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Boyle William, fruiterer, 81 Market pi
Boyue Elizabeth, draper, -jy Higu st
Braid Alexander L. coal merchant, 25 Applegate
Brand William, slater, 30 Dishlandtown at
Brenmnr Anna, milliner & straw bonnet maker, 40 Commerce st
John, general printer «fc bookbinder, 88 Commerce st
Bremner Pfl'er, millwright, West Grimsby
Briggs "William, chemical and asphalte manufac-
turer and asphalter, East Links, and at Dundee,
Ladybanl£ & Kirkcaldy; res, 8 Springfield terrace
British Linen Co. Bank (Branch), Brotnock bridge — James A. Dick-
eon, agent; J. M. M'Bain, sub-agent
BrocUie John, bill poster, 5 Dishlandtown st
Brodie John, printer, lithographer, bookseller, &c. Brothock bridge
William, cooper, 8 Allan st
Brown Alexander S. tailor & clothier, C9 Lady bridge st
Andrew H. (Dundee), corn merchant, Dicklield st
Charles, timber merchant (Wallace & Brown), Cliff House
D. bootmaker. Colliston
David, confectioner, 162 & 164 High st
James, carting agent for North British Railway Co. Railway
Station yard
. Rev. James, 56 Dishlandtown st
James, rope maker, Lady loan
James, Railway Imi, 9 Keptie st
Mrs. Janet, 11 East Abbey st
John, farmer, Arbirlot
John G. grocer, 1 Culloden rd
Patrick, boot & shoe manufacturer, 29 Commerce st. & Graves-
end Factory; res. 3 Albert st
â–  William, ship master, 11 Market gate
Bruce David, joiner, 28 Commerce st
Robert, farmer, Woodfield
Buick Jessie, shopkeeper, 11 South Grimsby
Buncle Thomas, proprietor and publisher of the "Ar-
broath Guide," Market place ; res. 27 Ponderlaw st
Burgh of Arbroath Municipal Government — See Public Buildings
Surveyor's Office, Market place, John D. Watson, surveyor and
water engineer
Burn David H. chemist and druggist, 109 High st. and 12 Keptie st;
res. 4 Albert st
Burcess David, farmer, St. Yigeans
J. & R. fieshers, 12 Guthrie port & Fergus st
Burnett Charles, farmer, Newbigpin
David, cartwrigbt, 16 South Grimsby
Burrell EdiLh M. Berlin wool repository, 19 Millgate
Butciiart Peter, paiuter, 39 Market gate ; res. Hill rd
Butcher Miss Mary, Maule Bank House, Maule st
Byars David, milliner & mantle maker, 151 High st
CABLE Catherine, toy dealor, 59 Barn green
Cables Patrick, iron merchant, 32 Kyd sc
Caird A. & M. milliners, 39 Lordburn
Calder Brothers, slone &. monumental masons, builders and pave-
ment merchants, Locltland st. & Tillywhanland
David R. stonemason, &c. (Calder Brothers), 2 Elliot place
Joseph, stonemason, tic. (Calder Brothers), 3 Elliot place
Calvin Mnrv, milliner, 9 Lady loan
Cameron Donald & Co. brewers, West Abbey st
William, rag dealer, 27 Lordburn
Campbell George A. plasterer, 15 Millgate loan
James, schoolmaster, 36 Hill st
Rev^ John W. Rosemount
* . Thomas, goods agent to the Caledonian Railway Co. KepLie st
Cant J. dressmaker, 3U Barn green
William, accountant, Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 62 High st
Carilini A. confectioner, 160 High st
Caiey Elizabeth, householder, 42 Market gate
Cargill Miss Ann, 9 Queen st
David, fishmonger, 15 Keptie st
David W. shipmaster, 31 Glover st
James, solicitor, 110 High st
William, shipowner & sbipbroker, honorary secretary to the
National Lifeboat Institution, & consular agent for Belgium,
6 Shore; house, 34 Jamiesou st
Carlow Robert S. gas manager, Ponderlaw st
Carnegie Claud Cat heart Straohan, Esq. j.p. Seaton Houso
Carr Alexander, fruiterer, 181 High st
James, grocer, Kirk wynd
Carragher & Son, linen, &c. drapers, 256 High st
Carrie Alexander, boot & Bhoe maker, 17 Glover st
Gilbert, butciier, 19 Hamilton green
Carver David, chief engineer, 43 Hill st
Cassidy John, pawnbroker, 28 Gravesend
ChalmerB John, broker, 27 Applegate
Chiipol & Alexander, solicitors & notaries & joint agents to the
Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 62 High st
David, solicitor & notary (Chapel & Alexander), & clerk to the
Gas Corporation, treasurer to the Harbour Trustees of
Arbroath, & joint agent to the Clydesdale Bank, Limited,
62 High st; res. Oaenlocban
Chaplin John H. A Peebles, Esq. Colliston
Christie Mrs. — , fish dealer, 178 High st
David, joiner, East Grimsby
— — David, clerk, 37 Fisher acre
Elizabeth, milliner, 222 High st
James, larmer, Gallowdcn
Mies Jane, 9 Hill terrace
â–  Jessie, milliner, 116 High st
John, timber merchant, Lady loan; res.4 Gayfield
Mrs. Margaret, 21 Dalhousie st
Naomi, confectioner, Brothock bridge
• R. & Son, sail cloth manufacturers, Millgate loan
Robert, manufacturer (R. Christie & Co.) 10 Market gato
Thomas, sail maker, Shore
. William, teacher of music, 22 East Abbey st
Clark David, boot & shoe maker, 87% High st. & 1 Hill st
Henry, umbrella maker, 232 High st
James, spirit dealer, 25 School wynd
Clark John R. W. solicitor, 81 High st; res. A Idison place
Peter, gardener, Holly bank, St. Vigeans
William, insurance agent, 9 Garden st
William, shopkeeper, 35 Wallace st
William, fruiterer, 19 Guthrie port
Ciunie William, joiner, East Mavy st
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), G2 High st— Chapel &
Alexander, joint agents
Clyne David, spirit dealer, 1 South Grimsby
Coast Guard Station, Arbroath — Alfred Upstell, officer in charge
Guard Station, Auchmithie — William Penn, officer in charge
Mission Hall, High st
Cobb Anthony, baker, 1 Millgate loan
Collier John, Esq. j.p. Hattou
Colvill Robert, cam;tgfi hirer, Markot gate
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 119 High st — ■
William Rollo, agent
Comrie James, spirit dealer, 53 Ladybridge st
Conachor Charles, market gardener, St. Vigeans
Cook David, plumber, &c. 219 High st
John, farmer, Avbilot
Copland Agnes, spirit dealer, 35 West Abbey st
Corn Exchange, Market place
Corsar Mrs. Betsy, Hillside House, West Keptie st
Brothers, flax spinners & manufacturers, Applegate Works and
Brothock Mill; and at London, Liverpool & Glasgow
Charles W. manufacturer (David Corsar & Sons), Seaforth
David, Esq. j.p. manufacturer (Corsar Brothers), The Elms
â–  David & Sons, flax spinners & manufacturers & bleachers,
works, Nursery &, Almerieclose Mills, Spring Garden Factory
and Waulk Mills, lileachtield, St. Vigeaus, and at London,
Liverpool & Glasgow
Mi?s Flora, West Keptie st
James, householder, 28 Ponderlaw st
Mrs. Margaret, 27 Victoria st
Mrs. Peter, 52 Dishlandtown st
â–  W. H. Esq. j.p. manufacturer (David Corsar & Sons), Cairniehill
Corstorphine Henry, teacher, 18 Victoria st
Cousin Alexander, reporter, 21 Hay's Well id
Coutts Mrs. — , 41 Jamieson st
James, chief engineer, Hillend rd
Cox William, farmer, St. Vigeaus
Crabb Jane, confectioner, 11 Guthrie port
William, blacksmith, Auchmithie
Craig James B. china, glass, &c. dealer, 37 Millgate
John, cartwright, Marywell
John, hosier & glover, 99 High st
John B. glass & china dealer, 244 High st
William, cabinet maker, 25 James st
William, boot & shoe maker & post master, Arbirlot
Craik David, manager, 15 George st
Crichton Andrew B. hairdresser, SO Market gate
— — ■ Rev. David, ll.d. F. C. Manse, Brechin rd
James, farmer, Tarry Bank, St. Vigeaus
James S. m.d. surgeon, 13 Maule st
Robert, drawing master, 30 Victoria st
Crightiu Mrs. Marianne, 3 Dalhousie pi
Croall David, clerk, 17 Millgate
Crockart William, schoolmaster, School House, St. Vigeans
Crockatt David, spirit dealer, 22 Millgate
Crowe George, hairdresser, 22 Market gate
George, hairdresser, 9 West Grimsby
Culbert John, fruiterer, 37 West port
Cumming James, manufacturer (Balfour & Cummiug), Greenbank
Cunningham J. & J. manure merchants (Edinburgh), 86 High st—
Dodds & Batbie, agents
Currie Miss — , 9 Bank st
Custom House, 11 Shore— William H. Blgnold, superintendent
Cuthbert James, ironmonger, iron & seed merchant, 8 Commerce st
Cuthill Alexander, farmer, St. Vigeaus
George, grocer, 44 Keptie st
DALE Cottage Industrial School, Brechin road — John Aitken,
Dall Jessie, dressmaker, 43 Hill st
v* illiam, shopkeeper, 43 West Grimsby
Darling Peter, miller, Colliston
Davidson Mrs. — , Star Hotel, 132 High st
Alexander, manure contractor (Hampton & Davidson), Hannah
st. & potato merchant, East Grimsby
Alexander M. teacher, 14 Elliot at
Mrs. Isabella, 56 Rossis st
James, grocer, 263 High Bt
James, tailor, Seaton
John, manager, 19 Queen st
Mary, millioer, 16 West port
Davie William, tobacco manufacturer, 277 High st ; res. 57 Rossie st
Deans William H. grocer, 3 Duke st
Destitute Sick Societies, Arbroath — William K. Macdonald, sec
Devlin James, governor, Arbroath & St. Vigeans Combination Poor
House, Brechin rd
Dewar James A. m.d. surgeon, 13 Hill tor
Dickson James A. Esq. j.p. agent for the British Linen Co. Bank
(Branch), Brothock bridge ; res. Woodville
Dillan George, marine store dealer, Lillies wynd
Dishart John, ladies' outfitter, 83 Keptie st
Dobson David, shopkeeper, 10 Baker's wynd
James, basket maker, 22 Market pi
Dodds & Bathie, auctioneers, land surveyors, seedsmen, & agents for
J. & J. Cunningham, manure, tic. merchants (Edinburgh),
86 High st.& at Dundee
Doig James, shopkeeper, 58 Keptie st
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 75 Guthrie port
Mary, shopkeeper, 26 Millgate loan
Donaldson Mr. John, Willmighby House, Helen st
Robert J. farmer, St. Vigeaus
Dorward Andrew, butcher, 36 West Abbey st
George, wholesale grocer & spirit doaler, 20 West port & 2 & 4
Bank st ; res. 16 West port
John M, tea & coffee merchant, Brothock bank ; res. Lochshade

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