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Forgan Robert & Son, The Links
M'Pkersnn James, West Port
Morris Tom, The Links
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
Aikman & Terras. 165 South st
* Aitkin Agnes, 114 Market st
Anderson William S. 74 Market et
Eaiu John, Stratbkinness
Berry Mrs. — , Lenchars
Black James, 18 Castle st
Blair Georgo, 203 High st
Bruco William W. 37 South st
Burns Isabella, Denino
*Burns James, Argyle st
Chischulm Robert, The Shore
Collins Helen, 68 Market st
*Cormio Andrew, Leuchars
Douglas William, 2 Elliee pi
Downie William, 129 Market st
*DnfT James, 175 South st
Fowlis Ann, Leuchars
Gourlay Agnes, 15 Church st
♦Grubb Charles, S6 Market st
Gullon Margaret, Leuchars
Hawkins Jane, Gil South st
*Haxton Andrew, 131 South st
Henderson J. & M. 9 Church st
Hill Elizabeth, 19 South st
Macdonald Robert, 1G Abbey st
M'Kenzie Murdoch, Guard Bridge
Marshall David, GS South st
Mitchell Isabella, S4 Market st
♦More J. & D. 89 South st
*Morrison Helen, 32 South st
*Neilson Andrew, 99 Market st
Paterson Margaret, 45 North st
*Rao Thomas, 33 Market st
Richardson George, Leuchars
*Robb James, 24 North st
*Roger John, 2 Church st
Simpson Arthur, Leuchars
Skinner Isabella, 51 South st
•Stenhouse Robert C. 15 College st
Stewart Andrew, 30 South st
Stratlikinness Co operative Society, Limited,
Terras Arthur, Balmullo
Trail John, 32 Market st
Tnllis Andrew, Leuchars
*Turner Edmund, 72 Market st
"Walker Elizabeth, Guard Bridge
Walker James, 40 Market st
"Walker Peter, 115a North st
♦Walker Thomas, 114 South st
Wallace Catherine, 138 South st
*Wann Elizabeth, 147 South st
Wanuan John, 10 Church st
Watson Daniel, Kinuess park
*Wishart J. & Co. 159 South st
Young Janet, Stratbkinness
Yule William, Stratbkinness
Lamb James, 77 South st
Malins James, 201 South st
Sturrock Charles, 88 Market st
{See aUo Vintners.)
Cross Keys (family & commercial), William
Milton, 87 Market st
Imperial (temperance), Murray Park — Mrs.
P. Lawrence, proprietress
Royal (commercial, family & postiug) — Win.
Davison, 118 South st
Rusack's Private Hotel, 12 Abbotsford cres —
William Rusack, proprietor
Star (family, commercial & posting), "William
Rusack, 92 Market st
Waverley (temperance) — Andrew Galloway,
College st
l — -.
See Fire, i0c. Office Agents.
Fyfe Arnct, 7 Church st
â– Honevman Peter, 53 South st
M'Arthur Daniel, 69 Market st
Mackenzie Alexander, 113 South st
M'Pherson & Farquhar (& iron merchants), 72
South st [kinness
Stratbkinness Co-operative Society. Strath-
Wilson John (wholesale and retail
ironmonger, iron merchant, salt
merchant, &c), is? & 171 South st
Marked thus ;; are also Builders.
(See also Builders and Masons.)
Brown John, Balmungo
Bruce Georgo, 19 Market st
Carswell Robert, Balmullo
Cunningham Andrew, Greenside pi
Dishart David, Stratbkinness
Douylas Colin, 126 Market st
♦Harris Thomas, Fleming pi
Henderson Robert, Cowhalie, Leuchars
Keddie John, Leuchars
♦Malcolm James, St. Maryst
*Pryde & Swan, Church sq
Thom David, Stratbkinness
Thomson John. Leuchars
Wallace John, Cameron
Fletcher M. & Son (circulating), 121 South st
Henderson W. C. & Son (circulating), 5
Church st
Public Library & Reading Room, 88 South st —
Stuart Wilson, secretary
University Library, South st — J. Maitland
Anderson, librarian
Dowie Andrew, 132 South st
Fernie Ann & Catherine, Leuchars
Fleming Charles, S3 South st
Keddie gamuel, Leu chars [st
Lorimer George, 157 South st. & South Bell
Mitchell Robert, 65 South' st
Ritchie James R. W. 135 South st
Turner Edmund, 72 Market st
Wilson William, 131 Market st
Allan Ann. 13 Golf pi
Anderson Elizabeth, Castle view
Anderson Jessie, 76 North st
Baggett Jane, 6 Gibson pi
Balfour Ellen, 5 ElHce pi
Bennett Margaret, 5 Abbotsford pi
Blair Elizabeth, 9 North Bell st
Blyth David, 4 Elliee pi
Boyd James, 2 Albany pi
Brown Christina, 6 Pilmour pi
nice Agnes, 7 Pilmour links
Burnett Robert, 15 Golf pi
Burns Maria, 5 Albany pi
Campbell Agnes, 5 Alfred pi
Carmiehael Margaret, 5 Gibson pi
Concher Jane A. 9 Golf pi
Corstorphan Jane, 85 South st
Craig Thomas, 6 Albany pi
Dishart Elsie, 2 Abbotsford pi
Dishart Robert, 60 North st
Drysdale Margaret, 4 Gibson pi
Falconer Elizabeth, 6 Abbotsford pi
Ford Miss Martha Ann, 1 Gibson pi
Fortune Euphemia, 8 South Bell st
Greig George, 62 North st
Harley Margaret, 75 North st
Inglis Ann, 66 North st
Ireland Catherine, 2 North Bell st
Jack Euphemia, 1 West port
Johnson James, 1 south view
Keddie John, 10 Kirk pi
Keddie Christina, 6 John st
Kelloek Isabella, 78 North st
Kyles James K. 8 Pilmour links
Lothian Margaret, 105 Market st
M'Donald Hannah, Murray Park
M'Donald Moir, 5 John st
Marnoch Jane, 4 Abbotsford pi
Mason David, 13 Hope st
Melville David, 59 South st
Morris Joan, 6 Kirk pi
Munro Helen, 19 Pilmour links
Ness Elizabeth, Murray Park
Oswald Margaret, 47 North Castle st
Pringle Agnes, 3 Elliee pi
Proven Helen, 3 Alfred pi
Robb Eliza, 52c North st
Robertson Agnes, 25 South st
Sang Margaret, 3 Gibson pi
Simpson Agnes, 1 Abbotsford pi
Simpson Jane, 3 Abbotsford pi
Taylor Margaret, 72 North st
Trotter Elizabeth, 87 South st
Walker Mary, 49 North Castle st
Wilson Douglas, S Pilmour pi
Wilson Jane, 52c North st
Wilson Stuart, 105 South st
See Brewers,
Barnot David, Balmullo
Fuller George, Balmullo
Leslie Alexander, Balmullo
Terras Arthur, Balmullo
White William Balmullo
Berwick Colin, Denino
Bouella Alexander, Denbrae
Kinninmout Peter, Leuchars
Meldrum David, Moonzie Mill, Leuchars
Nicol Thomas, Law Mill
Rodger D. Leuchars
Black Annie, 3 South Bell st
Croll Isabella, 5 Logie's lane
Duncan Margaret, 10 Abbey st
Fernie Ann & Catherine, Leuchars
Forbes E. & A. 139 South st
Jamieson Jauet & Agnes, Leuchars
Keddie Margaret, Leuchars
M'Kibbin J. & E. 141 South Bt
Ritchie James R. W. 135 South st
Webster Arabella, 193 South st
Suttie John, 1 Rose lane
Turner Edmund, 72 Market st
Wilson John & Co. 41 Market st
Fletcher M. & Son (London and
Continental Pianoforte & Organ
Saloon. Hiring and three years'
system — Established 60 years).
121 South st
Murray George, 107 South st /
Dick William A. 89 Market st
Gunn John, 164 South st
M'Gregor John {& paperhanger), 71 Market st
Todd David, 13 South st
Guard Bridge Paper Co. Limited (makers of
toned and fine white printing, plate and
music papers and E. S. writings), Guard
Bridge — John Galloway, manager
Downie Archibald, 145 Market st
Dryburgh John, 132 Market st
Fletcher M. & Son (agents), 121 South st
Rodger George B. St. Mary's pi
Thompson L. S. 9 South st;
See Surgeons.
Dick William A. 89 Market st
Fletcher M. & Son (established 60 years), 321
South st
Gunn Jonn, 164 South st
RZ'Pherson Alexander (& concrete
worker), 103 North st
ScolL Andrew, 162 South st
Sutherland Alexander, 6 Logie's lane
Farquharson James, 116 Market st
Fyfe Arnet, 7 Church st
Hart James, 81 Market st
Peebles Thomas, 34a South st
Turpio Andrew, 57 South st
Aitken George, 1 Church st
Low Euphemia, 96 South st
Mather William, 88 South st
Pratt Robert, 64 Market st
Scott Jane T. 16 South Bell st
Cook Joseph & Son, 80 Market st

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