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it is a handsome building, in the Gothic style. Tho intention of the
founder was one of a peculiar nature — any man " of the name of Wood"
may have admission here, to whatever part of Scotland ho may belong.
The foundation provides the inmates with beds and bedding, the pro-
duce of the gardens, and £15 per annum. The National Bank of Scot-
land, Limited, has a branch, and a Savings Bank is also established.
Botb Upper and Lower Largo are favourite resorts for seabathing, and
attract a great number of visitors in the bathing season. George
Johnston, Esq. of Lathrisk, is lord of the manor, and principal land-
owner. In 1881 the parish of Largo, the acreage of which is 7,886,
had a population of 2,234.
Lower LargoJs a fishing village in the parish of Largo, one mile
s.w. from Upper Largo, seated at the head of an indentation of the
Firth of Forth, called Largo Bay; it stands at the efflux of a rivulet
named the Keil, whose estuary forms a harbour to the place. This
village would have remained amongst the most obscure of coast villages
but from the circumstance of its having been tho birth plaee of Alex-
ander Selkirk, rendered famous by the pen of Dc Foo as " Robinson
Crusoe." The house in which Selkirk was born stood here, but from
its decayed state was demolished. It was an ordinary cottage of one
storey and a garret, and was stationed on the north side of the main
street of Largo. A descendant of this person, of the name of Catherine
Selkirk, was resident in this village until her death, which occurred in
1862. Mi*. David Gillies, of Cardy Works, also a descendant of the
family, is about to erect a fine bronze statue, six feet high, to Alex-
ander Selkirk, on the site of his birth-place. In the parish are edifices
for congregations of the Established and Free churches, Baptists and
United Presbyterians. With the churches schools are connected. On
the east bank of the Keil are the ruins of the ancient castle of
Lundin Mill is a village adjoining Lower Largo, in tho parish of
Largo, and is inhabited chiefly by weavers, but there are a few hand-
some villas at Lundin Links, where there is a station on the Leven and
East o; Fife Railway. It is a place of great antiquity. The house of
Lundin has been taken down, but tho square tower, which formed part
of the ancient castle of Lundin, still remains. It was formerly the
residence of a family of that name, who held property of great extent
in the district as early as tho reign of David II. Here also are the three
" S tanding Stanes of Lundin." They are supposed to have once formed
part of a Druidical temple, and to 'have occupied their present site for
about 2,000 years. Population in 1881, 386.
Newburn is a parish lying two miles east of Lower Largo, bounded
on the north by Kileonquhar, on the south by Largo Bay, on the east
by Elie, and on the west by Largo. Its length is three miles and
breadth one mile aud a half, and it embraces 3,039 acres. About
three-fourths of the land is under cultivation, the remainder being
pasture and woodland. The parish being quite rural, the inhabitants
depend on agriculture for emplojTnent. There is a parish church and
school. La accordance with a bequest of Mr. John Wood, the parochial
teacher receives an additional emolument sufficient for the board and
education of six boys of the name of Wood, who enter at the age of seven
and leave at fifteen. Population in 1881, 344.
POST OFFICE, Lower Largo, Alex. Welsh, Post Master —Letters arrive from all parts at 8 27 a.m. and 6 23 p.m., and are despatched
to all parts at 655 a.m., to Edinburgh at 1 30 noon, and to all parts at 4 55 p.m. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. The nearest
Telegraph Office is Upper Largo.
Post Office, Upper Largo, John Marr, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. and are despatched at 6 15 a.m.,
and to Edinburgh and the South at 11 45 a.m. and to all parts at 4 20 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
*** Letters for Newburn and Lundin Mill should be addressed " near Largo, Fifeshire," and for Largo should be addressed
" Fifeshire."
Bardner Mrs. Christina, Eirkton
Briggs Major Gen. Wm. Strathairly Cottage
Bruce Rev. William, Upper Largo
Buchan Mr. Thomas, Balhousie
Davidson Mr. Robert, Lahill House, Newburn
Davidson Rev. William, Upper Largo
Erskine Colonel, Strathairly House
Forgan Mrs. — , Kirkton
Geikie Rev. George, Newburn
Gillies Mr. David, Cardy House, Lower Largo
Hedderick Mr. James, Drunieldrie Cottage
Howie Mr. Charles, Eden Cottage, Kirkton
Iuglis Mr. Walter, Rose Cottage, Upper Largo
Jeffrey John, Esq. Largo House
Eennedy Rev. Eben. Bay View, Kirkton
Eetchen Mr. Thomas, Upper Largo
Laurie Captain Andrew, Rose bank, Newburn
Macrae Mr. Colin George, Drum Lodge
Malloch Rev. David, Lundin Mill
Marr Mrs. Janet, Upper Largo
Millar Mrs. Agnes, Rose bank, Newburn
Mudie Mr. Theodore (factor to Captain John
Gilmour, of Montrose), Greenside
Ness Mrs. J. Viowforth
Ormston Mr. Peter, Lundin Mill
Palm Mr. William Stuart, Upper Largo
Pethevam Mr. Henry, Haworth
Rigg Miss Margaret, Aithernie
Rintoul Major Robert, Lahill House, Newburn
Robertson Mrs. C. Murree Lodge, Lundin Mill
Wallace Mr. John, Upper Pratis
White Mr. Archibald, Fir Park Villa
Wood Mr. William, Upper Largo
Infants' School, Lower Largo— Jane Riach
Public Schools: —
Upper Largo — Thomas Nicoll, master
Lundin Links — David M. Stewart, master
Newburn — Frederick R. Lumsdcn, master
Forgan Thos. (to manufacturers), Lundin Mill
Marr John (for Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth),
Upper Largo
Masterton Andrew (house), Lower
Pliilp Benjamin (commission), Drmnmochy
Welsh Alexander (for P. & R. Hay, dyers,
Edinburgh), Lower Largo
Ireland James, Upper Largo
Ross Robert, Lundin Mill
Thomson Andrew( & t>iscuits),Lower
Largo & Lundin Mill
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Upper Largo ; head office, Edin-
burgh — draws on London office, 37 St.
Nicholas lane, & on Glyn, Mills & Co.
London— Thomas Eetchen, agent
Savings Bank, Upper Largo — Tjios. Eetchen,
Curoming James, Upper Largo
Dobie Gilbert, Newburn
Duffus Alexander, Lundin Mill
Tait William, Upper Largo
Laing William M. Upper Largo
Ritchie David, Upper Largo
Sime Andrew, Newburn
Simpson Alexander, Lower Largo
Welsh Alexander, Lower Largo
(See also Joiners, (0c.)
Gilchrist Robert, Lundin Mill
Masterton Andrew, Lower Largo
Sime John, Newburn
White Archibald M. (property
owner ; houses to let furnished),
Lundin Links
Baird Andrew, Upper Largo
Bl'Gregor Isabella, Upper Largo
Simpson David, Lundin Mill
Gillies David, Cardy Works, Lower Largo-
See advertisement
See Joiners, dtc.
Thomson Andrew, Lower Largo
Abbie Robert, Annlield
Arthur William, Worm well & Hillhouse
Auchterlonie William, Baldastard
Berwick William, Balcormo [Farms
Beveredge David, Buckthorns & Largo Home
Black John, Nether Pratis
Black Robert, Baldastard mains & Bcrryside
Buchan Thomas, Balhousie
Cameron Matthew, West Gilston
Drysdale John, Peattie hill
Duncan John, Lathallan
Forgan James, Sunnybracs
Forret John & Walter, New Gilston
Forrett .lohn, East Gilston
Fortune William R. Pilmuir
Graham Thomas, Bonnytown
Playfair Patrick, Caskerdo
Pryde Mr. — , Aucherdownie
Russell George, Hatton
Suttie George, Balmain
Tivendalc Robert, New Pilmuir & Redmyro
Tivendalc Robert, jun. Pitcruvie
Wallace John, Upper Pratis
VVatson John, Chesterstone
White Agnes, Lundin Mill
White John, Lundin Mill
Gaylor Brothers, Monturpie [Lathallan
Lumsdame — (trustees of the late), Wester
Melville David, Littlebalbaird
Pryde Peter, Catherie
Rintoul Robert, Lahill & Lahill Craig
Sime Alexander, Dumbarnie
Sime James, Broomhall
Stratton Thomas, Balbaird
Thomson Colonel — , Coates
City of Glasgow — Frederick R. Lumsden,
Commercial Union— J. N. Elder, Upper Largo
Life Association of Scotland— J. N. Elder,
Upper Largo
London and Staffordshire— Benj ami i
Philp, Lower Largo
Northern— Thomas Forgan, Lundin Mill
Norwich Union— Benjamin Philp, Lower
Royal — Thomas Eetchen, Upper Largo
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
Bardner John, Kaimo
Bremuer Margaret, Lundin Mill
Bruce George, Lower Largo
Dewar David, Upper Largo
Forgan Thomas, Lundin Mill
Forrester Cecilia, Newburn
Gillies Euphenifa, Lower Largo
*Marr John, Upper Largo
*Methvin James, Lower Largo
Simpson Alexander, Lower Largo
Simpson James, Lower Largo
Swan Margaret, Lower Largo
*White Robert (grocer, wine and
spirit merchant, ironmonger,
seedsman, & agent for W. & A.
Giloey), Upper Largo
Gillies David (& agent for canvas),
Cardy Works, Largo, Fifeshire—
See advertisement
Marr John, Upper Largo
White Robert, Upper Largo
[See also Builders £• Masons.)
Bremner Alexander, Lundin Links
Broomrield Peter, Upper Largo
Masterton Andrew, Lower Largo
Hoy Margaret C. Upper Largo
Rodger George S. Upper Largo
Welsh Alexander, Lower Largo
Russell David & Co. (seed oil),Largo Oil Works,
aud at Burntisland

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