange
Dundee *
David, fish dealer, 9 Lordburn
John, farmer, St. Vigeans
William A. Esq. j.p. manufacturer (Alexander Gordon and Co.)
Tarry House, St. Vigeans
Gouck Henry, hosier & hatter, 96 High st
Jane, shopkeeper, 12 Academy st
Gould James, farmer, Arbirlot
James, joiner & millwright, St. Vigeans
Graham David, hairdresser, 281 High st
Granger William, fanner, St. Vigeaus [Ogilvio pi
Grant Alexander, boot & shoe manufacturer (A. Grant and Son), 19
Alexander & Sou, boot & shoe manufacturers, 72 Guthrie port
Ann, dressmaker, 19 Ogilvio pi
Christina, milliner, 29 Howard st
Colin, currier & boot manufacturer, Hill rd. boot & shoe dealer
31 Commerce st. 84 and 240 High at. and 21 West port; res!
Daviu, general broker, 2 Brechin rd
Geo. boot & shoe manufacturer (A. Grant & Son), Fergus so *
JohD, fruiterer, 69 Millgate loan
Miss Nancy, 34 Hill st
William L. painter, 267 Higli st
Gray & Co. wrights & turners, 2 Lindsay st
J . L. tobacconist, 46 Keptie st
Greenhill Hugh, horse hirer & undertaker, West Newgate st
Greenock Merino Yarn Mills, yarn dealers, 2la High st
Ureig David, saddler, 155 High st ; res. 3a Pondeniiw st
Georgo, shopkeeper, 15 Rosaie st
James, shopkeeper, 28 Rossie st
RDbert, blacksmith, Grange of Conon
Grewar James P. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 2 & 4 Panmure st
HADFIELD Mrs. Helen, 33 Market gate
Hall James, farmer, Arbirlot
Hampton & Davidson, manure contractors, Guthrie port
â–  Peter, Veterinary surgeon, Hill rd
Robert, carting contractor & potato merchant, 9 Market gate
Hanton John, blacksmith, Auchmithie
William, blacksmith, St. Vigeans
Harbour Office, Shore— David Paterson, harbour master
Hargreaves Rev. Cruwshaw, Pon4erlaw st
Harris David, flesher, 19 Hamilton green, & 29 Millgate
James, Colliston Inn, Colliston
Margaret, pawnbroker, 45 & 47 Graveseud
Harvey John, tailor, 15 Barn green
Hay David, tailor, 16 Maule st
â–  Mrs.^Elizabeth, 29 Victoria st
George, grocer, 15 Union st
George, newspaper editor, 32 Jamioson st
John, farmer, St. Vigeans
William, managor, 1 Cairnie st
Henderson Andrew, cart owner, Stuart st
â–  James, Station Inn, 38 Keptie st
John G. hatter & draper, 2 West port
Mrs. Mary, 38 Hill st
Hendry David, farmer, St. Vigeans
Herald David P. clerk, OPricces st
John, cabinet maker, auctioneer, &c. 70 High st : res. 4 Shore
Herron Peter, blacksmith, Barbels Croft
William, blacksmith, South Grimsby
Herschell Allan, potato dealer & greengrocer, Lordburn
Jane, greengrocer, 2 Guthrie port
High Street Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, 57 & 252 High
st. & 61 St. Mary st— Robert Iuglis, manager
Hill Mr. — , 15 Hay's Well rd
David, spirit dealer, 11 Cross Mill wynd
John, flax merchant, Convent st
Hird Alexander, draper, 28 Keptie st ; res. Kinloch ter
Hogg Elizabeth, dressmaker, 23 West port
- James, shipmaster, 9 Howard st

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