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A. fair is hold here in July. A public school has been erected, and is
culled Balcurvie Public School. Population of the parish in 1881 5,863,
and of the village, 1,273.
Woodside, in the parish of Markinch, is a small village about one
and a half miles south-west from Markinch, its post town, and two from
Thornton. The inhabitants are chiefly employed at the paper mills
and bleachfields in the neighbourhood.
Miltown, or Milton of Balgonie, is a village about midway be-
tween Wiudygates and Markinch, in the parish of Markinch, and with
the exception of the large flax spinning mills of Mr. David Templeman,
is not deserving of particular notice. There are an Established church,
a public school, and a sub-post office. Population in 1881, 375.
Coaltown, or Coalton of Balgonie, lies one and a half miles south
from Markinch, its post town and parish. The inhabitants are
principally employed at the Balgonie Colliery and bleachlields in the
immediate neighbourhood. There is a public school. Population in
1881, 441.
Thornton is a village in the parish of Blarkinch, situated near the
south-eastern extremity of the parish, and close to the Thornton
Junction on the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee section of the North
British and the Leven and East of Fife Railways. There is a joint
station here. The Dysart Combination Poorhouse, erected in 1862, at a
cost of about £6,000, is situated about half a mile from this village ; it
is a handsome stone building, capable of receiving 130 of the poor of
the surrounding parishes. There are also a chapel of the Established
church, a school, and a post office. Population in 1881, 552.
Balcurvie is situated on an eminence about half a mile from
Windygates, its post town, in the parish of Markinch, about three miles
east from the latter place, and one mile south from Kennoway. The
inhabitants are principally employed at the flax, spinning mills of
Messrs. G. and W. Beveridge, anil the distillery of The Distillers'
Company, Limited. Agriculture is carried on extensively. The land in
and around Balcurvie is under a high state of cultivation. There is a
public school here.
Kennoway parish, which lies to the east of Markinch, is three miles
long and two broad, situated on an acclivity arising from the south to
the north ; it embraces 3,965 acres, and is bounded on the north by
Kettle, on the south by Wemyss, on the east by Scoonie, and on the
west by Markinch. It commands a delightful and extensive prospect
from its southern side of the Firth of Forth, its islands and the
Lothians ; while from its northern extremity the view extends over the
greater part of the counties of Fife, Angus, and Perth, including the
Grampian hills. The village of Kennoway is situated about four miles
from that of Markinch and three from Leven, at the head of a beautiful
and romantic glen, the sides of which are precipitous and rocky, and
contain caves, which were probably used as places of refuge and retreat
for rnaurauders in ancient times. Handloom weaving and agriculture
appear to he the principal pursuit of the inhabitants. The places of
worship comprise a church of the Establishment, a Free church, and
one for the United Presbyterians. There is a public school, a subscrip-
tion school, and a post office. About two miles from Kennoway, and
one and a half from Markinch, is the village of Star, in the former
parish. It has a public school and post office. Agriculture alone
supplies occupation for its inhabitants. Population of the parish in
1881, 1,560, and of the village, 770.
POST OFFICE, Markinch, Thomas Gibson, Post Master.— Letters from Edinburgh and the South arrive at 8 and 11 15 a.m., and 6 p.m.
From Dundee, Perth, and the North at 8 30 a.m. and 6 p.m. ; and are despatched to Edinburgh and the South at 7 20 a.m., 2, 5 and 8 p.m. To
Perth, Dundee, and the North at 8 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Sub-Post Office, Milton of Balgonie.— Letters are despatched to Markinch at 9 30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thero is one delivery a day
from Markinch.
Post Office, Star, Andrew Aitken, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Markinch) at 9 30 a.m. and are despatched thereto
at 6 25 a.m. The nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank is at Markinch.
Post Office, Windygates, Peter Smith, Post Master.— Letters from Edinburgh and the South arrive at S 30 and 12 a.m., and 6 30 p.m.
From Kirkcaldy, Markinch, Cupar, and Dundee at 8 30 a.m. and 6 30 p.m., and from Leven at 7 30 a.m. and 5 80 p.m., and are despatched to
Edinburgh and all parts at 7 a.m., and 2 and 5 p.m., and to Leven at 8 a.m. and 5 55 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Kennoway, William Thomson, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Windygates) at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., and are
despatched thereto at G a.m. and 4 p.m. The nearest Money Order, &c. Office is at Windygates.
Post Office, Thornton, Jane Miller, Post Mistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Kirkcaldy) at 10 20 a.m., and are despatched
thereto at 3 p.m, The nearest Money Order Office is at Kirkcaldy.
*** Letters for Milton of Balgonie, Woodside, Coalton of Balgonie, and Star, should be addressed " near Markinch ; » for Windygates
" Fifeshire ; " for Kennoway and Balcurvie, " near Windygates, Fifeshire ; " for Thornton, " near Kirkcaldy."
Aitken Mr. Alexander, Laurel Bank
Anderson Mr. William Johnston, Markinch
Balfoui- John, Esq. j.p. Balbirnie
Ballingal Mr. Win. (factor for the Balbirnie &
& Balgonie estates), Sweet Bank
Ballingal Mr. Niel, Sweet Bank
Bell Mr. David, Coalton of Balgonie
Birrell Mr. David, Markinch
Brown Rev. Robert, Markinch
Bruce Thomas, Esq. (of Arnot), Kingsdale
House, Windygates
Campbell Rev. Alexander B. Markinch
Campbell Rev. George, Free Church Manse,
Carmichael Mr. Adam, Markinch
Christie Mr. Lawrance, Laburnum Bank,
Clarck Rev. James, Milton of Balgonie
Danskin Mr. Andrew, Markinch
Dixon Mr. John D. Balbirnie Cottage
Dixon Mr. William D. Howicgate
Douglas Rev. Daniel, Kennoway
Fraser Mr. James, Kennoway
Gallie Miss Elizabeth, Blarkinch
Gallie Miss Mary, Markinch
Gavine Mr. James, Balgonie Cottage
Gibb Miss Agnes, Markinch
Graliam Mr. Thomas, Kennoway
Grant Mrs. Mary, Durie vale, Windygates
Greig Mr. George, Balcurvie
Haig Mr. Hugh Veitch, Cameron Bridge
House, Windygates
Hardy Mrs. — , Cockburn House, Kennoway
Hunter the Misses Mary & Andrina, Hunter
Hutchinson Mrs. Jemima, Kennoway
Imrie Mr. Robt. Dhu Villa, Windygates
Inglis John, Esq. of Balliukirk, Markinch
Jamieson Mr. Alex. West House, Coalton
Landale Miss Agnes, Woodbauk, Windygates
Landale Mr. John, Woodbank, "Windygates
Lawson Mrs. John, Lalathan, Kennoway
Lawson Thomas, Esq. Carriston, Kennoway
Macdonald Mr. George, m.d. The Croft
M'Duff Mr. Gilbert, Milton of Balgonie
M'Duff Miss Margaret, Milton of Balgonie
M'Innes Mr. James, Markinch [gates
M'Pherson Mr. Robert C. Viewfield, Windy-
Mason Mr. Alexander, Kennoway [gates
Miller Mr. William M. Nookton House, Windy-
Mitchell Mr. William, Leven Bank
Morgan Mrs. Margaret, Markinch [way
Normand Mr. Charles, Belvidere House, Kenno-
Paterson Mrs. Marion, Georgefield
Petrie Mr. George, Milton of Balgonie
Reid Miss Magdalen, Alburn, Knowe
Rose Rev. James L. Markinch
Simson Henry B. Esq. j.p. Brunton House
Stewart Rev. David, Kennoway
Suttie Mr. Robert, Alma Cottage, Kennoway
Tod Mr. — , Viewforth Cottage, Kennoway
Tod Mrs. Jane W. Coalton of Balgonie
Tullis Mr. Robert, Auchmuty
Tullis Win. Esq. Rothes Cottage
Vallace Mr. Geo. Newton Hall, Windygates
Watson Mr. Henry S. Haugh House, Windy-
Wilson Rev. Donald M'Farlane, Thornton
Wood Mr. Alexander J. m.b., cm. Betson st
Board Schools :—
Markinch— Richard Nelson, master ; Forbina
Wallace, mistress
Balcurvie, Windygates — W. Ness, master ;
Miss Marshall, mistress
Coalton of Balgonie — Peter R. Donald,
master ; Mary Thomson, mistress
Kennoway — James Blair, master; 1 Eliza
Haxton, mistress
Kirkforthar Feus — Jane Thorn, mistress
Milton of Balgonie— Euphemia Jack, mis-
Preston — Isabella Oswald, mistress
Star— Robert Smith, master ; Helen Boucher,
sewing mistress
Thornton — W. Rutherford, master ; Helen
Deas, mistress
Co-operative Society, Limited,
Alexander Ross, manager
Findlay Archibald, Markinch
Gould Isaac, Markinch
Russell John, Markinch
Tullis Isabella, Kennoway
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Markinch ; head office, Edinburgh
— draws on own branch, London — William
Johnston Anderson, agent; Androw Martin,
Penny Savings Bank, Markinch— open Fri-
day evenings, from 6-80 to 7-80— William J.
Anderson, treasurer
Givan George, Cameron, Windygates
Houston David, Coalton of Balgonie
Houston James, Windygates
Houston Robert, Milton of Balgonie
Imrie Andrew, Markinch
Mackie Alexander, Kennoway
Smart William, Coal hill
Thomson Robert, Thornton
Walker John, Coalton of Balgonie
Balfour Alexander & Co. (& yarn merchants)^
Balgonie Bleachfield
Haugh Bleaching Co. Haugh Field, Windy-
gates — Henry S. Watson, managing partner
M'Innes, Carmichael & Co. (and yarn
merchants & calenderers), Shy-
thrum Bleachfield, Markinch
Tullis Robert & Co. Rothes Bleachfield,
Gibson Thomas, Markinch
Terras John, Markinch
Ballingal John, Markinch
Birrell William, Kennoway
Brown William, Kennoway
Chalmers Robert, Markinch
Co-operative Society, Limited, Markinch-
Alexander Ross, manager
Dallas James, Kennoway
Gilmour John, Markinch
Henderson Thomas, Kennoway
Jack James, Markinch
Johnston James, Thornton
Maule Thomas, Thornton
Melville George, Kennoway
Robertson David, Milton of Balgonie
Scott James, Markinch
Wilkie William, Markinch
Brunton William, Markinch
Dalrymple Andrew, Markinch
Mitchell George, Kennoway
Webster Peter, Windygates
(See also Joiners.)
Bethune Andrew, Markinch
Henderson William, Markinch
Cant James & Co. Thornton
Anderson Jessie, Kennoway
Dalrymple John, Markinch

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