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Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
and their. ministers.
Established Churches: —
Leslie — Rev. Andrew Russell, m.a.
Kinglassie — Rev. William Thompson
Prinlaws (quoad sacra) — Rev. John N. Hill
Free Churches:—
Leslie — Rev. John Logan
Kinglassie — Rev. Alex. l>. Faterson, m.a.
United Presbyterian Churches : —
Leslie (East)— Rev. Benjamin Martin, m.a,
Leslie (West)— Rev. John Cullen, m.a.
Baptist Chapel, Leslie— Rev. T. W. Lister
Town Hall, High Street.
Senior Magistrate — Charles Anderson
Junior Magistrates — Alexander Low & David
Senior Bailie— James Brown (provost)
Junior Bailie-~- John Myles
Councillors — Fifteen
Cleric— Robert Archibald
Burgh Treasurer — John Anderson
Town Cleric— William A. Taylor
Collector &- Treasurer— J ohn Swan
Town Officer— Robert Grant
Patvons— The Hon. G. W. Leslie & Thomas
Bruce [Rothes
Patroness — The Bight Hod. the Countess of
President— Charles Anderson
Vice-President— Johu H. Miller
Treasurer & Secretary — Duncan M'Leod
Patron— Roger Sinclair Aytoun
President— William Gibb
Vice-President— Thomas Ireland
Treasurer d) Secretary— John Brown
Chairman— Hon. George Waldegravo Leslie
Treasurer— George Beith
President— Captain Charles Anderson
Vice-President — John Swan
Secretary — W. A. Swan
Treasurer— James Black
Gas Works, Leslie— John Swan, manager;
Thomas Lister, secretary
Inland Revenue Office, Leslie — Henry Jollie,
sub-distributor of stamps and collector of
Leslie Cemetery Co. Limited, Leslie— Robt.
Archibald, secretary
Leslie Institute Library, Leslie — Jas. Robert-
son, librarian
Parochial Board & Rate Offices— Jas. Robert-
son, inspector of poor & collector of rates,
Leslie; John Small, inspector & collector
for Kinglassie
Police Office, Leslie— James Findlay, officer
Police Office, Kinglassie— Jas. Breehiu.onicer
Registrars of Births, Deaths <S; Marriages-
John Swan, for Leslie ; John Brown, for
Water Works, Leslie— John Swan, collector;
Thomas Lister, secretary
Station, Prinlaws (west end of the town) —
Alexander Campbell, station master
To MARKINCH, from the Green Inn,
Leslie, four times each day.to meet
the trains
To KIRKCALDY, Gilbert Tumbnll, daily, &
William Mackie, Tnesday & Friday, and
William Goodall and Gilbert TurnbuU
(from Kinglassie), Tuesday & Friday
To MARKINCH, Gilbert Turnbull, daily
LEVEN is a town in the parish of Scoonie, nine miles from Kirk-
caldy, four fiom Wemyss, and three from Largo, situate on the
coast of the Firth of Forth, on the mouth of the river Leven, from
which the place takes its name. The town consists of three princi-
pal streets, irregularly built, bnt contains some good houses, with
Beveral lanes and detached residences. A number of elegant villas
are situated at the Links, a little to the east of the town, and several
handsome mansions are in the neighbourhood. A line of railway,
the East of Fife branch, from Thornton statiou on the Edinburgh,
Perth and Dundee section of the North British Railway, gives the
town the benefit and facility for that mode of transit; this branch
railway is now extended east to Anstruther. The town has also the
benefit of a harbour. A new dock has been constructed at a cost of
about £10;000. It is 500 feet long by 250 feet broad, with a depth of
water on the sill of 14 feet, and vessels have been loaded here up to
800 tons. It was opened in January, 1S80. The principal imports
are flax, tow, barley, and timber. The town is greatly improved, and
its trade augmented; so that Leven may now be pronounced one
of the most thriving of the small towns in the county of Fife.
Over the Leven, and connecting this town with the village of Tnnek
Leven, is a handsome stone bridge. The staple trade of Leven is
the preparation and spinning of flax, the weaving of linen, and seed
crushing, the mills of the former, especialiy, employing a con-
siderable number of hands. Close to the town are the Hawkslaw
Works of Messrs. Small and Boase, hemp and flax spinners, who
employ upwards of 400 hands. A bone dust mill, corn mills, bleach
fields, the manufacture of bricks and tiles, and rope making, are the
other leading branches carried on here and in the vicinity. There
are three branch banking houses. During the summer mouths
Leven is the resort of a number of lespcctable families from
London, Edinburgh, and the interior, for the benefit of sea bathing.
The Caledonian Hotel, the principal of the kind, affords superior
accommodation either to families, tourists, or commercial gentle-
men ; to it has been added a large posting establishment. Leven
POST OFFICE. Bank Street. Leven, Stephen Youden, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 8 35 a.m. ; from Edinburgh
and the South at 1160 a.m.; and from Anstruther und Elie at 2 p.m. ; Anstruther and East of Fife at 5 20 p.m. ; from the North, South,
and West at 6 20 p.m. Letters are despatched to the North, South and West at 6 30 a.m. and 4 25 p.m. ; to Anstruther ami East of Fife,
at 7 55 ana 11 15 a.m.. and 5 35 p.m.; to Edinburgh, the South, and Dundee at 1 25 p.m. ; to Edinburgh, South and West, at 7 40 p.m.
SUNDAYS. — Arrivals from Anstruther and East of Fife at 6 a.m.; and from all parts at 9 35 a.m. ; despatches to the North, South
and West at G 40 a.m. : and to Anstruther and the East at 10 20 a.m. Money Order and Telegraph Ojjice and Savings Bank.
is a burgh of barony, and has now a chief and junior magistrates.
The purposes of lighting, cleaning, and water are carried out in the
burgh by commissioners appointed under the General Police Act
for Scotland, which was some time ago adopted here. The sheriff
holds a small debt circuit court here every three months, namely,
the Friday after the seennd Monday in January, April, and July,
and Friday after the first Monday of October. The Greig Institute
is a substantial building, of chaste design, erected in 1S73, by public
subscription. It contains news room, library, billiard room, and
class room for technical subjects under Government examination.
The scheme originated as a People's Institute, and its name and
history are associated with Mr. Greig, of Glencarse, who gave the
site and £1,0U0 towards the building fund. There are a number of
handsome houses and cottages on the Links at the south part of the
town, where there are some fine open downs, on which several
golfing societies exorcise in that healthy amusement, and annually
play for gold and silver medals. There is also an excellent bowling
green at the Links. Population in IfeSl, including Inner Leven, 3,067.
Scoonie is a parish on the west coast of the comity. It is bounded
on the north by Kennoway, on the south by the Firth of Forth, on
the east by Largo, and on the west by Wemyss. Its length from
north to south is five miles, and its greatest breadth is two miles
and a half. The surface inland rises with a gradual ascent to an
elevation of GOO feet, and there are several heights which command
extensive views of the Firth of Forth and the Lothians. The land
generally is in a high state of cultivation. The minerals are ochre
and coal. It contains the town of Leven, which is a burgh of
barony. The parish church stands close to tuo town; a Free church,
an United Presbyterian, and an Episcopal church are the other
places of worship. Fairs are held on the second Wednesday in
April, tne first Thursday in July, and the third Wednesday in
October. The parish comprises an area of 4,001 statute acres, and
had a papulation in 1831 of 3,730.
Adamson Mrs. Janet, Abber Hill, Inner Leven
Anderson Miss Agnes, Hawlislaw House
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, Pavilion, Shore-
Anderson Mr James, Norton House
Anderson Mr. James, River 'Bank
Balfour Mrs. — , Links
Balfour Mr. Henry T. Leven Bank
Balfour Mr. John, Elmslea
Balfour Mr. John, The Turret, High st
Boiitnron Mr. Peter, Balgonie House
Campbell Miss — , Maple Lodge, Links
Campbell Mr. John, Campbell Cottage
Carlow Mr. Charles, Airlie Lodge
Christie Captain Robert, Dune House
Corufoot Mis. — , Leven
Creeke Mrs. Isabella, 2 Links pi
Dalrymple Mr. William, BoUDybank Cottage
Dren'nan Rev. James W. m.a. Inner Leven
Durward Rev. Charles, m.a., b.d. The Manse
Gray Mr. James, Bay view ter
Grossett Mr. William, Links
Haggart Mr. Henry, Seahank House
Hyslop Rev. John's., U.P. Manse
Inglis Mr. Alexander, Hawthorn Bank
Iuglis Miss Alice, Links
Inglis Mrs. Janet, Links
Laverick Capt. Alexander, T inifcy.pl
Lyall Mr. Andrew, Seaview House
Mack Miss Catherine, Trinity pi
M'NaUL'hton Mr. John, Glenlyon IXouso
Nieoll Mr. David, Durie st
Peter Miss Alice Jane, Fernlea
Peter Henry Tandy, Esq. .i.p. Kirkland
Peter Miss Alary, Manor House, Kiik'and
Reyburn Rev. Hugh Y. F-ee Church Manse
RiggMrs. — , Carberrie House
Robertson Mr. James, Milltield Cotlage
Robertson Mrs. Margaret, Viewfurth House
Russell Mr. David, Silverburn
Senior Mr. Thomas G. Rosebank Cottage
Smith Mr. James H. Durio st
Symothe Misses — , Sweetbank House
Thompson Rev. John, h'atballen House
Wallace the Misses — , Park hill
Wallace Mr. Forbes T. High st
White Mr. Johu, Links
Wilkie Mr. George, Lii;ks pi
Youden Mr. Stephen, Elm Villa, Links
YoungurMrs. Isabella, Scaliuld Cottage
Mackay Mary, Leven
Public Schools:—
Leven— Samuel M. Murray, master; Eliza-
beth Sniytbie, infants' mistress
Kirkland — George Mastorton, master
Christina Cassels, mistress
Stalker Margaret (young ladies'), Links

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