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SPIRIT DEALERS, &o — continued.
Condie John, 475 High st
Cunningham Andrew (Duke of Edinburgh),
19 Rose st
Currie John, 33 Bridge st
Dryburgh Archibald, 2D Rose st
Drvburgh Archibald, jun. (Great Eastern),
461 High st
Dunston Thomas, 267 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Forker Henry, 68 Back st. Pathbead
Gillespie Donald, 152 Links st
Grieve Andrew, 181 High st
Herd Barbara, 141 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Herd John (Cross Keys), 373 High st
Herd William, 2 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Hume David, 27 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Irvine John, 157 Links st
Leadbetter David, 183 High st [head
M'Kinzie Christina (Path), 2 Mid st. Path-
Michie James, 326 High st
Muir Andrew, 399 High st
Pearson George, Jan. 1 High st
Peattie Isabella, 33 High st
Pbilp George, 2U0 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Ralley Robt. (Prince of Wales), 127 High st
Ralley Wm. (Railway), S4 High st
Rodger Mary, 250 St. Clair st
Skirving William, 19 Kirk wynd
Smith James, 185 Rosslyn st
Spittal William, 52 High st
Stark Robert, 326 & 828 Links st
Stewart James, 375 High st
Todd Andrew, 16 St. Clair st
Todd William, 51 Nether st. Pathbead
Weepers James, 22^ Rosslyn st
See Builders and Masons.
Curror Alexander Leslie, m.d. 1 Charlotte st
Dowar William H. 220 High st
Gordon Henry, m.d. 2 East Fergus pi
Hardy Samuel William, 10 James grove
Kennedy W. J. m.d. South Fergus pi
Porteous J. Lindsay, Back st. Pathbead
Proudfoot Robert, Back st. Pathhead
Marked thus * are al30 Clothiers.
*Aitken John, 198 High st
Anderson Andrew, 17 Lome st. Sinclairtown
Anderson James, 44 St. Clair st.
*Bett David, 10 Links st
Beveridge Alexander, 71 Dunnikier rd
Beveridge Andrew, 14 High st
*Dishart David, 86, 90 & 101 High st
Dorrat William, 12 Strathearn rd. Sinclair-
*Gillespie George, 267, 269 & 271 High st
Gourlay Thomas, 131 Links st
* Granger Charles, 481 High st
Henderson John, 31 Nether st. Pathhead
Irvine Duncan, 76 Links st
^Irvine John & Son, 205 High st
; *Jamieson John & Co. 229 High st
*Kay George, 409 High st
Lawsou John, 2 Pottery rd. Sinclairtown
^Leslie John, 179 Links st
Leslie William, 107 Links st
Lister James, 14 St. Clair st
London Clothing Co. GO Links st— John
Reunie, agent
M'Dougall John, 12 Thistle st
*M'Kenzie Kenneth, 266 St. Clair st
Mackie Robert, 5 Lome st. Sinclairtown
Meikle & Sutherland, 207 & 211 High st
Melville & Son, 10 Mid st. Pathhead
Mitchell J. & D. 72 Mid st. Pathhead
More David & Son, 4S Rosslyn st
*Munro Robert, 887 High st
*Rodger Matthew, 6 Tolbooth st
Simpson John, 2 Bogies wynd, Pathbead
*Small James, 64 High st
♦Smart R. M. St. Clair st
Smith JameB, Aucbtertool
♦Smith James B. & Co. 71 & 73 High st
Speedie Robert, 110 Mid st. Pathhead
Speodie Thomas & Sons, 63, 65 & 67 Nether st
Stephenson James, 133 Rosslyn st
Stott Samuel, 122 High st
Suttie Henry, Mid st. Pathhead
Thomson James, 2 High st
♦Wilkie Ot Drummond, 11 Kirk wynd
Williamson Andrew, 197 High st
Brown Robert, 59 Nether st. Pathbead
Dickson & Co. Yolunteer green
Scott Thomas, 38, 40 & 42 Market st
Boak II. & W. (<& curriers, leather
merchants, machine belting &
green leather manufacturers),
Harbour Head Tan Works, 471
High st
Currie A. & Son (and agents for
Cameron Bridge & other dis-
tilleries), 431 High st
Garnock William & Son, 204, 206 & 208 St.
Clair st. & 22 Overton rd
Herriot R. & J. (tea importers and
wholesale grocers), 100 High st
Ramsay John C. 368 & 370 High st
Todd Peter (wine &, spirit), Dunnikier rd
(See also Saw Mill Owners.)
Hunter Thomas, Linktown Saw Mill
Lindsay Henry, George Burn Saw Mills
Littlo William & Son, Kirkcaldy Steam Join-
ery Works, 13, 14, 16 & 18 Cowan st— Sec
Millar Brothers, Kirkcaldy Saw Mills
Pringle Wm. & Co. Overton Road Saw Mills
Williamson Alexander, 94 High st
See Plumbers, Gas fitters, dc.
(See also Tobacconists.)
Galloway John, 193 High st
Grinton Robert &, Co. 25'* High st
Martin & Meldrum, 200 High st
Stewart Charles & Co. 319 High st
(Sec also the preceding List.)
Black Janet, 3 High st
Bruce Robert, 9 High st
Currie David, 80a High st
Dick George, 273 High st
Douglas Robert, 177 High st
Galloway John, 193 High st
Grinton'Robert & Co. 250 High st
Harley David, 25 Mid st. Pathhead
Key Alexander W. & Co. (wholesale),
124 High st
Laing John, 30 Links st
Lyon Charles H. 338 High st
M'Kay Annie, Back st. Pathhead
Pye David, jun. 92 Mid st. Pathhead
Scott James, 469 High st
Speedie Annie, 221 High st
Stewart Charles & Co. 319 High st
Anderson Henry, 170 St. Clair st
Anderson James, Back st. Pathhead
Hodge John, 49 Links st
Jenkins Robeit, 142 St. Clair st
Lindsay William & Peter, 87 Links st
M'Donald Eliza, 159 High st
Miller John, 35 Links st
Orr Helen, Back st. Pathhead
Phillips John C. 188 High st
Pye David, jun. 92 Mid st. Pathhead
Robertson M. & E. 58 High st
Stark Helen, 230 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
See Cabinet Makers.
See Auctioneers.
Balfour Andrew, m.r.c.v.s.e. Balwearie
Struthors James, 167 High st
See Spirit Dealers and Public Houses.
Hay Alexander A. 74 High st
Melville Brothers, 18 Back st. Pathhead
Swan George & Co. 34 & 36 High st
(See also Ran Merchants.)
Lornio David, senr. Back st. Pathhead
More- Robert [& rag), Rosslyn st
Scott Thomas, 38, 40 & 42 Market st
Marked thus * are also Jewellers.
Aitken Andrew, 64a High st
Black J. & T. 97 High st
^Constable Alexander, 171 High st
Davie John, 192 High st
*Greig John, 27 High st
*Hood James, 119 High st
: 'Kennedy Charles, 285a High st
Lees Arthur (working jeweller), 32 St. Clair Bt
M'Cowan James, 66High st"
M'Kenzio William, 491 High st
Reid David, Back st. Pathhead
Kobertson John, 99 Mid st. Pathhead
Small Alexander, 109 Links st
See Tea, Wine, d'C. Merchants.
Braid David, 173 High st
Little Wm. & Son, Kirkcaldy Steam Joinery
Works, 12, 14, 16 & IS Cowan st— See advt
Sec Joiners, dc also Cabinet Makers,
Anderson Brothers, 257a High st
Balfour Alexander & Co. 17 Rose st
Beveridge G. & W. 248 High st)
Duncan Hugh, 194 High st
Eadie Ralph, 149 Mid st. Pathhead
Hendry J. & W. West Bridge Spinning Mills
Watson A. D. (& hemp & flax), Ravenswood
Carlylo rd
Williamson William, 20 Rose st
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
AND their ministers.
Established Churches:—
Kirk wynd (.St. Bryce's)— Rev. John Camp-
bell, B.D. [M.A.
Abbotshall— Rev. Brace Beveridge Begg,
Auchtertool — Rev. Andrew Miller
Invertiel— Rev. Robert Glasgow
Links st — Rev. Thomas Scott, m.a.,b.d.
Port Brae (St. James's) — Rev. James Spark
Church st. Sinclairtown (Pathhead Parish
Church)— Rev. John C. Bell
Viewforth st. Sinclairtown— Rev. John D.
Free Churches:—
High st— Kev. Anthony M'Millan, M.A.
Gallatown — Rev. William Agnew
Invertiel — Rev. William Milne [m.a.
Mid st. Pathhead— Rev. Wm. Fairweather,
Sinclairtown — Rev. John Buchan
St. Brycedale Avenue (St. Brycedale)— Rev.
James Stalker, m.a.
Episcopal (St. Peter's) Church, Townsend
place — Very Rev. Norman Johnson, b.a.
Dean of St. Andrews
Evangelical Union Chapel, Back st. Path-
head— Rev, James E. E. W. Boon
United Presbyterian Churches: —
High st (Union)— Rev. John Clark, m.a.
Bethellield place— Rev. Isaac E. Marwick
Loughborough rd — Rev. Jno.C. Baxter.D.D.
Voluntary Church, Victoria rd— Rev. Robt.
Secession Church, St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Baptist Chapel, Whyte's causeway — Rev.
Alexander Bissett
Baptist Chapel, Rose st
Baptist Chapel, St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Independent Chapel— St. Clair st. Sinclair-
Congregational Chapel, High st — Rev;
George M'Hardy, m.a.
Roman Catholic Chapel (St. Mary's), Tal-
I bert pi— Rov. George Dowling, priest

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