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Melville Robert, Upper Largo
"Welsh Alexander (& tinsmith), Lower Largo
Buttercase Thomas, Upper Largo
White Robert, Upper Largo
Ketchen William R. {& notary public), Upper
(See also Spirit Dealers under tlie head of
Birrell Wm. (Commercial), Upper Largo
Bunn Catherine, Lower Largo
dimming James, Upper Largo
Forrester John (Crusoe Hotel), Lower Largo
Kirkcaldy David, Lundin Mill
See Builders d) Masons.
Palm William Stuart, m.b. Upper Largo
Alexander Andrew, Upper Largo ,'
Dingwall Andrew, Upper Largo
Hutchison John, Lower Largo
Lindsay Thomas L. Upper Largo
Bridges William, saddler, Upper Largo
Davidson William, temperance refreshment
house, & carriage hirer, Lundin Mill
Elder James, cart hirer, Lower Largo
Guthrie Agnes, milliner, Lower Largo
Guthrie Henry, harbour master, Lower Largo
Johnson Edward, cork manufacturer, Upper
Lumsden Frederick R. inspector of poor &
collector of rates, & clerk to School Board,
Petheram Henry, roadsurveyor, Haworth
Philp Benjamin, inspector of poor and com-
mission agent, Lower Largo
Ritchie John, Miller, Lundin Mill
Public Buildings, Offices, Sec.
Established Church, Upper Largo— Rev.
William Davidson, d.d. [Geikie
Established Church, Newburn— Rev. George
Free Church, Upper Largo— Rev. William
United Presbyterian Church, Lower
Largo— Rev. David Malloch
Baptist Chapels (East & West), Lower Largo
Gas Works, Largo — Thomas Ketchen, secre-
tary; David Ritchie, manager
Harbour Offices, Lower Largo — Henry Guthrie,
harbour master
Natural History Society— Charles Howie, sec
Parochial Board and Rate Offices — Benjamin
Philp, inspector of poor and collector of
rates for Largo ; Fred. R. Lumsden, inspec-
tor & collector for Newburn
Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages-
Thomas Nicoll, for Lai'go ; Fred. R. Lums-
den for Newburn
Wood's Hospital, Upper Largo — William
Beveridge, factor ; David Turnbull, governor
Station, near the village of Lower Largo —
John Millar, station master
Station, at Lundin Links (one mile from
Largo) — Alexander Moyes, station master
To KIRKCALDY, John Ritchie, from Lundin
Mill, Fridays ; & A. & J. Pattisou, from Upper
Largo, Tuesday & Friday ; & to Austruthcr
Wednesday & Saturday
IESLIE is a parish and burgh of barony, containing the mauu-
i factuiing town of its own name, 12 miles e. from Kinross, the
like distance s.w. from Cupar, 9 n.w. from Kirkcaldy, and 3 w. from
Markinch. Its length is upwards of four miles, and its breadth
three miles. It is seated along the summit of a ridge of ground
rieing from the Leven on the southern aud a shallow vale on the
northern side, and situated on a public road up the vale of Leveu,
leading into Kinross-shire. The town consists principally of one
street, running from east to west. It is a very ancient place, often
frequented by King'James when holding court of Falkland ; and
here is the scene laid of the song of the "Jolly Beggars." Of its
age, the irregularity of the streets aud architecture of the houses
(being built with the gable ends to the street) are proofs. Nearly all
the dwellings are provided with gardens behind, and the environs
display much rural beauty; the streets of the town are gas-lighted.
At the eastern entrance to the town is a pleasant public green, of a
triangular figure; ia former times this area was the scene of various
pastimes, and the place of annual meeting for the pedlars or pack-
men of Scotland. Many improvements have been made in the
burgh within the last sixty years, and during that period its size
has been nearly doubled. This increase is attributable to the
prosperity of its manufactures, consisting of linen, flax spinning,
paper making, and bleaching ; the works of thuso are chiefiy
established on the banks of the Leven. A branch railway runs
from the west end of the town to join the Edinburgh, Perth aud
Dundee branch of the North British Railway at Markincb. A branch
of the Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, was opened here in 1850.
Leslie is governed by the Police Commissioners. The Right Hon.
the Countess of Rothes has a seat (Leslie House) at the eastern end
of the town; around the mansion are some lino pleasure grounds
and agreeable plantations. The places of worship are the parish
church, which was a few years ago rebuilt; a Free and two United
Presbyterian churches, and a Baptist chapel. The Established
church has 1,300 names on its Communion roll, and its Sabbath
school is attended by 500 children, conducted by 50 teachers. There
are two public schools in the parish. There is also a library
established under the title of the "Leslie Institute Library." It
consists of upwards of 1,0U0 volumes of valuable books. One of the-
rules of the library is that it can never be dissolved, its laws being
like those of the Medes and Persians, unalterable. Fairs are held
on the first Tuesday after the 11th of April, aud ou the first Friday
in October. The parish of Leslie has an area of 5,028 acres, and iu
1881, contained a population of 4,345.
I Kinglassie is a parish extending five miles in length by two in
breadth at its narrowest part aud four at its broadest, embracing
7,717 acres. It is bounded on the north by Leslie, on the south by
Auckterdorran, on the cast by Markinch, aud on the west by Port-
moat. It is watered by the- Loehty aud the Ore, tributary streams
of the Leven. On the first of these stands the irregular village of
Kinglassie, which is three miles from Leslie and three and a half
n.e. from Lochgelly. The inhabitants of the village are principally
supported by agriculture. The places of worship are an Established
and a Free church. A fair is entitled to be held on third Wednes-
day in May, and on tho Thursday before Michaelmas (o.s.) Popu-
lation of tho parish in lfc'81, 1,292.
POST OFFICE, Leslie, Cecilia Easson, Post Mistress. ^Letters from all parts arrive at S 50 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 30 p.m., and are
despatched at 7 a.m., and 1 30 and 4 30 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank*
Post Office, Kinglassie, Isabella Penman, Post M is tress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Kirkcaldy) at 11 30 a.m., and are
despatched thereto 2 p.m. The nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office is at Lkblie.
*** Letters for Kinglassie should be addressed "near Kirkcaldy," and for Leslie, "Fifeshire."
Anders >n Mr. Charles, Fettykil House
Archibald Mr. Robert, Leslie
Brown Mr. William (factor to the Hon. Geo.
W. Leslie), South Parks [lassie
Cheape Capt. George, Inchdairnie, Kiug-
Clephane Col. Strathendrie
Cullen Rev. John, m.a. Leslie
Henderson Mr. Wm. Leslie
Hewison Mr. H. M. (banker), Leslie
Hill Rev. J. N. Leslie
Leslie Hon. Geo. Waldegrave, Leslie House
Lister Rev. T. W. Leslio
Logan Rev. John Leslie
Lowndes Mr. James, Prinlaws
Martin Rev. Benjamin, Leslie
Paterson Rev. Alexander, Kinglassie
Kot-b.es the Right Hon. the Countess of,
Leslie House
Russell Rev. Andrew, m.a. Manse
Scott Mrs. Thomas. Bank pi
Thompson Rev. William, Kinglassie
Wylie Mr. Andrew, West Park
Board Schools :—
Leslie (East) — James Simpson, master ;
Agnes Aitkeu, mistress
Leslie (West) — Duncan M'Leod, master;
Christina Low, mistress
Kinglassie — Alexander Clark, master; Mary
Drysdale, mistress
Anderson John, Leslie
Bread Society, Leslie — Alex. Low, sec
Hardie John, jun. Leslie
Henderson Wm. (& confectioner), Leslie
Hughes James, Leslie
Murray William, Kinglassie
On* James, Leslie
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited ,
(Branch). Leslie— draws on own office, and
Bank of England, London— H. M. Hewison,
agent; Wm. Dodds, accountant
Beveridge William, Kinglassie
Birrell John, Nether Stunton. Kinglassie
Cooper Andrew, Leslie
Kay John, Leslie
Reid Kobert, Cluny Bridge, Kiuglassie
Reid Robert, jun. Cluny Bridge, Kinglassie
Whyte Francis, Leslie '
Fergus John & Co. Prinlaws Works
Livingston William & Sons, YValkevtou
Works, Leslie

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